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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


  A girl was running in the middle of the road which is deserted, no one can be seen as its soo late
almost 11 pm the girl have a small bandage on her forehead she has beautiful green eyes her whole face covered with sweat... she wore a white churidaar n there's a only pendant of her name attached to the chain on her neck

suddenly she bumped into a man who was coming back from his work
the man wore a plain white shirt with blue denims
he looks dashing,
the girl looked at him n the boy held her from her shoulders
the boy have blue oceanic eyes

boy - r u alright

the girl  shook her head n said

girl - woh... woh...

she showed her finger towards the road n the boy turned n looked at the way she was showing
there was no one

boy - aap theek ho

girl - woh loag...

she stammers n held his hand tight
girl - woh.. wahan... nahi. rehna...

the boy was confused n said

boy - Koun...
kya kehrahi ho aap

girl - mai ( she had tears in her eyes)  mujhe...

the boy was confused
what is she saying???
her broken words did not help him abt her where abouts

he looked at her who held his hand tight in her fist
her whole face was shining with some sweat on her forehead n some tears which rolled down her cheeks
but she was looking gorgeous in the dim lights of moon which was shining above her

they both look like a fairy couple
dressed in white
but they are strangers
n at this time they both don't know what's going on with them
as the girl is highly confused n the boy is tensed seeing her like that

boy - acha
mujhe ye bataiye
aap kahan se aarahi thi
koi aapka peecha karraha tha kya???

girl - mai... woh... wahan se aarahi thi

she showed her finger towards the road n the boy looked at the direction

girl - aur... woh... wahan.. loag... mujhe... achey... nahi.. lagte

boy - mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaraha
aap theek se bataiye

girl - mujhe wahan nahi rehna

boy - kahan nahi rehna aapko

girl - woh udhar jahan woh loag rehte hai

boy -oh god
this is really confusing
acha mujhe ye bataiye
aapka naam kya hai

girl - mera naam????
mera naam

she looked at herself n stammers n tried to remember her name

the boy is confused n he looked at her chain
which has a pendant of the name


she looked at him n then placed her hand on her pendant

girl - ri... ridhima
ye hai mera naam
ri ridhima

boy is confused abt her
she don't know even her name
what's wrong with her

boy - aapko aapka khudka naam nahi pata

she shook her head n said

ri - ye.. yahi  toh. hai mera naam

she showed him her pendant n he said

boy - ok

ri - aapka naam kya hai

the boy looked at her n said

boy - ARMAAN

ri - armaan

Ar - haan
ridhima bahot dair hogayi
mujhe lagta hai ab aapko apne ghar jaana chahiye
mai aapko chod dunga

ri - nahi
mujhe chod kar mat jao
armaan please

she held his hand n he said

Ar - Arey... par aapke ghar waale aapka intezaar karrahe hongey

ri - Koun...
ghar waale...

Ar - listen.  aap...

his sentence left incomplete when she fainted in his arms holding his shirt n rested her head on his chest

he held her from her shoulders n detangled her

her eyes were closed n armaan patted her cheeks

Ar - ridhima
lagta hai inhe hospital lejana padega


Ar - Dr keerti actually ye Mujhe beech sadak par mili
inhe theek se kuch yaad nahi aaraha tha
yahan tak bhi maine jab inka naam poocha toh bahot confused thi
apna naam bhi yaad nahi tha...
aur bahot dari dari si thi
kuch kehna chahrahi thi
par keh nahi payi

Dr keerti - well Dr armaan jab ye hosh mein aayegi tab hi hum inki halath ke baarein mein bata sakte hai
we have to wait until she gets conscious

Ar - yeah rite...

Dr keerti went from there n armaan stood their looking at her

after a good 20. minutes
she gained her senses

ri - hmmm

she opened her eyes slowly n held her head in her hands

she was surprised seeing herself in a hospital bed
she got up to sit n asked herself

ri - mai... mujhe... yahan kisne. laaya

nurse looked at her n soon went outside to call armaan n keerti

nurse - Dr keerti Dr armaan
patient ko hosh aagaya

they both quickly went inside n ridhima looked at them
she tried to figure out the person's standing infront of her

ri - Ar.. armaan

he looked back at Dr keerti who indicate him to ask her abt herself
armaan nods n went towards her

ri - armaan... aap mujhe yahan kyun laaye

Ar - actually ridhima
aap behosh hogayi thi Raaste mein toh mai yahan le aaya aapko

ri - Ohhh...

Ar - ridhima
aap behosh kyun hui thi
aur aapke sar pe ye chot kaise lagi

she placed her fingers on the bandage n asked herself

ri - mujhe
ye chot kaise lagi????
pata nahi
shayad mai gir gayi
mujhe kuch yaad nahi aaraha

Ar - Acha theek hai
aap ye batasakti hai ke aap kissey bhaag kar aarahi thi

ri - woh... wahan... armaan... woh...

Ar - haan Boliye

ri - wahan... mujhe... nahi.. rehna... Gandey loag they...

armaan n keerti looked at each other as she started stammering

Dr keerti - relax

ridhima looked at keerti

Dr keerti - relax ridhima
aap shant hojaiye

ri - aap... Koun... ho

Dr keerti - mai iss hospital ki senior doctor hun Dr keerti... aur Dr armaan yahan ke intern hai

ri - Dr armaan

she looked at him n he said

Ar - haan ridhima
mai Dr hun

ri - Ohhh

Dr keerti - Dr armaan aap mere saath mere cabin mein chalengey
mujhe kuch zaroori baat karni hai aapse

Ar - Jee mam

armaan. n keerti went from there leaving ridhima in the ward

Dr keerti cabin

Dr keerti - Dr armaan
patient ki baaton se lagta hai ke shayad unhone apni yadaash khodi
aksar patients bhool jaatey hai ke woh kya karrahe hai
unhe kuch kuch cheeze yaad rehti hai jo ki woh yaad rakhna chahte hai
jaise ki unhone aapka naam yaad rakha
ye bhi hosakta tha jab unhe hosh aaya toh woh aapko bhi bhul sakti thi
par unhone aapko yaad rakha
aur baaki ka sab bhul gayi
aise cases mein Hamey patient's ko zyaada push nahi karna chahiye warna unki tabiyat bigad sakti hai

Ar - par Dr keerti unke baarein mein hum pata kaise karein
woh Koun hai
kahan se aayi hai
ye sab kaise pata karein

Dr keerti - Filhaal unhe jo yaad hai ussey aap pata Lagaiye ke unki pehchan kya hai
aur unke kuch test karne padengey Jissey hum unki treatment karsakey

Ar - ok mam

he left from his cabin n went to the special ward
there he saw her sitting on the bed playing with her pendant

Ar - ah.ridhima

she looked at him n smiles

ri - Dr armaan

Ar - aap Mujhe armaan bula sakti hai
no formalities

he smiles at her n she admired him as he showed her his perfect dimple smile which can never go unnoticed by any girl

Ar - ( he came towards her n sat on the stool beside the bed)  Ridhima
aap yaad karne Ki koshish kijiye
aap kahan se aarahi thi

her smile fades away n she sat there with no emotions
her green big eyes showed confusion n he asked

Ar - kuch toh yaad karne Ki koshish kijiye

ri - armaan... woh... loag... Gandey... they...

Ar - Koun ridhima

ri - woh... wahi...

she held her head n armaan understood that she may be feeling pain so he stopped her from saying further

Ar - ok.. ok.. calm down..
Don't stress yourself

she looked at him n he said

Ar - relax ridhima

she Nods n said

ri - mujhe discharge kab milega

Ar - abhi Filhaal aapko hospital mein hi rehna hoga
kal aapke kuch test karwane hai
uske baad hi shayad aapko discharge milega
waise aap kahan rehti hai

ri - nahi pata

Ar - kya

ri - mera iss duniya mein koi nahi hai
mere mumma papa mujhe chodkar chale gaye

she had tears in her eyes

ri - mera ghar bhi nahi hai
aap jab discharge karogey toh tab mai kahan jaungi

she asked him n he looked at her

Ar - aap abtak kahan rehti thi

ri - pata nahi

Ar -( in his mind)  iska matlab hai ridhima ek orphan hai
par mai pata kaise karun ye abtak kahan rehti thi
aur Isey aisi halath mein akela chodna theek nahi hoga
kya karun

he looked at her who had dry tears n he gave her his hanky
she took that n wiped her tears

Ar - ridhima
aap aaram kijiye
mai abhi aata hun

ri - armaan aap waapas aaogey na

he looked at her n dnt know what made him smile at her
he nods in a yes n she smiles back

armaan told Dr keerti abt ridhima
that she is an orphan n she don't remember anything except her parents who had passed away

Dr keerti - ye sab toh theek hai Dr armaan
par ridhima ko kahan rakhengey
i mean
Jabtak unke baarein mein sab kuch pata nahi chalega
tab tak unhe kaha rakhengey

Ar - uske baarein mein mujhe bhi nahi pata Dr keerti

Dr keerti - aaj raat unhe hospital mein hi rehna hoga
kal unke test karwane hongey aur

Ar - i will pay Dr keerti
ridhima ke test aur medicines ki Zimmedari meri
aap fikar mat kijiye

keerti smiles n nods

she went from there n armaan stood there thinking

Ar - kal tak toh theek hai
par uske baadh ridhima ko mai kahan rakhun
mai toh bachelor's apartment mein rehta hun
aur wahan kisi bhi ladki ka aana allowed nahi hai
nikki bhi yahan nahi hai
agar hoti toh ridhima ko wahan rakhta
( nikki is his best frnd n she is also an intern in the sanjeevani n she lives in an apartment but she is on a holiday)
kya karun
Rahul ko phone karta hun

he took out his mobile from the pocket n dialed his number

Ar - hey Rahul

Rahul - haan armaan bol

Ar - yaar buddy ek problem hogayi yahan

Rahul - kya hua

armaan narrates him the whole story n Rahul said

Rahul -armaan tujhe pata hai na hum usey yahan nahi rakh saktey yaar
ye boys apartment hai
tere mere aur. Atul ke alaawa koi nahi raha yahan
aur achanak se agar Mr  joy ko pata chalega ke Tu yahan ek ladki ko le aaya toh hum Toh gaye kaam se

Ar - Abey Rahul
mujhe pata hai ke problem hojayegi
par mere paas koi option nahi hai yaar
woh bechari... usko toh apne baarein mein kuch nahi pata
aur pata nahi kyun
mujhe usey aise akele chodne ka dil nahi karraha

rahul - Oye hoye
kya baat hai
akele chodne ka dil nahi karraha
baat kya hai

Ar - just shut up ok
tu ye Bekaar ki baatein mat kar
dost hai meri woh
aur uski help karna mera farz banta hai
tu bata agar teri koi dost aisi halath mein hoti toh tu usey akele chod aata beech sadak mein

Rahul - nahi
bilkul bhi nahi

Ar - toh tu mujhse expect karraha hai ke mai ridhima ko akele chod dunga

Rahul - Acha Chal bhashaan mat dey
tu usey lekar aaja
phir dekhtey hai
kya karna hai

Ar - aaj nahi
kal leke aaunga
kal uske test karwane hai toh kal aaunga mai
tu bass champ ko bata dena warna woh kal bahot badi problem Khadi kardega

Rahul - haan mai usey bata dunga
tu tension mat le

he hung up the call n armaan sighed

the whole night armaan stayed beside ridhima
n they were talking normally as frnz

ri - aap mere dost banogey

she forwarded her hand n he smiles n shakes his hand with her

Ar - Ofcourse
we r friends ridhima

they both smiles n ridhima eyes were getting closed

Ar - aap sojaiye
aapko aaram ki zaroorat hai

she Nods n soon lay down n closed her eyes

next morning

Dr keerti did some research on ridhima ' s case n ridhima 's test were done

Dr keerti was seeing the results

Dr keerti - toh ridhima ko temporary memory loss hua hai

she immediately msged armaan on his pager to come to her cabin

Ar - may i come in mam

Dr keerti - yes Dr armaan

he came n sat infront of her on the chair

Dr keerti - Dr armaan ye rahi ridhima ki report

she handled him a file n he started reading it

Dr keerti - ridhima ko temporary memory loss hua hai
kuch waqt ke liye unhe kuch yaad nahi hai
n aap toh jaantey hai na ke jaise hi memory gayi hai waise hi wapas aajayegi
humey unhe force karne Ki zaroorat nahi hai
bass thodi si weak hogayi woh
medicines se theek hojayengi
but aise cases mein humey patient ko khush rakhna hoga
we have to give them their space
aap bhi ek doctor hai toh zaahir si baat hai ke aapko iss beemari ke pros n cons bhi pata hai

armaan nods n said

Ar - yes Dr keerti
i know ke aise case mein patient ko kaise handle kiya jaata hai
aap fikr mat kijiye
i will handle her case

keerti nods  n armaan left from there

armaan went into the ward n ridhima was lost somewhere

he came towards her n said

Ar - so ridhima

ri - huh...

she came into her senses n smiles at him
he smiles back

Ar - chalein
tumhara discharge hogaya

ri - par kahan

Ar - pehle tumhe mujh par thoda sa trust karna hoga
tabhi bataunga ke tum kahan jaarahi ho

ri - aap mujhe kaha chod rahe Ho

Ar - chod nahi raha

ri - matlab

Ar - ridhima kya tum mujh par thoda sa trust karsakti ho
actually mai bachelor's apartment mein rehta hun do aur ladko ke saath
toh Tumhe kuch dino ke liye mere saath rehna padega

her eyes popped out n he did not missed her look

Ar - no no
tum ghalat mat Samjho
woh meri friend abhi yahan nahi hai iss shehar mein
woh jab wapas aayegi toh mai tumhe wahan rakhunga
but jab tak woh wapas nahi aati
tumhe mere saath rehna hoga
trust me
tumhare saath kuch ghalat nahi hoga

ri - aapke saath do aur ladke hongey

Ar - haan
mere dost hi hai woh
achey ladke hai
trust me
i swear mai tumhe kuch nahi honey dunga

ri- i trust u armaan
Mujhe aap par poora bharosa hai
agar bharosa nahi karti toh aapse dosti nahi karti mai
aapne meri bachi kuchi jaan bachaya hai toh aap par agar bharosa nahi karungi
toh kis par karungi

he smiles at her n she said

ri - Jab tak aapki friend nahi aajati
Mujhe aapke saath rehne mein problem nahi hai

he smiles n said

Ar - thanks ridhima
mujhe apne bharose ke laayakh samajhne

ri - armaan
aap mere dost ho na
toh thank you kyun bolrahe ho
infact mujhe aapko thank you bolna chahiye
aapne meri kitni help ki
mai toh apne baarein mein bhi nahi jaanti phir bhi aap mera Sahara baney
aisi ladki se dosti ki jiski koi pehchan nahi hai

Ar - hey
cmon yaar Ridhima
tum itni senti kyun horahi Ho
abhi toh kaha ke thank you nahi bolna
aur khud hi thank you bolrahi ho
acha ek kaam kartey hai
Ek deal set kartey hai
what say??

ri - deal??

Ar - haan
wahi maine pyaar kiya waala deal

ri - no sorry no thank you

Ar - tumhe yaad hai

ri - haan
Chahe apne baarein mein bhul jaun par salman khan ke baarein mein kabhi bhul nahi sakti

Ar- not bad yaar Ridhima
tum salman khan ki fan ho

ri - fan nahi mai toh poori ki poori a/c hun
i just love salman khan

he smiles seeing her lost in her fantasy world

Ar - bingo
infact mai bhi salman khan ka fan hu

ri - wowww
tab toh maza aayega dost
hum dono hi salman fans hai

they both hi5 each other n smiles

Ar - chalein

ri - haan chalo

they both stood infront of the huge building

armaan was hell nervous as what if Mr joy will catch them red handed

ri - armaan
aap pakka manage karloge na

Ar - haan ridhima
tum tension mat lo

he held her hand n she looked at him
she followed him like a school kid
admiring him n lost in him
when he pulled her to the wall to hide from Mr joy

he kept his palm on her mouth n signaled her to keep quite by keeping his finger on his lips

she looked at him with her big round green eyes
he was lost in her beautiful eyes
they both look at each other n they share an eyelock

they came back into their senses
when Rahul came n patted on armaan 's shoulder

Ar - Koun hai

Rahul - shhh
chilla kyun raha hai
mai hun Rahul

Ar - saale
Tuney toh Dara hi diya tha

Rahul - baadh mein gaaliya delena
pehle chal yahan se
peechey ke Raaste se jayenge
toh woh Buddha kya uska baap bhi nahi pakad payega humey

Rahul looked at ridhima who held armaan's hand tight
Rahul asked through his eyes about ridhima n armaan said

Ar - ridhima ye Rahul hai
mera dost
aur Rahul ye ridhima hai

Rahul - hi ridhima

ri - hi

Ar - abhi chal nahi toh pakde jayenge

Rahul - haan chal

they went inside from the backdoor n slowly slowly went inside the room

Ar - huh... finally... bachgaye yaar

Rahul - haan

he grinned n looked at armaan n armaan asked

Ar - kya aise ghadon ki tarah kyun muskuraa raha hai tu

Rahul pointed his finger on their hands which interwined with each other

ridhima n armaan looked at each other n ridhima immediately took her hand out n armaan too took his hand back n they both felt embarrass
Rahul grinned n said

Rahul - waise ridhima
i hope aapko yahan koi pareshaani nahi hogi
agar hogi toh aap mere dost armaan ko boldijiye
woh sab kuch sambhal lega

he layed on the bed n armaan smiles sheepishly at ridhima n ridhima smiles

armaan went towards At Rahul n said in a low tone

Ar - Oye rahool behave yourself
ladki hai saamne tere aur tu bailon ki tarah soraha hai

he quickly got up from the bed n mumbled

Rahul - sry

Ar - ridhima tum baitho
mai khaane ke liye kuch laata hun

she Nods n armaan was about to go when Rahul stopped him

Rahul - armaan ruk

Ar - kya hua

Rahul - tu yahin ruk
mai Jaakar kuch laata hun
ridhima ke saath tu yahi ruk

armaan agreed n said

Ar- ok

Rahul went n armaan n ridhima were alone in the room
there was a long silence as they dnt know what to talk

Arman break the silence

Ar - ah..

ri - haan

Ar - tumhare kapde
woh i mean
u dnt have any clothes toh

ri - it's ok armaan
mai manage karlungi

he took some of his clothes n handed them to her

Ar - ye pehenlo
mere pass aise hi kapde hai
kal hum jakar tumhare liye shopping karengey
par ab ke liye ye pehenlo

ri - nahi armaan
it's ok
mai manage karlungi

Ar - ridhima
mai bol nahi raha
bata raha hun tumhe

ri - par Armaan mai kaise aapke kapde
Mujje toh ye fit bhi nahi hongey na

Ar - Filhaal mere paas yahi hai
tum change karlo
mai bahar hun
jab hogaya toh awaaz dedena

she took the clothes n nod in a yes

he went outside

she looked at the clothes
it was a pair of kurta pajama

the pajama size was too big
she popped her eyes n said

ri - ye toh kitna bada hai
mai ye kaise pehnu
ek kaam karti hun sirf kurta pehenleti hun
mere churidaar se match karlega ye kurta

she changed into only in his kurta with her churidaar

ri - armaan
aap andar aajaiye

he came inside n saw her in his kurta which was huge
she was looking like a kid adjusting her over size kurta properly
he smiles n said

Ar - woh

she looked at him n nervously tugged her hair behind her ears

Ar - Rahul aata hi hoga

she Nods n he smiles at her

Rahul came with the dinner n they ate their dinner

after dinner all three of them retired to the beds
actually there were only three beds n Rahul slept on his bed
Atul bed was in the middle n armaan n Rahul beds were set either sides of Atul bed

Ar - ridhima tum mere bed par sojao
mai Zameen par sojaunga

ri - nahi armaan
aap upar sojaiye
mai zameen par sojaungi

Ar - nahi ridhima
itni thand mein aapka zameen par sona theek nahi rahega
upar se aapke sar pe bhi chot lagi hai
Aapko problem hojayegi
mai neechey sojaunga
u dnt wry

ri - par Armaan

Ar - please

she was not convinced n armaan thought something else n said

Ar - ok
mai couch par sojata hun
tab toh aapko problem nahi hogi na

ri - nahi
meri wajah se agar aap zameen par sotey toh Mujhe problem hoti par ab agar aap kehrahe ho ke aap couch par soyengey toh phir theek hai

he smiles n she smiles back

they both slept after a tiring day

Atul came late night as he works in other building of sanjeevani
Rahul works in the call center but today he took leave as he had some other work

Atul looked tired n the rooms lights were off
he didn't bother to switch on the lights
as he too felt sleepy so without wasting anytime
he slumped on the bed removing his shoes
not knowing the truth that there is a girl in their room

next morning

Rahul was sleeping peacefully
n ridhima too didn't woke up
Atul was also sleeping
armaan was in the washroom

Atul sleep got disturbed by some moth which sat on his nose

he makes sounds n rubbed his nose
the moth flew away
there were some sounds coming from the washroom
Atul thought it was Rahul as he is the first person who use washroom early in the morning

Atul was not able to sleep n he took his pillow n throws it to the bathroom direction but it fell on ridhima making her jerk from her sleep

ri - huh...
she sat down n looked here n there scared
when her gaze fell on Atul who was murmuring something in his sleep
she scanned the whole room for armaan
but he was nowhere to be seen
she peeped besides Atul 's bed n saw that Rahul is still sleeping

she got up from the bed n slowly slowly moved when Atul 's hand came infront of her
she looked at him who was sleeping n she slowly tried to go from there but his hands were blocking her way

she is highly tensed now
dnt know what to do but somehow took some steps but her kurta got stuck in bed side table n she tried to take it out
Atul slowly opened his eyes as his sleep got disturbed due to the sound of the bed table

he saw a girl in oversize kurta n standing near him trying to take her kurta out

she looked back at him n he shouts loudly making her scared n she too shouts

Atul - ahhh

ri - ahhh

Rahul fall from his bed hearing such big noises n armaan soon came out from the bathroom

ridhima looked at armaan n she runs towards him n hugged him tight
he was startled first but slowly wrapped his arms around her

thank god he was wearing his t - shirt n track

Atul - ahhh

Rahul - champ
chup kar yaar

ri - armaan

she hugged him tight n armaan said to Atul

Ar - shhh shhh Atul chilla mat yaar

Atul - Abey oye armaan ye ladki Koun hai

Rahul -( keeps his palm on his mouth)  chilla mat kamine
ladki hi hai koi Bhoot nahi hai

Ar - Atul yaar tu shaant hoja

Atul calmed himself n Rahul took out his hand which was covering Atul 's mouth

ridhima came out from the hug n held his hand tight

Atul - armaan
ye Koun hai

Ar - champ woh...

he was about to say when there was a knock on the door

Mr joy - boys
open the door
humne abhi andar kisi ladki ki awaaz suna

Rahul - ohh Shittt

Ar - Abey yaar ye kahan se aagaya

Atul was abt to open the door when Rahul pulled him back

Rahul - kya karraha hai saaley
khud toh marega hi
humey bhi marwayega

Ar - champ please darwaaza mat khol

ri - armaan
ab kya hoga

she had tears in her eyes n armaan said

Ar - dnt wry kuch nahi hoga
champ please tu Mr joy ke saamne kuch mat bolna
please yaar

Rahul - please yaar

Atul agreed n armaan Rahul Atul stood like forming a chain by their hands n ridhima hide behind armaan holding his other hand
as armaan keep his hand at back which ridhima held

Rahul opened the door n soon stood in a line

Mr joy came inside n checked whole room
where the three boys were moving in same direction blocking ridhima

Mr joy - yahan koi ladki aaya
humne awaaz suna ladki ki

Atul - Koun ladki Mr joy

Rahul - koi nahi hai Mr joy

Ar - hum teeno hi hai

Atul - haan Mr joy hamare sivaaye yahan koi aur nahi hai

Rahul - haan

Mr joy raised his brow n asked

Mr joy - agar yahan koi ladki nahi hai
toh ladki ki chillane ka awaaz kaha se aaya

all the three of them looked at each other n they giggle sheepishly

Atul - hahaha
woh toh mai tha
aapne aisi awaaz suni na
( he shouts by making a girl 's voice)

Ridhima smiles n keep her palm on her mouth as to stop herself from laughing
armaan grip tightens at the hold n ridhima clutched his t-shirt in other hand

Rahul - haan
ye Atul ladki ki awaaz mein chilla raha tha

Mr joy - kyun

Ar - kyun
kyun Atul

Atul - haha ( laughs)  kyunki
kyunki ye Rahul mujhe bolraha tha ke mai ladki ki tarah awaaz nahi nikaal sakta
challenge karraha tha mujhe
Rahul Tuney kyun challenge kiya mujhe

Rahul too laughs n ridhima controlled her laughter n rest her head on armaan ' s back as to control her laugh

armaan startled at first as she is sooo close to her but controlled

Rahul - kyunki
mujhe ladki ki awaaz nikaal ni aati hai
( he too shouts like a girl n all the three boys laughed sheepishly)

Mr joy looked at them n asked

Mr joy - tum loag sach bolta hai

boys - haan

Mr joy - ok
par aagey se ladki ki awaaz nahi nikaalna
warna hum tum teeno ko iss ghar se nikaal dega

boys - ok Mr joy

Mr joy went from there n Rahul locked the door
boys sighed in a relief

Ar - huh... bach gaye

before anyone could say anything
ridhima burst out into laughing

she laughed like a teenager n Rahul too joined her

Atul looked more confused n armaan admired her

she was looking sooo beautiful
armaan smiles seeing her laughing n ridhima felt someone gaze on her
she looked at armaan who was admiring her n she stopped laughing
he came out from his dream land n looked here n there

Atul - yaar yahan ye ho kya raha hai

Rahul n armaan looked at eachother n armaan spoke

Ar - dekh Atul

he narrates him the whole story n ridhima felt guilty as because of her the three of them facing loads of trouble especially armaan
Atul smiles n said

Atul - koi nahi mere bhai
Jabtak nikki nahi aajati
tab tak ridhima hamare paas rahegi
waise tu Hamey introduce nahi karayega

Ar - ridhima ye hai Atul
hamara room mate n best frnd

ri - hi Atul

Atul - hi ridhima
actually yahan pehli baar kisi ladki ko dekha toh aise react kiya maine

ri - it's ok
waise aaploag bahot funny lagrahe they

she giggled n the boys looked at eachother n next moment they laughed loudly

armaan looked at her as she is talking with Rahul n Atul smiling widely
armaan admired her closely
her big green round eyes , her long hair, her cute nose, sweet smile, her beautiful lips

he came back in his senses n mentally smacks himself for thinking about her like that

he said

Ar - ridhima

ridhima turned to him n asked

ri - haan

Ar - tum taiyyar hojao
humey shopping ke liye bhi jaana hai
Phir uske baadh mujhe sanjeevani bhi jaana hoga na

ri - shopping

Ar - haan
tumhari shopping

ri - nahi armaan
aap kaise mere expenses uthaogey

Ar - ridhima
kal hi toh humne iske baarein mein baat ki thi na
tum hi toh kehti ho ke we both r frnds
toh phir hesitate kyun horahi Ho
woh gaana nahi suna kya
jo tera hai woh mera hai
jo mera hai woh tera

Rahul - haan
aur ye bhi nahi suna tumne
harr ek frnd zaroori hota hai

Atul - nahi re Rahul
gaana aisa hai
har ek frnd kamina hota hai

Ar - shut up guys

ridhima smiles n said

ri - armaan aap kabtak mere expenses uthaogey
mai kabtak aise aap par boj banungi

Ar - stop rite there ridhima
tum mere liye kabhi boj nahi bansakti

she instantly looked at him n they share an eyelock

Rahul faked a cough n Atul whispers in Rahul 's ears

Atul- Abey rahool
ye indono. ka kya scene hai

Rahul - pehli mulaaqat se hi armaan mallik ko kuch kuch hone laga hai

Atul - kya baat karraha hai

Rahul - haan yaar
sach bolraha hun
dekh kaise khoye hue hai dono
ekdusre ki Aankhon mein

Atul n Rahul looked at them n they smiles

it's been a week now n armaan ridhima became closest friends
 n Rahul n Atul were sooo sweet
they always make ridhima laugh by doing childish acts whenever she felt sad thinking abt her life

armaan on the other hand was sooo disturbed as ridhima kept on murmuring something in her sleep which he didn't able to understand

whenever she did like that armaan caressed her hair n she went back into her sleep

he can sense that something was wrong
but didn't able to find out
as again in the morning ridhima would behave normal
as if nothing happened n armaan don't want to ask her any questions as that may leads to a serious problem to ridhima 's health

it was one such day when Armaan Atul n Rahul were busy in their respective jobs n ridhima was alone in the room as armaan would lock her in the room
n ridhima used to spend her time by reading some stories as she mentioned to armaan that she wants to read some love stories
so armaan brought some beautiful collection of love stories for her
she was reading the book
when suddenly there came a huge gush of winds distracting her n the Window was making sounds
her hair was messed up
she straightens her hair n placed the book on the table n went to close the Window
she was closing the Window when an elderly man watched her with a great shock

old man - joy ke bachelor's apartment mein ladki

he went to the joy n said

man - ye mai kya dekhraha hun
tumhare bachelor's apartment mein ek ladki kaise rehrahi Hai

Mr joy was shocked to hear something like this

Mr joy - kya?????
mere apartment mein ladki
ye tum kya bolraha hai

man - sach bolraha hun
agar yakeen nahi hai toh Jaakar Dekhlo

Mr joy - chalo
tum bilkul jhoot bolraha hai
hamara boys loag acha ladka hai
woh humse bilkul jhoot nahi bolta

they both went towards the room n stood infront of the room which is locked

Mr joy - dekho
room locked hai
jab bahar se room lock hai toh andar koi kaise jaayega

the old man looked confused n said

man - aisa kaise hosakta hai
maine toh yahi room mein ek ladki dekha tha
phir ye room locked kaise hai

Mr joy -tumhe shayad koi misunderstanding hui hai
chalo yahan se

man - nahi
iss room mein zaroor ek ladki hai
tum Isey kholo
phir tumhe bhi ladki dikhegi

Mr joy - kaisi baat karta hai man tum

man - ek baar ye lock kholkar dekho
phir tumhe bhi yakeen hojayega ke mai sach bolraha hun

Mr joy agreed n opened the lock with the spare keys

Mr joy - abhi tumhara misunderstanding door hojayega

he opened the door n they both went inside

ri - armaan tum aagaye

she turned to the door n was shocked to the wits
Mr joy n the man looked at her shockingly

Mr joy - tum andar kaise hai
aur tumhe yahan Koun laaya
tum jaanta nahi ye ek bachelor's apartment hai
yahan ladki loag ka aana allowed nahi hai

ridhima was sooo scared n she fumbles with words

ri - Woh... mai... yahan

man - dekha Mr joy maine kaha tha na yahan ladki hai
aur bahot proud tha na aapko aapke boys par
dekhliya aapne kaise jhoot bolkar aapko Bewakoof banaya inn logo ne

Mr joy fumes with anger n he said

Mr joy - Aei ladki
Tum jo bhi ho
yahan se chali jao warna hum police ko bulayega

ri - nahi
aap please aisa mat kijiye

she had tears in her eyes n Mr joy held her wrist n dragged her out of the room

she pleaded him but Mr joy did not listen to her

ri - aap please meri baat suniye

he dragged him n pushed her infront of the house
she was abt to fall when two strong arms supported her n she looked at the person who held her on time
it was none other than armaan

he saw her eyes filled with tears n he angrily looked At Mr joy

she hugged him tight n he too wrapped his arms around her

ri - Armaan
woh... mujhe... ghar... nikaalna...

Ar - shhh
shaant hojao ridhima
mai aagaya hun na
tumhe koi kuch nahi kahega
shaant hojao

he caressed her hair n she hugged him more crying silently

man - dekhliya aapne apne Aankhon se
ye ladke kaise kaise gul khilarahe hai aapke peet peechey

Mr joy - armaan
ye sab kya hai

he blasted on him n armaan said

Ar - Mr joy mai aapko sab kuch bataunga
please pehle humey andar aane dijiye

Mr joy - nahi
iss ladki ko hum andar nahi aane dega
tumhe jo bhi kehna hai
idhar hi kaho

Ar - Mr joy please try an understand

Mr joy - humne kaha na jo kehna hai yaha kaho

man - lagta hai bahot gehri yaari hai inn dono ki
tabhi toh dekhiye kaise besharamo ki tarah ek dusre se chipkey hue hai ye dono

armaan looked at the man with sooo much anger in his eyes
if ridhima was not holding him then he surely would have killed him

armaan - aap please ye sab tamasha mat kijiye
maine kaha na main sab kuch bataunga
ek baar andar toh aane dijiye

by now Rahul n Atul too arrived n they looked shocked
seeing armaan n ridhima infront of Mr joy n other man

ridhima came out of the hug n held his hand tight

Rahul - Mr joy aap jaisa soch rahe hai waisa bilkul bhi nahi hai
ek baar armaan ki baat sunlijiye

Atul - haan Mr joy
Rahul theek kehraha hai
aap ek baar hamari baat sunlijiye

Mr joy - hum kuch nahi sunna chahta
tum teeno ne itna bada jhoot bola humse
hamare mana karne par bhi Tum yahan ek ladki ko lekar aaya
ab ya toh yahan tum loag akele rahogey
ya toh iss ladki ko lekar chale jao
hum nahi chahta tum loag ki Gandey harkaton ki wajah se society mein hamara naam kharaab ho
aise iss cheap ladki ko lakar

armaan fumes with anger n he shouted on him

armaan - ENOUGH

EVERYONE looked at him n ridhima cried more hearing such words abt her

Ar - bahot bol chukey aap
ab ek aur lafz bhi agar aapne kaha ridhima ke baarein mein toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga
mai kehraha hoon na aapko sab kuch bataunga
par phir bhi aap hamari baat sunney ke liye taiyyar nahi hai
agar aapka yahi faisla hai ke ridhima yahan nahi rahegi
toh mai bhi yahan nahi rahunga

everyone looked at him n Atul said

Atul - armaan ye tu kya kehraha hai
Rahul - tu kahan jayega Isey lekar armaan

Ar - kahin bhi jaunga par aisi jagah mai nahi rehna chahta jahan ek ladki ke baarein mein koi bhi ghatiya baatein karey
aur. yahan baat ridhima ki hai
aur ridhima ke khilaaf mai ek bhi ghalat shabd nahi sun sakta

ridhima looked at him surprised n she shed few more tears armaan looked at her n tightens his grip on her hand

Ar - chalo ridhima

they were abt to go when Rahul stopped him

Rahul - ruk armaan

armaan stopped n turned at him

Rahul - Hum bhi tere saath chalengey
Jab tum loag yahan nahi rehsakte toh hum bhi nahi rahengey

Atul came forward n said

Atul - haan armaan
jahan mere doston ki jagah nahi hai wahan mai apni jagah bhi nahi banana chahta

Atul looked at mr joy who was fuming with anger

Atul - hum sab saath they
saath hai aur saath rahengey
phir Chahe koi bhi kuch kahey
Ya kuch bhi samjhe

armaan smiles n ridhima closed her eyes n more tears rolled down her cheeks

armaan - nahi guys
tum dono yahin Ruko
Rahul teri toh abhi Abhi job lagi hai na toh tujhe travel karne mein problem hojayegi shift ki wajah se
aur champ teri toh abhi abhi internship khatam hui hai
mai nahi chahta ke tere kaam par asar padey iss sab ki wajah se

Atul was abt to say something when Armaan said

Ar - no champ
tu aur Rahul kahin nahi jaogey
tumloago ko meri kasam

Rahul sighed angrily n Atul said

Atul - armaan ye Tuney kya kehdiya yaar

Ar - agar Tum dono ne kabhi Mujhe apna dost Maana hai toh please meri baat maanlo
please guys

he pleaded them n Rahul n Atul agreed

armaan smiles n hugged them both n held ridhima ' s hand n left from there

Rahul went inside angrily n Atul followed him

the old man escaped from there n Mr joy too went inside

armaan n ridhima were walking on the streets
ridhima was crying silently n armaan is tensed...

where they will go now, where they will stay,
he was sooo tensed when he realised ridhima is not there

she was running n was crying badly
he runned behind her

Ar - ridhima ruko

she did not bother to look at him back
she was running when suddenly there was a truck coming from front
ridhima was soo lost in herself that she didn't saw the truck

the truck was coming towards her n armaan ran speed n held her hand on time n pulled her closer

she came back in her senses when Armaan shouted on her holding her shoulders


he shouted on her n she just looked at him like a statue

armaan saw her like that n he loosened his grip on her shoulders
he calmed himself n cupped her face n wiped her tears

Ar - ridhima
kya hua
tum kuch bol kyun nahi rahi

she blinked her eyes n two fat tears rolled down her cheeks
she just whispered

ri - armaan

Ar - haan bolo
mai sunraha hun ridhima

ri - usne bhi uss din mujhse yahi sab baatein kahi thi
sab mere baarein mein aisi baatein kyun kartey hai

she said that in unconscious state

Ar - kisne ridhima
kya kaha tha

ri - woh uss raat bhi

Ar - haan bolo

he caressed her cheeks n she blinked her eyes n said in a weak tone

ri - woh... Ar.maan...

Ar - ridhima

he patted her cheeks but she fainted in her arms

Ar - ridhima

he patted her cheeks but it was too late
she fainted in his arms

Ar - ridhima please aankhein kholo

he hugged her tight n was frightened to loose her

Ar - ridhima please
sab theek hojayega
mai sab theek kardunga
koi tumhe kuch nahi kahega please aankhein kholo
please ridhima

he kept on pleading her but she wasn't listening anything

Ar - for god sake please aankhein kholo ridhima

he was crying badly hugging her when a car stopped infront of him
a girl looked at them n soon got down from the car

girl - OMG

armaan looked at her n the girl looked at him

Ar - nikki

nikki - armaan tu yahan kya karraha hai iss waqt aur ye ladki Koun hai

Ar - nikki please meri ridhima ko bachalo
mai uske bina Jee nahi sakta
please nikki
help me

nikki - relax Ammy
tu Isey lekar car mei baith

armaan picked her in his arms n sat in the car hugging her close to his heart

nikki sat on the driver's seat n droves off the car to sanjeevani

through out the journey armaan kept on telling

Ar - please aankhein kholo ridhima


Dr keerti. did check up of ridhima n said

Dr keerti - Dr armaan
abhi hum kuch nahi kehsaktey
jab tak ridhima ko hosh nahi aajata Jabtak kuch bhi kehna mushkil hai

she went from there armaan went towards her, sat besides her n took her hand in his

Ar - please aankhein kholo ridhima
mai tumhare bina nahi Jee sakta
please uthjao
please ridhima

nikki kept her hand on his shoulder

nikki - Ammy
sambhal apne aapko please

armaan looked at her n said

Ar - kyun nikki
mere saath hi ye sab kyun hota hai
mai Jisey bhi pyaar karta hun woh mujhe kabhi kyun nahi miltey
mom dad ne toh bachpan mein hi mujhe chod diya tha
mom ki death ke baadh dad ne duSri shaadi karli
mujhe chodkar chale gaye
phir bi ne mujhe paala
meri Zimmedari uthaayi
unki savings se mai doctor banpaya
aur woh bhi mujhe chodkar chali gayi
bhagwan ne unhe bhi apne paas bula liya
phir mujhe tu mili
Rahul aur Atul jaise dost miley
tum loago ke saath ki wajah se maine phir se jeena seekha
phir se muskuraana seekha
aur jab Mujje ridhima mili toh meri zindagi hi badal gayi
meri jaan basne lagi isme
iski Aankhon ka ek bhi aansoon mere dil ke hazaar tukde kardeta hai
iska dard iski takleef meri jaan nikaalne lagey
iske chehre ki muskuraahat mere chehre par bhi jhalakne lagi
mai Thag gaya nikki
apnon ko khotey khotey Thag chuka hun
ab mai ridhima ko nahi khona chahta
nahi khona chahta
meri zindagi bangayi hai woh
ab mujh mein itni himmat nahi hai nikki
ke mai apne pyaar ko khodun

he cried his heart out n nikki squeezed his shoulder

nikki - armaan please shaant hoja
ridhima ko kuch nahi hoga
woh theek hojayegi
tu please shaant hoja

armaan calmed a bit n looked at ridhima

Ar - please ridhima
aankhein kholo
he took her hand n kissed it so softly

on the other hand ridhima was struggling with the flashes in her mind

she saw a man dragging her out of the house n some negative flashes were coming in her mind
she saw herself running away from someone n she was hit by a car n someone took her to the hospital n she gained her senses n ran from the hospital n bumped with armaan

she moved her hands n her forehead were having sweat beans

she moved her head n armaan looked at her n caressed her hand

Ar - ridhima

nikki looked at her n went to call Dr keerti

armaan caressed her hand n ridhima suddenly sat on the bed


she shouts loudly n armaan cupped her face n she looked at him

Ar - shhh
mai yahin hun ridhima

he calmed her n she panted for the breath
she looked at him n he wiped her tears

Ar - ridhima

before he say something ridhima hugged him tight
armaan was taken back at her sudden hug but he hugged her back
caressing her hair

Ar - Shhh
shaant hojao ridhima
mai yahin hun
please calm down

her cries subside n she hugged him tight

ri - armaan

Ar - relax ridhima
pehle shant hojao

ridhima came out of the hug n armaan wiped her whole face

Ar - ridhima

she looked At him n he asked

Ar - tum theek ho na

she Nods n said

ri - mujhe sab kuch yaad aagaya

Ar - kya

he smiles n she said

ri - aap mujhe chodkar kahin nahi jaogey na
mujhe chodkar mat jao warna mai mar

he kept his finger on her lips

Ar- shh
aise dobaara mat kehna
mai tumhe chodkar kahin nahi jaraha

just then nikki n Dr keerti came inside n armaan took his finger back n stood behind Dr keerti as she. came towards ridhima

Dr keerti - ab aap kaisa feel karrahi hai

ri - i am fine

Ar - Dr keerti ridhima ko sab kuch yaad aagaya

Dr keerti - good
kahin aapke sar mein Dard toh nahi horaha

she shook her head n keerti said

Dr keerti - inhe kuch din ke liye yahin rehna hoga
ye weak hogayi hai
aur inki poori recovery tak ye yahi rahengi

armaan nods n keerti left

nikki - armaan tu iska khayaal rakh mujhe kuch kaam hai
ridhima u take care

she smiles n went from there

there was a silence in the room as they dnt know what to say

armaan looked At her where as ridhima looked down as she found the floor more interesting
feeling his gaze on her she kept her strand of her hair behind her ear

he smiles n said

Ar - woh

she looked At him n he said

ri - tum aaram karo mai abhi aata hun

she Nods n he smiles at her n mover out of the room

ridhima sat there smiling to herself

armaan bumped into nikki n nikki said

nikki - Acha hua tu mujhe yahin milgaya
mai bass tere paas hi aane waali thi

Ar - kyun kya hua

nikki - Ammy mujhe Atul ne sab batadiya

armaan looked at her n she continued

nikki - dekh jo hua jaise hua
woh sab beet gaya
ab jabki tu ridhima se pyaar karta hai toh usey batadey

Ar - kaise bataun yaar
uski abhi abhi yadaash waapas aayi hai
aise mein agar maine usey ye bataya ke main ussey pyaar karne laga hun toh pata nahi uske Dimaaq par kya asar hoga
abhi abhi bahot badey hadsey se bahar nikli hai woh
aur agar aise mein main usey apni dil ki baat kehdunga toh pata nahi woh samajh payegi ya nahi

nikki - toh phir tu usey kab batayega

Ar - Jabtak woh poori tarah se theek nahi hoti tab tak mai usey kuch nahi kahunga

nikki - theek hai
aur sun maine tere rehne ka bhi intezaam kardiya hai

Ar - kya

nikki - haan
hamari land lady ka jo outhouse hai na woh bahot dino se khaali pada hai
maine unse pooch liya hai aur unhone haan kehdiya

Ar - par nikki

nikki - par var kuch nahi
Mujje kuch nahi sunna
tu outhouse mein rahega matlab wahin rahega
aur ridhima ki fikr mat kar woh mere saath rahegi

Ar - ridhima ko toh abhi kuch din tak hospital mein hi rehna hoga na

nikki - haan
par jab woh discharge hojayegi tab toh usey mere saath hi rehna hoga na

Ar - i dnt know mai tera shukriya kaise Ada karun

nikki - oh hello
bahot bolrahe ho aap
Kisey shukriya kehraha hai tu
nahi leti jaa
kya kar lega

armaan smiles n said

Ar - ok meri maa nahi kehta kuch bhi

nikki - gud
ab jaa ridhima ka achey se khayaal rakhiyo
aur agar kuch time bachta hai toh apna bhi thoda sa khayaal rakhle
i know pyaar mein sab paagal hojatey hai par tu pehle se hi paagal hai toh aur paagal hona health ke liye acha nahi hota na

armaan smacked her on her head n she hit him on the shoulder

nikki - kamine

Ar - kamini

Dr keerti - DOCTORS

they both stood straight n nod like a kid

she gave a look to them n went from there

armaan n nikki looked at eachother n burst into laughter

nikki said Shhh n armaan controlled his laugh

ridhima was thinking about something when Armaan came inside

he clears his throat n ridhima looked at him n smiles

Ar - kahan khoyi hui ho

ri - kuch nahi

Ar - actually ridhima agar tumhe koi problem nahi hai toh kya mai tumse kuch poochun

ri - haan poochiye na

Ar - ridhima
kya tum mujhe bataogi ke tum uss raat kissey bhaag rahi thi

she looked at him with fresh tears n armaan immediately said

Ar - it's ok
agar tumhe takleef hoti hai woh sab yaad karke toh mai nahi jaan na chahta
please don't cry

he came towards her n wipes her tears

she looked at him n said

ri - uss raat mai apne ghar se bhaag rahi thi

he wipes her more tears n said

Ar - kya tum mujhey batana chahti ho
mujhse share agar karogi toh dil halka hoga tumhara
u will feel better

he caressed her cheeks n she Nods n he smiles n stood on the small table which is besides her bed


ridhima was cleaning the kitchen as her tayaji ordered her to clean the kitchen when someone came inside the kitchen n held her hand
she was scared n turned to see who it was

ri - rohit

rohit is a cousin of ridhima
her tayaji 's one n only spoilt brat
he disrespect her n always tries to try a hand at her but ridhima always escaped from him
she even told her tayaji abt him n his dirty tricks but tayaji accused ridhima that she is the one who have bad character not his son
ridhima taiji passed away 2 yrs ago
she was a kind hearted women n took care of ridhima when her parents died in the car accident
but she too suffered from brain tumor n died
ridhima was sooo attached to her but after her death
she completely shattered n was like a maid in the house who fulfills every need of the two mens of the house

ri - aap yahan kya karrahe ho

ro - jahan tum wahan mai

he pulled her n ridhima eyes started leaking

ri - please chodiye mujhe

ro - aise kaise chod dun
tum jaisi ladkiya chodne ke liye nahi hoti

she tried to free her hand from his grip but he tightens his grip n she somehow gained the courage n pushed him with full force

he landed on the floor n tayaji came inside hearing some vessels sounds

tayaji looked at rohit who was on the floor n ridhima stood their crying

tayaji makes rohit stand on his feet n shouted on ridhima

tayaji - ye kya karrahi hai tu

ri - tayaji
rohit phir se mere saath badtameezi karrahe they

rohit said

ro - no dad
maine aisa kuch bhi nahi kiya
ye jhoot bolrahi hai
mai toh sirf paani peene aaya tha
aur ye ladki
mai bata nahi sakta kitni giri hui hai ye dad
mai apne aapko issey bachaa raha tha aur girgaya

tayaji fumed with anger n ridhima shook her head

ri - ye jhoot bolrahe hai tayaji
maine kuch nahi kiya

tayaji slapped her hard on his face

ri - ahhh

tayaji - besharam ladki
tujhe Zara bhi parwaah nahi hai apni izzat ki
aise ghinone kaam karke tujhe kya milta hai

ro - dad aap Isey pooch rahe Ho izzat ke baarein mein
izzat unki hoti hai jo izzat ke laayakh hotey hai, jiska koi character hota hai
iske jaisi besharam
cheap ladkiyon ko apni izzat se koi waasta nahi hota
inlogo ko toh sirf ek hi cheez chahiye hoti hai
bloody bi***

ridhima stood like a statue hearing such words abt her
her eyes constantly leaking n she cried hard by shooking her head

ri - ye... jhoot bolraha hai
aap please meri baat ka yakeen kijiye
isne hi mere saath badtameezi ki tayaji

before she could say anything tayaji dragged her in the hall n was abt to hit her wheh she pushed him

she ran out of the house n tayaji was abt to follow her when rohit held his hand n said

ro - chodiye na dad
kyun aap uski wajah se apna mooh ganda karrahe hai
usey jahan jaana hai jaane dijiye
woh jiye ya marey humey issey kya

tayaji - tu theek kehraha hai
Jabse ye ladki iss ghar mein aayi hai tabse hamari life mein problems hi problems horahe hai
teri maa ke jaane ke baadh bahot hi mushkil se Isey apne ghar mein Sahara diya
ab aur nahi
Isey jahan jaana hai jaane dey
ye mar hi jaaye toh acha hoga

they both looked at eachother n smiles

ridhima ran n she don't know where she was going
her mind stopped working
those words echoed in her ears
she cried n cried hard when suddenly she was hit by the car
she fell down n blood came out of her forehead

the lady who was driving the car came out n panicked to see her in that state

she took ridhima to the. near by hospital n ridhima gained her sense

she opened her eyes n saw a lady infront of her

lady - tum theek toh ho na beta
zyaada dard toh nahi horaha hai tumhe

ridhima jerked up from the bed n lady said

lady - aaram se Bete
tumhare sar pe bahot gehri chot aayi hai
zyaada stress mat do

ridhima dnt know what to say n she looked here n there

ri - mai yahan kaise aayi
aap Koun ho

lady - tumhara accident hogaya tha mere car se
mai hi tumhe yahan le aayi
mera naam smriti hai

ri - aap

she was confused n the lady was too confused

smriti - beta tum theek toh ho

ridhima got up from the bed n started running away from her

smriti - ruko
kahan jaarahi ho

she did not bother to listen n ran away
smriti thought may be she is going back to her house n said to herself

smriti - shayad apne ghar jaarahi hogi
par ye itni dari hui kyun lagrahi thi

she shrugged her thoughts n went from there

where ridhima ran n bumped into armaan

flashback ends

armaan sighed n ridhima started crying more

armaan was not able to see her like that

he caressed her hand to calm her
but instead she hugged him n he caressed her back to calm her

Ar - shaant hojao ridhima

ri - armaan... mujhe nahi jeena... mujhe bhi maa papa ke pass jaana hai
mujhe nahi jeena armaan

armaan heart pierced hearing such words
he caressed her hair n said

Ar - Aise nahi kehte ridhima
please shaant hojao
dekho mai hun na
tumhe kuch nahi hoga
mai tumhe kuch hone nahi dunga
please chup hojao

he detangled her from the hug
he cupped her face in his palm n wiped her tears
ridhima sniffed n armaan said

Ar - ridhima yahan dekho
meri taraf

she looked at him n he said

Ar - jo hua usey ek bura sapna Samjho aur bhul jao
mai hun na tumhare saath
tumhe kuch nahi hoga
mujh par bharosa karti ho na tum
karti ho na

he nod his head n she Nods in a yes

Ar - toh bass Mujhpar bharosa rakho
mai sab theek kardunga

ri - mujhe waapas wahan nahi jaana

Ar - ridhima
tum kahin nahi jaogi
yahin rahogi mere saath
itna sab kuch hone ke baadh tumhe lagta hai mai tumhe wahan uss nark mein tumhe chod dunga

ri - aap mujhe chodkar nahi jaaogey na

Ar - kabhi nahi
tum hamesha mere saath hi rahogi

she smiles through her tears n he wiped her tears

throughout the week ridhima was in the hospital n armaan took loads of care of ridhima

ridhima too started having feelings for him
she always liked him from the time she met him but she wasn't sure at that time abt her feelings
but now after what had happened in the few weeks
how he took care of her
how he lovingly feeds her n give her medicines on time
how he always was there with her when she suddenly jerked up from the bed seeing the nightmare n she slept hugging him n he too caressed her hair until she is in deep slumber
this small small gestures shows her the love which he holds for her
but they dnt know how to confess
she was waiting for him to confess n he was waiting her to recover soon

it was a normal day after her discharge
she Was sitting near the Window of her room
( remember guys she is staying at nikki 's. place)

nikki told abt ridhima to the land lady n land lady agreed n guess what she is the same lady who took ridhima to the hospital

smriti aunty
thats what ridhima address her
after that incident smriti told ridhima to feel at home in the house n she took good care of ridhima n ridhima was again normal to herself
all smiling n cheerfull

ridhima was remembering her good times with armaan n a cute smile curved into her lips

she decided that whatever. happen
she will confess her love to armaan by today night n she was thinking how to confess when her gaze fell on the man who was staring at her from the road n she got up from the Window scared n closed the Window

she went out from her room n smriti was sitting on the sofa reading some novel

she went towards her n sat beside her
smriti looked at her n was tensed to see her in that state
she was sweating badly n tears rolled down her cheeks

smriti - ridhima
kya hua Bete
tum aise kyun kaamp rahi ho

ri - aunty... woh...
phir... aagaya

smriti - Koun aagaya

ri - rohit...

smriti got shock n said

smriti - tum ghabrao mat
mai abhi armaan ko phone karti hun

she Nods n smriti dialed armaan's number

armaan was busy in OT so his phone was in the locker room n it was ringing

smriti - armaan phn kyun nahi utharaha

ridhima looked at her n said

ri - armaan...
mujhe armaan ke paas jaana hai

she got up from the sofa n smriti too got up from the sofa

smriti - Bete woh busy hoga
itni raat ko tum bahar kaise jaogi
woh aata hi hoga ridhima
tum please shaant hojao

ridhima did not listen to her n she ran out of the house as fast as she could

rohit followed her n he too ran behind her

ridhima Hire a auto n rohit followed her on his bike

ridhima saw rohit from the auto mirror n she was scared too wits

ri - bhaiyya please jaldi chaliye

rohit - aaj toh Isey nahi chodunga
saali abhi tak zinda hai

auto halted infront of sanjeevani n ridhima soon gave him his money n ran inside the hospital

she ran n shouted


everyone looked At her n she searched for him

nikki heard her voice n she turned to find ridhima in a terrible state
her whole face was covered with tears n her duppata is no where to be seen
she ran for her love but he is no where to be seen
nikki moved towards her n held her

nikki - ridhima
kya hua
tum theek toh ho

by then rohit came inside n saw ridhima with a girl

ridhima turned n saw him coming towards her

she ran from there n rohit ran behind her


she called him again
n finally he was coming from the OT

he saw her in that state n said

Ar - ridhima

ridhima looked at him n run towards him n hugged him tight

ri - armaan

armaan hugged her back n caressed her hair

Ar - ridhima kya hua
tum yahan kya karrahi Ho
itni raat ko kyun aayi tum
mai aahi raha tha na

she clinged on to him more n said

ri - rohit

Ar - kya????

ri - woh rohit

he showed her finger At rohit who stood far away from them looking confused

armaan looked At him n he tightens his grip n said

Ar - ridhima tumhe darne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai
mai hun na tumhare paas
tumhara armaan
hai na

he kissed her on her forehead n she closed her eyes n hugged him more

everyone looked at them n nikki smiles
by then smriti aunty too arrived on time

she looked at AR n sighed in relief

smriti - thank god ridhima safe hai

nikki looked at smriti aunty n asked

nikki - kya hua smriti aunty
ye ridhima ko ekdum se kya hogaya

smriti aunty explained her everything n rohit looked At them
he dnt knw what to do
so without wasting anytime he went out
as he saw armaan n his body
he will kill her if he will do anything with ridhima
n compared to armaan 's body
rohit is like piddu

so without wasting time he escaped from there n armaan smiles seeing him running away
n he detangled her from the hug n took her to the fire escape

he make her sit on the stairs n he too sat besides her

Ar - ridhima
tum kyun darti ho ussey
woh kuch nahi karega

ri - i hate you

she started crying n armaan is confused

Ar - Arey
maine kya kiya

he tried to hold her but she jerked away his hand

Ar - ridhima
kya hua tumhe

ri - aap ne mujhse kyun nahi kaha abtak

Ar - kya nahi kaha

she cried more n he somehow held her n took her in his arms

Ar - shhh
stop crying ridhima
shaant hojao

she cried more n armaan said

Ar - mai tumhare theek hone ka wait karraha tha baba
please rona bandh kardo

ri - mai theek hi toh hun ( sniffed)  aur kitna  theek karogey mujhe

he laughed n she said

ri - aap has kyun rahe Ho

he stopped laughing n kissed her forehead

Ar - Acha theek hai nahi hasta
ab agar aap rona bandh karogey toh shayad mai woh teen magical words kehdun jo tum sunney ke liye betaab horahi Ho

she controlled her tears n he smiles n said

Ar - boldun

she Nods n he pinched her nose

Ar - i...

she waited for him to continue
but he thought to tease her

Ar -  i me n myself

she looked at him in disbelief n he smiles seeing her n she cried more

Ar - sorry
sorry baba
mai mazaak karraha tha

he hugged her n swayed her in his arms

she hit him on his chest n he said

Ar - ridhima yaar
i love u

she stopped hitting him n looked At him with utter most innocence

Ar - i love u ridhima

he wipes her tears n ridhima sniffed n said

ri - i love u too

armaan smiles n said

Ar - awww
i know baby
come here

he hugged her tight n she smiles

he kissed her hair n said

Ar - mujhse shaadi karogi

she looked at him n he kissed her on her nose
is there any way she will decline his offer

she Nods n he imitates her

they both got married in simple way
Just in the mandir with smriti aunty nikki Rahul Atul by their side



Ridhima stood near the Window hugging herself n armaan came n hugged her from the back

Ar - kya karrahi Ho

ri - kuch nahi

he nuzzled her on her hair n said

Ar - Mrs mallik
sach batao kiske khayaalon mein khoyi hui ho

ri - aapke

she smiles n armaan said

Ar - Oye hoye

ridhima turned at him n hugged him tight

he too wrapped his hands on her waist n she too wrapped her hands around his waist

ri - thank you meri life mein aane ke liye
mujhe meri pehchan dilaane ke liye

Ar - thanks to u ke tum Ek angel ki tarah meri zindagi mein aayi
in white dress

she smiles n said

ri - aapne bhi toh white shirt pehena tha

Ar - yeah
that's called destiny sweetheart

ri - mujhe meri pehchan aapse mil gayi
aur aapne mujhe apni zindagi ka hissa banakar mujhe duniya ki saari khushiya dedi

he smiles n said

Ar - ridhima
tum meri zindagi ho
mere Jeene ki wajah ho
aur maine kuch nahi kiya
hum dono ko agar kisine khush kiya toh woh hamare parents hai
jo wahan ( he points his finger at the sky)  baithkar Hamey ek doosre se milwaya
ek doosre ko life partners banaya
toh agar tumhe thank you bolna hai toh mujhe nahi unhe bolo

she looked at the sky n joined her hands n closed her eyes
armaan hugged her while she was praying to the god

Ar - mere liye bhi kuch maanglo

he kissed her cheek n she turned aside n looked at him n said

ri - aap khud maanglo

Ar - not fair yaar

Ridhima went to set the bed n armaan followed her complaining like a school kid

n it is the end of the story with armaan ridhima living their life happily ever after

hey everyone
again a new Torture by me
like it?? love it??  or hate  it???
waiting for your comments
with loads of love

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