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part 12:AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

(Nikki saw Ridhima for a last time and after giving a glance to Armaan went outside..leaving Armaan and Ridhima alone..)

Ridz: Nahi..Maa ko..Mat..Maro..!!
Armaan: (Coming towards her..) Ridhima..!!
Ridz: Nahi plzz..dur ko..mat maro!!
Armaan: (to stop her by speaking loudly)ridhima!!
ridhima gets frightened.......tears fell from her eyes...
Armaan: (Sitting beside her) Hey..hey..Its me!! Armaan..(holds her hand and clear her tears)
Ridz: (looking at him) Maa ko..kuch nahi..hoga..?
Armaan: Kuch nahi hoga maa ko..aur koi unko nahi mare gaa..okay?? Aur agar kisi nai maara to hum uski dishum dishum kar dai gai!!
Ridz: (smiles in between sobbing) Mera sar..buhat dard kar..raha hai!!
Armaan: Hmm..aisa karo apni aankhein band karo..come on..
Ridz: Par..maa..?? (Looking in his eyes)
Armaan: Maine kaha naa unhai kuch nahi hoga..!! Chalo ab so jao!! (He was going to get up but Ridhima caught his hand..)
Ridz: Please mujhe chor kai mat jao!! (With teary eyes)
Armaan: (sitting again) Okay, mai kahi nahi jaa raha..!! Dekho mai yahi hu..ab mai tumhe bed time story sunao phir so gi??
Ridz: hehe...(holding his hand tightly..she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep...all this time Armaan looked at Ridhima and thought to himself..)
Armaan: Ridhima mai nahi jaanta tumhaare past mai aisa kya hua jis ki waja sai tum itni dar gai ho..par mujhe pata hai kai kuch buhat bura hua hoga..aur mai asliat jaan kai hi rahu ga magar kahi na kahi mujhe lagta hai kai tumhaari yai haalat meri waja sai hui hai..mujhe bina kuch samjhe itna kuch nahi bolna chahiye tha..I am sorry aur tum to jaanti hi ho na kai mai kitna budhu hu..please jaldi theek ho jao!!
He looked at her pale bt angelic face...his heart was aching seeing her in this condition...
he wonder what happen to his junglee billi.......just in a matter of some days she looks soo pale the glow of her face has lost smwhr.....her attitude just changed in smdays
she smile bt fake just smdays before or sm hrs he just hated her...and she too
only hate could be seen in her eyes for him and now only fear....
before he could not see these things in her eyes when she smile he think she smiled really bt now when reality dawned upon him he could those smiles were not reaching her eyes.....he smiled remembering the day of thr those 4 days were the happiest days of his life...he still remembered how they became frndz

it was only 5 days left for them to be in sanjeevni,chadigarh
today they were goin to have dinner at ridhima's house
they after duty reached thr.....ridhima was at home only with nikki and abhay......
as they rang bell door opened by abhay


As we entered the house we all could listen the sound of loud laughter and we go into the hall we could see ridhima laughing badly ....she and nikki was having a cushion fight......
she was lookin soo beautiful like an angle....then nikki said- oyee chtney idhar aa udhar kya khadahai gaddaar.....chal madad kar and then he went and started tickling nad she laughed more loudly. ......i wonder how she manage too look soo beautiful and innocent at the sametime.......and then abhi said- chotu kya hua...then ridhima said- don't chotu me...abhi said- u looks so cute like this my chotu.....and then i cluched my hands how could he say my chotu to ridhima....she is my chotu...schhh not chotu my basket............and then reality dawned upon me ......shitts!!man what got into me main usse meri my kaise keh raha hu......infact we r not even frnz...then suddenly my thoughts broke......nikki called me oye armaan kaha kho i was soo embarrassed


armaan- nhai nahi kuch nahi hua
they all settled on the table
they ate dinner .....on the dinner table he saw abhi and nikki pulling each others leg
armaan thought that why we r not frnz even abhi nikki became frnz they also use to fight
than why not me and ridhima.......

at hospital
aaj armaan aur ridhima ki duty ek saath lagi hai....armaan is in confusion till now
evening tak his confusion ended
armaan nai puure din main uss baare main bohut socha aur last main decision nikla ki now he will ask her for becoming frndz...
armaan - umm...ridhima
ridhima- haan!!!bolo
armaan- voh kya tum meri dost banogi
ridhima- haan
armaan- bass haan??
ridhima- haan haan bas haan!!kyun kuch aur bolna tha
armaan- nahi tumne nahi pucha kuch bhi
ridhima- kya puchu?
armaan- mera matlab tum aise hi maan gayi kuch pucha nhai ki yeh mera prank toh nahi hai
ridhima- tumhe pata hai u could be a really good frnd aur phir tumhe itna jaanti hoon ki tum frndship kai naam par prank nhai kheloge..right? yaa kheloge
armaan- nahi prank noo shaitaani only dosti nibhaani.. (i lv this dialouge too much)
ridhima- hmmm mee too noo prank noo shaitaani only dosti nibhaani
armaan- hey yaar yeh humari frndship ka naya moto......NOO PRANK NOO SHAITAANI ONLY DOSTI NIBHAI he says it in a dramatical way
ridhima- yaaa....laughs....noo pranks noo shaitaani only dosti nibhani
and they continues
Armaan had never seen ridhima soo closely laughing
ridhima- armaan u r soo funny
armaan- i know man!!!
with this the day ended
to be cont.....

Hope u guys will like it....
i know u all just want to see AR moments and the mystrey to be solved but suspense tou rakhna padega right???

P.s. - Phulan Mata dekho mereko aur madihu di ko yaad tha ki we hv to ud!! ^_*

With luv
MAICO (MAdĪha+choCO)

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