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part 1 : DMG 3

The story is going to start from where the show ended with AR reunion and every one happy about it.
Armaan couldn't believe that after every thing they were together "Armaan and Ridhima" were together. He kept touching her to convince himself that she was real and not a hallucination of his mind. Ridhima also on her part was thinking the same thing especially with Sid being present there also gave her a jolt. On one hand she was happy that she and Armaan were back together but on the other looking at Sid gave her a pang of guilt. Armaan had an arm around shoulders keeping Ridhima to his side as if afraid that if he stopped touching her she would vanish.

Every one was talking at once happy to see both of them together. A good amount of ribbing was directed towards Armaan and Ridhima and everyone was interested to know when they would be tying the knot. Before both of them could come up with  an answer Sid walked up to them.
Sid:   Hey guys! Meri flight ka time ho gaya hai mein ab chalta hoon. I just wanted to see you both together happy that's  why  I had stopped but now mission accomplished.
Armaan: Sid yaar, Thanks. Tu na hota to na jane hum kabhie ek ho pate bhi ya nahin.
Sid: Armaan is mein thanks ki kya baat hain. Jo tera tha use lota raha hoon. I just wish now that both of you are always happy and together.
Ridz: Sid tum'.. I'm '.(looking up at him with tears in her eyes)
Sid: Hey Ridhima, ab in ansoon ki kya zaroorat ab to sab theek hai.
Ridz: per sid tum theek hoon.
Sid: haan ridhima mein bilkul theek hoon finally or pata hai kyon, kyonki  ab everything is in its place. Or ab tum agay ke barey mein socho peche dekhna chor do
Ridz: kya tum peche dekhna chor do ge agay dekh pao ge.
After gazing at her silently for a second he said: jab peche kuch apna hai he nahin to kya dekhna
Ridz: sid aise to na kaho'..tum'
Sid: Ridhima relax mein mazak kar raha tha'(with a laugh) he couldn't completely hide the pain he was feeling. Jahan tak agaey bardhaney ke baat hai to I hope so ridhima, I sincerely hope so that I find someone who loves me and only me.
With those words uttered they hung between the both of them. Even with him trying so hard to keep the hurt out of his voice the pain sort of spilled over.  They kept looking at each other, both reading the emotions in each other eyes, hurt, understanding , love, guilt, apology all were mixed up.
Armaan: yaar tere liye dil se dua he nikltey hai. You are the best friend we both could ever ask for tunne hamare liye jo kiya who hum kabhie nahin bhol sakte and I wish and pray that you also find someone who gives you all the love you deserve.
Sid managed to tear his gaze away from Ridhima and smiled crookedly at Armaan and said : thanks yaar!  Ab mein chalta hoon flight ka time ho raha hai.
Ridz: Sid apna address to dete jao hum tumhein shaadi ka card bhegein gae. Shaadi pae to aoge na. (she was looking at him hopefully she did not why but she did not want to believe that it was the last time she would be meeting Sid. She did not want him to leave but was not sure that she could manage with him being in Mumbai in Sangeevani.)
Sid looked at her and very slowly shook his head in negative and smiled. Sid: nahin mein nahin aonga.
Ridz: per'.
Armaan: Ridhima, don't.
Sid: yaar address to tumhein Sanjeevani  ke records se mil jae ga per shaadi'.( he just shook his head)
Armaan: we understand but stay in touch don't forget us.
Ridhima during this exchange stayed quite looking at Sid with teary eyes.
Sid: impossible hai yaar tum logon ko bholna. Acha to chalta hoon take care.
With that he and armaan moved into a manly hug thumping each other on the back, moving back Sid looked at Ridhima and said: bye (with a smile).
He raised his hand wiped away a lone tear that had managed to escape from the corner of Ridhima's eye. With that he turned and left, walking towards waiting car.
As the car drove away Ridhima turned towards Armaan and said: kya uska jaana zaroori tha?
Armaan after a pause looked at Ridz and said: haan shaid ! uske liye tha.
At the same time Dr. Shashank and Padma gathered around them along with the rest of the gang and they had no more opportunity to talk about Sid.
On the other hand Sid at the airport was checking in at the counter. After check in he made his way to the lounge and sat in a seat far away far away from the rest of the crowd. He took his mobile out of his pocket and dialed a number.
After a little while the call connected and Sid said: Hi! Kaisi ho disturb to meine nahin kiya tumhein  Shilpa.
On the other end (yes it is our very own) Shilpa was looking out side the window at the softly falling rain and said: of course not tum kabhie bhe call mujhe ker sakte ho jante ho na. aur batao kaise call kiya kahan ho tum.
Sid (smiling a little): airpot pe! Abhi check in kiya hai abhi ghante mein flight hai America ki.
Shilpa: tum wapas ja rahe ho (her expressions remained even)
Sid: haan Armaan aur Ridhima ab saath hain to ab meri kya zaroorat, aur pooch to aise rahi ho jaise tum jantei nahin. Tum  yae baat us din se jantei ho jis din tum Sanjeevani chod ke gaye thie per itna nahin hoa ke mujhe bata detei (with each passing word his tone became angrier and harsher).
Shilpa: bata ke jaati to kya tumhare sumajh mein ata (said quietly)
Stopping Sid from launching into a angry tirade and closing his eyes tiredly and said: I'm sorry! I know you are right it just '..
Shilpa: hurts. (completing his sentence) I know and I'm sorry too but there was no other way. (she pressed her free hand against glass window and looked out with world weary eyes).
Shilpa: so what now what do you plan to do.
Sid: go back home complete internship become a doctor and hopefully try and get a life. (there was a pause and then he said: Shilpa I ' I told Armaan about your relationship with Ridhima and told him to tell her about you when everything between them is settled.(he ended quietly)
Shilpa: they know where to find me (her voice sounding too detached as if what they were talking about didn't affect her at all).
Sid: Shilpa are you alright?
Shilpa: haan sid. I'm just tired of'. Waiting I suppose for the right time. It just feels that the right time never comes. But like I said they know where I am I told them before leaving.
Sid: shilpa boarding ki announcement ho rahi hae. '.(silence stretched between them). Please contact mein rehna. Mera number tumhare pass haina or abhi tumhe apna address msg karta hoon. Tumhara address maine Sanjeevani se le liya hai.
Shilpa (laughed lightly): tum to pure tiyare ke saath ho. (then more seriously). I'll miss you keep in touch. Bye
Sid: bye shilpa. (disconnected the call, got up and walked towards the gate thinking: good bye ridhimaa I hope you remain happy always. And walked out the gate towards the plane.
On the other end Shilpa after disconnecting the call kept gazing out the window, trying hard to suppress the hope that had sprung in her with Sid' words. She shut her eyes willing herself to calm down when she heard someone behind her, turned and saw her Maasi
Maasi: Shilpa beta kya hoa sub theek haina
Shilpa : haan maasi sab theek hai ab.(and smiled). Chalo ab soote hain.
With this she took her maasi by the shoulders and walked out of the room.

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