Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Part 99:Beintehaan

Days were passing but armaan could nt able to understand ridz's feelings n her changed behaviour towards him...she had stopped taunting him for every pity issue .....she seems very happy now a days bt wont talk much wiz armaan ....she always seems lost in her own different world ....armaan tried many times to talk n ask her but she had nt gave any chance to him ....armaan ws becoming restelss wiz every pacing day ....he jst wanna know wats been going on in her mind ....

One day armaan gt stuck in traffic n came home very late ....wen he entered z room riddhima asked angrily while folding her hands  "kyun late huva ..."

Armaan thought not to answer as she did nt gve any answers to his so many questions ....he kept his bag on z table silently n tuk off his shoes while sitting on couch....wen she did nt gt any answer she asked sternly wiz fuming eyes  "maine kuch pucha "

Armaan luked into her eyes which were fuming wiz angry ....he gt scared bt soon gt grip on himself n while standing up said "tumsey mathlab??"

Hearing it ridz raised her brow n clinched her jaws ....armaan jst cnt see her angry face n lowered his head n was about to take out his clothes frn wardrobe he felt a tug on his wrist ....ridz held his wrist wen he passed her ....armaan mustered courage n luked in her eyes n while gulping his fears said "chodo mera haath.."

Riddhima gave him a mean luk n twisted his hand behind him ...armaan winced wiz pain zen ridz said angrily "mere sawal ka jawab nahi dogey toh haath tumarey body sey alag kardungi.."

Armaan wiz painful tone "traffic mey phass gaya tha riddhima ...ahhh...... chodoo abh..."

Ridz lossened her grip n let him go .....while caressing his wrist armaan asked "y do u care fr me riddhima ...."

Ridz turned around n her back ws facing him as dnt wanna give any reply ...armaan held her arms n made her face him n asked "aaj mujhey jawab cahiye riddhima ...akhir kya chal raha hai tumharey dimag mey ...har waqt kuch sochti rehti ho ...confused dekhti ho....ek pal lagta hai tumney mujhey maaf kardiya aur dusrey hi pal yakeen nahi hota.aur lagta hai ki ye mera veham hai  ...akhir kya hai tumahrey dill aur dimag mey...jawab do "

Riddz did nt say anything jst luking in his eyes silently ....armaan tightened his grip n while shaking her asked "iss khamoshi ka kya mathlab hai riddhima.."

Ridz freed herself frm his grip n went down stairs .....armaan pulled his hairs n thought "ye paheli kabhi nahi suljheygi sayad ..."he sighed n tuk his night clothes n went to washroom ....wen he cme out surprised to see ridz brought 2 plates of food from kitchen ....he asked shockingly "2 plates kisey liye riddhima ..."

Ridz placed both plates on z bed n sat infrnt of one plate n eyed armaan to sit down infrnt of another plate ....armaan understood zat she too had nt had anything ....he sat down n asked "tumhey khaleynah cahiye tha nah ...kyun wait ki mera ..."

Riddhima did nt reply n had one morsel frm her plate ...getting no answer armaan sighed n just staring her ...ridz luked at his annoyed face n forwarded her hand towards his mouth ...seeing it armaan smiled a bit n opened his mouth n had one morsel frm her hands .....ridz smiled back at him n again tuk another morsel to feed him bt armaan stopped her n offered to have one morsel frm his hand...ridz thought fr awhile n after taking deep sigh she literally stuffed food in armaan's which ws in her hands while pushing his hand away ....armaan gt startled wiz zis ....he though she would also have frm his hand ....he sighed disappointedly  n luked ridz who ws now having her food quietly while luking here n zer in room as she dnt wanna meet her gaze wiz armaan .

armaan luked up as if asking god fr help n started having his food ....while eating armaan choked n ws coughing very badly ....ridz at once gt up frm z bed while placing her plate aside quickly gt water fr him n while rubbing his back made him have water ....seeing z care she showed on him armaan's lips curved into a lil smile inbetween his coughs .....seeing him smiling ridz tuk sigh of relief n shouted "aram sey khana nahi ata tumhey ..."

Armaan wiz so much of luv fr her in eyes asked "pyar karti ho toh keh kyun nahi deyti riddhima ..."

Riddhima luked at him wiz a jerk ...armaan gt up n while taking her both hands in his asked "mujhey tumhare ankhomey pyar dekhta hai riddhima ...bas ek bar tumharey muh sey sunah cahta hun taki yakeen hojaye ki ye mera sapna nahi hakikat hai ..."

Riddhima gt tears in her eyes n to control zem she closed her eyes ....armaan left her hands n cupped her face n said wiz immense luv in his voice "dill ki baat jaban pey laov riddhima ..."

Riddhima shivered wen he cupped her face n opened her eyes .....wiz trembling lips said "i hate u.."

Hearing it armaan closed his eyes tightly to control his emotions n tuk his hands back .....ridz went into z balcony leaving broken armaan behind ...Armaan held his head in both hands n settled on bed n thought "jhut bolrahi hai riddhima ........"tears rolled down frm his eyes .

Riddhima settled in z bean bag in balcony n while luking at one bright star thought in mind "mama beinthaan pyar hai dill mey par (she paused n a lone tear escaped frm her eyes) par mai nafrat bhi karti hun mama ....mai cahkar bhi agey nahi badhparahi hun mama ...mera zameer mujhey agey badhne ki izzadat nahi deyraha hai ....maine usey maaf karne ka decision liya tha par mama aise lagta hai ki usey maaf karkey mai khud key nazron mey gir jaungi ...i knw armaan badal gaya hai ...mujhsye aur sunny sey bepanah pyar karta hai hum dono keyliye vo har sukh har chain kurban karne keyliye tayar hai ...mai cahti hun sab kuch bhulkar ek sunehrey subha ka intezzar karun par nahi himmat nahi horahi hai mujhsey mama ....nafrat key agey pyar haar raha hai ...samjh mey nahi ata kya karun ba  ....abh mai armaan ko torture nahi karungi ...nah hi usey koi taunt marungi .....bas jaise chal raha hai waise hi sari umer kaat lungi .....i knw mai usey bohot takleef deyrahi hun par mai kuch nahi karsakti mama ....aaj kal meko khubsurat sapne atey hai mama maan karta hai vo sare sapney sach hojaye hahahah par jab sapna tuta hai kadva sach ankhonkey samney ata hai aur nafrat honey lagi hai khud sey issliye i jst ...cnt becme his wife mama ..."

wen she ws lost in her thoughts armaan cme n said "thand lagajyegi riddhima ...andar chalo.."

Riddhima luked at him n asked seriously "armaan cn we be frnds..."

Hearing it a lil smile formed on his lips n while nodding his head said "offcourse riddhima ..." 

Riddhima gt up frm z swing n said "jst frnds nt mre zan zat...mai lakh khosis ki tumsey nafart nah karne ki par ho nahi raha hai armaan ...par mai tumhey aur tadpana bhi nahi cahti issiliye ye dosti ...sirf dost..."

Armaan smiled broadly "haan jst frnds ...thnk u riddhima ...pati nah sahi atleast i gt a chacne to becme ur frnd"

Armaan forwarded his hand wiz lots of happiness in his eyes ...ridz shoock her hand wiz him ....armaan had tears in eyes n thought  "3 saal lagey tumhey mujhey dost banahne mey ....i m soo happy today ...atleast abh hum dono ajnabee nahi rahengey ...aaj sey our relation gt one name ...its mre zan enough fr me ...thnks god ...thnks alot ..."

Riddhima tuk her hand back n said wiz lil smile "andar cahley ..."

Armaan nodded his head n both went inside ....armaan gt surprised wen saw ridz settling herself on bed n asked "tum roj couch pey soti honah ..."

Riddhima:hmm par aaj sey yehi soungi ...kyun koi prob hai tumhey

Armaan:nope y would i have any prob...oky zen mai couch pey sojata hun ...

Riddhima:its ur wish ...if u want u could sleep on bed ...

Armaan:nervously)tumhey daar nahi lageyga mujhsey ...

Riddhima:while luking down)hmmm daar lagta tha ....par abh daar nahi lagta ....i kind of trust u armaan ...i hope tum ye barosa iss bar nah todo

Armaan felt so happy hearing it n feeling lke he won z world ...felt lke he gt relief frm huge burden n said wiz wet tone "thnks riddhima ....thnks alott fr trusting me ...i promise i wont break it in any way ....par riddhima mai couch pey hi sounga .."

Ridz luked at him qustioningly to which armaan replied "neend mey mera haath ya paun tumhey chuyega toh tum pata nahi kaise react karogi ....sayad shak bhi karo uss waqt issliye i dnt wanna make u feel uncomfortable in any way ..."

Riddhima cn feel z pain in his words n fear of hurting her again n quietly nodded her head as yes ....zen armaan smiled a bit n while settling on couch said "aur haan tum neend mey marti bhi ho ...maar toh khalunga par kahin galla daba diya toh mera ram naam satya hai hoajyega ..."

Hearing it ridz frowned n luked at him angrily n luking here n zer fr something to thrw on him ....armaan quickly lay down on couch n pulled duvet over him completely while smirking .....seeing it ridz banged her fist on bed n in a while a small smile formed on her lips n she too laid down on bed while covering herself in duvet ...armaan after a while slowly removed his duvet n luked at ridz who ws fast asleep ...while luking at her beautiful face he smiled broadly n once again thanked god fr blessing him wiz lots of happiness  n soon drift into sleep n lost in a beautiful dreams of zeir future.


zey became frnds frm zat day ...ridz used to share everything wiz hims ...soon he became her stress buster ..aftr a tiring long day few mins chat wiz armaan gives her lots of relaxation ...armaan ws also happy wiz zis new bond between zem ...he too share his every feeling wiz her n smetimes nt leaving z chance flirts wiz her ...ridz jst smiles n smetimes run aftr him n beat out his flirting soul out day sunny fell ill n ridz becme so upset ...armaan while caressing her back said "riddhima its jst a small fever fikar math karo .."

Riddhima:wiz wet tone)i knw armaan par sunny ko aise dekha nahi jarha hai ...

Armaan:while taking her hands in his)riddhima kal subha tak uska bhukar utarjayega dekhna ....dnt u trust me ...

Riddhima:wiz teary eyes )i trust u par...

Armaan:abh no par var ...tum sojaov mai huna sunny ka khayal rakhne ...

Riddhima:nahi mujhey neend nahi arahi hai ...tum sojoav i ll be wiz sunny ...

Armaan:riddhima tum khama kha itna tension leyrahi ho ....maine medicine deydi hai subha tak thik hojayega ...plz tum aram karo ...

Riddhima:nahi armaan jab sunny puri tarha thik nahi hota mujhey chain nahi mileyga ....pata hai armaan pehley mai radhika ka abortion karvana cahti thi par honahi paya n  jab pehli bar sunny ko inn haaton meyliya toh dill ko ek ajeeb sukum milah ....tabh mujhey ehsaas huva mai kitna galat karne jarahi thi ...sahi waqt pey bhagwan ney sunny ko bachaya aur meri suni zindagi mey bheja ....mai puri duniya key samney natak karsakti hun khus rehne ka dekhava kar pati thi par iss massum si nazron key samney mai haar jati ...iski khusi meri khusi bangayi thi armaan ...sunny ko choti si bhi kharaoch ati hai toh dard mujhey hota .hai...sunny gve a reason to smile to me ...daar laag raha hai armaan usey kabhi itna bhukar nahi aya ....tears rolled down frm her eyes

Armaan cant see her in tears n immediately pulled her in his arms n while crushing her in his warm embrace said "darne ki koi baat nahi hai riddhima .....subha hotey hi dekhna sunny mama mama kartey huye utheyga ..."

Riddhima broke z hug n while luking in armaan's eyes wiz wet tone asked "sachi mey"

Armaan smiled at her scared face n said "duniya key samney hitler bankey ghumti ho aur yeha iss chote sey bhukar ko leykey itna daar ...dnt u think tumhari reputation kharab hojayegi aur tumhara naam hitler sey cry baby hojayega ..."

Riddhima while pouting "armaan......"

Armaan smiled n while cupping her face gave a peck on her forehead n said "sunny gave a reason to smile to u bt he gave me a life to live wiz u riddhima ...sunny is so precious to me as well ....i ll nt let anything happen to our son ....hamesah yaad rakhna apni jaan bhi deyni padey sunny keyliye  toh bhi mai peechey nahi hatunga .....i promise riddhima " n pulled her in his embrace to pacify her n wiz in few mins she drift into deep sleep in his arms while sitting on couch....armaan luked up n thought

"ek waqt tha mere saye sey bhi bhagti thi riddhima aur abh hum dono itne achey dost bangaye hai ki apni har dard har daar har pareshani ko mujhsey share karti hai ....thnk u so much god fr giving me such a great frnd ....maine hamesha mujhey meri soniyo wapas karo mera pyar wapas karo manga karta tha par abh mujhey aur kuch nahi cahiye i m very very happy wiz my frnd ....she blindly trusts n bas ek hi dua mangta hun abh ye barosa kabhi nah tutey ...aise koi bhi halat nah aye jaha mujhey meri dost dur hojaye ...bas aur kuch nahi cahiye .."

For entire world zey r married couple bt zey r just frnd actually best frnds ...radhika was happy seeing zis realtion between zem bt smewhere she is nt happy ...she wants riddhima to take zeir relation to another step bt riddhima ws still not ready for it .....she dont even wanna think about it ...she is happy being as a frnd n zats enough fr her ....armaan warned radhika to not interfere in zeir life bt she kept on poking her nose in it.

One day radhika sat so close to armaan while discussing smething about her case ...armaan felt weird coz of her beahviour n tried to maintain distance bt she again cme close to him n all of sudden she gt wen saw ridz who cme frm office n while saying nervously "we r jst dicussing z case di ...dnt think other wise .." n quickly ran frm zer ...

Riddhima frowned hearing it n raised her brow wen radhika ran frm z room n luked at armaan who ws staring her scaredly ......she tuk a deep sigh n shrugged her shoulders while sitting on bed .....zers a deep silence in z room ...armaan nervously cme near ridz n said "aise kuch nahi hai jaise tum soch rahi ho..."

Riddhima had glass of water n while smiling "mai kya sochrahi hun tumhey kaise pata armaan ..."

Armaan knelt infront of ridz n while taking her hands in his said wiz fear of lossing her "riddhima aise kuch nahi hai mere aur radhika key beech .....vo bachi jaise hai meri ...tum mano ya nah mano humare shadi key badh kisi aur ladki ka khayal bhi nahi aya mere dill mey me zers nothing between us ...dnt knw y she behaved lke zat infrnt of u ..."

Riddhima bent a lil n tuk her hands back frm his hands ...armaan gt scared n luked at her wiz teary eyes ...seeing his pain ridz smiled a bit n cupped his face in her palms n said wiz immense trust in her eyes fr him 
"armaan u dnt nid to give any explanation ...explanation vo deytey hai jo galti kartey hai ....mera dost armaan galtiya kiya karta tha par abh galti sey bhi koi galti nahi karta aur mai achi tarha janti hun radhika ney kyun aise kiya so dnt be scared ...i trust u armaan"

Riddhima made him get up n sit beside her ...she interwined her fingers wiz his n said while luking at his confused face "radhika ko lagta hai ki mai dono ko kareeb dekhey jaalungi  aur ..."

Armaan:aur tum mujhpey shak karo aur hum dur hojaye ....riddhima i jst cant loose u ....

Riddhima laughed out loud n said "uff foo buddhu ...radhika humey dur karne keyliye nahi humey aur kareeb karne keyliye ye natak kiya hai ..."

Armaan understood radhika's plan n gt angry on her ....ridz pressed armaan's hand n he luked in her eyes n said "armaan i knw wat u r n i also wat is radhika ....maine didi ki tarha nahi ek maa ki tarha bada kiya hai ...aur mai janti hun tum bhi usey bachi ki tarha hi treat kartey ho ....vo bas hum dono ko kareeb lana cahti hai kisi bhi tarha aur tarha tarhakey plans kar rahi hai ..."

Armaan:maine bohot bar mana kiya usey .. i happy being ur frnd ...usey kyun nahi samjhmey ata i dnt knw ...anywys thnk god tum gussa nahi huyi meri toh darke marey jaan jarahi thi ...

Riddhima:smiling)usmey abhi bhi bachpana hai ....humare ristey ko samjh nahi parahi hai ...anywys leave it ..

Riddhima gt up frm z bed bt turned around n felt armaan's grip on her wrist n asked him through her eyes ....armaan wiz teary eyes said "thnkss alott fr trusting me riddhima ...mai bata nahi sakta how much happy i m now ....sahi kaha tumney mai galti sey bhi koi galti nahi karna cahta jisey meri dost mujhsey dur ho ...mai kabhi kabhi sochta tha shuru mey y i cnt be mre zan a frnd par jaise jaise hum gehre dost baney ....i dnt wnt anything ...ur frndship is mre zan enough fr me ...tumhara saat hi mayney rakhta hai abh hum dost bankey rahey ya pati patni doesnt matter fr me .."

Riddhima blinked her eyes assuringly n said "i knw u my dear frnd .."

Armaan smiled widely n plcaed a soft peck on her knuckle ....riddhima brushed her fingers in his hairs while smiling broadly.

After awhile ridz went to radhika's room n while folding hands asked sternly "passport office mey kaam khatam huva .."

Radhika wiz gulm face "hmmm"

Riddhima went near her n while pulling her in her arms asked "kya huva meri radhika ko itni udas kyun hai.."

Radhika encircled her hands around ridz n said glumly "maine aap dono ki baatey sunli mera ye plan bhi flop ...socha tha atleast ye plan sucessful hoga aur shanti sey australia jakey maan lagakey padhungi....par.."

Riddhima tightened her grip on her n said while caressing her hairs "mai aur tumahrey jeeju khus hai radhika ...tum bas apna dhyan rakhna aur maan lagakey padho sapne mai tumharey liye dkehey hai vo sach karo...aur haan maine krish ki mom dad sey baat karli ....zey  agreed fr u guys marriage ..."

Hearing it radhika broke z hug shockingly asked "wat ???shadii???bt hw do u knw about krish di "

Riddhima while twisting radhika's ear said "riddhima hun mai ....sari duniya pey nazar rehti hai toh kya mere pyari natkhat radhika kya kar rahi hai janna muskil nahi hai ..."

Radhika:ahhh di ...chodo nah ...vo mai bas australia sey wapas ane key badh apko batungi socha tha ...

Riddhima left her ear n while giving warm kiss on her forehead said "i m soo happy radhika ...maine krish aur uski family key barey mey pata lagaya ...zey r very gud ppl aur krish sab kcuh ajntey huye he cme frward to hold ur hand i really appreciate him ...vo tumhey khus rakheyga sari umer ye yakeen hogaya mujhey ..."

Radhika blushed hearing n soon said "par di mai abhi shadi nahi karna cahti infact krish bhi pehley settle hona cahta hai ...mere australia sey wapas aney key badh hi hum shadi karengey ..."

Riddhima:smiling)haan baba badhmey hi karleynah par mai cahti hun ki engagement hojaye abhi ...krish key mom dad cahtey hai ki unke beta aur bahu engage hokey australia jaye gf bankey nahi ....

Radhika blushed hearing it n asked "haww apko ye bhi pata chalgaye ki krish bhi araha hai mere saat ..."

Riddhima winked at her n said abh jaldi sey engagement ki shopping shuru karo u dnt hve much time ...bas 3 din hai  aur engagement key next day hi australia keyliye nikalna hai hurry up meri natkhat dulhan..."

Radhika have taers in her eyes n while holding ridz hands said "aap mere saat har kadam pey diya ...har muskil mey mera shara baney ,,,mujhey himmat di jeene ki aur mai kuch nahi karpati apkeyliye ..."

Riddhima wiped her tears n said "dekho radhika samjhney ki khosis karo ...."

Radhika cut her inbetween n said "aap samjhney ki khosis kijiye didi ....manti hun jeeju ney galat kiya par aaj ki duniya mey kaun apni galtiya confess karta hai aur pachtata hai ...jeeju ney toh sunny ko tak apna liya ...peechley 3 saalon sey hai apkey saat iss intezzar mey ki aap ek nah ek din unkey saat zindagi mey agey bhadogey par apki ye doston wali logic mere samjhsey bahar hai ....didi kyun kar rahey ho aise ...kya apka dill nahi karta apki bhi ek zindagi ho ek nanha bacha ho jo aap dono ki pyar ki nishani ho ..."

Riddhima caressed radhika's hairs "humara bacha sunny haina radhika ...aur dekho radhika mere dill mey kya tufan chalta hai vo mai tumhey baaton mey samjha nahi sakti ....bas itna kehsakti hun mai khus hun iss dosti sey ...abh insan jo bhi karta hai vo khusi keyliye hi toh hai ...jab mere pass sab kuch hai toh tum kyun bekar ki baatey sochti ho ...jst concentrate on ur studiess n haan lil bit on ur would be krish"

Radhika sighed as she again failed to make ridz understand n wiz fake anger said "didi unka naam krishna hai"

Riddhima:oye hoyeee unka .....hayeeee bt mai usko krish hi kahungi jo mere radhika key dill ko chura leygaya hahahhaha

Radhika blushed bt to hide it she pouted n said " i m still angry..."

Riddhima:ohhh ...i c waisee maine soch rahi thi jaise abhi bhaiyya ki sahdi mey dance ki kyun nah tumharey engagement mey bhi dance karun ...

Hearing it radhika yelled wiz glee n jumping lke a kid n while hugging ridz said "omgg thnkss alot dii n di apko song bhi gana hoga ...."

Riddhima smiled n while pecking her on hairs said "ur wish is granted ..."

Radhika:luv u soo soo sooo much di

Riddhima:luv u tooooooooooooooo 


After krish n radhika's engagement ....riddhima gave guitar to armaann.......''Play'' she mouthed to him...he looked at her confusingly n said "riddhima i almsot frgt it ...saalon hoagye maine guitar chuva nahi.."

Riddhima wishpered "tum play karsaktey ho armaan ...i knw u quietly play or else ..."she gave a stern luk to him ...armaan nodded his head as he dnt wanna make her angry ...armaan started palying it

Jane kaun ho
Par ho tum kayi
Hai Dil ko mere Yaakeen

She sang to the beat of his guitar tune...feeling the soft breeze playing with her hairs n sweet smile formed on her lips...all were happily luking at zem ...atul ws mesmorized to hear her voice n luked up to thank god of brothers were also praying god fr blessing zeir princess n giving her back...n enjoying her song

Na hain Iptiida, Na hai Inteehan
Hai Meri dastaan Wahi

She sang forwarding her hands to him asking him for dance...he placed his guitar aside...placing his hands around her waist n dance slowly...singing along

Tera Sukuun, Ya Junoon tera

He tucked her hairs behind her ears...not liking the wind touching zem...zey were his...while tuking his fingers brushed on her cheeks cozing her smile at him n blinked her eyes lovingly..

Teri kushi ya tera gham

He smiled back n  thought about her childishness...her sorrows...her tears ...her pain ...her anger ...her frndhsip...her care ....her luv ...her madness

Jo bhi jiyaa woh Jiyaa Maine
Jo bhi kiya tujhse Kiyaa

He wanna hug her tight coz of his fear of  looseing her coz zey were at z party n everybodies were on zem he contorlled himseld ...he could feel z sweet pain of luv in his chest and he sang while luking in her eyes

Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa…
Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa!!!

she tuk his hand in her knowing his pain which she could see in his eyes n sang 

Man ko behlaye ….Behkaye

she left his hands ...armaan ws surprised who she knws his every lil feeling ... riddhima while walking around him sang

Koi Khwahish Khamkhaaaaa….

She looked at her son's who ws luking at zem  ....zeir son...zeir love...zeir hope...zeir dreams ...z bond which bind zem together 

Palkoon pe Aye sapno ki kyun Barish Khamkhaaaaaa….

A tear slipped from her eyes as she thought about her past bu soon wiped it as she dnt wanna ruin zis beautiful moment..sunny ran near ridz n she gave a peck on his check n armaan picked him in his arms n sang

Kabhi jo tha mera Dil hua Ghairon Mein shamil

he sang looking at her showing his heart is with her...pointing his finger at her 

Rahta Hai kaha….

He shrugged kiddishly  making her chuckle n sunny gve a peck to armaan n gt down n started his own childish dance around armaan n ridz

Abhi se Haal hai aisa Na jane Hoga kaisa

He thought about how crazy he could get...wen she's angry n smile to himself 

Jo ye Ho gaya

He watched her moving away from her...and stopped her by holding her wrist...she could feel butterfly in her tummy at his touch...pulling her closer..he pressed his lips on her ears kissing her earlobe...and sang 

Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa!!!

Tu Noor Hai….

He luked at her...n she luked in his eyes ...n she ws surprised to watch her reflection in his eyes...showing beautiful she was for much he luv her bt his dream popped up wen he heard

Jab Bhi Layegi Zindagi Khud Usko Dhudke
Pahchanage Hum Ek Pal me aankhain Bhi Moond Ke

She sang closing her eyes imagining armaan...the way he talks to her...''dirty fellow'' she laughed at her thought...while he knew exactly what was she thinking 

Jaha Koi Ranjish Na ho Jahan Ki Koi Bandish Na ho

he took her hands...spinning her gently...around...and blew air softly on her face 

Hoga Ishq Wo…

He slowly caressed her cheeks wiz his thumb ...he wanan give her peck on forhead ...knowing him well ridz smiled n showed him arnav who ws staring zem through her eyes  ...armaan raised his brows realizing wer zey were n sang

Na Ho Koi Umeedain… Koi Bhi Shartain na Ho

She smiled broadly n waving her body wiz him winked at him ...armaan winked at her back n sang 

Hoga Ishq Wo…

she stopped dancing n ws about to go near radhika who ws soo soo happy today bt armaan held ridz hand n while placing her hand on his chest so zat she could feel his heart feet n sang

Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa… Beinteehaa!!!

Note :ye song beinthaan serial ka title song hai meko acha laga hope u all too would lke it n guyss 1 mre part hayeee i m soo damn nervous dnt knw kya achar dalungi 100 mey *eating nails* luv u all muah tc 

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

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