Sunday, 8 February 2015

Valentine Week:Happy Propose day

"Happy propose day dmgians

8 february is marked as the 2nd day of the valentine's termed as propose day...i firmly believe that propose day shouldn't be celebrated only between can be celebrated between friends and all the relationships that exists

such as...i here propose my little and elder sisters ...Lets Stay SISTERS FOREVER

I do believe there's no specific day to express our love for someone...but expressing it on this very day just help to make it more dear dmg blog members...if you people want someone in your life as your life partner...friend...or anything else...this is the best moment...go ahead...PROPOSE Them

Life is very short to keep your feelings
in your heart
Express your feelings in words


Hope you guys spend a wonderful day with loads of amazing proposals

for now i propose all of you a lot of cuddlings and sweet kisses

Love you all

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