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Part 9:My Wish Come True


Part 9

""Aap bohot waqt se jaante hain na Rahul, Muskaan aur Atul ko..?"" Ridhima asked smiling after they were back from the party.. She has seen the bond Armaan shared with his friends..

""Hmm.. Rahul aur Atul ko main bachpan se jaanta hoon.. hum teeno dost nai bhai hain.. har saal summer vacations mein hum teeno saath rehte thhe.. phir college mein Muskaan ne humara group join kiya.. aur kuch waqt baad Tiya bhi humare group mein aagayi.."" Armaan said smiling.. but it faded abit when he mentioned about Tiya..

The change in Armaan's tone didn't get unnoticed by Ridhima.. She wanted him to say what was troubling him so much.. ""Tiya aapki itni purani dost thhi.?""

Armaan just nodded nd went to change, leaving Ridhima confused.. Ridhima saw him coming out of the closet after changing n stretched on the couch w/o another word..
Next few days Armaan was totally occupied with his new project.. The Malliks were planning to expand their empire by entering the Hotel Business aswell.. nd that's what Armaan was busy working on.. Ridhima knew he was working very hard for it.. She has seen him working on his laptop in the late hours of night.. nd in the morning he would get up early due to the conference call..

On the otherhand Ridhima nd Ryan's relationship was getting stronger.. Ryan was getting used to Ridhima's pampering, her love nd her sweet talks.. She would play with him all day.. she would sleep with him cuddling him closer to her when he gets afraid or is in no mood to sleep.. She even talks to him in his kiddish language making him laugh at her cute nd funny faces..

Ridhima used The ATM card given by Armaan, for buying things for Ryan n Bi.. she was not much into spending  her time n money on shopping all day long.. Once when Ridhima was getting bored n she knew Bi wasn't home either, she took Ryan to the beach..

Ryan was happy being with Ridhima all along.. Though Ridhima loves it herself  but she didn't go into the water to play with the waves as she knew Ryan hates being in water.. She sat by the big rock with Ryan in her lap n they both sat in silence.. Ridhima was busy looking at the waves hitting the shore while Ryan was looking around if he could get something interesting for himself.. He has been to the beach for the very first time.. Ryan saw some kids playing nearby with soap bubbles..

He squeaked nd clapped looking at them while one of them blew afew bubbles at him.. Ridhima smiled seeing him so happy nd excited as one bubble came nd rested at his palm.. He brought his palm closer to his face very carefully nd then burst the bubble with his nose.. He giggled non stop feeling tickly n thrilled as he found himself a new toy.. He looked at Ridhima with expecting eyes who knew what he wanted..

She just picked him up nd kissed him lovingly.. ""aapko vo bubbles vala toy chahiye na buddy.. chalo.."" Ryan laughed nd rested his head on her shoulder as the wind blowing was making her hair fly nd tickle his face..


Its been three weeks since the Reception Party..  Armaan n Riddima were getting comfortable together.. Armaan was happy that Ridhima has started talking to him with authority.. She even scolded him when he forgot  his lunch at home.. That day he had especially come home for lunch at Ridhima's order.. While Ridhima was happy as Armaan was taking care of all her minimal needs n tastes about everything.. from the flowers he gets for her often while coming back from office to the chocolates he brings her when she gets angry from him..

It was Sunday morning.. Armaan woke up early.. he saw Ridhima still asleep.. he adored her for sometime but then something struck him.. he rewinded the happenings of last few weeks.. everything from their entry at the venue till Ridhima hugging him, came back to him.. nd then their journey as friends..
""I love you.."" He whispered nd then got up to go..

A few minutes later Ridhima got up.. involuntarily her eyes first went to the couch to get a glimpse of Armaan sleeping peacefully.. not finding him there she was confused n worried.. she didn't knew why not finding him there she felt very restless.. ""Armaan aaj itni jaldi uthh gaye.."" she thought nd rushed to get fresh or else he would leave without breakfast..

While on the otherhand Armaan was sitting in Ryan's room.. it had been many days since they've spend some quality time together nd Armaan knew that.. He found it abit amusing that Ryan's room was full of new toys nd afew new pair of clothes aswell.. he smiled thinking Tara or Bi must have got him those, oblivious of the fact that it was Ridhima who would buy whatever he likes while coming back from temple..

His chain of thoughts was broken by Ridhima's gentle yet teasing call..
""Aap ready nai hue..? aaj lagta hai MR.BOSS ka off hai kyun..?"" Ridhima mocked..
""Haan.. bohot time ho gaya thha ghar par Ryan ke saath aur tumhare saath time bitaye.. so aaj saari meetings cancel.."" Armaan said scratching his head with a cute face..
Ridhima looked at him as if scrutinizing him, she narrowed her eyes ""Armaan.. aapko pata hai aap jhoot nai bol sakte.. to phir try bhi kyun karte hain hmm.. vaise achha hai.. mujhe lagta thha ki sirf mujhse hi jhoot nai bola jata lekin aap to mujhse bhi zyada saaf dil ke hain.."" she said it nd realized what she just now muttered.. She bit her toungue saying that as she knew he would now tease her..

""ohho.. to tumhe lagta hai ki mera dil bohot saaf hai kyun..?"" He moved towards her, making her step back till she was sticking to the wall.. when she had no room to move he bent forward nd whispered ""aur agar main kahoon ki tumhe dekhte hi mere dil mein kayi khayaal aate hain to..? aur jab tum aise ghabra jaati ho to..""  He was cut in between by Ridhima.. She pushed him abit nd turned to the door blushing abit to herself.. Armaan smiled to himself as he knew she didn't took his words in wrong spirit.. she knew he was just teasing her..

""maine off issliye liye kyunki my employees need rest too.. vo bhi bechare mere saath kaam karte hain aur unke paas apni family ke liye time hi nai hota.. iss liye maine sab overtime karne wale employees ko bonus aur do din ki leave di hai.."" he said when she was about to leave.. she turned nd looked at him for a minute.. She was though not surprised at his act.. she knew an employer who can sit nd share his lunch often with his employees can do this very easily..

She just turned to go to the kitchen thinking how good her husband was at Heart.. nd how perfectly he thinks of other's feelings nd needs.. unknowingly she was going deeper into his thoughts day by day.. She didn't realize but with the respect that was increasing many folds in Ridhima's heart for Armaan, there was also some unknown feeling that was creping inside her Heart making her possessive, proud, shy, happy nd what not..


Armaan nd Ridhima were sitting n chatting with Bi as Ryan was set free to crawl around freely.. Tara nd Padma came to the Mallik house.. Tara though had a happy face but Padma had a really irritated face.. They had decided to go shopping when Tara insisted to take Ridhima along aswell..

Armaan noticed the change of Ridhima's expressions nd looked at Padma..
He went to Tara n hugged her.. ""How are you mom..?""  Ridhima also went nd took blessings from Tara nd folded her hands respectfully infront of Padma who just gave her a bad look..

""Ridhima beta hum aaj shopping ja rahe thhe, socha tumhe bhi le chale.. lekin aaj to yeh janaab ghar par hain.."" Tara said pointing at Armaan.. Armaan was in delimma to let Ridhima go or ask her to stay coz of Padma.. They both looked at eachother when an idea striked Armaan.. ""mom.. Aap abhi Ridhima ko le jao.. main thodi der mein Ryan ko ready karke mall aa jataa hoon.. Bi to aaj Dargah jaa rahi hain to lunch ajj bahar hi karte hain..""

Tara was amazed that ARMAAN MALLIK who used to find varoius excuses to skip shopping was suggesting THIS himself.. while Ridhima was looking at him greatfully.. she knew he was doing this so that Padma gets hardly any time with Ridhima to hurt her anymore..

Armaan saw Ridhima looking at him greatfully.. he smiled nd to lighten her mood ""Come on now.. I know you'll miss me lekin plz mom ke saamne to aise matt dekho mujhe.."" Hearing him Ridhima quickly altered her gaze nd blushed abit .. She gave Armaan a deadly look making Tara nd Bi smile, nd went to get changed..


""Ridhima beta dekho tumhe koi saree achi lagi kya..?"" Tara asked when they were sitting inside a very huge shop.. Ridhima looked at one saree which was Dark blue in colour nd had a beautiful border nd sequence work.. She smiled recollected her nd Armaan's convo when they were talking nd knowing some general things about eachother..


""Tunhare sabse kareeb kaun hai..?"" Armaan asked..
""Sapna Di.."" Ridhima said with a cute smile.. ""Ab aap bataiye..""
""Ryan.. vo meri zindagi ka sabse ahem hissa hai.."" Armaan said with a chuckle..

""okk.. fav. Food.. tumhe mera to pata hi hai.. lekin tumne kabhi nai bataya..""
Ridhima smiled as he pouted.. ""mujhe spicy khana acha lagta hai phir vo chahe kuch bhi ho.."" Ridhima said sweetly..

""Okk.. now aapka favourite colour kya hai..?""
""Blue.. I know vaise to kaafi shades hote hain lekin mujhe na vo bilkul dark vala blue pasand hai.. aur tumhara fav colour hai Lemon Yellow.. Right.."" He said excited as this convo was getting very informative for him..

""Agar tum bohot gusse mein ho.. to ek cheez ka naam bolo jo tumhe khush kar sakti hai.."" Armaan asked nd quipped looking at her calculative face.. ""Kyun..? ab se aap roz mujhe gussa dilayenge.. aur phir mere tareeke se hi manayenge.. hmm..""

""Nai.. main bilkul nai sataunga tumhe sachi.. lekin phir bhi pooch raha hoon.. you know to be on the safer side.."" He said like  baby.. ""Mujhe sunflowers bohot pasand hain.. especially those dark orange ones.. aur chocolates.. I love them.. yeh do cheezein hain jo mujhe kabhi bhi shant kar sakti hain..""

""Aur ab agar aapko gussa aaye to.. aapko.."" She was cut in between by Armaan who seemed lost somewhere nd mumbled ""bas yeh ehsaas dilana ki tum mere saath ho.. mujhe sirf tabhi gussa aata hai jab baat mere kisi apne ki ho..""


Ridhima smiled nd was about to pick that saree but before she could do it Padma selected it for herself.. Ridhima smiled sadly abit at Padma nd shook her head in No, when Tara asked if she liked any saree..


Just as they were moving out of the shop Ridhima's mobile buzzed.. She saw the caller, it was Armaan.. She smiled nd answered it.. Her smile vanished as soon as she kept her mobile on her ear.. She heard Armaan asking where they were but that wasn't worrying her.. She was worried coz she heard Ryan wailing on the otherside nd was saying ""Guddoo.."" in between his sobs..

Ridhima saw Armaan approaching with a bag in his hands nd Ryan who was crying nd pulling his Tshirt.. ""Armaan.. isse kya hua..?"" Ridhima asked on an impulse.. ""Pata nai yar.. car mein to theek thha.. jaise hi main car usse lekar utra thodi der baad rone laga.."" Armaan said in a perplexed tone..

Ryan tried reaching Ridhima nd When Ridhima took him from Armaan she looked at Armaan disbelievingly.. ""Armaan.. aapne isse wool knit ki Tshirt pehnai..?""
""Maine kuch nai kiya.. mujhe jo mila maine pehna diya..vaise bhi yeh itna pareshaan karta hai kapde pehente hue.."" He said in abit petrified tone looking at Irritated Ridhhma.. Ridhima quickly handed Ryan to Tara nd took of his Tshirt.. He was now in his lil vest nd was somewhat relieved.. He was sweating coz of the wollen Tshirt.. Ridhima turned to Armaan who looked at her innocently..

""Vahan samne kids showroom hai.. vahan se ek COTTON Tshirt lekar aaiye.. tab tak main isse thoda shaant karti hoon.."" Armaan nodded nd left without a word.. Ridhima took Ryan who just clung to her nd was still whimpering..

""Ryan.. bas baby.. ab rona band karo.. (She soothed him nd went to an ice cream parlor.. She got him an ice cream nd kept on soothing him till finally he was calm nd gave her his ever so sweet smile..) Mela baby.. aapko pata hai mujhe kitna darr laga thha jab maine aapko phone par rote hue suna thha.. My Sweet Buddy.."" Ridhima cuddled him nd kissed him making him smile wider..

On the other hand Tara who had witnessed the scene was quite shocked.. Firstly, seeing Armaan apologizing so easily for his mistake.. Secondly, seeing Ridhima   alomost commanding Armaan nd ARMAAN following it w/o a word.. nd finally seeing Ridhima so engrossed in cheering up, Crying Ryan that she forgot Tara nd Padma were with her when she went to the ice cream Parlour..

Though Tara was VERY happy seeing Ridhima take control of her Family but she was shocked too.. ARMAAN MALLIK with an Ego having a BIG 'E' seemed so quiet infront of Ridhima nd Ryan who used to take Tara as his mother was clinging to Ridhima.. ""Ab koi darr nai hai mujhe padma.. Ridhima ne apna ghar aur Armaan aur Ryan ki zindagi ko sambhaal liya hai.. socha bhi nai thha ki kabhi Armaan ko phir se khush dekh paungi.. lekin iss ladki mein jaado hai..""

Padma didn't like Ridhima's praise even a single bit.. She made a face at Tara's words nd smiled fakely when Tara looked at her.. ""Huh.. Bilkul apne Ma-Baap par gayi hai.. Zuban itni meethi.. aur achai ka itna naatak karti hai ki samne vala ussi ki tareef karta rahe.. Yeh Ryan se pyar-Vyar sab jhoota hai.."" Padma thought looking at Ryan nd Ridhima smiling with eachother..


Armaan came to Tara with Ryan's Tshirt, when Tara told him that Ridhima nd Ryan were in the ice cream parlour, he also turned to go but again came back nd confirmed if he had got the right material this time or not.. Tara laughed at Armaan's perplexed face.. ""Pehli baar tujhe kisi ke saamne chup hote dekha hai.. Serves you right.. achha hai shuru se hi Ridhima ne tujhe dheel nai di varna uske bhi sir chadh jataa..""

Armaan made a face nd left whining to himself.. He was near Ridhima n Ryan's table when he stopped to get a better look at the duo.. He saw Ryan busy relishing his ice cream nd Ridhima was very carefully wiping his neck nd hands to get rid of the sweat he had, coz of the Tshirt.. Armaan smiled nd went to them.. Looking at the Tshirt in Armaan's hands, Ryan crawled on the sofa nd hid behind Ridhima snuggling closer to her.. Armaan smiled at Ryan's reaction nd went to the side he was.. As he bent to pick Ryan, Ryan threw the spoon in his hands towards Armaan nd retorted ""Nii.. Hhupp.. huh..!!""

He raised his eyebrows when he heard Ridhima's voice which was abit strict.. ""Ryan.. Aise nai karte.. bad manners.."" She took Ryan in her lap nd took the Tshirt from Armaan making Ryan wear it.. Ryan first whined nd tried to take it off him but after afew minutes when he didn't feel sweaty nd scratchy like before, he again went to his Ice Cream scoop nd started eating it yet again..

Armaan nd Ridhima smiled looking at his antics nd then looked at eachother for a moment as if trying to find if the other one was happy or not.. ""Thank you.."" Armaan said happy tone to which got confused nd asked WHY.. ""Vo tumne Mom ke saamne Ryan ko sambhala aur abhi bhi usse shaant kiya iss liye.."" He said scratching his head cutely..

Ridhima was somewhere very relieved that Armaan didn't took her nd ryan's closeness the other way.. Rather he thought that Ridhima did that for Tara's satisfaction ie. So that His Family doesn't get hurt knowing that Armaan n Ridhima still don't share the HUSBAND-WIFE relationship.. ""Armaan.. jab aap mujhse kiya vaada nibha rahe hain aur mujhe itna waqt de rahe hain to main apna vaada kaise tod sakti hoon.. maine aapse kaha thha ki iss rishtey ka sach sirf hum tak hi rahega.. aur phir ab to hum dost bhi hain na..""

""To kya agar Mom yahan na hoti to bhi tum mujhse aise hi baat karti aur Ryan ko sambhalti..?"" he asked curiously to which she answered honestly.. ""Haan.. Armaan, Ryan ek bachha hai.. aur main aapko Ya Ryan ko apne rishtey mein complications ke liye blame nai karti.. Ek chota sa bachha kisi ka kya bura kar sakta hai.. aur vaise bhi vo itna ro raha thha to usse dekh kar mujhe acha nai laga..""

Armaan gave one of his best smiles at Ridhima's this reply nd presented the bag forward that he had been carrying.. ""Yeh kya hai..?"" Ridhima asked nd gasped when she saw what it was.. It was a Lemon Yellow colour, Linen Suit for Ridhima.. Very simple yet looked perfect for a small gathering due to the silken thread embroidery.. ""Armaan yeh to bohot acha hai.. I loved it..""

""Maine bas Mall mein enter karte hi ek shop ke window mein display hua dekha thha.. laga ki tumhe acha lagega iss liye le liya.."" he said simply.. ""Thank you so much Armaan.. lekin main suit kahan pehnungi..? I mean shaadi ke baad to main sirf saree hi pehenti hoon..""

""Kisne kaha.. tum jo chaho pehno.. Mom bhi kabhi kabhi suit pehenti hain to tum kyun nai.. nd I really feel ki tum iss suit mein bohot Pyari lagogi.."" Armaan said making his point.. he smiled when he heard Ryan saying ""Haa.."" They looked at him in amazement nd giggled.. ""See even ryan agrees to what I said.."" Armaan chuckled.. While Ridhima was just Thanking her Luck for Armaan nd Ryan's existance in her life.. The same fate that she had been cursing the first 15 days of her marriage, she was praising it nd thanked it for connecting her stars to Armaan's life forever now..

She was too innocent to understand but the feeling that she had been taking as a beautiful FRIENDSHIP was slowly taking turn to SILENT LOVE that was building strong with each passing day nd in increasing respect nd trust she had for ARMAAN..


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