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(Ridhima entered the cafe and saw that there were not much people..she chose a table and ordered a cappuccino..the man took her order and went back..Ridhima took out a book from her purse and was reading it when some people entered the café was a gang of four men and one could easily realize that they were bad people because of their appearance..they selected the table infront of Ridhima and were constantly looking at Ridhima which was making Ridhima nervous and she got alerted of the upcoming danger..)

Guy 1: (looking at Ridhima) Kya pataaka hai yaar..!!

Guy 2: Dekh to sahi..bholi si surat..aankhon mai masti..

Guy 3: Paas baithi sharmaye?? (All of them start to laugh..)

Ridhima is hell scared and tries her best to ignore them..

Guy 4: (stood up..going towards Ridhima..) Aey husn ki malika..naam to bata apna!!

Ridhima stands up..

Ridhima: Dekho please..mujhsai dur raho..!! Varna..varna acha nahi hoga!! (She is Horrified but tries to be strong..)

Guy 2: (comes towards her..) Bhai mujhey to dar lag raha hai..!! (They laugh..)

Guy 1: (joining them..he comes forwards and tries to touch Ridhima..)

Ridhima: Stop..!! Paas mat aana..!!

(There were only some people in the cafe some of them went after seeing these gangsters..the café management tried to stop these men but they scared them away by taking out some weapons...)

Guy 3: Koi paas aya to yaha hi gaar du gaa..!! (Angrily..taking out a knife from his pocket..)

(Now everyone gets scared and ran from the café leaving Ridhima alone with these dirty people..)

Ridhima: Please mujhey chor do..mainey kya bigaara hai tum logon ka?? (Verge of crying..)

Guy 4: Sukh..Chain chori kar lia humaara..!! (Captures her hand..Ridhima is trying her best to escape but the man's hand is much more stronger than hers..she takes out her phone from the other hand and quickly dials Armaan's number..the phone was ringing when another guy came forward to snatch her phone..but Armaan had picked up the phone...the phone was on speakers..)

Armaan: Hello..Ridhima??..Kaha ho tum..kab sai phone kar raha hu!!

Ridhima: Aaaaahh..(cries in pain as her hand is paining very badly..)

Armaan: Ridhima..!! (Tensed) Are you okay??

Ridhima: Armaan!! Please mujhey bacha lo!! (Loudly)

Guy 3: Oye..(pointing towards another guy) Phone band kar iska!!

Armaan heard it and became more tensed..

Armaan: Ridhima..!! Just tell me tum kaha ho?!

Ridhima: (sobbing) Office kai..Aahh..peechey wala café..!! Pleasee choro..

Armaan: Mai abhi aa rah..(The man cuts the call and angrily threw it on the broke into pieces..)


I was standing in Ridhima 's office as I had to ask something about my files..but I didn't find her...I looked for her in the whole office..but she was not anywhere..where could she have gone at this time..?? I asked myself.

      I even asked Muskaan..but she didn't knew the exact I tried calling her..but nobody picked..this time, she called me and I answered immediately..I could hear manly voices..and Ridhima's scream..I was scared..where was Ridhima? What was she doing? What voices were coming from behind? Was Ridhima hurt? All these questions started to roam around my head but I became conscience and asked about her whereabouts..she told me that she was in the café that was just behind our office..

     I could feel the intense pain behind Ridhima's voice..I don't know why but it was breaking me apart..I tried hard to control my I share the same feeling for my other friends? Or Ridhima was special..?? She was special indeed..different from everyone else..but this was not the right time to think about my feelings..

      I quickly took my keys and literally ran towards my car..I drove as fast as I could and reached there in 5 minutes...

       I entered the café and the scene in front of me, made my anger reach the sky..there were four men..trying to misbehave with my best friend!! How could they but first..I went to Ridhima..she saw me and started to cry harder..I punched the guy, who was grabbing Ridhima's hand, so hard that blood started to ooze out from his mouth..but he deserved by one they started to come forward to attack me but I beat them as hard as I could..after some more punching and kicking they all were laying on the floor crying in pain..but my anger had not lessened..I was coming forward to beat them more but they ran outside..leaving me in anger..!!

     I was so busy in fighting with these bl**** goons that I had forgot about Ridhima..I quickly turned towards her..she was standing, seeking protection behind me..

I came forward and she instantly hugged me and started crying as hard as she could..I wrapped my arms around her...


Armaan-Ridhima were standing in the middle of the café in eachother's arms..Ridhima was constantly crying and Armaan tried to console her..

Armaan: (getting out of the hug and holding her face in his hands..) Basket..tum theek ho??

Ridhima nodded..

Armaan: (taking her hand..) Come with me..

He made her sit on one of the chairs and went to bring a bottle of water..and then made her drink it..

Ridhima: Mai..café...wo..unhoney..mujh sai..(sobbing)

Armaan: Sshh..bhul jao sab kuch..dekho ab mai hu naa yaha..koi tumhay kuch nahi karey gaa..okay? (She nodded..)

Ridhima saw a deep cut on Armaan's arm as he shrieked lightly when the table hit him..

Ridhima: Armaan..mujhey apna haath dikhao..

Armaan: tum mera haath maang rahi ho Basket..arrey shaadi karni hai to meray mom-dad sai mera haath mango naa!! (He tried to change the topic as he understood she must've seen her bruise...)

Ridhima: (glaring at him..she forwarded her chair in front of him and took his hand in hers..she saw the cut and it was still bleeding..tear trickled down her cheek..Armaan saw it and wiped it with his thumb..)

Armaan: Heyy basket..kitna roti ho tum yaar!! Chota sa cut hai kuch dair mai theek ho jai gaa..

Ridhima: (feeling the cut with her hand..) buhat dard ho raha hoga naa??

Armaan: Bilkul nahi..tum theek ho naa..mai bhi theek ho jau come on cheer up!!

Ridhima ignored him and torn a piece from her dubataa..she washed the cut and then covered it up with her dubatta's piece...all this time Armaan was looking at her and adoring her..she was in pain herself but cared for him can even such a girl exist, he asked himself...Ridhima looked up at him and saw him completely lost in her..Blush crept down her cheek.and she became tomato read..while Armaan was loving his favourite colour on her cheeks...

Ridhima: (looking at the floor..) Armaan..humey chalna chahiye..

Armaan: (coming out of his la-la land.) H..Haa..chalo chaltey hai..

Armaan stood up and was walking towards the door when Ridhima stopped him..)

Ridhima: Armaan..

Armaan: Kya hua basket?

Ridhima: Thanks..

Armaan: You know..kisi nai mujhey kaha tha friendship mai no sorry and no thank you!!
(Armaan said as a matter of fact..)

Ridhima: Ooppss..(with a childish face..)

Armaan: (smiling at her..) Chaley??

Ridhima: Aik aur baat..

Armaan: Bolo??

Ridhima: Armaan kuch bhi hua..aaj..Muskaan aur Rahul ko mat batana..

Armaan: (understanding her..) Okay..nahi batau gaa..let's go (smiles)

They both sat in the car and drove off..they went straight back to house as neither of them was in the mood to go to office..Even after Armaan had beaten the goons..he could still see the fear in Ridhima's eyes so he decided to take her out so that she could forget the incident completely..

Armaan: Basket..kahi bahar chaley??

Ridhima: Hmm..okay..but Muskaan aur Rahul? She agreed, as she also wanted to get away from all the thoughts of the incident..)

Armaan: Wo aaj late aye gai..they have a meeting to attend aur raat ko unhoney kisi mutual friend ki shaadi mai jaana hai..

Ridhima: Par hum kaha jaey gai??

Armaan: That is a surprise!! Go and jaldi sai ready ho jao..

Ridhima: (with a smile..) Just ten minutes..

Armaan: Basket kitna boring joke mara hai..ten minutes..!?! Larkiya to hospital jaaney kai liye bhi 2 hours lagati hai!!

Ridhima: Very funny (sarcastically...turns to go while Armaan smirks and waits for her..)


Muskaan and Rahul had just finished the second and last meeting for the day..the both were hell tired and went to Rahul's office room...

Muskaan: (sitting on one of the chairs..) Hayyee Baba ji..!! Aaj to mai thak hi gai...

Rahul: (sits on the chair a littleaway from Muskaan) Par aaj ka kaam to khtam hua..!! (Sighs..)

Muskaan: Yai to baat tunai sach kahi..waisey humey shaadi mai kab jaana hai..

Rahul: (totally confused..) Shaadi..?! Kiski shaadi..!??

Muskaan: Rahul..dekh abhi mai buhat thaki hui hu...naa mai larna chati hu aur naa hi mazaak kai mood mai hu..chal, ab seedha seedha bata kitna time hai humaarey paas?

Rahul: (surprised that Muskaan knows her too well..) aik ghanta..

Muskaan: Shukar hai..chal jaldi sai ghar chaltey hai..

Rahul: Muskaan agar abhi hum ghar gayye to late ho jai gai..humey idhar hi ready hona parey gaa!!

Muskaan: Idhar?!? (Her eyes popped were they supposed to get ready in the OFFICE?? She thought..)

Rahul: Obviously..mai dresses lai aya hu..(he stoods up and takes a back..he handles it to Muskaan..)

Muskaan: Yaani ab mujhey teri pasand ka dress pehna parey gaa?!

Rahul: You don't have any choice..!!

Muskaan: Urghh!! (She goes to her office stomping on the floor..)

And here it is..Part-9..finaallyyy!!
I guess this will be the last part before my exams start..and I might post the next part after 1 and half month..please meri ff bhool mat jaana..hehe :D
I am so happy that you guys are loving what I am writing and appreciating really motivates me every time..!! :)
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