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Part 2 : Aur pyar Ho gaya


Both of their eyes’ widened when they saw each other.
Ridzy: mein nahi tum… tum yahan kya kar rahe ho … Looser kahin ke
Armaan: dekho mujhe looser mat bulao … mein yahan par new intern hoon ….
The others were staring at them astounded.Just then Anjali spoke : Ridz tum isse janti ho kya ?
Riddhima: nahi di wo bas ye looser basketball me mila tha ….
Arman: Whoaa!! Ye Dr.Basket tumhari behen hai kya ??
Anjali smiled and said: Han hai to but you know we both are very different…
Armaan: lag bhi raha hai … he said this while looking at ridhima which ridhima noticed.
Ridhima: kya … kya kaha tumne 
Anjali: Ridzy chor naa… Anyways hi .. I am Anjali
Armaan: hi I am Armaan … Armaan Malik
Then one by one he greeted everybody and now it was turn of Rahul.
Armaan: Oh .. Rahoool … Tu yahan kya kar raha hai meri shikayat lagane aya hai kya 
Rahul: Mein yahan intern hun Armaan …..
Muskaan : Oye hero tu iss kaankhajure ko janta hai ?
Armaan: han wo dadoo .. I mean rahoool mere sath college me tha …. Then he turned towards ridhima who was fuming with anger…. He smiled slightly and said: hey basket…
Ridhima: Ridhima … Ridhima naam hai mera ….
Armaan( Acting as if he was scared) : ooooooo ……

Just then they all heard an announcement : Sabhi interns Dr.Kirti ke cabin me Unhe Report krein..
Everybody rushed to Dr.kirti’s cabin. After they all were shown the Hospital Dr.kirti Assigned them Duties.
Dr.Kirti: Dr.Atul OPD, Dr.Anjali Special Ward, Dr muskaan & Dr rahul General ward 2 , Dr armaan And DR ridhima general ward 1… now get to work all of u…
Except Atul and Anjali no ne was satisfied with their duty.

In general ward 2 muskaan was chatting with a patient.
Muskaan: wow kitne pyare baal hain .. kya lagati ho in pe 
Patient: Kuch nahi bus Ma roz zabardasti badam ka tel laga deti hain …
Muskaan: wese ye jo tumne inpe dye lgaya hai na wo …
ust then rahul came up to her said: Muskaan ye tu kya kar rahi hai … wo patient hai teri school friend nahi ….
Muskaan: mujhe nazar ata hai ke ye patient hai …. Kankhajura kahin ka 
Rahul: dekh muskaan mujhe ab agar tune kankhajura bulaya na to acha nahi hoga 
Muskan: kankhajura hai to kankhajura hi bulaun gi na 
Rahul: to tu kya hai chipkali kahin ki …. 
Muskan : tune mujhe chipkali bulaya …
rahul: han bulaya to … 

Muskan took a knife ,present to cut fruits and leapt towards rahul …. While they were playing their cat and mouse game … Dr.kirti arrived at the scene .
dr kirti: ye sab kya tamasha laga ke rakha hai aap dono ne …
muskan and rahul stopped hearing her voice. They both while pointing fingers towards each other said at the same time : Ma’am wo isne ….
dr. kirti : enough …. Mujhe yahan koi tamasha nahi chahiye … warna aap dono rectal exams ke liye tayyar rahiye …. Get back to work 
both of them got back to work helplessly…

in General Ward 2 Armaan and ridhima were busy checking all the patients. Armaan was going to place a file at the nurse station when Ridhima places her leg in his way which made him fall… 
Ridhima : Oh sorry lagi to nahi tumhe … Looser. She said this while making a “L” sign with her fingers…..
Armaan smiled out of anger and said: nahi aisi choti moti choton se mujhe koi farq nahi parta … basket u should try hard ….
saying so he left…

that day in the canteen all the interns were present .
Atul: Hey Guys … aaj hum sab ka pehla din hai .. to lets have some fun … koi game khelte hain yaar
Muskaan: idea to acha hai yar… but konsi game…
Rahul : guys mere paas ek idea hai agar …
muskan interrupted him and said: oye tu to rehn hi de …. Kankhajura kahin ka 
Rahul: to tere paas konsa mahaaa plan hai chipkali na ho to
All others : Not again ….
Anjaali: stop it yaaar …. Rahul tum btao kya idea hai
Rahul: hum antakshari khelte hain girls vs boys
Anjali: sounds good
Armaan: wah rahoool tu to bara smart ho gaya hai … wese lets make it more interesting …. Bet ke bagher to koi bhi game adhuri hai ….
Muskaan: han yar bet lgate hain …. Lekin pehle captains decide kro
Anjali: hmari team ki captain to ridzy hogi she is the best in singing
Ridhima : di please aaj nahi 
Muskaan : come on ridzyy … 
Riddhima: (slowly) okay…
Armaan: jisko bhi captain bna lo jeetein ge to hum hi … kyun boys 
Atul and rahul : of course …. 
Atul : aur hmara captain hoga armaan … wese armaan bet kya hai 
Armaan: bet ye hai ki harne wali team ka captain winner team ke captain ki ek din tak ghulami kare ga 
Ridhima: oh noo …
Armaan: oh yess basket …..

And the both stared dangerously at each other ….

To be continued…..

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