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part 34: An Arranged Love Marriage

He did not make any advances or any conversation after their encounter in the evening and she couldn?t have thanked him less for that. She herself couldn?t face him as a fact after what had transpired; but she could see that he didn?t avoid her intentionally. He was actually pretty busy with something. But her body did not allow her to get indulged into many thoughts theses days. As soon as she had her dinner; having her dose for the day she slept within a matter of few minutes.
But she never slept deeply after the surgery; since the stitches kept itching due to which she kept waking up after certain intervals.
But as she opened her eyes she found the lights of the room on. She very well remembered that he had switched the lights off just after she had slept. She lifted her head to search for him; but the couch was empty. Even the bathroom lights were off. She wondered where he disappeared but just then he entered the room.

He saw her looking around quizzically and understood she must be searching for him;
Heyy....tum toh khud hi uth gai! Great.....main tumhe hi bulane aa raha tha!
She just looked at him blankly as she couldn?t get his point.
Riddhima......tumhe jyaada takleef toh nahi ho rahi na?
But she never answered his question as expected;
Dekho agar ho rahi ho toh bolo; kyunki mujhe umhe kahi le jaana hai! I need to show you something.
Her eyes shot up at his words. But the next moment she sighed and straightened her blanket all set to go back to sleep.
Riddhima.....I am serious. I really need to show you something. Chalogi mere saath?
R: I didn?t know aapko permission lene ki jarurat bhi padti hai! Aapko kya fark padd jaayega agar main mana kar bhi du; aapke dil main jo aaye vo toh aap manva kar hi rehte hai!
She snapped back at him; taking his smile away that instance. But nonetheless he just rubbed his face and settled down beside her and held her hand. Sh turned her face away but he quickly held her chin and made her face him;
Riddhima lekar toh main tumhe aise bhi jaa sakta hu; without anybody?s permission. I understand that much rights on you! Par main aisa nahi karna chahta. I want you to willingly come with me.
She was about to retort when he continue;
Bas 2 minute Riddhima; agar tumhe acha nahi laga; man nahi kiya toh main khud tumhe vapas room main chod dunga; I promise! Pleeeeease ......kya tum apne life ke 2 minute mujhe nahi de sakti Riddhima....please?
She nodded her head but simply looked away. As she tried to make an effort to get up; he instantly stopped her;
Nahi nahi ruko.

Going to the other end of bed; he removed the blanket off her and slowly picked her up carefully. She was not really ready to go with him this way and he read it in her eyes so he instantly answered;
Theek se pakdo Riddhima....actually thoda chadna hai isi liye; varna main tumhe wheel chair par hi lekar jaata!
He made his way up towards the terrace rising her confusion;
Armaan aap kya kar rahe hai......upar toh......
A: Shh.....bas dekhti jao Riddhima!
The moment they reached the terrace she could see the terrace pitch dark making her grip him tighter; but the next moment she jerked in his arms as the lights suddenly turned on and she heard a chorus.
He placed her down on her feet still holding her waist to support her. She saw Rahul, Dr.Modi (Abhimanyu), Sapna, Muskaan, Anjali and Atul and along with them she also saw her and Armaan?s parents smiling at her.
R: Ye sab?......
Everyone came ahead and started singing the birthday song for her while she felt elated at the sudden appearance of everyone. She had absolutely forgotten about her birthday in all this mess. Her mom came ahead and hugged her wishing her birthday. She felt soo good to be in her arms and meet all of them who had come to make her birthday special!
All of them surrounded her and making her sit on the chair brought a trolley consisting of a small chocholate cake.
Ra: Chalo ab jaldi jaldi cake katoon Jerry; hum kabse isi ka intezaar toh kar rahe hai!
Ananya smacked his arm;
Chup kar nalayak; Riddhima beta pehle koi achi si wish mango aur ye candle bujhao fir ye cake cut karna. She closed her eyes and made a silent wish and then blew the candle off. Before cutting the cake she looked seideways on a reflex to find ARmaan; and he was right there. She did not say anything but her silence was quite readable. She just looked up at him and his heart fluttered as she was looking up at him after a long wait. Rahul understood the situation and spoke up;
Ahem ahem......aa jaa  bhai Armaan; ab tere begair ye cake kaha katne wala hai. Cha la ab jyaada der mat kar.....go; go ahead and cut the cake yaar!
He literally pushed him towards Riddhima and everyone around hooted and whistled teasing them. Armaan sat down on his knees besides her chair and asked her though eyes if he should; and she simply tucked her strand of hair behind her earlobe and nodded her head slightly. He couldn?t have felt any happier than this.
He instantly covered her hand and holding it both of them cut the cake together. He fed the first bite to her and both of them just lost themselves in an eye lock turning oblivious to the surroundings.
But they were soon snapped out by the vigorous coughing of their friends.
After the cake cutting session was done Armaan called for everyone?s attention. He held Riddhima?s hand and stood right in front of her. tumhara pehla janamdin hai as Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik; so I would like to make it a little special for you!
Holding her hand he brought her a little closer and he could see her turning nervous as everyone was present. He smiled at his shy wife and continued;
First of all I hope you liked the surprise Riddhima. Main ye birthday tumhare liye humesha ke liye yaadgaar banana chahta hu aur isi liye kuch aur surprises hai mere paas; par un sab se pehle main tumhe kehna chahta hu; May I?
She looked around as everyone was staring back at them and nodded her head hesitating a little.
Riddhima I don?t know if I have ever told you this; par peechle kuch dino main I realized ki maine tumse bohot saari aisi baatein kahi jo mujhe nahi kehni chahiye thi; par vo sab nahi kaha jo kehna chahiye!
Riddhima tum is duniya ki sabse khubsoorat ladki ho. Ek maasom sa dil hai tumhara jo har kisika dil jeetna jaanta hai.
Armaan aap.....
She tried to cut his words as everyone was watching them but he did not let her do so.
Shh......let me speak Riddhima.....please! Shayad tumhe apne liye maine nahi chuna tha; par humara milna kahi likha hua tha....pehle se! Kyunki jab se tum meri zindagi main aayi ho; you made all the impossible things possible.
Tumne meri zindagi ka har din ek naye rang se bhar diya hai; and I couldn?t have asked for anything more in my life! Ek waqt tha; jab main shaadi pyaar in saari cheejon se dur bhaagta tha; nahi manta tha ki sacche pyaar jaisa kuch hota bhi hai. Par the day I saw you pata nahi kyun; mera man khu ba khud shaadi jaise rishte ke liye maan gaya; aur tumhare saath beetaiyein kuch hi dino main mere saare rules sare belief apne aap hi tut gaye.
And today; on this prestigious occasion; main kuch confess karna chahta hu tumse..........


His words rang in her ears sending 1000 volts current throughtout her body. She looked up at him all dazed by his confession.
Tumse kab aur kaise ye toh nahi pata; par pyaar karne laga hu main! Tumhare begair apni zindagi ka; ek din bhi nahi bita paunga main Riddhima! Vaise sab log soch rahe honge ki ye sab main kyu keh raha hu; tum toh already meri wife ho; so this proposal might not make sense. Par main jaanta hu ki ye confession jitna mere liye jaruri hai utna hi ye tumhare liye bhi janna jaruri tha; ki main is rishte ke baarein main aur tumhare baarein main kya sochta hu! I HAD to make certain things clear to you!
She did not say anything but her eyes shed tears unknowingly. He knew she wasn?t in a state to react; his confession for sure must have been the greatest shock for her. So he simply wiped her tears and smiled at her.
Aur main ek chota sa gift bhi dena chahta hu tumhe; he removed something from his pocket and straightened it; moving behind her he removed her hair from her neckline when Abhimanyu who stood right next to them faked a cough;
Ahem family party hai Armaan......don?t you think ye kuch jyaada ho raha hai. Control Dude......
His words made everyone laugh while Armaan just glared at him.
Shut up Abhiii!
And everyone please pay attention; I know Riddhima se meri shaadi already ho chuki hai but still.....I think mujh jaisa khush naseeb insaan aur koi nahi ho sakta!
Anj: Vo kyu Armaan?
Ra: Haan haan jara hume bhi bata is khush naseebi ka raaz?
A: Kyunki......shaadi toh har kisi ki hoti hai; par main shayad pehla aisa insaan hu jiski shaadi hui; uske baad mujhe Riddhima se pyaar hua aur aaj........ sab ke saamne I am getting the opportunity; ki main dubara apni wife ko is baar as her life partner and lover; ye pehnau!
Riddhima looked up at him and found him holding the mangalsutra in his hands; while others looked at them in awe!
He tied it around her neck and locked the hook tightly;
Surgery ki vajah se; he bent down to whisper in her ears making himself clear(aur sirf surgery ki hi vajah se);
kuch dino ke liye Riddhima se ye magalsutra dur kiya tha maine. Par aaj mauka bhi hai; is liye sab ke saamne main ye Riddhima ko pehna raha hu. This is now not only the mark of our marriage but also OUR LOVE!
I love you Riddhima........
He kissed her forehead in front of everyone and ended his speech leaving her dazed and everyone else awestruck.

Everybody started clapping bringing Riddhima out of her revive and she felt the metal against her skin. Holding the mangalsutra she looked down at it. His words kept ringing in her ears as she stared at it.
Muskaan and Sapna came ahead and took Riddhima in a tight hug while Anjali nudged Armaan as he was still busy staring down at Riddhima.
Mu: Woow yaar Riddhima.....Armaan jeej ne toh superb surprise diya!
Sa: You are indeed lucky Riddhima....... vakai Armaan that was so fairy tales type.
Rahul went towards Armaan and whispered;
Tune toh kamal kar diya yaar Armaan. Mujhe ye surprise ke chakkar main laga diya; aur real surprise ke baarein main toh bataya hi nahi! Tu toh cha gaya ekdum!
A: Shut up dude......and I am sorry.
Ra: Sorry.....kis liye?

A: Peechle dino jaise tujhe treat kiya uske liye; aur us din tujh pe haath uthane ke liye bhi. Agar tu nahi hota toh shayad main vakai aur pata nahi kitne mahine le leta ye baat realize karne main ki Riddhima mere liye kya hai!
Ra: Oye chup kar.....ab maar khayega; jyaada formal na ban! Varna Jerry se complain karke teri chutti kara dunga!

Armaan giggled at his cute complaint and gave him a tight brotherly hug.
Riddhima on the other hand was overwhelmed by all the things but his sudden confession disturbed her. Few days back; the same words would have meant the world to her; but right now they didn?t go so well with her. After all that he had done; he chose to just come and declare in front of everyone that he loved her! What about that love when he had asked for DIVORCE? What about his feelings when he had snatched that mangalsutra out of her neck? All of this was soo easy for him?
He had in a snap of his finger decided to end their marriage because of her decision and just like that he had come and tied it around her neck stating his love in front of everyone! And was it all even real; or just an outcome of what had happened in the past days. Was he saying all that only because he did not want to lose her now! Was that the reason he said all that. And even if so; how had he dared to ask for a DIVORCE then?

She was dying minute by minute as innumerable thoughts surrounded her mind.
She saw Armaan approaching her as he had by now obviously read her thoughts. He had seen that quizzical llok on her face and knew she deserved to know some unspoken answers.
Riddhima......main jaanta hu tum kya soch rahi ho. Bas kuch waqt ke liye ruk jao; aaj raat ko main saari baatein clear kar dunga. I promise...... tumhare saare sawalon ke jawab dene ko main tayyar hu. Bas.....
P: Armaan.....
Armaan left Riddhima?s hand as Padma called him.
Beta....aaj main bohot khush hu apni bacchi ke liye. Tujh jaisa pati kismat waalon ko milta hai; aur meri bacchii unhi main se ek hai ye jaankar mera man bohot khush hai aaj. Mujhe poora yakeen hai tu zindagi bhar Riddhima ko khush rakhega.
She caressed Riddhima?s head and Riddhima returned her a small smile.
P: Armaan agar bura na mane toh kuch maangna tha tujhse.
A: Arey aunty aisa kyun bol rahi ho aap? Boliye na....kya baat hai?
P: Vo.....tum log yakeenan Riddhima ka bohot khayal rakh rahe ho main jaanti hu; par main soch rahi thi ki kal sham party ke baad agar tumhe sahi lage toh kya hum Riddhima ko 2 din ke liye ghar le jaaye?
Armaan looked up at her and then turned his head towards Riddhima; but she seemed unaffected by the offer.
P: Dekho Armaan mujhe galat mat samajhna; main bas is liye keh rahi hu kyunki job hi peechle kuch dino main hua.....I mean itni badi surgery ho gayi aur ye sab aise achanak. Main bas kuch wat bitana chahti thi apni beti ke saath....
A: Actually.....vo.....
P: Agar tumhe nahi manjur ho toh koi baat nahi Armaan main.....
A: Nahi nahi Padma mom aisi baat nahi hai; vo kya hai na main is liye hich kicha raha hu kyunki aap toh jaanti hai aapka ghar yaha se kam se kam 45 minutes ki duri par hai. Yaha se Riddhima ko le jaana ; vo bhi aisi haalat main......vo gaadi main usko takleef hogi; aap toh jaanti hi hai ye Mumbai ke roads; toh.....
P: Haan baat toh sahi hai tumhari lekin......
A: Riddhima ko complete bed rest bhi kaha gaya hai toh......
par ek kaam jarur ho sakta hai. Aap sab aaj yaha kyun nahi ruk jaate?
P: Arey nahi nahi beta.....aise....
A: Nahi nahi aunty; I insist! Please aap ruk jaiye. Vaise bhi kal sham party hai; toh aapko ghar aana hi hai. Usse achha aap yahi ruk jaaiye; kal ka poora din Riddhima ke liye bhi acha khaasa gujrega! She will have both her families by her side; isse acha aur kya ho sakta hai!
Padma tried to retort but Ananya who had overheard their conversation came ahead;
Haan haan Padma.....Armaan bilkul sahi keh raha hai! Tum log ruk jao na.
Everyone insisted and so the entire Gupta family had to stay back. But because of this small family get together what Armaan didn?t realise was he had no more chace to talk to her tonight!
Anjali was supposed to sleep with Riddhima in her room as Shashank and Padma would accommodate the other guest room. And he had to sleep in his own room accompanied by Atul. He knew talking to her was necessary but the situation didn?t help him.
Next early morning she found him in her room and Anjali wasn?t seen around. She had just opened her eyes and seen him doing something in the wardrobe. She wanted to talk to him but even before she could say anything Anjali entered the room and her plans went down the drain. That is when even he noticed that she was now awake but it was of no use as nothing could be said in Anjali?s presence; so he simply took his stuff and walked out of the room.

He was about to go back to his room when Ananya stopped him midway. He saw both of their parents having some discussion and joined them as Ananya called him.
An: Armaan hum soch rahe the ki ek choti si pooja rakhe aaj. Riddhima abhi abhi itni badi beemari se uthi hai; aur aaj uska janam din bhi hai toh aaj ke din agar uske liye aur ghar ki khushi ke liye pooja rakhe toh bohot shub hoga.
A: Mom but that?s not possible.
An: Kyu possible kyu nahi hai?
A: Mom!! Pooja uske liye rakhvayenge toh Riddhima ka us main shaamil hona bhi jaruri hai na. Vo kaise vo sab handle karegi. Upar se vo hawan kund ki saari heat and dhue se use takleef hogi Mom. She?s still on medidcines! Aur fir sham ko bhi party hogi toh......
P: Haan beta hum sab jaante hai; par bas thodi hi der ki baat hai Armaan. Aur fir vo poore waqt baithi hi hogi;.
Bi: Haan Armaan; I don?t think she will have any kind of stress. I think it?s alright. Aur vaise bhi pooja ? ghante main puri ho jaayegi. Uske baad Riddhima poore din aaram karegi. Party toh sham ko hogi na Ammy.
A: Haan par....
Sh: Armaan hum samajhte hai tum Riddhima ke liye chintit ho aur hum dono is baat se kaafi khush hai ki tum humari beti ke liye itna soch rahe ho. Par beta; peechle dino itna kuch ho gaya hai; toh ye pooja ek tasalli ke taur pe hi poori ho jaane do. Riddhima itne bade khatre se bahar aayi hai; ye pooja usi ki salamati ke liye hai.
A: Theek hai.....aap sab agar theek samjhte hai toh mujhe bhi koi aitraaz nahi hai.
He gave into their wish as the pooja was meant for her health. The Pandit was called and arrangements were done. But the moment the Pandit said that the person for whom the pooja was; will have to fast Armaan downright rejected the idea. He came out straight that if the pooja would be held it would be without any fast or simply there would be no pooja at all.
Everyone agreed to his decision as anyways everyone knew that Riddhima wasn?t in a state to fast. So except for the fast everyone made all other arrangements quickly. Everyone was supposed to have breakfast after the pooja but Armaan had strictly instructed everyone that Riddhima wouldn?t be informed about the pooja till she had her breakfast.
Armaan couldn?t even spare a minute to meet her as the arrangements had doubled now; since he also had to organize thing for evening party and this on-the-spot planned pooja.
Riddhima too had hoped; that he would be with her for breakfast at least; but he hadn?t even entered her room once. Padma and Anjali were busy pampering her since the time she had woken up; and if that wasn?t enough Ananya and Rahul had too joined in soon! Shashank had got her a lot of chocolates like he used to in childhood. While Billy too was doing his best to make her smile!
As everyone was trying to cheer her up; she had plastered a constant fake smile on her lips which Armaan had perfectly read. Even Rahul knew that she wasn?t all that happy; but he was sure that Armaan would soon correct everything!
Quickly after the breakfast he walked inside the room and asked Anjali and Rahul to leave for a few minutes; and they obliged obviously after their teasing session.
Riddhima.....sab ne milkar decide kiya hai aur aaj ek choti si pooja rakhvayi hai abhi. Sab arrangements hi chal rahi thi bahar isi liye waqt nahi mila tumse aakaar milne ka; baat karne ka! Par tum baith paogi pooja main?
R: Par.....aise achanak pooja kyun?
A: Vo tumhara itna bada operation hua aura b tum theek ho gayi ho; toh tumhari achi tabiyat aur ghar ki such shaanti ke liye sabne socha pooja karna acha rahega. Par tum ye sab chodo.....bas mujhe batao kit um pooja main baith paaogi? Matlab tumhe dard ya takleef toh nahi ho rahi?
R: Umm....nahi; main baithungi pooja main........
A: Hmm....toh chale?
R: Abhi? Par.....mujhe kuch baat karni thi.......
A: Jaanta hu......mujhe bhi baat karni hai tumse lekin.......
He sighed as his dad came calling for them;
See......that?s the problem. Kal se baat karna chahta hu par shayad humara baat karne ka sahi waqt nahi aaya. Koi baat nahi.....chalo lets go. Sab intezar kar rahe honge.
He took her out on the wheel chair and settled her on the soft mattress that he had placed for the pooja specially for her. She had taken her dupatta which was wrapped around her properly and covered her head as she couldn?t wear a saree.
A: Jee Panditji; ye Riddhima hai.....isi ke liye karvani hai pooja. Aur haan please jara jaldi ho sake toh acha hoga.......
Aur Riddhima agar jara si bhi takleef hone laga toh immediately batna mujhe....
R: Hmm......


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