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Part 98:Beintehaan

He was always the one who would sang for her n make her smile bt today she kind of wanted it to change...she wanna give him a chance..she for sure realized Armaan's upbringing was done in z wrong circumstances...but he is gud at heart n a very nice guy...her lips curved into a dreamy lil smile thinking about all z tortures she has given  to him n hw  he bore all thinking it  as his punishment for hurting matter wat...he stayed hopeful for her yes n waited fr her patiently .....

She luked into his eyes intensely...while armaan thought wats soo new in her eyes today ...y she is luking at him so intensely ...he ws nt able to figure out her changed behaviour ....when he heard her voice which left him mesmerize 

Suno Na
Kahe Kya Suno Na

She started z song...a broad smile ws playing on her lips n her cheeks were crimson red while luking at him ....armaan thought is she blushing or m i dreaming ....wen he ws soo confused he heard her singing .

Dil Mera Suno Na

She turned around as cnt able to see him n wanna hide her blush frm him ....she placed her hand on her heart ...her heart beat ws raising n sang 

Suno Zara
Teri Bahon Mein 
Mujhe Rehna Hai Raat Bhar

She closed her eyes thinking about his face...his cute gestures when she's angry...for once she wanna hug him tightly n frgt about z rest of z world ...she thought she could find solace in his arms only n sang ..

Teri Bahon Mein Hogi Subah

wen he heard zose lines he felt his heartbeat becoming fast .n he went near her while stepping slowly ..turned her by holding her arms gently  to face him....he ws surprised to see ridz who was singing wiz her eyes closed...her hands were clutching her dress tightly n her lips were trembling n z  red blush on her cheeks made her look prettier zen usual 

Be Intehaan (He Sang joining his head wiz hers while cupping her cheeks wiz lots of luv in his eyes)

Be Intehaan (she replied while feeling her cheeks growing warmer by his touch) 

Yun Pyaar Kar( He expressed his feeling through z three words...hoping she would open her eyes n luk in his much of love zey preserved for her) 

Yun Pyaar Kar( she sang opening her eyes slowly as if she could hear his unsaid word...she found herself drowning in his were mixed with love...regret of hurting her n  hope for bright future) 

Be Intehaan (he smiled at her n found her returning his smile back....for once a smile that reached her heart...he could feel his heart beat with happiness)

Dekha Karun 
Sari Umar 

(He sang reassuring her...he would look after her his entire life n ll never ever hurt her again) 

Sari Umar(she if confirming if he was true) 

Teri Nishaan (he bent a lil n placed a soft kiss on  her forehead affectionately...she again closed her eyes n a lone tear escaped from her eye) 

Be Intehaan (watching her tear slipping out of her eye...he felt  his own eyes moisten....did he hurt her again n felt sorry )

Koi Kasar Na Rahe(he wiped her tear with his thumb slowly)

Meri Khabar Na Rahe( she could feel the pain in his voice n she opened her eyes slowly)

Choo Le Mujhe Is Kadar (she looked at his tears n felt his hurt...she slowly moved her lips on his eyes kissing away zose tears n placed gently plcaes kisses on his eyes while cupping his face ....he clasped his hands on her hands )

Be Intehaan (he again told through his song how much he luv her n curving for her ) 

Jab Saanson Mein Teri Saanseein Ghuli To ( his lips were close to her....he could feel her warm breath touching against his lips was actually the first time...she stood soo close to him willingly wizout getting scared or nervous)

Phir Sulagne Lage(he took her hands in his n pressed his lips on her knuckles kissing them slowly n let his lips linger zer....while she bit her lower lip feeling nervous n cold shiver ran down through her spine)

Eshaas Mere Mujhse Kehne Lage (he luked at her flushed face n  tried to comfort her with his words)

Bahon Mein Teri Aake Jahan Do Yun Simatne Lage
Sailaab Jaise Koi Behene Lage

She crushed herself in his arms...placing her head on his chest....she could actually hear his heartbeat racing ....he circled his arms around her....protectively holding her tight.

Khoya Hun Mein Aagosh Mein(he nuzzled his nose in her silky hairs....lost in her fragnance)

Tu Bhi Kahan Abb Hosh Mein (he whispered against her ears as he felt her lips brushing against his chest n abroad smile formed on his lips)

Makh Mali Raat Ki 
Ho Na Subah

(He soo wished zis night would never end...he was feeling his luv soo close to him...he felt like the happiest n luckiest man alive....he dnt wanna let her go away frm him fr even a sec ...he wants to stay lke zis all his life)

Be Intehaan ,Be Intehaan 
Yun Pyaar Kar 
Be Intehaan 

He broke the hug...kissing her eyes... traced zat kiss to her cheeks...then dropped a gentle kiss on her chin...she blushed hard

Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm(he hummed caressing her red cheeks wiz his thumb causing her goose bomps)

Gusthakiya Kuch Tum Karo (She sang while cupping his cheeks n kissing z tip of his nose n smiled)

Kuch Hum Kare Is Tarah

She ran out to the balcony as she cant stand his intense luks on her n sat on swing...hiding her face in her hands.while armaan couldn't help bt smile at her shy nature...he walked to the swing...standing behind ...placed  his chin on her shoulder n hugging herwhile encircling his hands around her shoulders

Hmm Sharma Ke Do Saaye Hai Jo
Muh Pher Le Humse Yahan

zey both sang together...feeling zeir togetherness while armaan..placed his hands on hers...trying to refrain zem from hiding her flushed  face

Haaan Choo To Liye Hai Yeh Jism Tune
Rooh Bhi Tu Chum Le

He left a kiss on her hairs....while she entwined her fingers with his 

Eshaas Bheege Bheege Kyun Hai Mere (He felt little drops of rain fell on zem)

Haan Yun Chur Hoke
Majbor Hoke Katra Katra Kahe
Eshaas Bheege Bheege Kyun Hai Mere

She grinned childhishly at the rain....n while getting up from swing forwarded her palm feeling the rain drops....he walked close to her n sooo wanted to bend on her lips and suck the rain drops which were shining on her lips ...

Do Bekhabar Bheege Badan
Ho Besabar Bheege Badan
Lete Rahe Raat Bhar Angdaiya

He took her slowly in his embrace by her waist n he placed his lips on her lips...pecking them was mere a touch....which depicted pure love...she shivered wen armaan sucked z rain drop n also cause of rain ...he understood zat n  before she could get wet completly he lifted her in his strong arms n tuk  her inside while ridz hided her face in his crook....armaan smiled at her cuteness n put her down ....quickly tuk a clean towel...while rubbing her hairs he blinked his eyes at her ...she was sooo touched by his gestures..

Be Intehaan...(he sang ...seeing her eyes full of luv he whispered while bending lil )

Be Intehaan (she moved her lips on his cheeks kissing them softly)

Yun Pyaar Kar(he lifted her again in his arms n placed her on her side of bed...kissing her forehead again) 

Yun Pyaar Kar (she hided her face against his neck)

Be Intehaan(he got in his side without breaking the hug) 

Dekha Karun(he pulled her more close n placed a soft kiss on her earlobe) 

Saari Umar Tere Nishan

( she hummed keeping her eyes close n wraping her arms around his waist holding him even mre tightly n while  nuzzling in her neck)

Teri Nishaan (she was almost on him...he broke z hug n tuk a turn so zat now she is under him n  placed his lips lovingly on her forhead n  continued singing....softly)

Be Intehaan 
Koi Kasar Na Rahe
Meri Khabar Na Rahe
Choo Le Mujhe Is Kadar
Be Intehaan

Armaan made sure he would not hurt her again...he left thousand of soothing kissing on her..while for riddhima....she was never zis sure...he truly managed to earn her trust n  how could she deny what he deserved...she tried to keep her eyes close.n feeling his lips soothing her opened zem on his request...and she couldn't regret doing so...he had soo much of luv for her in zem

Seeing z trust in her eyes n z way his kisses effecting her... he gt z strong urge of capturing her lips...he leaned n cme very close to her lips ....feeling his braethe lingering on her lips she stiffened her body n clutched armaan's collar tightly in her tiny fist n closed her eyes ... armaan kicked himself mentally n while caressing her cheeks wiz his knuckles said in a soft tone 

"ghabraov math riddhima ...mai aise kuch bhi nahi karungi jisey tum uncomfortable feel karo.."

Hearing it riddhima opened her eyes n while having a lil smile on lips encircled her hands around armaan's neck n asked "how could u be so nice wiz me could u luv me lke zis ...maine koi kasar nahi chodi tumhey torture karne ...i m so bad nah bhoot .."

Armaan pinched her nose n said "i m nt being nice wiz u soniyo ...beintehaan pyar karta hun tumsey ...sachey dill sey jo pyar kartey hai vo kisi bhi torture ya nafrat sey nahi dartey .....cahey mazil miley ya nah miley ye pyar kabhi bhi kum nahi hoga ....aur kabardar jo meri soniyo ko bad kaha toh u r my angel soniyo .... "

Riddhima had tears in eyes n said "par bhoot ....dnt knw y i m still scared ...mai cahkar bhi tumhey vo khusi nahi deypaungi jispey tumhara hak hai ..."

Armaan placed soft kisses on her both eyes n said "soniyo tumhi kehti thi pyar atma sey hota hai jism sey nahi toh learnt it soniyo ...i dnt care about it ....i jst want lil place in ur heart n a broad smile on ur lips ....bas sari umer ye pyari muskurahat dekhna cahta hun aur kuch nahi cahiye mujhey"

Riddhima:par bhoot agar mai zindagi bhar nahi badli toh kya tabhi tum itna hi pyar karogey ...

Armaan wiz million dollar smile "soniyo i luv u ....mujhey bas tumhara saat cahiye umer bhar aur phir ek din tumharey bahon mey  maar jana cahta hun.."

Hearing it ridz gt angry n blood rushed in her veins ...she tightened her jaws n gave a tight  *SLAP.SLAP*

Armaan screamed "ouch" n while rubbing his cheek "maine kya kiya riddhima ....meri bas ankh lagayi thi gana gatey huye aur yehi sogaya ...maine tumhey touch bhi nahi kiya "

Getting no reply frm ridz he luked at ridz confusingly ...her eyes were closed ...last night while singing song he fell asleep while keeping his head on couch ....he stood up n leaned over her n watching carefully n thought "riddhima ney kahin neend mey mujhey mara kya ..." 

wen he was busy in thinking ridz again raised her hand n gave another slap to conform his doubt ....while mumbling sleepily "ek aur bar maarne ki baat ki toh muh thodungi hump.."

coz of all of sudden slap armaan could nt balance n tried to take z support of side table bt coz of flower pot he fell down n flower pot also fell down n brke into pieces ...coz of loud sound of breaking ridz's sleep brke n opned her eyes ....n gt up wiz a jerk wen saw armaan on floor n asked while getting "kya huva armaan.." she went near him worriedly n forwarded her hand ....

Armaan held her hand n while getting up asked "vo mujhey puchna cahiye ....kya huva ...kyun mara..."

Riddhima frowned n asked "kisney mara ..."

Armaan luked here n zer in z room n asked sarcastically"tumhey aur koi dekhraha hai kya kamrey mey ??"

Riddhima :frowned)huhhh kya mathlab ..

Armaan:tumahrey ilava aur kaun hai iss kamrey mey jo mujhey mareyga ...he said it while holding his back n wincing wiz pain.

Riddhima:confusingly)maine tumhey kab aur kyun mara ...

Armaan while rubbing his both cheeks said "pehley iss gaal pey mara phir dusre pey ...aur ulta mujhsye puch rahi ho ki kyun mara ...riddhima sapne mey kisi ki band bajarahi thi kya jo effect mere gaal pey pada aur dekho kaise laal laal hogaye hai ..."

Riddhima while trying to memorize wat had just happened luked at armaan's cheeks he was nt lying ...wen she ws trying to figure out armaan said "aur neendmey bol bhi rahi thi ki marne ki baat ki toh muh thodogi . n vo tumhara all time hump bhi kaha tumney ...."

Hearing it she realized zat she has been seeing a dream n her dream flashed infront of her eyes n laughed out loudly ...seeing her laugh armaan pouted n asked "har bar mujhey markey tumhey itni khusi kyun hoti hai riddhima ..."

Riddhima:hahahahahah omg hahaha

Armaan:riddhima ...dnt laugh cheeks r swollen 

Riddhima:hahahahha .(while caressing his cheeks)awww jor sey mara kya maine...

Seeing her cme close to him n feeling her hands on his cheeks he frgt all z pain n a broad smiled on his lips ....his eyes widened to see her cutest expressions n smile which were making her luk  mre prettier n said dreamily "zis is z most beautiful day ...i wish har subha iss tarha tumhari muskurata huva cehra dekhun ..."

Hearing it ridz realized zat she cme too close to him n tuk her hands back  n turned around nervously a few secs she frgt wat she has been doing ....armaan sensed her tension n to  lighten z situation said "bohot jor sey mara tumney ...tumhara haath hai ya hatoda ..."

Riddhima again remembered her dream n a blush crept on her cheeks ...armaan could see her flushed face in mirror n frowned while thinking "ye kya horaha hai aaj ...pehley mara ....phir mere pass akey pyar sey pucha aur abh ye sharma kyun rahi hai ....oh god wats going on z way meri soniyo ko sharmatey huye dekhey arsa hogaya hai ...kitni khubsurat lagrahi hai maan kar raha hai ki .....nah baba nah ....armaan beta maan ko control kar warna bina kuch kiye hi subha subha dhulayi ki abh kuch kiya toh ulta latka deygi no doubt about it ..."

while clearing his throat asked "riddhima ...kya huva ....kyun mara mujhey ..."

Riddhima ws nt able to meet her gaze wiz him n wiz out turning back said while fumbling "ku kuch nahi.."

Armaan:toh bina koi reason key kyun mara ...

Riddhima giggled remembering z dream n ran into washroom while leaving confused armaan behind to pull his hairs ...armaan scratched his head fr a while n remembering her flushed face he pushed all his questions aside n dreamily smiled n tuk ridz photo frame frm z side table n while placing it close to z heart fell back on bed n closed his eyes while saying "i luv u soniyo ..."


As its sunday ridz ws at home n whole day she tried to avoid to meet her gaze wiz armaan...whole day armaan tried to tlk bt she did nt gave any chance to him ...armaan ws soo confused n puzzled wiz her new behaviour ....though she did nt tlk bt armaan noticed cute smile playing on her lips whole day n lil blush on her cheeks ....while trying to figure out her expressions he bumped into atul .

Atul:dhyan kaha hai armaan tumahara ..

Armaan:vo ...i m sorry ...vo actually riddhima ko dekha apney ...

Atul luked at ridz who ws playing wiz sunny in garden area n said "haan dekha ...kya huva ..."

Armaan:apko kuch ajeeb nahi lagraha ...

Atul:frowned)kya ajeeb hai ....she is playing wiz sunny .....

Armaan:uff fooo bhaiyya ki nazar sey nahi meri nazron sey dekho nah ...

Atul:while maing face)wat ???come again

Armaan smacked his head n bit his tongue n while fumbling said "i meant to say ...ummm ...hmm"

Atul:armaan r u alright ?

Armaan:yes sir .... i m perfectly alright ..actually vo riddhima ka cehra dekha apney ....she is blushing

Atul luked at ridz carefully n said "nahi toh ...y would she blush .. armaan i think u lost ur mind ...princess key barey mey jayda soch soch key tumhey hallucinations horahey hai...thodi der aram karo u ll feel better...

Armaan areey nahi sir ...i m perfectly ...dekho riddhima ko (atul luked at ridz)vo abhi khel rahi haina


Armaan:jst keep luking at her .....


Aftr few mins armaan excitedly said "dekho dekho vo kaise muskurarahi hai ....kuch soch rahi hai ...sayad kuch yaad kar rahi hai ...aur see carefully her cheeks r turning into crimson red ...oh god i just luv her flushed cheeks maan kar  ...."

All of sudden armaan stopped n thought "control armaan control...thnk god kuch ulta phulta baka nahi maine ..."

Atul:kya maan kar raha hai ...

Armaan:umm kuch nhi sir ...maan kar raha hai ki jst keep on luking her ....

Atul:raised his brow)umm bt ur face is telling something else ...

Armaan blushed ....seeing it atul smiled n asked "akhir baat kya hai ...waha princess sharma rahi hai aur yeha uska dewana sharma raha hai ..."

Armaan:sir plz u atleast dnt tease me me in zis sir ... i m soo damn confused ....riddhima ko huva kya hai ...

Atul luked at ridz lovingly n said "abh jo bhi karna hai tumhey karna hai armaan ....princess ki cehre sey ye khusi kabhi nahi jani cahiye ...saalon badh uski ankhomey naye sapne dekhraha hai mujhey ...unn sapno ko sach karna abh tumharey haaton mey hai ...."

Armaan luked at her n while taking deep braethe said "i wish iss bar mai koi galti nah karun par sir all of sudden ye change kal raat ko vo khud mere pass bhaitkey rorahi thi ...phir aaj subha mujhey mara aur ..."

Atul cut him inbetween n asked "wat mara?"

Armaan while rubbing his cheeks "haan sir apki behan pehlvan hai ...meri dono cheeks puri ki tarha dekhrahi thi subha its lil better .."

Hearing it atul brust out into laughter n armaan mustered under his braethe "subha behan hass rahi thi abh bhaiyya gupta's jaleem hai .."

Atul:kuch kaha tumney ...

Armaan:nope ...nothing sir ...

Atul:anywys ...dnt knw princess key dimag mey kya chal raha hai aur mai jakey usey puch nahi sakta n agar pucha bhi toh vo mujhey batayegi nahi soo try by urself armaan ...jakey baat karo usey ...

Armaan:subha sey khosis kar raha hun sir par vo nazrey pherkey bhag rahi hai ...mujhey kuch samjh mey nahi araha hai ...

Atul:smiled)mujhey kuch kuch samjhmey araha hai par i cnt help u armaan ...jst cn say all z best .

Armaan:frwoned)all z best???kisliye sir ...

Atul did nt reply n while patting his shoulder moved frm zer ...armaan scartched his head n thought "ye bhai behan mujhey sachi mey kabhi nahi samjhmey ayengey ...ufff"

Note :song seq credit goes to anjali meow..... thnks alottt fr all z support n luv guys 2 mre parts n century hayeee nt even in dreams i thought mai koi ff 100 tak leyapaungi ...feelingg soo soo greatt zis is all coz of u guyss luv u alll muahh tc.

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

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