Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine Week :Happy Chocolate Day

"Happy Chocolate day Dmgians

9th day is the sweetest day of the valentine week myth...since it's all's favorite CHOCOLATE DAY....From children to adults...i doubt there's someone who dislikes chocolates

Welcome To The Fascinating World Of Chocolate.
The Perfect Bar Of Dark Chocolate
Turns The Simple Act Of Eating It
Into A Form Of Art.
When It Comes To Temptation,
Nothing Packs A Punch Like Chocolate.
For Centuries,
Chocolate Has Been Loved
By The People Of The World.
Happy Chocolate Day

A lollipop said to a chocolate “damn we`re sweet”. the chocolate replies “u think we`re sweet, u should see the DMGIAN reading this msg”

Happy chocolate day guys...Wish the sweetness of chocolate fills up your lives with loads of happiness..

Ps: Guys Do brush your teeth after eating chocolates hehe

Love you all

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