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Part-1 : Arsh:Enemies Partners Or Lovers (Season 2)

Enemies partners or lovers



"Divorce...Back to enemies??"

"i hate him mom...i hate him like anything...and am not going back to him...its decided am divorcing him"

"Shilpa pagal hogayi kya???? aise kaise were madly in love with him now you are claiming that you hate him???? i just dont get it"

"padma relax" Shasank finally broke his silence looking at his daughter laying on her bed...he knew there must be something troubling her...Divorcing armaan??
agreed they hated each other in past....but then they both taught each other the meaning of love....who can forget when armaan left how painful was it for shilpa to handle herself now divorce??

"mom dad...please leave me alone ...i need some times" shilpa brought up turning her back to her parents

"We need to talk to ananya and billi bhai shasank" padma said as they got out of shilpa's room

Malik's mansion

" are you crazy armaan???? could you even let her leave???" billy shouted

"Dad i never asked her to leave...she left on her own...i dunno whats wrong with her she started fighting with me" he retorted back clueless of what was happening...true he loves shilpa...but its been 3 years since they were married...and if even after that shilpa can't trust him then it's useless

"We better go to Shilpa house and solve it all"

Somehow both the parents managed to get armaan and shilpa under a roof and get them to solve their issue

"armaan beta you are mature you try to talk to shilpa" padma said

"Shilpa whats wrong" he asked taking a big breath...he wanted to hold her tight and ask her what was wrong...but there was his ego between...who was stopping him before he knew whats wrong

"You really don't know whats wrong armaan?????" Shilpa asked confusing the rest including armaan

And slowly pulled out some pictures out of her bag ...throwing it on the table

"This is wrong!" she shouted as all looked at the pictures

There was Armaan hugging Another girl in it

" Armaan what the helll is this" billy shouted

" leave it papa...he was "drunk" apparently" Shilpa said quickly

" Yes i was drunk...but in all your sense you sent a private detective behind me???? who do that shilpaaa" armaan screamed back alerting the others

"Shilpa you sent a detective behind armaan????" padma pulled her and scolded

"beta Trust is the root of a relationship if you kill trust..then nothing will be left" ananya said trying to explain them

"Enough mom And you Shilpa....i curse the moment i brought you in distrusted me soo badly by sending a detective behind me" hurt was evident in his tone

" Agar detective nahi bhejti toh yeh pictures kahan se milta tumara armaan????" she picked the pictures and threw them on him

" I was drunk for heaven sake!!!"...."but if you think so then i free you from this relationship....i am done with you....let's get that damn divorce"

They both turned their heels and left the premises with their parents holding their head

" What will we do with them??I thought they grew mature....they know the meaning of relationship but dono ne toh rishton ka mazak banake rakh diya" padma cried

"padma don't worry...sab thik hogi...i promise you that" shashank said

After 1 week they both filed a case in the court....and according to the judge they will be granted with a divorce only after trying to give a chance to their relationship for 6 month

"Finally i will not have to deal with your snores"she shouted pulling her hair strands behind her ears

" oh Hello!! i dont snore....and what about you huh you keep on talking while sleeping

" you called me chudhail...You khujli wala bandar"

They continued bickering without realizing they were standing out of the court

"Shut up both of you" shasank and billy shouted..."we need to have some serious discussion now...since you both decided to do what you want...and we assumed that you are grown up enough to take your decisions on your own...we decided you would now earn to live"

" Dad am already earning no!!" Armaan replied

"Not that kind armaan..i and shasank decided to break our partnership...since you two decided to embarass us by breaking our family now we are breaking our all ties" billy plastered a strict expression on his face

"What are you saying Papa???" shilpa said shocked

"billy is absolutely right Shilpa...we can't continue doing now you both have only two option...let the company drown....or you take my place and armaan take billy's place and start working" shasank added with equal strictness

"And you two have to do that while staying under a roof...remember what the judge have to continue giving a chance to your relationship for 6 months" padma said

" Mom i can't bear this kamina for even 6 minutes"
"Mind your language shilpa!" Padma shouted as armaan left a smirked on his face which dint do unnoticed by shilpa and billy

"and for you armaan...all these are your were soo drunk you din't realize you were hugging another girl????...we can't ever ignore your doing" billy said angrily

"But papa....i dunno what happened" armaan tried to defend himself

"ohkay soo i'll punish you for your innocence...for this 6 will have to behave as per shilpa and try to give a chance to your shilpa"

"i seriously doubt if you are my father" he said angrily looking at shilpa who grew a slight mischeiviousness glint in her eyes

"I'm gonna torture you armaan for touching another girl" he tried to read her mind as he found her glaring at him

"And you shilpa...don't forget though for the 6 next month...armaan is still your husband...and you need to respect him"padmaa said sternly

"and please think about the business proposal"shasank reminded them and they all left

"i think we should let the company drown" armaan suggested

"I always knew you are a foool...dunno how did i fall for you" she brought her hands on her hips looking at him
"Oh for the first time am not gonna correct you...mein fool hi hoon jo tumse pyaar kar beitha...but anyways you have a better plan miss perfect" he shouted

"Yesss...better than you"...she took a pause and said "we should give it a chance to be business partners...and then little by little we will explain dad to get on their post back" she suggested

" ookay partners...No emotions...nothing " he confirmed

" No nothing" she sided walking ahead when she hit a stone and fell back thinking shes going to hit the floor but she dint

she opened her eyes and found him holding her protectively and looking at her affectionally

"Itni pyaari hai lekin how can she be soo mean...she broke my heart soo cruelly never going to forgive you shona" he thought looking in her green eyes...he had a mad wish to bend and leave a peck on her forehead just like old times...but he just couldn't forget how she distrusted him
While she looked at him passionately thinking about what's making her do all these..."Forgive me armaan...Becoming your enemy was my helplessness...but still you're fighting with me soo easily...i am not going to forgive you for this" she pushed him away walking towards her car

"come i'll drop you" he said
" business partners...we aint life partners anymore for me to need your help" she taunted before leaving in her car

Oh Em Gee.....sooo am gonna continue this story like this ...i hope jhutte...chappal kuch nahi milegi....mujhe iss ff ke thru bohot pyaar mili thi...and aaj kal m pretty blank...kuch likhne beith jahti hoon toh feeling hi nahi aati kya likhun but this i thought about it i felt like continuing i hope i dint screw its essence...and for those who's about my story enemies partners or lovers...a story of  two enemies who understood the definition of love together..and they had their parents who always supported their love story :p now catch up with me on this new journey to find out how these two are in their marital life....and whats shilpa's helplessness for her to ask a divorce...who was that girl with armaan ...Stay tune :*

writer -- anjali
posted by megha 

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