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part 30 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)(last part)

thanks a lot to all readers for reading and commenting on this ff. hope u will like this last part too.

 I started this ff for aayushi and promised her to make a vm as her bd gift. as i am not well from a long time,didn't make the vm but i have done it now and made a part of this ff.this vm is on my favourite song "aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai,one of my fav song..its perfectly matched with this ff. hope u will like it.thanks.

3 years leap

Riddhima was getting ready .today was the biggest day of her life. It was their convocation day. Her friends were talking about it while riddhima was busy in packing.

Sanjana : “toh tu kya aaj hi chali jayegi riddhima?

Riddhima nodded while uttered : “haan raat ki flight hai.”

Puja uttered in a sad face : “will miss u ridhz,pata hi nahi chala kaise 3 saal nikal gaye..”

Riddhima nodded in yes but thought in her heart: “mere liye toh 3 saal 3 janm ki tarah thi friends,lag raha tha saza kaat rahi thi,apne rishu se alag rehkar,apno se alag rehkar,apne pyar se alag rahker.”

Sanjana ;”tu abhi mumbai ja rahi hai na ridhz?

Riddhima nodded in yes.

Sanjana : “mumma papa ke paas?

Riddhima :”nahi sanju,mumma papa toh hain nahi mere,bas kuch apne hain jo mera intzaar kar rahe hain,so I want to go as soon as possible.”

“tune toh kabhi bataya nahi unke barey me,” puja pouted then uttered : “aur tu itna chup kyon rehti hai riddhima?”

Riddhima smiled while uttered : “in 3 years me yehi sawal tum na jane kitni baar puch chuki ho puja and maine same reply diya hai,mai aisi hi hun.”

Puja nodded then uttered : “hmmm,humey bhul mat jana .”

Sanjana  smacked on her back while uttered : “arey chal itna senti mat ho,riddhima ready ho gayi hai,chal hum bhi fatafat ready hote hain,tu toh 3 hours se kam me ready nahi hone wali .”

Puja got up immediately while uttered : “chal chal sanju,mai toh bhul hi gayi thi.”

After their going riddhima packed her bag and opened her laptop to check mails. Anjali di used to mail her in every 2-3 days. Riddhima thought about her past life and heaved a sigh.during those 3 years she didn’t go mumbai even once but she got all news from anjali di and sukanaya. In between sid and tamanna got married and they had a beautiful ,cute daughter of 1 year. Anjali and atul got married and after a bit confusion,rishu accepted them as mumma –papa. they loved rishu so much and rishu was very happy with them. Sukanya was fell in love with a senior doctor named dr. arnav and they decided to marry in a few months. Rishu was the apple of everyone’s eyes .riddhima smiled and started to see his cute pics with anjali,atul,sid-tamanna,sid’s mom ,sukanaya and with sanjivani’s staffs too…suddenly she stopped on a was of arman and rishu’s…anjali’s words echoed in her ears…”bilkul arman jaisa dekhne me hai rishu. Arman usey bahut pyar karta hai riddhima,apni jaan se bhi jyada par tumne jo saza di usne chupchap maan liye.usne kabhi bhi rishu ko yeh nahi bataya ki wo uska papa hai and u know riddhima,pata nahi kaise rishu arman ko “nanna” bolna sikha ,jab wah nanna bulata hai toh lagta hai mera anmol bula raha hai.”riddhima heaved a sigh while thought,”aapka anmol  hi mere paas aaya tha di,isliye toh maine aapko hi wapas de diya,aapki amanat tha mera rishu.”

She started to check mail. First mail was from sid..

“hi riddhima,hope u r fine. Congrates for completing PG. arey yaar ab toh wapas aa jao.meri beti khushi apne saasu ma se milne ko bahut baichen hai,roj puchti hai ,meri pyari saasu ma kab wapas aayegi..”

Riddhima laughed reading it.sid’s daughter was only one years old,how she could have used to say those words? Actually sid own wrote these words to cheer riddhima. Anjali told her that sid loved rishu  like his son and took promise from anji that she will make khushi her daughter in law.

Next was sukanya’s mail:

“hi bhabhi,how r u? aap kab wapas aa rahe ho? Arnav ke parents ko humari marriage ki jaldi hai but maine keh diya hai,jab tak meri bhabhi nahi aa jati,mai shadi nahi karungi,mujhe aapke hathon hi dulhan banna hai aur aapke jaisi khubsurat dikhna hai.”

Riddhima smiled while remembered sukanya’s words: “maine aapko bhabhi bulaya hai toh aap meri bhabhi hi rahogi,ab aap sid bhai ki biwi nai toh kya,dr. arman ki patni ho and aapko bhabhi bulane ke liye maine usey bhai maan liya hai,so u r my pyari bhabhi always.”

She scrolled and got anjali’s mail which came last night .riddhima started to read..

”hi riddhima,humey us pal ka intzaar hai jab tum mumbai ,humare paas aaogi. Please ab apna decision change mat karna. Hum sab apni life ji rahe hain riddhima par ek insaan abhi bhi saza kaat raha hai,please ab toh usey maaf kar do.uski jindagi toh wahi ruki hui hai jab wo tumhe chodkar aaya tha.uske baad ek kadam bhi aage nahi badh paya hai wo.tumne jaisa chaha usne waisa hi kiya,kabhi bhi rishu ke papa hone ka dava (claim) nahi kiya,kabhi bhi kisi dusri ladki ko paas nahi aane diya aur na hi kabhi tumhara naam hontho par laya aur na hi tumse koi contact kiya. Even humse bhi kabhi kuch nahi puchta par uske dill me tum hi ho,uski aankhen tumhe dhundhti hai,uske kaan tumhara naam sunne ko baichen rehta hai,uske dill ki dhadhkan tumse hi chalti hai. aisa na ho ki yeh duriyan kabhi khatam na ho riddhima,ab toh usey maaf kar do,apna  lo usey.”

Tears trickled down from riddhima’s eyes.her lips trembled..”mai bhi toh saza kaat rahi hun di.kya riddhima apne arman se alag reh sakti hai?uski jindagi toh aduri hi reh gayi hai apne arman ke bina. Mai wapas aa rahi hun di,aap sabke paas,apne bete ke paas,apne arman ke paas.”


As soon riddhima’s flight landed at the mumbai airport,she got up quickly and came out of the flight.her heart filled with joy seeing that anjali came at airport to receive her.seeing riddhima,anjali came running and hugged her tightly with tears in her eyes.

Riddhima uttered in a wet voice : “kaisi ho di?”

Anjali replied while caressing her hairs: “bas tujhe dekha toh ekdam achchi ho gayi,tu kaisi hai?”

Riddhima : “bas mumbai aate hi mai bhi bilkul achchi ho gayi.par aap ro rahe ho?”

Anjali replied while wiped tears: “yeh toh khushi ke ansoo hain.”

They heard a kiddish voice : “aley,aap dono lo kyon lahi ho?”

Riddhima turned and mesmerized to see the kid,it was rishu,who stood there holding atul’s hand.
Atul : “hi riddhima,how r u? rishu,choti mumma ko hi kaho beta.”

Rishu looked at her while uttered in his kiddish voice : “hi,thoti muma,aap taise ho?”

Riddhima stretched her hands while uttered : “mere paas aao beta.”

Rishu looked at atul who said him to go to riddhima .rishu came to riddhima with short steps and jumped in her arms.riddhima hugged him tightly and started to kiss his soft cheeks.

Anjali : “chalen riddhima,sabhi gahr par tumhara intzaar kar rahe hain,sid,tam,sid’s mummy means aunty ,sukanya ..sab wait kar rahe hain.

Riddhima nodded and followed her while lifting rishu in her arm.

It was 8 o clock at night. riddhima met with everyone .all were very happy getting her back.sukanya din’t want to leave her here,she insisted her to go with them in their house but sid scolded her saying that she was behaving like a kid.

Sukanya complained riddhima about it with a pouting face…”bhabhi dekho na yeh sid bhai kya keh rahe hain.maine aisa kya kaha ?”

Riddhima didn’t answer but anjali uttered : “suku,tumhari is pyari bhabhi ka koi aur bhi raah dekh raha hai ,I think humey bhi ab riddhima ko akela chodna chahiye,hai na?”

Sukanya thought a while and uttered : “haww! mai kaise bhul gayi ki dr. arman ke barey me!par wo janab hain kahan?u know bhabhi,yeh tumhara pati bilkul khadus hai,in 3salon me kabhi hanste nahi dekha humne.”

Sid : ‘uski hansi toh tumhari bhabhi lekar gayi thi na.”

Sukanya nodded while uttered : “ya right,chaliye bhabhi,ab aap dr. arman ko unki hansi wapas karo,we r going ratri.”

Riddhima blushed while biding them bye.

Riddhima came there with short steps and looked around. no one was there but she saw a beautiful cottage which was decorated with lights.she stepped forward while her eyes were searching someone,who was waiting for her since a long time. she removed the curtain and entered in the cottage and overwhelmed to see the decoration.the room was decorated with flowers,candles and heartshape balloons. Riddhima shivered feeling someone’s presence there. her heart was becoming crazy to see him,to touch him,to hug him ,to say him …how she had spent those 3 years without him.

her gaze fell on a beautiful card which was kept on the table.she picked it and opened..a few lines were written there…”

She caressed the letters and whispered: “love u too.”

She turned with a jerk realizing someone at the door..she looked at him who was standing there with a red shot eyes as he cried a lot or from long time or days..or years..riddhima felt that he wanted to say something…and he spoke bending his head as he did a big crime…he whispered like a breathe…”sorry riddhima..mujhe maaf kar do..”

Riddhima’s heart desired to run and jump in his arm.she ran to him and throw herself in his arm while whispered : “I love u arman.ab mai tumse dur nahi reh sakti.”

Arman wrapped his strong arms around her while uttered : “mujhse kabhi alag mat hona riddhima.ab hum sath rahenge..100 janam tak.”

Riddhima nodded while humming  in a hushed tone…”aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai..behad aur beshumar aaya hai…

.Love u all

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