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Monday, 2 March 2015

Part 13:My Wish Come True


Part  13

The night had many special things about it.. it has firstly relieved AR of all the mental hesitation nd distances they used to maintain.. When Armaan nd Ridhhima shared the moment of selflessness at the hospital, it taught Armaan how much Ridhhima actually cares for him.. nd Ridhhima learned how her body nd her mind reacts to Armaan's slightest touch.. the unknown feeling that she had been ignoring since long is now roaring inside her heart.. At first even she didn't knew what made her hold onto him so close when he hugged her nd After they got separated, what made her so comfortable with him..

She had never been so comfortable with him after sharing any sort of closeness with Armaan.. It was always HIM backing out first nd she being awkward.. But Something has definitely changed this time.. Ryan was even more attached to her now.. he felt protected in her arms.. As if he knew his Friend has faught her greatest fear of standing against her sister Just to get to him nd hold him close..

While Armaan Felt a different sort of satisfaction.. He was much calmer in his sleep today.. Finally This was the night when he was not under the guilt that he was hiding something from the Girl he Loved so Dearly.. he felt good when he felt Ridhhima comforting him..

On the Otherhand, Anjali Gupta was spending a sleepless night.. she was shaken by the facts she has discovered about Ridhhima nd Armaan.. their relationship nd ofcourse RYAN.. Seeing Ridhhima's behaviour today she understood why her parents, especially Padma gets furious even at the mention of her name, when they get back from meeting malliks..

As the sun peeped through the curtains it was smiling at the new discovery.. For the very first time after marriage AR were sleeping on the same bed.. Armaan was sleeping like a baby holding Ridhhima's hand nd Ridhhima was looking just like an Angel, sleeping with her one hand in Armaan's nd other under her head.. Even Ryan's cot was shifted to their room as Ridhhima was afraid that he might wake up at night nd cry after witnessing such terrible accident..

Tara nd Jai also stayed there for the night thinking AR might need some help.. Tara knocked at the door of AR's room twice.. she turned to go back when she heard Ryan's cracking sound.. she knocked again.. but no reply.. She lightly pushed the door open praying not to disturb anyone.. She saw AR still sleeping While Ryan was wide awake.. She quietly picked Ryan nd made her way out of the room closing the door behind..


Almost an hour later Ridhhima opened her eyes.. she turned around nd was shocked as the clock showed 9:30 am.. She looked at Armaan still sleeping nd turned to see Ryan's cot.. It was empty.. She panicked nd quickly got fresh nd rushed out to look for him.. She found him playing in his room.. She sat besides him while he stood abit wobbling with the support of her shoulder nd hugged her.. She caressed his head nd back nd kissed him sweetly.. ""Aap ache se soye na Buddy.. mere baby ko darr to nai laga na raat ko..?""

He shook his head nd got hold of her hair saying ""Guddoo pash ninni.."" she smile anticipating that he was fine now.. nd had almost forgotten the bad incident.. ""Chalo baby ab aapka breakfast time hai na.. sorry aaj late ho gayi.."" she picked him up when Tara came with his milk.. ""Ma.. sorry uthne mein der ho gayi..vo.."" she about to say something but Tara interrupted ""Its okk beta.. vaise bhi kal raat jo hua uske baad tumhe aur Armaan ko thode aaraam ki zarrorat thhi.. Ryan uth gaya tha isliye main usse bahar le aayi varna tum dono ko jaga deta..""

As they were talking they heard Armaan call.. Ridhhima went nd saw him half laiden on bed holding his injured hand.. Ridhhima quickly rushed to him supported him.. as he lied down comfortably she spanked him.. ""Kya kar rahe thhe.. pata hai na ki haat mein chot lagi hai.. bula nai sakte thhe pehle.. stitches mein koi problem hui na to phir se lagvane padenge.. samjhe.."" seeing her so concerned he smiled inspite of the pain.. ""kis baat par aapko itni hasi aa rahi hai..? maine koi joke nai sunaya.."" she scolded again..

""Tum na gussa karte hue bilkul kisi 1970's ki hindi movie ki vamp lag rahi ho.."" he said smiling wider as he saw her eyes getting wide in shock.. She hid her smile nd in a stern voice ""Armaan.. kuch bhi mat boliye.. mujhe sach mein gussa agaya na to.. to.. haan to aaj apko kheer nai milegi.."" Listening to Kheer his mouth started watering..
""Oye.. bimaar hoon to kya aise blackmail karogi.. agar mujhe kheer nai mili na to main dawai nai lunga.."" he said acting adamant like a grumpy baby..

She smiled seeing him like that nd said ""theek hai.. kheer milegi.. lekin sab dawaiyan time par khaani hain varna zakhm jaldi nai bharenge.."" seeing her surrender in their argument he too smiled.. he again tried getting up but she stopped him.. ""Armaan abhi itna dard hua thha na.. to kyun movement kar rahe hain.. thoda araam kariye.. mujhe bataiye kya chaiye aapko..""

""Ridhhima mujhe Laptop aur mobile chaiye.. meri meeting hai vo cancel karni padegi aur thode documents hain vo ghar mangva lunga.."" he said resting on the pillow behind his back, comfortably.. ""Meeting cancel karvane vali baat theek hai.. lekin aap kuch kaam nai karenge.. Apke sir par chot lagi hai stress se sir mein dard hoga.. aur agar timepass karna hai to main Ryan ko aapke paas chod deti hoon.. vo pura din aapke sath khelta rahega..""

Just as she completed Tara came in with Ryan.. Ryan quickly went to Armaan nd kissed him.. Armaan hugged him tight feeling all the fears he had last night when he thought he had hurt Ryan during the accident aswell.. ""I'm sorry beta.. kal Papa ki vajah se.."" He was cut in between by Ridhhima.. ""Kal ka hadsa bhul jaiye Armaan.. kuch baton ko bhulana hi achha hota hai.. agar dil mein reh jayein to jeena mushkil ho jata hai.."" she said..

While Tara got confused at her statement but Armaan understood that she was indirectly referring to his guilt for Tiya's death aswell.. he gave her a grateful smile nd nodded.. ""Ridhhima beta tum isse change karne mein help karva do.. main tum dono ka breakfast lati hoon.."" Tara left saying this..

Ridhhima was shocked.. she gulped thinking that she would have to help him CHANGING CLOTHES.. she hesitantly supported Armaan till bathtub nd made him sit on the edge of it.. She was waiting for him to say something while he nnoticed her awkward feeling nd smiled at her nervousness.. ""Ridhhima tum sirf mujhe towel de do aur meri shirt nikalva do.. baaki main khud kar lunga.. tumhe awkward feel karne ki zaroorat nai hai..""

Ridhhima felt satisfied at his words.. she carefully yet avoiding his gaze, helped him taking his shirt off nd gave him his towel.. After few minutes he came out in his other pair of shorts nd vest on top.. she saw him trying to adjust his bandage on his head.. she made him sit on the bed nd fixed the bandage properly.. ""Bohot dard ho raha hai..?"" she asked innocently..

""Nai.. bas thoda sa.. haath mein ho raha hai.. Ridhhima ek baat pochon.."" he continued as she nodded.. ""tumne abhi thodi der pehle jo kaha thha.. tumne aisa kyun kaha ki mujhe vo sab bhul jana chahiye..?"" he asked with serenity in his eyes.. ""Aap jante hain maine vo baat kal ke liye nai balki Tiya ke accident ke liya kahi thhi.. vo aapse itna pyar karti thhi.. lekin ab usse kitna dukh hota hoga jab vo yeh dekhti hogi ki aap uske bare mein sochkar udaas ho jate hain.. uske saath bitaye ache pal yaad kijiye Armaan.. bure lamhon ko yaad karenge to vo aapse aur dur hoti jayegi.."" she said while combing his hair nd making him sit comfortably again..


He kept quiet for awhile thinking of what she has said regarding his past.. ""vo kahin na kahin apni jagah theek hai.. lekin main yeh kaise bhul jaun ki agar main uss raat Tiya se ladai nai karta to vo gusse mein ghar se nai jaati aur na hi uska accident hota.. aur shayad aaj vo zinda hoti.. tchh.. yeh sab itna confusing kyun hai.."" he made a bad face when Ridhhima entered with his breakfast.. ""Kya soch rahe hain Armaan..?"" she asked gently putting the breakfast on the bed for him.. ""tumhari baat ke bare mein.. tumne mujhe confuse kar diya hai Ridhhima.. main janta hoon ki yeh sach hai ki kahin na kahin Tiya ki maut ka zimedaar main hoon.. to main yeh kaise bhul jaun..""

Ridhhima looked at him seriously nd sat besides him.. ""Tab to phir mujhe bhi sazaa milni chaiye.. kyunki kal agar main aapse bekar mein nai ladti to aapka accident bhi nai hota.. aap to kitne ache mood mein ghar aaye thhe.. ab boliye kya hai meri sazaa.. zindagi bhar yeh sochkar jeena ki agar aapko kuch ho jata to mera kya hota, ya phir yeh sochun ke kal jab aap ghar se gaye to uss ek pal mein maine kitni baar bhagwaan se aapki aur Ryan ki salaamati ki dua mangi aur ab aapka sahi salamat hona bhagwaan ki taraf se mujhe ek aur mauka dene jaisa hai.. jismein main purani galtiyan fir na karun.."" she asked him..

He smiled for a moment nd in a grave voice said ""Thank you Ridhhima.. tum na samjhati to main zindagi bhar khud ko doshi manta.. Tiya mujhe chod kar gayi yeh main nai badal sakta lekin Ryan to hai na mere paas.. aur Tiya ki dosti ke ache pal bhi hain.."" Ridhhima smiled a he finally understood.. She gave him the kheer bowl which he was having with his left hand as his right hand was injured nd Ridhhima was feeding him with bites of puri in between..

""Ab chaliye so jaiye.. main aapko dawai deti hoon.."" she said as he finished with the breakfast.. he had his medicines like a baby, making faces.. ""Ridhhima thodi der yahin baitho na.. aaj kitne din baad kisi se apne dil ki har baat share kar raha hoon.."" he said smiling at his best, making her heart melt.. She nodded nd came back after afew minutes..

""Tumse kuch pochon..?"" he asked as she settled..
""tumne mujhe apni zindagi ke bare mein sab bataya hai..? mera matlab mujhe tumhare parents aur family ke bare mein to sab pata hai lekin kya tumne apne dil ki baatein bhi mujhse shar ki hain kabhi..?"" he asked looking at her intently.. She bowed her head nd shook her head lightly.. ""To kya tumhe mujhpar bilkul bharosa nai hai..?""

""baat bharose ki nai hai Armaan.. mujhe bas apne aap apni feelings share karma ajeeb sa lagta hain.. aap pochenge to kuch nai chupaungi.."" she said purely..
""Promise..?"" she nodded..

""kya tum aaj apni zindagi se khush ho..? I mean iss ghar mein, mere saath.. kya tumhe aisa lagta hai ki tumne galat faisla liya mujhse shaadi karke..?"" he asked Pryaing the answer to be NO.. as if his prayers were answered she shook her head nd smiled saying ""Aapse shaadi karna mera aaj tak ka, mere liye sabse acha faisla thha.. shuru mein lagta tha ki maine galat kiya.. lekin aaj main keh sakti hoon ki main isse zyada khush pehle kabhi nai thhi.. sab log mujhse pyar karte hain.. mujhe apna mante hain yahan.. sach Armaan kabhi to aisa lagta hai jaise aapko.."" she stopped when she realized what she was about to say.. she was saying 'kabhi to aisa lagta hai jaise aapko bhagwaan ne mere liye hi bheja hai..'

""Tum ruk kyun gayin bolo na.."" he asked her to complete but she shook her head nd blushed abit.. While he knew she was about to say something good for him but stopped so he let go off it.. ""Achha theek hai.. tum yeh batao ki tum apne uncle aur aunty se itna kyun darti ho..?""

""Pata nai.. shayad unhone kabhi uss darr ko kam nai hone diya issliye.. uss ghar mein unhone mujhe rakha zaroor lekin sirf Anjali Di ke liye.. unhone zaroorat ki har cheez di mujhe lekin kabhi pyar nai kiya.. Badi Ma pata nai kyun par meri shakal se bhi nafrat karti hain.. mujhe pata hai ki mujhe dukh pohochate hue vo ek baar bhi nai sochengi.. issiliye aaj tak mujhe yeh bhi nai pata ki mere Ma aur Papa ki death kaise hui.. unhone kabhi mujhe yeh sach nai bataya.."" she ended with tears.. he felt bad for her nd held onto her hand tightly, assuring her that it was all past nd not the present or future for her.. he promised himself to never leave her alone with any of Guptas now..

""Okk.. now stop being senti yar.. ab mujhe yeh batao ki kya tumhe kabhi pyar hua hai..?"" he asked naughtily sitting straight nd waiting for the answer.. she looked at his excited face nd burst his bubble of excitement.. ""Nai.. mujhe to pata nai ki pyar hota kya hai.. aaj tak kabhi aisi koi feeling aayi hi nai mann mein..""

He looked at her pouting.. ""Pyar to humesha hi mann hota hai.. bas right time chahiye hota hai uske knock karne ke liye.."" he said as if teaching her..
 ""Matlab..?"" she asked..

""Matlab yeh ki Pyar na ek bemaari hoti hai.. jiske symptoms bohot hi clear hote hain.. lekin aksar hum unhe ignore karte hain.. iss bemaari ka koi ilaaj nai hai.. see its simple.. jab kisi ke chhune se dhadkane tez ho jaye.. uske ehsaas mein kho jaane ko dil kare.. jab vo samne na ho to uski yaad aaye aur jab samne ho to sirf ussi par nazrein rahen.. vo khana na khaye to apni bhi bhuk gayab ho jaye.. vo kisi baat par dante to acha lagta hai.. vo gussa ho to mann karta hai ki kisi bhi tarah bas uss mana lo.. uski boli har choti se choti baat dil ko lag jaati hai.. chahe achi ho ya buri.. usse dekhne ke liye aankhon ki zaroorat nai hoti.. dil to usse band aankhon se apne kareeb mehsus kar leta hai.. uski ek hasi se dil mein khushiyan bhar jaati hain aur ek aanson na jaane kitne gam de jata hai.. bas.. Agar Dil mein yeh sab hota hai to samjho tumhe pyar ki bemaari ho gayi hai.. aur ab tumhara koi ilaaj nai hai..""

All the while as he was defining love he was thinking of Ridhhima nd all the while when she was listening she was thinking of him.. She was so lost in his words that she didn't realize when a cute dreamy smile grazed her lips.. he smiled seeing her like that.. She came out of the dreamland when he clicked his fingers.. ""Huh..!"" she looked at him.. ""Kahan kho gayin..? lagta hai pyar ho gaya hai tumhe.."" he said teasing her.. ""bas ab to tumhara koi ilaaj nai hai.."" he sighed..

She smacked his shoulder lightly nd said ""Chup kariye.. lagta hai kal hospital se aane ka baad aapka dimag kharaab ho gaya hai.. issliye yeh pyar aur bemaari lekar baith gaye hain.."" she didn't knew if she was making sense but all she wanted at the moment to divert him off that Love topic..

As he was about to say something they were disturbed by another voice..

""Kya baat hai.. Doctor to main hoon phir yahan kya bemaari ki baat chal rahi hai..?"" They both turned nd found Anjie standing by the door with Padma nd Tara.. looking at them Ridhhima was about to get up nd go but Armaan held her hand signaling her to stay..

""So whats up Armaan..? kya baatein ho rahi thhi.."" Anjie asked sitting infront of Armaan on the otherside of him.. ""Nothing much Anjie.. just normal Husband-Wife talks.. hum Pyar ke bare mein baat kar rahe thhe.."" he said winking at Ridhhima secretly who gasped at him saying all this infront of Anjie, Tara nd Padma.. ""Ohh.. BTW how are you now..?"" she asked ignoring what Armaan said..

Armaan was happy when he saw the effect of what he said, on Anjie's tone nd face aswell.. ""I'm feeling much better.. waise bhi ab mom khana banayengi aur Ridhhima apne haath se khilayegi to theek to hona hi hai na.."" he said giggling abit at both Ridhima's astonished face nd Anjie's fuming face.. just then Armaan saw Ryan entering the room.. he came to Ridhhima's side nd tried climbing up.. Anjali thought it was a good opportunity to strike the nerve.. ""Armaan tumne kabhi bataya nai tumhara beta bhi thha..""

He got angry at her tone.. ""Thha Nai Anjali, HAI.. mujhe apne personal matters public karna nai achha lagta.. tum Ridhhima ki behen ho issliye tumhe pata hai varna shayad main tumhe kabhi nai batata.."" Ridhhima knew he was getting angry nd she cannot ask him to stop infront of Padma nd Tara like that.. so she quickly picked up Ryan nd made him sit near Armaan.. as their eyes met for a second she nodded in NO..
""I'm tiered.. I think a nap would make me feel better.."" he said holding his head..

""Armaan.. kya hua.. aap theek to hain..?"" Ridhhima got worried but he secretly winked at her telling that he's fine.. She calmed down abit nd made him lie down comfortably.. ""Anjali beta.. hum bahar chalte hain.. let him rest.."" Tara said taking Anjali nd Padma..

""Ji aunty.. aap chaliye main Ridhhima ke saath aati hoon.."" she said but to her bad luck Armaan interrupted ""Ridhhima kahin nai jayegi jab tak main sota nai.. aur waise bhi Ryan bhi ab soyega aur main to usse sula nai sakta na..""


""Yeh aap kya kar rahe thhe..?"" Ridhhima asked standing abit away from the bed nd hands on her waist.. ""Arre yar.. vo na bohot pakati hai.. aur waise bhi vo tumhe pasand nai karti to usse koi haq nai hai yahan hone ka.. to maine bhaga diya.. agar atb bhi nai jaati na to main Lucky ko uske peeche chod deta.."" he said mischieviously..

""Armaan.. unhe bura laga hoga.."" Ridhhima said nd was about to turn when he held her wrist nd made her sit on the bed.. ""jab vo tumse badtameezi se bolti hai to tumhe bhi bura lagta hai na.. to jab vo nai sochti to main kyun sochun.. vo mujhe pasand karti hai lekin main usse pasand nai karta.. mere liye tum sabse zyada important ho.."" his tone was serious nd she knew that.. not many times has she seen him talking in that tone.. all she could manage is just a small nod..

For afew weeks all the while when Armaan was prescribed bed rest, AR shared the same rapport.. They were more friendly while talking.. Armaan told Ridhhima all the details about what sort of friendship he shared with Tiya.. he even showed her the last few pictures he had kept of her..

Ridhhima was first stunned to see the simplicity Tiya's pictures portrayed nd how similar they were in their various choices of life.. she now knew from where had Ryan got such angelic features nd sweetness to die for.. ""Tiya itni achhi thhi.. khubsoorat thhi.. to phir aapko kabhi unse Pyar kyun nai hua thha..?"" Ridhhima asked..

He kept quiet.. he wanted to say 'Pyar to thha Ridhhima.. lekin Mohabbat nai thhi.. Pyar to hum sabse karte hain lekin mohabbat sirf ek se hoti hai, aur mere liye Vo Tum ho..'but he knew he can't tell her that even though he respected nd adored Tiya, he has always Loved Her..


It was around 5 months that AR were married.. They started as strangers who were now very good friends.. Their relationship would seem like more than Just Friendship to anyone else would see them together but Ridhhima still didn't believe it.. It was Ridhhima's first Karvachauth vrat.. Armaan was at home as stitches were now dissolving.. He turned abit in his sleep nd found Ridhhima's side empty.. he frowned nd stood up to look for her.. he found her sitting in the dinning area with Tara nd she was eating her 'Sargi..'

""excuse me ladies.. yeh aap apne dinner complete kar rahi hain ya advance mein breakfast ho raha hai..?"" Armaan asked rubbing his eyes abit like a baby.. ""aap uthe kyun..? kuch chahiye kya..?"" Ridhhima asked.. ""Nai vo tum room mein thhi nai to bas tumhe dhund raha thha.."" he said sitting besides Ridhhima nd tried to take one almond when Tara hit his hand.. ""yeh uski sargi hai.. tu nai kha sakta..""

""Sargi kya hota hai..?"" he asked.. ""Budhu kal Karvachauth ka vrat hai na.. to din nikalne se pehle saas apni bahu ki sargi deti hain.. jisse vrat ke waqt usse bhuk na lage aur yeh aashirwad bhi hota hai.."" Tara told him..

""Tiya ne to nai kiya thha aisa kuch.."" he asked..
""Kyunki vo pregnant thhi.."" Tara told him..
He nodded nd said ""main bhi vrat rakhunga.. mujhe bhi kuch khane ko do.."" he said cutely.. ""Armaan aap yeh vrat nai rakh sakte.. yeh sirf ladies rakhti hain.."" Ridhhima said.. ""taaki tum saara credit le sako hain na.. no ways.. main bhi vrat rakhunga.."" he was adamant.. ""Nai.. ek to aapki tabiyat theek nai hai uparse pura din bina paani piye aur khana khaye kaise rahenge.. dawai kaise lenge apni..?"" she said scolding him.. He pouted nd went to the room..


Next Morning..
Armaan woke up nd saw Ridhhima sleeping.. he smiled seeing her like that.. He gently put back a strand of hair that has landed on her lips.. In the process his fingers brushed her upper lip, he went ahead nd outlined her lips with his finger.. ""Mera Dil hi jaanta hai ki tumhare itne kareeb reh kar bhi, kaise roka hai maine khud ko..""  he whispered nd kissed her forehead lightly..

Having her so close to himself in the morning nd seeing her sleeping like an Angel, his day was made.. he was in a mischievious nd joyous mood all day.. But all he had for the day was his medicines.. whenever Ridhhima or someone else used to get him some food he used to go back to the kitchen nd keep it in the fridge.. He wanted to fast for her, but was sure if she comes to know she would not leave him..

He was crossing Ryan's room but stopped when he heard Ridhhima's voice.. ""Ryan.. aajao.. aaraam se.. very good baby.. aao mere paas.."" He smiled at her loving tone nd peeped inside.. he was surprised to see her supporting Ryan's arms while sitting in front of him nd was encouraging him to walk properly.. She left his arms when he walked afew steps.. nd with another step he again lost his balance, only to be caught by Ridhhima.. ""Alle wah.. aaj to aap bina support ke chale ho.. chalo chalke aapke Papa ko dikhate hain, ki unka beta ab bada hone laga hai.."" as she got up holding Ryan's hand Armaan quickly ran to his room before she catches him..


In the evening..
Armaan was overwhelmed at what he saw in Ryan's room today.. He was proud that though Ridhhima doesn't want to accept that she is now Ryan's mother but she is doing everything for his son.. She was taking care of him well, for a few weeks when he was home, sometimes putting him to sleep.. but today, she taught him how to take first few steps of his life..

His chain of thoughts broke when he saw her standing infront of the mirror wearing a heavy, Red nd Green combination saree.. She had no make up nd minimal jewellery but was looking fascinating.. he couldn't help himself from going to her..

As she turned she saw him coming towards her with passion in his eyes.. Her Heart started thudding as she kept stepping back.. she gasped when she realized she couldn't move any further as she was now stuck to the wall.. He went closer still nd pressed himself to her.. ""tum bohot khubsoorat lag rahi ho.."" he said putting her hair behind her ear.. His touch sent shiver down her spine..

Next moment her breath got heavier as his hands started caressing her bare waist.. ""Tumne aaj mere liye yeh vrat rakha hai na.. tum chahne lagi ho mujhe.."" he said as a matter of factly while she just closed her eyes as his touch was creating a havoc inside her.. she managed to shake her head abit in disapproval..

He smirked nd bent a bit, he kissed the side of her neck with Love, while caressing her waist nd making her moan.. she was feeling hard to keep her breath normal.. she never knew when her hands reached his hair nd ruffled them.. she came back to the world when he bit her earlobe..

She suddenly pushed him away with tears glistening her eyes.. even before he could say anything she rushed to the bathroom nd sobbed badly for afew minutes.. While Armaan felt terrible seeing that even though she liked the moment they had yet she was regretting it badly.. He was also close to tears nd went away sadly..




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