Sunday, 1 March 2015

part 42:I will bring my basket back

He sat down besides her and kept some wet stripes on her forehead as she still was very warm. She was in a deep slumber but was very much aware of his presence as she had held his hand in her tight grip. Her face depicted a satisfied look which gave him great relief.
After a while her temperature came down. Tucking her properly with the blanket he kept cleaning her forehead as she sweated. Shashank arrived soon and enquired Armaan about her health. But the satisfied look on her face was very much noticeable so he knew that somewhere she was content and relieved from her worries.
As she opened her eyes she looked up and smiled as she found him still sitting by her side holding her hand.
A: Heyy... neend poori hui ache se?
He touched her forehead to check and noticed that her temperature had gone down.
R: Hmm...
A: Good. Come get up now and freshen up. Fir hum dinner karne chalte hai.
R: Par abhi thodi der pehle hi toh...
A: 9:30! Raat ke saade nau baj rahe hai! Aur tumhari us thodi der ko almost 5 ghante poore ho jaayenge kuch der main. Toh ab behes mat karo aur fresh ho jao; vaise bhi tumhare liye kuch surprise hai.

R: Surprise? Kya surprise?
A: Vo tum jaake muh haath dho lo fir main batata hu.
He took her to the washroom and went out in the balcony to feel some fresh air.
As she walked out; she found Shashank and Padma waiting for her.
Sh: Riddhima; kaisi ho beta. Ye kya jid hai tumhari? Dekho ab bukar chad gaya na tumhe. Apna khaana kyun nahi khaaya waqt se; aur dawai bhi nahi li!
P: Vo toh acha hua kam se kam tumne Armaan ko toh kamre main le liya Riddhima varna pata nahi kya ho jaata?
R: Maa vo... main...
She looked up at Armaan for help but he just shrugged his shoulder agreeing with Padma.
P: Kya hai ye Riddhima? Tu khud ek doctor hai; aisa bachpana koi karta hai!
Sh: Par tumne itni laparvahi kaise ki Riddhima? Agar kuch ho jaata toh?
R: Vo Papa main toh bas...
He could see her fidgeting with her shirt as she had no answer to their questions. He knew that she had done that unintentionally as she was upset about his behavior and just wanted to be alone. So finally jumping in their conversation; he came for her help.
A: Vohi Riddhima. Tumhe aisa bilkul nahi karna chahiye tha!
She looked away as he said that but he sat down placing a hand on her shoulder.
A: Chalo koi baat nahi; promise ki aage se tum kabhi aisa nahi karogi! Nahi karogi na?
He held his hand out for her to promise and blinked her eyes at him assuring her that he understood everything and was there for her. Getting the cue she nodded her head and held his hand.
Shashank and Padma smiled at the duo as they were lost in each other's eyes.
P: Chalo fir; hum neeche chalte hai. Tum dono bhi khaana kha ke so jao. Aur agar kuch chahiye ho toh mujhe bata dena ok?
A: Jee Aunty; thank you.
 Both of them left the room while Riddhima kept wondering about what Padma said.
R: ko thanks kyun bola?
A: Hmm vohi toh surprise hai.
R: Kaisa surprise?
A: Main tumhe ek choti si dinner date pe leke jaa raha hu. Chalogi?
He extended his hand for her but she just kept staring at it.
R: Par Armaan...main kaise...
A: Kyun? Kya hua?
R: Main...Armaan main in kapdo main bahar nahi jaa sakti na. Aur tum jaante ho I can't wear a saree or...
A: Shhh... tumhe change karne ki koi jarurat hi nahi hai. Tum aise hi bohot khubsoorat lag rahi ho. Ab isse pehle ki humara surprise...I mean humara khaana thanda ho; chalo jaldi!
R: Par...
He sighed as she still retorted and next moment picked her up in his arms startling her.
A: Tumhe mujh pe bharosa hai Basket?
She instantly nodded her head.
A: Bas toh phir chalo mere saath. I assure you; you will like the surprise.
Nodding her head she held him around his neck tightly as he started walking out of the room. Bringing her upstairs he placed her down. All the while he had kept her busy in an eye lock; but as soon as he placed her down he indicated his hand towards something and she turned around to have a look.
She was stunned as she saw a small round table placed in the centre of the terrace. The table was decorated with rose petals and candles and some crockery was neatly placed around it. The terrace too had many candles lit around making the place look beautiful.
She was about to question him about all the arrangements but as she turned around he was seen nowhere around. She looked around for him when she found him walking in towards her with a jacket in his hands as he did not want her to catch cold or fever again. As soon as he reached her he held her hand up and slowly made her wear the jacket making sure she wasn't hurt in the process.
Once that she had the jacket on her he zipped it up and smiled down at her.
A: Toh kaisa laga surprise?
R: Par ye sab...kab kiya tumne? Tum toh poora waqt...
A: Padma mom aur Anji ne kiya ye sab. I mean I just told them what all I needed and they arranged everything.
 R: Par ye sab kis liye Armaan?
He held his ears and bowed his head down in reply.
A: I am very sorry Riddhima.
R: Armaaan...she removed his hands from his ears instantly.
Ye tum kya kar rahe ho? Maafi kyun maang rahe ho mujhse?
A: For making you cry. For sending you away. Tumhe yaha aise akele chodne ke liye. Aur tumhe na samjh pane ke liye.
R: Agar tum mujhe nahi samjhte Armaan; toh aur koi bhi nahi samajh sakta. Baat na samjhne ki nahi hai Armaan; sab jaankar mujhe dur karne ki hai.
Main naaraz nahi hu tumse; par hurt jaroor hu. Maana us raat ko mere us tarah ke response ki vajah se tum hurt hue par...tumne uske liye mujhe yaha kyun bhej diya Armaan.
Jo maine kiya vo galti se; as a reflex mujhse ho gaya. Main jaanti hu tum kabhi mujhe chot nahi pohocha sakte aur...
A: Nahi Riddhima; vo baat nahi hai. Maine us vajah se ye sab nahi kiya!
R: Toh phir mujhse dur kyun bhaag rahe the Armaan? Kyun peechle ek hafte se mujhe avoid kar rahe ho?
A: Riddhima main...
Mujhe laga jo bhi hua...uske baad shayad...
R: Shayad kya Armaan?
A: Shayad ...shayad mera tumhare paas rehna theek nahi. I mean...mujhe laga ki tum mere paas hone se uncomfortable ho jati ho.
Chahe jo bhi ho; hu toh main ek ladka hi na Riddhima; so I was just trying to give you your space. Maine socha aise waqt main shayad tumhe tumhari mom ki; Anji ki jarurat jyaada hogi.
Kuch baatein aisi hongi jo tum mujhse nahi keh sakti; par shayad unse keh paao. Tumne kaha nahi par tum bohot sehem gayi thi Riddhima; main bas tumhe tumhare shell se bahar nikalna chahta tha.
R: Aur tumne socha ki mujhse dur rehkar tum aisa kar sakte ho.
A: Nahi Riddhima par...
R: Par kya Armaan? Tum jaante bhi ho peechle ek hafte main maine tumhe kitna miss kiya hai! Shayad mujhe meri mom ki jarurat thi; meri di ki jarurat thi; par tumse dur rehne ki jarurat naa kabhi mujhe thi aur naahi kabhi hogi Armaan.
Tumse shayad main kuch keh nahi paati thi; par tum jab mujhe hug kar lete the toh mujhe kuch bhi kehne ya sunne ki jarurat hi nahi rehti thi. Tum ek baar mere sir pe pyaar se haath fer lete ho toh mujhe is baat ka ehsaas rehta hai ki koi hai jo humesha mere saath; mere paas hai!
Raat ko sote waqt jab tumhara haath mere haathon main hota hai toh mujhe koi dar nahi hota Armaan. Par peechle hafte se tumne mujhse mere saare sukoon cheen liye hai.
Kya haq banta hai tumhe aisa karne ka? Kya mila tumhe mujhse mere sukoon ko dur karke. Aur kis bevakoof ne tumse keh diya ki mera Armaan kabhi mujhe uncomfortable feel kara sakta hai?
You fool; main sabse jyaada secure aur relief kahi feel karti hu toh vo hai tumhari baahon main. Don't you know this by now?
A: Now I do know that very well. Aur ab kabhi bhi nahi bhulunga main ye baat.
 He wiped her tears and then clearing his own tears opened his arms for her. She walked ahead slowly and he pulled her up saving her steps taking her in a bear hug. He too didn't want to leave her and just wanted to be in her arms but his gaze fell on the table behind; so planting a soft kiss on her head he detangled her.
A: Chalo khaana kha lete hai varna thanda ho jaayega.
She nodded her head and genuinely smiled at him which felt like almost after an eternity. He made her settle down on the chair and sat right besides her instead of sitting in front of her. Grabbing the plate he placed all the yummy food items and then kept the plate in front of him. But the moment she raised her hand to pick the spoon he stopped her.
R: Kya hua?
A: Tum nahi khaogi!
R: Par...dinner ke liye hi toh laaye the na tum mujhe! Nahi khaungi toh kya karungi?
A: Tum sirf dekhogi!
R: Kya?
A: Ki main kis tarah tumhe khila raha hu. Aaj tum bas princess ki tarah baitho aur orders chodo. I will be at your service for the night; so allow me.
He bowed down in front of her asking her permission and she again gave him a smile which he returned happily.
He fed her all the delicious dishes with love while telling her all about the funny things that were going on around Sanjeevani these days just to see her smile again and again. She made  him eat too from the same plate which made him feel very much back to life; as this is what they used to do whenever he/she would be too tired of eating. They would just sit with a single plate feeding each other chit chatting about anything and everything; and within no time the food would get over.
As they were done with the dinner he offered her a chochlate and then was about to take her down but she stopped him.
R: Kuch waqt aur yaha nahi ruk sakte Armaan? Main vaha kamre main baithe baithe tang aa chuki hu. Yaha khuli hawa main tumhare saath kuch waqt baithna chahti hu.
A: Par Riddhima; it's a little windy here. Jyaada der ruke toh tumhe vapas bukhar chad jaayega.
R: Par tumne mujhe ye jacket di hai na. Aur mujhe bilkul thand nahi lag rahi! Infact mujhe yaha bohot acha lag raha hai. Please...kuch der aur.
A: theek hai. Par sirf kuch der okay.
R: Okay.
He was actually happy that she was insisting on doing something that she felt like doing. That was a sign; a clear one; that she was no more in her shell. Slowly she was coming out of it; leaving all those good for nothing memories behind.
She stood against the parapet watching the city lights and the moon which was shining brightly in the dark sky with few stars twinkling around it. There were some fireworks going on which grabbed her attention. Coming behind her; he stood with his hands on parapet from both her sides as if protecting her. His hands never touched her; but still that small gesture of his made her heart warm.
She was bust staring at the sky but suddenly she realized that he was unusually quiet and was lost somewhere.
R: Kya hua Armaan? Kaha khoye ho?
A: Main kuch yaad kar raha tha. Basket...tumhe ye sab dekhkar kuch yaad aa raha hai?
R: Uhuh...kya Armaan?
A: Humara first new year saath main! Remember hum aise hi terrace pe the us waqt. Tumse apne pyaar ka izhaar karvane ki koshish kar raha tha main; aur tum bas mujhse bhagne ki koshish kar rahi thi.
Pata hai; us din tumne kuch na keh kar bhi sab kuch keh diya tha. Tumhari aankhon ne vo izhaar kar diya tha mujhse jo tum nahi kar paa rahi thi.  

R: Hmm...tumhe kitni chot lagi thi us waqt us stupid bike race ki vajah se. Tumse bohot naaraj thi main. Kabhi sochte hi nahi the na tum; agar kuch ho gaya tumhe toh mera kya!
Par us raat ko mujhe bohot jarurat thi tumhari. Tumhari us haalat ko dekhkar; uspar tumhare taane sunkar main tut gayi thi. Par itna sab hone ke bavajud bhi bas yahi chahti thi ki ek baar tumhari ek smile dekh lu. Tumhe theek hota hua dekh saku; khush dekh saku.
Tumhe gale lagakar sab kuch bhul jaana chahti thi main. Apna sara gum bhula dena chahti thi. Isi liye jab tum upar aaye; toh mujhe yahi dar tha ki kahi apne dil ka haal bayaan na kar du. Aur isi dar se bas dur bhaagna chahti thi tumse.
A: Hmm...jaanta hu. Aur tab bhi jaanta tha. Isi liye toh us tarah haath dhokar tumhare peeche pada tha; ki ek na ek din shayad tum apni jid chod do; aur apni sacchi feelings bata do.
R: Toh bata do di na. Shayd kuch waqt ke baad par...
A: Kuch waqt?? Really?
She giggled at his cute complaint while he just was all ears to her musical laughter.
He kissed her cheek tightly and rubbed her arms feeling really happy to see her smile.
A: Jo bhi ho; it was worth it. Finally tum meri zindagi main ho that is all that really matters right?
R: Vaise aaj ye sab fireworks kyu hai Armaan? Aaj kya hai?
A: Haan vo...IPL chal raha hai na; toh kisi winning team ke fans ne celebrate karne ke liye jalaye honge patake.
R: Hmm...
A: Basket...
R: Hmm?
A: Ab hum yaha hai; date par aaye hai aur itni saari tayyari bhi hai; toh...
R: Toh?
He turned her around and extended his hand;
Would you like to dance with me Mrs. Armaan Mallik?
R: Armaan main... I can't...nahi kar paungi...
She looked down at her feet which were still injured and shrugged her shoulders feeling sad and helpless at the same time.
A: Arey? Aise kaise nahi kar paogi mere hote hue? Tum bas bolo; do you want to?
R: Haan...par...
A: Shh...bas toh fir why fear when Armaan's here? Hmm.
He extended his hand again and asked her to hold it blinking his eyes as if telling her to trust him. As he did that; without wasting a second more she held his hand and gave him a smile showing him that she trusted him completely.
Kissing her hand he put his other arm around her waist and in a swift movement placed her feet on his. Her hands went around his neck instantly holding him for support as she stood face to face; at his level now as she stood on his feet. He was amazed for a moment as he saw colour rise to her cheek and her eyes casted down as they were in a close proximity after a long time.
Kissing her cheeks one by one and holding her through her waist; he swayed making her sway along. She rested her head against his chest and relaxed in his hold.
R: Armaan...
A: Hmm?
She looked up at him and just kept staring into his eyes.
A: Kya hua?
R: I love you Armaan.
A wide smile spread across his lips as she confessed her love for him.
A:  I love you too Jaan.
She hid her face in his neck while he nuzzled her neck caressing her head. Both of them felt content to be in each other's arms and were enjoying each other's presence.
A: Tumhare sir main vegera dard toh nahi ho raha na? Abhi abhi bukhar utra hai; toh body main pain toh nahi ho raha?
R: Uhuh...
A: Pakka?
R: Hmm...
A: Theek hai. Vaise main soch raha tha ki kal...
Riddhima tum sun rahi ho?...
She did not respond neither did she show any movement; so he bent down and found her eyes closed and her breath were shallow; which meant she was probably sleeping.
He couldn't believe that she had actually fallen asleep in his arms that too in a standing position itself. Nonetheless chuckling at her he placed a small kiss on her head and picking her up took her down exactly the way he had brought her up.


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