Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Part 44: You actually love me or ...

She said and ran towards the door and open the door as till the time muskii and nikki smiled at her red face as she opened the door they get surprise as boys were there the most surprise was armaan not surprise as he was his riddhima standing him in front of his eyes looking completely different in
her Western Attire, he was completely boled off seeing her that sight of hers as the body hugging sleeveless top and slim fitted jeans makes her more beautiful and his mouth opened in ''o'' shape after seeing her like that only in front of his own eyes. Armaan was not surprise as he was  shocked seeing his riddhima standing him in front of his eyes looking completely different in her Western Attire, he was completely boled off seeing her that sight of hers as the body hugging sleeveless top and slim fitted jeans makes her more beautiful and his mouth opened in ''o'' shape after seeing her like that only in front of his own eyes. As her long hairs were opened playing with her face he was feeling that he was falling in love with her all over again and riddhima was feeling very much shy as she feels his piercing gaze upon herself, she feels she will burn under his passionate gaze if he keep on staring at her like this and here armaan was not at all in his senses, he is just looking towards riddhima without breaking his trance and then their friends who were till now looking both if them and was admiring the cute and love expressions on their friends face and enjoyed but then finally they have to butted in seeing their lovey dovey moment going on and on and then muskaan reacted first and she went towards him and
Mu :"hero muh bandd kar le varna makhi chale jaayegi kab se muh khole khada hai"
And that brings armaan back to reality from riddhima's eyes as he was looking at her in "awe" and as he shifted his gaze riddhima lowered her eye lashes with  red cheeks and
Ni:"vaise armaan humein poochne kii jarurat nahin hai kii ridzi kaisi lag rahii hai terii aankhein aur teraa chehra sab keh rahaa hai yar"
She said teasing him and armaan smiled and before armaan can reply anything
Ab:"well nikki aaj armaan kya hum bhi riddhima ko iss rup meiin dekhh kar completely shocked hai kyoon rahul?"
He asked rahul while winking at him and rahul nods while grinned and
Ra:"han abhie sahii kahaa tune riddhima humein nahin pata tha kii aap itnii sundar hai riddhima"
He  praised her along with abhie and riddhima thanked both of  them before  she can say anything more to them armaan grabbed the attention
Ar:"kya matlab hai teraa raool merii riddhima humesha se hii itnii sundar hai"
Ab:"han vahii tou kaha naa hummein armaan yar par kabhie dhayan hii nahin diyya humnein yar"
And armaan grabbed his collar while saying to him in irritated voice
Ar:"kya matlab hai abhie dhayan se nahin dekha tune koi zarurat nahin hai co merii riddhima hai mai ose dhayan se dekhh loonga aur sharma kar she is your BHABHI samjha tuu  aur nikki dekhh iskaa hal teree saamne hii merii riddhima kee baare meiiin yeh sab batein kar rahaa hai yeh"
He said immediately like a possessive boy friend and lover making everyone chuckled with his words that was so much expected from him after all he is ARMAAN MALLIK MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIS RIDDHIMA, and then everyone start laughing armaan looked at them annoyingly and then he looked at his  who was looking at him with all the Love she holds for him and then he placed his hand over her shoulder while saying to them
Ar:"grow up guyss bekar se jokes mat kiyya karoo try something new"
He said understanding they were just teasing him and then
At:"vaise guyss humein kya doors par khade hokar batein karne kii koi punishment mill hai kal hotel kii lobby meiin, raat ko armaan kee room kee diir par  aab yahan par chalo aandar seriously (he said and everyone  made their way in side the room) vaise ridzi tuu seriously bahut sundar lag rahii hai"
And then he continued and complimented riddhima and riddhima and armaan  both smiled he is most genuine person ever and riddhima thanked him
Ri:"thanks so much atul"
And then finally everyone walked in and like this all fun and masti gang did their breakfast in this manner, talking with each-other, pulling each-other's leg and enjoying with each-other completely and doing romance and giving and sharing little moments with their respective partners especially armaan who all the time nit even for a second shifted his gaze from his jaan and like yhe night dinner he refused to ate with his own hands and then finally riddhima has to feel him his food lovingly, and all the time he was kissing his jaan's fingers playing with her hair locks sometime and while feeding  her he was caressing her lips  his thumb making her shiver as well glare this is something she never imagined he will do in front of everyone she did not deny she enjoyed these litle gestures of his showing he loved her so much but she is lucky enough that no one saw that little moment.
After getting over from the breakfast they decided to go near the swimming pool side of hotel itself as it was very nice day  with loving and superb weather itself, and as decided they will met at pool side itself, boys went to their room to grab their necessary things, and riddhima moved to her room and followed by armaan who was actually waiting for some moment with her, as riddhima was picking her mobile and other necessary things she was hugged by armaan from behind, who engulfed her in his arms holding her petite waist in his hands while his face was rubbing on her bare arm making her shiver under his touch, first she was startled with this sudden hug but then she smiled and holds his arms which was on her petite waist and armaan brushed his nose on her bare arm while his hairs were caressing her nape
Ar:"tumhe pata hai jaan aaj tum kitni khoobsoorat lag rahii hoo"
He said while placing a soft kiss on her bare arm
Ri:"sachii meiin armaan you like it i thought may be mujhe western attire zyada suit naa karen armaan mai actually shuru se hii kam pehnati hun naa western wears and all"
She said making him smile at her innocence and honesty he knows his jaan was always a shy and INDIAN girl who normally wears INDIAN clothes and he agrees she looked beautiful and innocent in her salwars and he falls for her what she  has actually and somewhere deep knows today she changed herself for him only, otherwise nothing is important for her more than his happiness she knows he loved to watch her in dresses and all
Ar:" tumhe andaza bhi nahin hai jaan kii tum kitni sundar dikhh rahii ho iss dress meiin you are looking ravishingly beautiful in this jeans and top which is actually enhancing your beauty jaan aur i know yeh aaj merii riddhima  ne mere liyye pehna hai naa kyoon jaan?"
He said while placing a soft tender kisses on her bare arms while holding her tight from her waist and riddhima smiled what else she wants for who she actually get ready complimented her and she turned and faced him while hugging him tight as she said
Ri:"han sirff aapnein armaan kee liyye pehna hai maine yeh sirff ooske liyye"
She said as she loved him so much as he loved her back and he can read her like a open book and armaan after few minutes de tangled her from himself while he just looked at her and riddhima followed his gaze as he was looking at her lips,she blushed profusely and then she slowly slapped his cheek making him break his gaze from her lips as it was arousing her badly just his gaze was enough to gave goose bumps all over her skin and armaan smiled and jolds her wrist as he turned to go and as riddhima looked at him with confusion in her eyes armaan pulled her more closer to himself that she banged in his rock hard chest
Ri:"armaan kya tum?"
But she was shushed with armaan's finger on her lips as he said
Ar:"nahin jaan i did not get my morning kiss tum binaa diyye hii gayab hoo gayyi subhaa yar"
He said while caressing her lips with his thumbs making riddhima shivered
Ri:"sorry armaan mai"
But before she continued her lips were caught by his as he smacked his lips over hers taking her into a heated frenzy, as he knows what she was going to say so he start kissing her and riddhima was shocked in start as she was not expecting this sudden kiss so her eyes were big with shock but feeling armaan kissing her hungrily she gave in the kiss as he was kissing her passionately and both kissed each-other passionately and then after kissing each-other like till eternity both break the kiss feeling out of breath and they both joined their for heads with each-other, their noses were touching with each-other and both were panting very hardly after their kiss and then armaan whispered
Ar:"i love you"
He said in between his heavy breaths and riddhima smiled and she replied back
Ri:"i love you"
And spending some more time like this riddhima finally placed a kiss in armaan's nape
Ri:" armaan tumhe tumhare kapde aaram se mill gayye the?"
She asked him as she is not in room when he wake up and get ready
Ar:"yes biwii bilkul aapnein itnee clearly rakhe the after all"
He smiled seeing her care and replied while placing a kiss in her hairs making her smile 
Ri:"vaise armaan you are looking so much handsome today"
She complimented him as he was indeed looking so much handsome in his black casual tee shirt with pair of jeans
Ar:"sirff aaj roz nahin lagta  kya jaan?
He said teasing her and making her smile and she pecked both his cheeks
Ri:"well meraa armaan tou humesha hii bahut handsome lagta hai itnaa kii i feel i fall in love all over again with his charms bas aaj meraa armaan binaa bandage kee hai naa tou bahut handsome lag rahaa hai."
She said as matter of fact as armaan today was without sny bandage and all looking so much handsome like her Armaan so she kissed his cheeks once aGain and armaan smiled
Ar:" aww mera bachaa"
He hugged her while flashing his dimpled smile feeling her love for himself and riddhima  hugged him back and then riddhima as placed one more kiss on his chest followed by armaan's kiss on her hairs and as armaan de tangled her from himself saying
Ar:"i love you jaan aab chalein neeche nahin tou sab fir se bahut tease karenge"
And riddhima smiled and pecked his for head while whispering to him
Ri:"i love you too sweetheart, armaan yahan se jaakar please gharr par bat karoge?"
She asked and armaan smiled seeing her face and hearing her sudden confession of being with him he can understand her and  he placed soft kiss on her head saying
Ar:"haan jaana"
And he nods and then they both moved downstairs along with riddhima and both reached near poolside and as both were not having any mood os swimming and all they sat by pool hands in hands and was waiting for their friends to join them  yes all the gang is still not there and both were wondering where they were but then riddhima while holding his hands in hers saying
Ri:" armaan aaj koi bhi nahin aya hai aab tak naa strange"
Armaan smiled and kissed at the nook of her forhead saying 
Ar:" well jaana don't worry aaj at least humein tou tease nahin kar paayenge nahin tou kal se humare hii peeche pade hue hai sab kee sab naa jaana"
He said engulfing her in side hug as riddhima placed her head on his shoulder
Ri:" han yeh tou hai armaan pata hai anjie sab nee mujhe subhh bhi bahut tease kiyya tha jab mai oonke room meiin gayyi thi iss WETERN WEAR kee liyye sab keh rahein the kii maine tumhare liyye pehna aur sab armaan subhh se"
She said to him with a cute pouted face and armaan smiled seeing her cute pouted face and then she realised what she said as armaan kissed her cheeks
Ar:" achaa tou merii jaan ko ooski best friends ne bahut tease kiyya han?"
He asked naughtily while placing a kiss in her hairs and making her blushed at her own words and she hide her face in his shoulder making him smile
Ar:" well jaan vaise achaa hii hai gang der se aye tab tak let me do romance with my darling wife kyoon biwii hoo jaaye han jaana han?"
He said while leaning towards her and caressing her cheeks with his lips
Ri:" armaan"
She blushed profusely and whispered his name and as armaan saw her cheeks he has that million dollar smile on his face seeing her flushed red cheeks and before they can do anything they heard muskaan's loud voice and she looked at them and armaan placed a kiss on her nape as she looked in direction of muskaan's voice before she can say him anything they saw muskaan approaching them following by rahul and all the other gang after them abhie and nikki and atul and anjali after them and seeing them riddhima waved at them and as they all reached near them they actually was surprised seeing RIddhima and Armaan was there before them and abhie could not help but to ask him so he just asked armaan in his surprising voice
Ab:"kya bat hai armaan aaj tuu aur riddhima yahan par sabse pehle baat kya hai hai?"
He asked while winking at him and armaan knows him very well so this time
Ar:" vo kya haii naa abhi aab aagar tum sab romance meiin busy ho tou time par kaisr aaoge aur hum aisee nahin hai hunare liyye friends bahut important hai so mai aur merii jann bilkul time par hai see"
An:" chalo naa guyss let ys sit at pool side naa what say guyss?""
He said this time teasing all of them completely and all the six blushed and today they did not dare to tease them back and anjali changed the topic and armaan smirked seing their flushed faces and with anjali's suggestion which was actually more than a rescue the nodded and they just went towards the pool side and sat there with respective partners and they enjoyed there with each-other completely having gala time with each-other and they were sitting there they received a inviation from hotel's staff for the party which was going to held in hotel's ball room it was going to be couple's party and everyone thrilled hearing this 
Ab:"vaoww yar party chal achaa hai raat meiin enjoy karenge kyoon?"
Ra:" han bilkul sqhii kaha abhi ne aur vaise bhi couple party hai so it will be going to fun"
Mu:" han kankhjure sahii kahaa tune bahut maza aaayega kyoon anjie?"
An:" han bilkul after all party kisee pasand nahin hai and i am tou love parties."
At:" han sahii kaha anjie nee yar aur trip par party tou humnein plan nahin karii jab vo mill rahii hai it will be surely fun"
Ni:" han atul right aab tou maza aa jaayega trip kaa holiday kii holiday aur masti kii masti with partner vaise riddhima?"
They all agrred and get excited for the party and nikki called riddhima who along with armaan till now reaing the card invitaion card which was given by hotel people for the party and heaing niki's all for riddhima armaan answered instead of riddhima
Ar:" don't worry nikki hum dono aayenge after all couple party hai tou aisaa kaise ho sakta hai kii mai  naa aaoon aapni jaaan kee saath kyoon riddhima?"
He asked whie planting a kiss on riddhima's hands making her blushed and she nods shyly and
Ar:" so guyss be raedy for today's party merii jaan bhi man gayyi hai"
All:" yes it will be going to fun in tonight we rocks after all yar"
They said excitedly and riddhima who smiled at their excitment grabbed their attention saying
Ri:"guyss merii baat soono party kee liyye dress code hai yar and taht too formals"
She said and all looked at her "FORMALS" it was going to be problem after all who get formal clothes on vacation
At:" aab kya karen yeh tou problem ho gayyi hai yar formal tou hai nahin hum meiin se kisii kee pas bhi"
Mu:" aur nahin tou kya yeh hotel vaale bhi gadhe hai poore kya zarurat thi dress code rakhne kii?"
Ni:" hmm. aur nahin tou kya kitna man tha party attend karne kaa"
Ab:"aur nahin tou kya  vo bhi yeh couple party attend karne kaa"
All said with low faces and armaan looked at their low faces and then he
Ar:" han tou karenge naa hum party attend muh kyoon latka rakha hai tum sab nee?"
He said making all of them looked at him with confusion riddhima was the one who reacted
Ri:" par armaan kaise yahan clearly invitation card par "FORMALS" likha hua hai"
She said showing him the card and armaan took the acre and placed it aside while holding her from her shoulder
Mu:" oye hro teree pas koi idea hai tou bol yeh romance tuu aapnein room meiincontine karnaa"
She sad getting impatient seeing armaan's cool beahve and armaan smiled
Ar:" areey yar muskii tum sab kyoon tension le rahein ho SHOPPING kaa nam nahin unaa kya tum sabne we will go fir shopping and then we will surely enjoy the party in total "FORMAL CLOTHES"
He said making everyone smiled and riddhima looked at him he is surely someone solves everything in seconds
Ra:" vah armaan tunee minton meiin saari problem solve kar dii yar"
An:" off course rahul  isiliyye tou yeh mera best friend ahi armaan tuu sabse aalag hai yar sahii meiin" 
They all apperciated him and armaan bowed in front of them saying
Ar:" well vo tou mai hun and tahnks gor the apperciation aab rahul tuu aur atul jaoge naa girls kee saath shopping par as i and abhi tou hate shopping kyoon Modii what say yar?"
He said and abhimanyu nodded aggreing with her as he hates shopping taht too with girls
Ra:" kyyon bahii mai aur champ hii kyoon jaayen shopping par hum akele hii kyoon yeh saza ken shopping kii?"
Rahul was the one who oppossed the idea while atul did not mind at all as he liked shopping doing for himself
Ar:"well MR.RAOOOL GREWAL shatad aap bhull rahein hai kii yahn par aap hii hai jinhin muskii kee laaye kapdon meiin sabse zyada problem nazar tou aapko tou jaaana hii padega and as far champ is considered we all know he like to shop for himself"
Armaan cleared his opinion making atul nods and rahul frowned
Mu:" han sahii kahaa hai tunee hero yeh kakhujure koo mere laaye kapdon meiin oroblem hii honein vaali hai"
Ra:"han tou pata nahin kya oothakar laayegi tuu green shirt no ways yar"
He said making a bad face and nuskaan also showed him tongue
Ab:'han tou isiliyye hum tujhe jaane bol rahein hai kyonki mujhe nikki kee laaye kapde oehnane meiin koi dikkat nahin hai aur armaan kii tou tuu sochiyo bhi mat hum sab jaante hai riddhima bhabhi armaan kee liyye girish pink colour kaa bhi kuchh laayengi jokii bo aisaa kuchh nahin laayyengi hum sab jaante hai vo bhi vo bahut hii pyaar se pehen legaa isiliyye tuu  jaa"
As abhi's words registered in riddhima 's ears as dhe feels armaa's gaze on herself she blushed and feels lucky to have him in his life as abhie is tight ehatever she choose for him he will wear and then rahul
Ra:" well fine chalo girls chal champ shopping par chalein hum"
He said and all laughed seeing his face and then abhie said
Ab:" aurarmaan hum chalte hai game khelne what say you and me armaan"
He said and armaan nodded with a smile saying to him
Ar:"yea bilkul aab hum tou rnjoy karen bechara raool tou shopping par jaa rahaa hai girls kee saath"
They actually said to taese rahul and rahul just leave from there saying
Ra:" dekhh loonga saloo tum dono koo mai mujhe fansa diyya naa"
And everyone laughed seing him and leaves to get their wallets from room to go for shopping and riddhima was stuffing her phone in her clutch and in mean while she handled armaan's medicine  and made him eat and then she asked armaaan that
Ri:"armaan mai tumhare liyye kya laonn jaan achaa hota kii tum bhi mere saath chalte"
She said after giving him medicine and cheking her clutch after putting her phone in it armaan smiled and then snaked his arms around her slender waist saying
Ar:"well jaan youa know naa i don't love sgopping its so boring aur vaise bhi merii jaan mere liyye joo bhi laayegi i know i look perfect in that"
He said while placing a kiss in her nape making her smile and then she just to tease him
Ri:" i know armaan taht you fon't love shopping par fir tum huamri shaadi kii shoppin meiin bhi nahin aaoge mere saath."
She said and armaan makes her turn from her face still her back sas facing him
Ar:" ahan someone is alraey looking and planning for wedding han jaan naa?"
He saud while taesng her as well looking in her eyes making her turning bet root red with his words and riddhima just
Ri:" armaan"
and armaan kissed her in between her neck and chin amking her gaso seeing her blush
Ar:"well don't worry jaan tab mai tumhare saath chalonga after all tab tou mujhe merii dulhan koo sajan hogaa naa"
He said while planting akiss on her chin making her blushed and smiled at the same time hearing DULHAN HIS DULHAN
Ri:" i love you armaan love you so very much jaan"
She said while caressing his cheeks making him smile wide and
Ar:" love you too jaan aur vaise aagar tumhe mere liyye kuchh laana hii hai touMERII JAANA Koo lanaa jaldi se mai ooske binaa zyada der nahin reh sakta you see so please aa jaana only then i am letting you go please"
He said while pecking once again in her nape and riddhima smiled and caressed his hairs and then as she detangled herself ad turn to go when armaan holds her wrist once again and pulled her closer to him this time his hands were locking on her tummy as he placed his chin on her shoulder from behind and
Ri:''armaan mai aa jaongi jaldi mai bhi kahan tumse dur reh sakti hun but sweeheart aagar jaldi vaapis ana hai tou jaana bhi padega naa jaldi jaan vaise bhi mai tumhe saath lekar jaana chahti thi but you are not in mood so never mind but mujhe bhi jaana please leave me i promise i will be come back sooon jaan par please mujhe abhie aap chodiye naa sweetheart''
She said while rubbing his cheek with hers as he was near her cheek
Ar:''hmm jaan but darling aap kuchh bhull rahii hai isliyye rouka maine naa
He said makig her confust at hiw words and armaan smiled and
He said while forwarding his credit card in front of her eyes and riddhima
Ri:''armaan lekin mai''
But she is cut short with armaan's finger on her lips as he said to her
Ar:''aab yeh mat kehna shaadi kee bad tum ise use karogi (as she nodded her head in assent armaan placed a kiss in her hairs) nahin jaan aab mai humare beech meiin koi farak nahin rakhna chahata not for name sake even you know i love you so very much aur mujhe sirff society kee liyye aab tumse shaadu karni hai aur humari khushi kee liyye bhi par jaan aagar tum ise use karogi tou mujhe bahut khsuhi hoggi jaana par aagar tum nahin chahti tou i will not mind riddhima but still i want you to use it as MINE''
He said making her smile and he thinks amy be she did not like or accept his credit card so as he take hs hand back she took it from her hands saying
Ri:''i love you armaan too aur aisa kabhie ho sakta hai kii mere armaan ko kisii bat se khushi mille aur mai vo naa karun aur moreover aaj mujhe tumhare liyye bhi tou kapde kharidne hai so bye jaa love you thanks for credit card jaan''
She said and peked his both cheeks and then she leaves picking her thinks making armaan smile at her actions and he shuted as he saw her reaching near the door
Ar:''dhayan se jaana''
She turned and gave him a smile while armaan blowed her a kiss and she left. In evening all the girls with rahul and atul come back from shopping with lots of shoppers in their hands while the girls have a big smile adoring their faces after all they girls and had their shopping and atul is also smiling and cracking the jokes with them following a very much sulking rahul whose hands is covered with big shoppers seeing him armaan and abhie who enjoyed every bit in their absence, playing video games, chatting with each-other passed a grinning look to each-other seeing rahul's face and they knows he is the one who get highest shopping bill and then in order to tease
Ar:''areey vah guyss tum log aa gayye aao kya bat hai jaldi nahin ho gayi shopping kyoon muskii yar aaj zyada jaldi finish ho gayya tumhara kam?''
He asked from muskaan delibrately making rahul glare at him
Mu:''han yar hero 1 tou yeh kankhjura jaldi karo kar rahaa tha oopar se terii yeh riddhima guyss jaldi karoo armaan kii sham kii medicines kaa time ho jaayega''
She replied with a frown and everyone smiled and slumped on the bed and couch leaving shoppers in the floor and armaan smiled hearing this as she loved him so much while riddhima blushed feeling his gaze upon herself
Ab:''achaa vaise rahul tuu kaafi thaka hua lag rahaa hai tere liyye kuchh order karen kyaa yar?''
He asked teasing him as he saw armaan is so much lost in riddhima
Ra:''han han uda lo mazak tum dono 1 tou vaise bhi mera bheja fry ho rahaa hai inn girls kee saath shopping karke oopar se tere aur armaan ko mujhe pareshan karna hii soojh raha hai had hai tum logon kii''
Rahul finally said feeling completely irriatated and then muskaan replied
Mu:''kya atlab hai tera humare saath shopping karke bheja fry''
She said ith a frown and rahul gupled hearing her and armaan and abhi both grinned especiallly abhi seeing rahul's state and rahul sighed his day not at all and then befire this argument leads further riddhima butted in
Ri:''achaa guyss soono its alreay 6o' clock i think aab humein fresh hokar ready hona chahiye 8o'clock kii tou party hai aab ready honein jaayege tabhie sab ready ho paayenge so iguess we should move in our rooms''
She said as tehy are still in girls room and rahul sighed in relief she saved his neck from muskaan and everyone nodded thinking she is right, if they starts now then only they will be get ready on time so anjali replied that
An:''yes girls ridzi is right chalo room meiin tabhie time par ready ho paayenge''
And both nikki and muskaan nodded and then while nikki saying
Ni:''theek hai guyss hum tumhe 80'clock milte hai bye''
And the trio leaves and then when riddhima is about to leave followed by armaan rahul called her while saying a thanks to her for saving him
Riddhima turned and faced him
Ri:''jii rahul''
Ra:''thanks riddhima mujhe muskaan kee gusse se bachane kee liyye nahin tou band bajti merii aaj couple party meiin aur yeh mere inn kameene doston kii meherbani hotii after all a very very thanks to you riddhima''
He said whie galring at both armaan and abhie who grinned shamelessly and riddhima smiled hearing rahul's words and then she replied to him
Ri:''its ok rahul aab aap log bhi ready ho jayiye otherwise humein der hogi''
She said and rahul nodded and then she is about to leave when armaan
Ar:''han raool merrii jaan kii help tuu bad meiin bhi le lenaa abhi ready ho jaa''
And he grinned and riddhima shook her head her fun loving she loved him so much and then as she moved out of the room armaan quickly followed her mumbling bye to boys who laughed  and as they entered in room armaan locked the door and hugged riddhima in rib crushing hug, riddhima is taken back with his sudden hug and the shoppers fell from her hands but neverthelss he responds  the hug and armaan
Ar:''i miss you jaan so much tum itnaa time laga diyya''
He complained while nuzzling in her side hairs making her smile and
Ri:''i miss you too bas you see muskii aur anjie kitna time lagati hai select karne meiin naa  i am sorry tumhe bahut wait karna padaa naa so sorry jaan''
She said while caressing his hairs and armaan then de tangled her and buried his face in her nape kissed her there as lingering his lips there
And as his breaths kissing her there she shivered and then she mumbled
Ri:''i love you''
And armaan moved towards her chin while nuzzling with nose and placing kisses he loves her so much that he can not think anything without her and then he reached near her lips and  first nuzzled his nose on her lips and then he looked in her green alomond eyes and then riddhima closed her eyes whil wrapping her arms around his neck and then armaan knows her clue and the next moment she feels his lips upon hers and as he start kissing her passionately, sucking her lips and chewing her lips nibbling her lips lower ones making her gasp in pleasure and she strat responding his kiss while nibbling his upper lips, chewing them and sucking them and armaan the switched to her upper lips allowing her to suck his lower ones, they keep on kissing each-other passionaely and armaan ask for enterance and riddhima gave him and their tongues entered in each-other's mouth, exploring every corner of their mouths and swallowed each-other's salive and all the time riddhima's nails were digging in his neck's skin while one was wrapping against his neck and armaan keeps on tracing her nape with one and anoth free hand was pulling from her slender waist and finally they broke the kiss as the need of oxygen win and armaan joined his forhead with hers as they both are panting completely and then after catching their breaths armaan traced his fingers on her face and kissing on her fohead
Ar:''jaan dekho mai tumhare binaa kuchh der bhi nahin reh paata hun mai kaise rahunga Mumbai jaakar tumhare binaa kya hun engagement nahin directly shaadi kar sakte hai please jaan i can not live without you i will be die''
He siad in so much innocent voice riddhima making her open her eyes and she immediately shushed him by placing her finger on his lips preventing him to say further shaking her head in no and armaan smiled and then she
Ri:''han armaan jaise aap chahte hai vaise hii karenge hum bas aisii bat mat kijiye aap please aaoke binaa merii zindagi ka bhi koi wazood nahin hai''
She said making him smiled and he nodded and he said
Ar:''nahin karunga jaan i promise''
Ri:''pakaa naa armaan''
She asked like a innocent kid
Ar:''han baba pakka''
And he dropped a kiss in her hair
Ri:''i love you armaan''
Ar:''love you too merii jaan''
And they hugged each-other tightly feeling solace in each-other's arms.
Its 80'clock
Armaan was pacing in the hotel lobby waiting for is love as he is completely ready and there rahul and atul is accompanying him as they are also ready and the girls are taking ages and abhie who can never be on time
Ra:''yeh ladkiyan bhi naa kabhie time par nahin aa sakti''
At:''bilkul sahii kahaa''
As rahul said atul also joined him saying he is right just armaan did not say anything as he knows if his jaan is taking time to get ready it's his fault only as he remembered after that kiss how he get cozy with her naughty with her and did not let her do anything and when finally she managed to get him dressed up in party clothes, he once again throws tantrums as he said to button his shirt and when she start doing he start placing kisses not hearing her any pleading and that takes riddhima almost half an hour to just button his shirt and then finally enough of his naughtiness she finally throw him out of the room and armaan smiled remembering the moments, how she blushed with his touch and affects just with the blow of his on her hairs.
Ra:''yeh lo aa gayyi girls''
As rahul said he saw anjali, nikki and muskii walked looking beautiful in their long party gowns and atul and rahul is drooling over their partners while abhie is already holding nikki's hands, he smiled seeing his friends
An:''areey armaan ridzi nahin ayi abhie tak vo tou kabhie time nahin letii''
She said knowing her friend she will always on time and armaan
Ar:''vo anjie actually''
But his words stuck in his mouth as he saw his princess coming wearing a beautiful white saree looking just like an angel his angel and he just feels he falls for her all over again and riddhima reached near them she has her eyes lowered as she feels his intense gaze upon herself and seeing her everyone praised her, she actually looking every much pretty in that white net saree suiting her white milky skin and her long hairs were left open as her armaan liked in that way only and she thanked them and then they finally moved towards the party hall hands in hands armaan forwards his hand which she accepted with a blush and they both looked heavenly as armaan complimented her in her choice's clothes wearing a pair of suit with red dress shirt looking like a greek god as they start moving towards party hall
She just called him to say something when armaan just stated
Ar:''yeh kya pehen liyya hai riddhima tumne aaj party kee liyye?''

Nikita singla

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