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Part 8:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

(Armaan, Ridhima and Muskaan were sitting on the sofa..after a while Rahul also joined them..they were having a random conversation when the topic shifted to their childhood..)

Muskaan: Pata hai Ridzi..mai jab choti thi naa to tu soch bhi nahi sakti kai mai Rahul ko kitna peet ti thi..!!

Rahul: Oye Muskaan..tu mujhey nahi mai tujhe maarta tha..!!

Armaan: Raoool..tu larkio par haath uthaata hai?! Tch tch tch

Rahul: Par mai tab chota tha..!!

Ridhima: Ignore him Rahul..Armaan ko dusro ko tang karney kai ilawa kuch nahi aata..!!

Armaan: Hello Miss Tomato..mujhey buhaaat kuch aata hai!!

Ridhima: Jaise flirt karna?? (They all start laughing except Armaan..)

Armaan: Nahi..Actually..wo bhi aata hai par aur bhi buhat kuch aata hai..!!

Ridhima: For example..??

Armaan: umm..Basketball..!!

Ridhima: Oh please...aik hi baari mai hara du gi..!!

Armaan: Oh really?? To hojai??

Ridhima: Haa zarur..mai konsa darti hu..Par yaha..??

Armaan: No Tomato..humaarey office kai saath waley ground mai..!!

Ridhima: Okay..done!!

Muskaan: Wah ji..kya baat hai..hum girls mil kar in boys ki hawa tight kar dey gi..!!

Rahul: Zyaada na bol..kar key dikhaio..!!

Armaan: So tomorrow final??
(He forwards his hand..)

Ridhima, Muskaan & Rahul: (keeping their hands on one another..): FINAL!!



It had been a hectic day for all of them..they took a half day off from office for their basketball match..They all changed to their track suits..Armaan and Rahul had left earlier so they could practice whereas Muskaan and Ridhima went a little bit late..when they arrived there..they saw Armaan and Rahul playing..but as they both saw Ridhima and Muskaan..they could not take their eyes off..Armaan was lost in Ridhima 's beauty whilst Rahul in Muskaan's...Ridhima and Muskaan took small steps towards them and stopped after coming close to them..they snapped their fingers in front of them which took them out of their la la land..

Rahul: Agayi tu??!

Muskaan: Ab saamney khari hu to aahi gayi hu gi naa?!

Armaan: Atleast aa to gaye naa..mujhey laga tha kai dar kai maarey ao gai hi nahi.!!

Ridhima: (pointing finger at him..) Hum kisi sai nahi dartey..

Armaan: Wo dekho cockroach..!!! (Pointing near her foot..)

Ridhima: Aaaa..kaha hai?? (She jumps horrified..and accidentally bumps into Armaan..they have an eyelock..)

(Muskaan shouts on Rahul which interrupts the  Armaan and Ridhima moment and they both stand straight..)

Armaan: Umm..match start karey??

Muskaan: Haarney kai liye tyaar boys?? (With attitude..)

Rahul: Haa to dekh letay hai naa kon haarta hai aur kon haraata hai..!!

And the match gets started..Armaan takes the ball and threw it in the basket making score 1 for the boys..he then passes the ball to Rahul and he was dribbling it when Muskaan came in front of him and kicked him, snatching the ball away..Rahul shouted 'cheating' but it was of no use as Muskaan had already scored a basket..the score was 1 for boys and 1 for girls..This time Armaan quickly grabbed the ball from Muskaan and was running towards the basket while dribbling the ball when suddenly Ridhima came in front of him..She was trying her best to snatch the ball from him whereas Armaan was busy admiring Ridhima..Ridhima looked at him and blushed but realizing the situation..she quickly took the ball and scored another basket..Armaan came out of his thoughts and was confused..the next time the ball was in Rahul's hand and again Muskaan came in front of him..he was determined but all his determination flew away as Muskaan winked at him which sent him in a dilemma while Muskaan made another the score was 3 for girls whereas 1 for boys..they continued playing..the boys had made another 2 points while the girls made another 4 baskets..the final score was 7 for girls and 3 for boys..with girls winning the match..
        Ridhima and Muskaan high-5d and Armaan and Rahul were assured that they both had cheated..

Muskaan: Hum hai sikandar..tum ho bandar..Yaahooo (doing the happy dance..)

Ridhima: Bola tha naa..hum kisi sai nahi dartey..!! (With attitude..)

Armaan: Kyaa ""kisi sai nahi dartey""..(imitating her..) It was clear kai tum dono nai cheating ki..!!

Muskaan: Oyyee hero!! Hum nai koi cheating nahi ki!!!

Rahul: Chipkali..tunai to mujhe game kai beech mai maara bhi was against the rule..!!

Muskaan: Tu to chup hi reh Kaankhajurey..haar gya hai to bahaney bana raha hai?!

Ridhima: Bas mai kuch nahi jaanti..hum jeet gaye to bas jeet gaye..accept your defeat..!!

Armaan: Well..agli dafa itni buri tara sai haraye gai naa..kai naani yaad ajaye gi..!!

Muskaan: Haa Haa..dekh lai gai..!!

(Armaan's phone was Abhimanyu and he wanted Armaan and Rahul in the office because of some important meeting..Armaan told Rahul and they sighed..)

Rahul: Isey bhi abhi kaam ana tha..!? Chal..bye Ridhima..bye jangli billi..(veryy sweetly to irritate Muskaan..)

Muskaan: Bye Rahul..(smiling widely) Baba ji karey kai tujhey itna kaam miley itna kaam karna parey kai tujh mai khari honai ki bhi himmat naa rahey..!!
(Rahul watches her with daggers in his eyes and turns to go..)

Armaan: (turning to go with Rahul..) Buye Muski..Bye Basket..!!

Ridhima: Basket?? New name..haina??

Armaan: Lagta hai sangat ka asar ho raha hai..samajh gai basket!!

Ridhima: Let me tell you Mister..mujhey yai naam itnaa acha nahi laga??

Armaan: But mujhey yai naam buhat acha isey apnaa lijiye..Good Bye..Baskeettt..(stretching on the word Basket..he winks at her and she makes an O-face..Armaan smiles..)

(They both went while Ridhima and Muskaan also took their water bottles and got a cab to go to their home..)


(3 months had passed..Ridhima was more than happy to get such wonderful friends..With each passing day there friendship had turned even stronger..and they started to share each and every secret with eachother..However, Armaan still used to have silly fights with Ridhima and Rahul and Muskaan were not changed a bit..)

Ridhima was sitting in her office when her phone was an unknown number..she answered the call but got a shock as she recognized the voice..

Caller: Ridhima..please phone mat rakhna..just give me a chance to clarify..

Ridhima: Ss..Sid?!?

all the events..all the bad memories flashed through her eyes..the days and months she spent with him in Canada..the good memories as well as the bad..In mere seconds her tears were vanished as anger built up inside her..she clearly remembered how he had left he had dumped her..

Ridhima: How dare you call me?!..and where did you got my number from?? (Rudely..)

Sid: Ridhima..please listen.!!!

Ridhima: Sid Modhi..I don't want to listen anything..!! Just tell me how you got my number..??

Sid: Wo..actually..Maria told me...(shamefully..)

Ridhima: I am giving you a last warning..dubara is number pai call mat karna..!!!

Sid: But atleast listen to me once..

And she cut the phone..she couldn't believe that he had called her after whatever happened..When she started to live the life happily..and was enjoying each day..she hardly remembered any bad memory..he had to interrupt everything..?!! she asked herself why it only happened to her..why everytime..all the things seemed to be perfect..someone always come and ruin everything..but she was not the old weak Ridhima anymore..she had got a family..and was independent..she wouldn't let Sid or anyone else weaken her..she will face him..and with that she cleared her tears away and decided to call Maria..she was her neighbour from the time Ridhima's parents had died..she was just like a big sister to her but she knew that if Sid has got her number..he may even try to find her..

She picked up the phone and dialled Maria's number..

Ridhima: Hello..Maria??

Maria: Oh My God..Ridhima!! Yaar how are you?? And sab theek hai naa? I was really worried for you..!! (Immediately blasting on her..)

Ridhima: Mariiaa..!!! I am perfectly fine..actually more than fine!! Par I have something very important to ask you and I hope kai aap sach bolo..!!

Maria: everything okay??

Ridhima: Maria..Sid ko mera number aap nai dia??

Maria: Yes..Ridhima..I know kai tum dono kai beech mai kuch buhat bura hua but believe me..wo almost every week tumhaarey barey mai puchnai aata hai..and isi liye maine usai tumhaara number dai dia..please talk to him once..

Ridhima: But I don't want to talk to him Maria..Zarur usai mujh sai kuch chahiye ho ga..wo buhat matlabi hai..and moreover my life is completely amazing..and mai nai isiliye phone kia kai agar Sid wapis aya to please usai keh dena that Mai uski shakal bhi dekhna nahi chahti..acha hoga kai wo mujhey bhul jai!!

Maria: I am happy as long as you are happy..Mai usai keh du gi..!!

Ridhima: Thanks..acha I have to go now..I'll keep calling you..Bye..

Maria: Good bye and take care..!!

(And she cuts the was break time so she decided to go to a nearby café...After informing Muskaan..she picked her purse and took a taxi to reach there..she entered and saw that there were not much people..she chose a table and ordered a cappuccino..the man took her order and went back..Ridhima took out a book from her purse and was reading it when some people entered the café was a gang of four men and one could easily realize that they were bad people because of their appearance..they selected the table infront of Ridhima and were constantly looking at Ridhima which was making Ridhima nervous and she got alerted of the upcoming danger..)

"Heyyy everbody..!! ^_^
Here it is the 8th part..and yes it is late but you guys already know the problem, right?? So lets continue..Actually I was really nervous while writing the basketball scene..don't know how it came out..!! :/ But I hope kai itnaa bhi bura na ho!! :P hehee..So, hope you guys like the part!! :)
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