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Recap- Plan for Padma's birthday, Shashank And Padma Spend some time together, AR Moments, New Arrivals.

Armaan Moved towards the gang engulfing Riddhima and going a little closer to her said.

Armaan - hame nahi milwaogi Riddhima tumhare Gang se? Common Ye toh sirf one sided introduction hua!

Armaan gave a half curled smile to the four people in front of him.he extended his hand and clasped it with kash. KaSh on the other hand was lost in Armaan's gorgeous eyes and kept staring at him. Shaking his hand a Lil he left hers and shaked everyone's hand.

Riddhima- of course how can I forget! Guys meet my new gang here! This is Anjali, Atul, Rahul, Muskaan, Sapna Shanaya Mayuuu I.e Mayank andddd Armaaann...

KaSh - Oye hoyeee armaan, jaise ladkiyo ke dilonke armaan. Naam bhi kya perfect rakha he!

Riddhima instantly looked at KaSh though she loved her. She could not help feeling jealous. Riddhima moved in a step closer to armaan. And side hugged him. The four looked at her questioningly.

Riddhima- woh.. Aur hann.. Mere aur armaan ke Raaste abh Ek hi he.. We are.. We are in love

Armaan's happiness and smiles knew no bounds! He could not control his mouth which twitched in a smile soooo big. He pulled riddhima closer in the side hug and kissed her on the forehead. All the people in the room along with Riddhima's new arrived friends hooted as the couple smiled and blushed. But Riddhima noticed aaravs face that fell. She quiet well knew the reason behind it. And quickly looked at armaan but he was looking else where. Armaan though showed that he wasn't aware of the fact but had clearly seen aarav's face and it confused him.
Kash- oh noo!!! This is not fare yaar! Hamesha whenever I think a guy is cute! He falls for you and tu usse pakadleti he! Huh!

Armaan looked at Riddhima a little confused so did the others. Shaan understood the tensed atmosphere and tried to clear it up!

Shaan- aur Nahi toh kya! Mere Peeche KaSh Itni Pagal he ke kya kehena!
Kash- say what? Please apna khayali Pulao pakana band Karo!

Everyone chuckled at it but armaan still remembered what she had said and made a mental note of asking Riddhima about it later.

Riddhima- guys guys! Woh sab chodo! Mujhe Ye Batao ke tum sab yaha kaise! Woh bhi shimla me!
Aarav- Jaaneman! Aapse Milne Ka Mann Kiya toh Hume Koi RoK Sakta he kya? Saath Samundar Paar me tere peeche peeche Agaya!
Riddhima- oh shutupppp Aarav! Pata he you are an exceptional singer par tum Ek bhi mouka Nahi chodte na? Flaunt karne ka?
Aarav- Ji bilkul Nahi Ji!

Riddhima Smacked Aarav playfully but at the same time Noticed Armaan's arm tightening around her waist. She blushed at his touch. Which Aarav took as something else but Riddhima knew armaan well. She slid her arm around his waist and encircled it around him. Calming him down instantly. For a fraction of second Riddhima looked at him and he smiled down at her with all the love he had for her in this world. Aarav stood there looking at Riddhima blushing. Without understanding it was not for him and missing the moment AR shared.

Riddhima- Guys Tumlog ne abhi tak Nahi Bataya! Tumlog yaha kab kaha kaise!?
Shaan- Woh Bhai Hum Padma Aunty ke paranthe miss Kar rahe the!
Riddhima: Ohh toh ye baat hai. Saare bhukkad agaye parathe khaane.
Monica: haaww!!! Ridddi did you just call me bhukkad???
Shaan: Dil Tod diya tune humara
He said in a mock sad tone.
Riddhima: Bas ho gayi tumlogo ki nautanki. Chalo sab jaldi mujhe decorations mein help Karo. Atul Tum aur Anjie dining table sajaao. Baaki sab voh rahe decorations Kaam pe lag jaao.
KaSh: ghar aaye guests se aise behave nahi karte ridzz.
Shaan: Itni mehenat karke tumhe sab sikhaya tha yaar ridz sab bhool gayi.
Arav: bas Karo yaar tum sab kyu usse itna tang kar rahe ho..
Riddhima: Thanks Aarav tum hi mere sacche dost ho.
Muskaan: Oye MATLAB hum tere dost nahi hai??.
Mayank: Oho!! Hume bhool gayi Riddhima??
Atul: dost dost na raha pyaar pyaar na Raha..
Rahul&Mayank(joining Atul): zindagi hume tera aitbaar na raha. Dost dost na raha pyaar pyaar na raha.
Riddhima.: Shut up everyone kya bachpana laga rakha hai main jaa Rahi hu.

Even though she was glaring at everyone as soon as she turned away from them she smiled and entered the kitchen.

Arav,: Dekho tumne usse rula diya.
Shaan:Are arav tu bhool gaya kya.. voh blkul theek hai.Kuch nahi hua hai..
Arav: phir bhi yaar.
He just followed Riddhima.
Atul: kya such mein jyaada ho gaya?? Ridz gussa toh nahi hogI na??
Monica: Don't worry Atul.. Hum usse bohot ache se jaante hai.. voh theek hai..
Muskaan : phir koi nahi.. chalo hum sab decorations start karte hai.. shaan tu bohot tall hai tu ye upar wale decorations laga. Baaki ladko fugge fugao.


Aarav- Oye? Gussa toh nahi Hui?

Riddhima Turned around with a Smile plastered on her Face.

R- of course not! Tumlogo ko mom Ka Birth day Yaad tha aur tumlog ne Initiative leke Yaahan aana Pasand kiya! Wohi Mamma Aur Mere liye bohot Badi Baat he!.
Aa- Oh Common Riddhima Stop Being Formal! Kya thankyou Whyankyu Lagake Rakha he! Itne jaldi Paraya kar diya!
R- Areh Aise Kuch Nahi He!

Smiling Riddhima Hugged Aarav Just A Friend Hug From Her Side But Aarav Mistook It. and his Eyes Closed Feeling her Touch after a Long Time!
Before he could Hold Her Waist And Pull her into Himself Riddhima Parted and Bounced off to the kitchen!
Aarav Followed her with a Smile on his face. He knew his Sweetheart Still Loved him. And All that Fiasco about armaan was just to make him jealous.

R- oh Shit! I'm such a Bad Host. mene Tumlogon se pucha Bhi Nahi! If You'll want anything to eat! Tumlogone itna travel Kiya!
Aa- Oye overexcited Devi! Chill! Humne ek Hotel me Bookings karwaye he and we first checked in there Freshened up and left for your place after having A very heavy Lunch!
R- what! Did! You! Say! Hotel? Tumlogone mera itna bada ghar hote Huye Bhi Hotel Me rehene Ka plan Banaya! Rukhhon mamma ko aane do pir Dekho kaise Padti he abh!

Armaan was there with everyone but his eyes would always turn towards the kitchen where Riddhima was . And aarav had entered.
KaSh: So Armaan ye batao tum Riddhima she mile kaha??
Armaan : voh ek party mein mile the hum..
Atul: Hann aur USS din se Armaan ekdam badal gaya hai.
Anjie: Ridz ne kya dance kiya tha yaar..
Sapna: ohh main nahi thi tab.
Muskaan: koi nai hum usse phir se nachvayenge.
Armaan: guys! I know Riddhima is being a bad host. Main tum logo ke liye paani le aata hu. I'll be right back.
Rahul: lo bhaga romeo apni Juliet ke peeche.
Everyone laughed. While Armaan just flipped Rahul off

Aa: Nice kada yaar.. ye kab khareeda??
Ridz: Ye! Ye toh Armaan ne diya hai mujhe. Bohot special hai ye humare liye..
Aa: wow!!.. just wow..
Ridz: I know. Ye uske mom ka tha Jo usne mujhe diya hai isn't it amazing usse lagta hai ki ye kada mujhe aur uskki mom ke beech ka ek connection hai.
She said Looking at it..
Aa: You really moved on ridzz..
The sadness evident in his voice..
Riddhima turned around from filling the glasses with orange juice and went to him. He was standing by the wall beside the fridge his head lowered and his gaze fixated on the floor.
Ridz: kya baat hai aarav.?
Aa: Kuch nahi.
Ridz: kya Kuch nahi. Bohot ache se jaanti hu tumhe koi baat toh hai.

Aarav should have known he could not hide anything from Riddhima. All of a sudden the fear of loosing Riddhima had once again settled in his gut. All the while he had thought she was just trying to makr him jealous but looking at Ridzz it was clear she was really in love with Armaan.

How was it even possible??? How could she move on so fast when I was still in love with her?? How could she do this to me . To us? Had she just forgotten the time we spent together??? How we had spent every waking moment with each other. We had been inseparable. I couldn't just stand here and watch as she crushed my heart and walked away with someone else. I was so not going to let that happen. Riddhima was mine and she will always be mine. I won't let any kal ka launda take my girl away from me.
Riddhima couldn't understand what had happened to Aarav he was very quite.. as thought he had gone completely still and was lost into his own world. She shook him a little but he did not budge. She tried once again and luckily he came out of his trance.
R: kaha kho Gaye the???
Aa: Riddhima main tumse Kuch kehena chahata hu..
R: ha bolo

Without any warning he snaked his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him.
R: Aarav ye kya kar rahe ho??
Aa: Ye hi chahti thi na tum??
He turned her so her back was to the wall where he was just standing.
R: what do you mean??
Riddhima placed her hand on his chest in an attempt to push him away..
Aa: ab anjaan mat bano..I know tum mujhse Abhi bhi pyaar karti ho. Ye sab bas mujhe jalane ke liye kar Rahi ho..
And he brought his face too close to her and began playing with her hair.
R: Aarav are you mad??

And finally she was able to push him away..
R: pagal ho Gaye ho kya??Maine kaha na tumse main Armaan se pyaar karti hu.. why don't you understand ??

R:aarav tum...

There was a loud noise and Aarav and Riddhima turned towards the door only to find Armaan standing there with a surprised expression on his face. Armaan couldn't co.prehend what had happened.
Riddhima eyes grew wider as she thought what Armaan must have seen. Aarav holding her by waist his hand in her hair and her hands on his shoulders. Anyone would think they were... oh gods!!
R: Armaan.. please let me explain.. tum jaisa soch rahe ho waisa Kuch nahi hai..
A: Riddhima hum baad mein baat karte hai.. main bas paani lene aya tha.. tum dono jaldi bahar aa jao bohot Kaam baaki hai
Saying this he left from there with the glass of orange juice that Riddhima had just filled. Riddhima just watched him going out and then turned to look back at Aarav.
R: please Aarav understand this. I love you but just as a friend. I am in love with Armaan he is my life and will always be that way. Yes at some point in my life I thought I was in love with you but you were always my best friend. Armaan is the one for me. And that will never change. Do you get it??
Aa: yes. Well in that case looks like I just caused a very big problem between you and your boyfriend. I am sorry Riddhima I didn't want to create any problems I just thought that you were just trying to make me jealous. If you want I can talk to him. At the most he would punch me for touching his girl par dosti main toh sab jaayaz hai..
R: uski koi jaroorat nahi hai main baat karti hu usase.
Aa: I am sorry once again. Mujhe bas gaana hi gana chaahiye I'm good at that.
Riddhima smiled and just left from there
Behind Aarav Smiled a Cocky Smile. well! If Riddhima Thinks she will fool me with this! She is Highly Wrong. I know she loves me still. Mujhe bas Usse Ehsaas Dilana he ke She still does.

I sat on the couch with a thud!! Finally the decorations were done after all this all i needed was a glass of orange juice too bad. Had to get up to bring it from the kitchen and I was in no mood to go in the kitchen after what had happened earlier. It was better I stayed away from all of it. There was a slight pain in mY head after everthing. So I decide to rest my head on the head of the couch and close my eyes. Just then I felt a pair of hands massaging my head. It did not take me a second to guess it was Riddhima . I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was looking at me with a smile on her face and I smiled back at her. But then the images of the kitchen entered my mind once again. I trusted Riddhima and was sure she wouldn't do anything but that did not mean it hurt to see her with someone else. I just shrugged her hand out of my head and got up to leave when I felt her holding my wrist. I just gave a glare to her and freed by hand from her hold. But she refused to give up and followed me on my way. Not giving her any attention I made my way to the backyard sat on the ground there. She followed the suit and sat down in front of me. I turned the other way. She turned with me.
This continued until she finally gave up.
R: uffo Armaan baccho jaisi harkate Karna band Karo.
I just looked the other way totally ignoring her.
R: mere taraf dekho.
I refused to look at her.
R: Armaan aakhri baar bol rahi hu. Agar tumne Meri taraf nahi dekha na toh... toh.. toh...
And suddenly i felt something wet on my head. Looking up I saw her holding a pipe and the water falling on my face not allowing me to keep my eyes open. That was it. She had no right to bheegofy me. Now she was gone..
Me: Abhi tum nahi bachogi and i snatched the pipe from her hand and was about to direct it towards her when the water stopped.
R: hhahahahahHHAaa.
Me: haso haso.!!.
I dropped the pipe and went towards the house. Riddhima in no time was in front of me not letting me move ahead.
Me; kya chahiye tumhe??
R: naraz ho??
Me: main..?? Naraz?? Nahi bilkul nahi.. main kyu Naraz hounga bhala??
I faked a laugh.
R: I am sorry Armaan Jo tumne dekha voh.. sach nahi tha.. aarav aur main bas dost hai aur Kuch nahi. Please trust me Armaan.
A: Ohh toh tumhara dost tumhare itne kareeb nahi tha jitna bas main ho sakta hu. Kya uska hath tumhare kamar pe nahi tha?? Kya tumne uske kandho par haath nahi rakha tha??
R: voh..
Me: Aur haan Maine aarav KO ye bhi kehete huye sunaa ki " I know tum mujhse abhi pyaar kartI ho!" What was all that Riddhima??? ARe you hiding something from Me???
R: Armaan please Meri baat toh suno. Hann tumne Jo dekha voh sahi tha. Par Armaan tumhe Meri poori baat sunani padegi. Don't be judgemental.
Me: I m not judgemental Riddhima.. main bas tumhe kisi aur ke kareeb jaate huye nahi de sakta.
R: I know you are hurt par please Meri baat suno.
Me: go on I am listening.
She told me everything . The day when she met him. His flirting. Then their friendship. How she had thought she was in love with aarav. And then how they were in a relationship. And then the breakup.
R: okk long story short.Arav is my ex boyfriend. We were in a relationship before I moved here. But I swear I broke up with him before I came here. Its just that he thought I was still in love with him and using you to make him jealous.
That was it all about.
Me: did you clear his misunderstanding??
You know na I hate ex-bf/gf problems.
R: of course I did.!
Me: That's my girl.

Though Armaan's T-shirt was A Little wet Do to Riddhima's Madness. He had longer For their Time Together. He hugged Riddhima and she hugged him Back. Whole heartedly with a Huge Smile on her face. parting Away From the Hug Armaan pecked Riddhima's Forehead. Giving Her No option but To Close her eyes. As the passion and Love in his Eyes were too much for Riddhima. Armaan slowly Lead Riddhima To the Ground And Made her Sit Next to him.

Aarav- Riddhima..

Armaan and Riddhima both turned around to find Aarav standing there. Armaan looked at him and with a very heavy heart gave Aarav a Awkward smile. But he found his eyes only on Riddhima. Something Inside Told Armaan That Aarav wasn't That's easily Over Riddhima. Seeing his Gaze on Riddhima, Armaan's Insides Ignited.

Riddhima- Haan Aarav Bolo na Kya hua?
Aarav- Woh Padma Aunty Kab Aarahi he?
Riddhima - Maa Ka just Abhi Phone Aaya tha boli ke Unhe Thoda late hoga. unhe Koi Pehchaan ke Milne Aaye he!
Aarav- oh Acha! Waise... Armaan if you don't Mind can I sit with you both!
Armaan- Of course why Would we mind.

Aarav Settled himself down Next to Riddhima a Lil too closer for Armaan's Liking. Without Armaan's Notice his own Hand Traveled and moved holding Riddhima's. She just Smiled at his reaction and let him keep his hand there.

Aarav- Waise.. Armaan ... Suna He Tum Bohot Flirt Type ke Insaan Ho! And u know what Riddhima Hates flirts
Ridz- Don't worry about it. Armaan knows that I hate it. And he was a flirt before because he didn't know love then.
Aarav- Does he love Now?

Aarav replied sarcastically and Armaan Looked at him understanding the tone.

Armaan- Riddhima ko Acha lage na lage! Mein Toh Flirting kabhi Nahi chodne wala!
Ridz- Kya kaha Tumne??

Aaarav Smiled thinking that Armaan is such an Idiot khud hi khudko FASA Raha he!

Armaan - Jo Tumne Suna Riddhima!
Aarav- U mean to say ke Agar Riddhima tumhe Kahe Ki Flirting Karna band Karo phir Bhi Nahi Karoge?
Sun Rahi ho Riddzhi!
Ridz- Bohot achese Sun rahi hu!
Armaan- Of course not! Jab Padma Aunty jaise Koi Beautiful Lady Hamesha Saath ho Toh kon Chodh Sakta he

Riddhima started Hitting Armaan and Armaan Smiled watching her cute antics and took her beating happily whereas the Smile is Whipped off from Aaravs Face.

'"Abhi Toh Bacha Liya Khudko Mr. Mallik. But I will show u that you are not worth my Ridhzi And She loves and belongs to only Me""

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