Monday, 25 May 2015

part 25 b : supermodel

PART ~25(B)

voice : main kruga arrm fasion house ko finance..!

every one turns towards the entrance their stood a couple in late forties both of them formally dressed

Dk : mr malik.??

Armaan : dad...!!!

Dk : mr malik how can u do that.. Last wk toh apne mera proposal accept kia tha n u gave an appointment for funding my company for its expansion...

Mr malik : sory to disappoint to dk i never accepted ur proposal i jst agreed to go through ur proposal.. N appointment was for some face to face communication regarding ur comanpy n its policy.. Bt now i have changed my mind..

Dk : u cannot do this to me...

Mr malik : y cant i n who are u to stop me.. Im aware of all the games u had played so far.. U made my son work as a spot boy n i jst rejected to read ur propsal its no where close u deserve more than this..

Dk : wat do u mean..

Mr malik moves towards the stage n stand beside the podium..

Mr malik : gud morning ladies and gentlemen.. Im sure ap sabhi ko bahut mza araha hai hoga itna hngama in few hrs.. Chalo let me entertain u a bit more main apki ek story sunata hn..

" there lived a famous buisnes man with his wife his son n daughter.. He had fulfiled all wishes of his family before it came out from their mouths... He just had one dream to make his kids more successful than himself.. Bt his son he had different dreams he wanted to achive on his own without his fathers support.. He wanted to be a model.. His dad asked him to chose the desinger n will buy that company for his son..Bt his son was too admant.. So he gave his son 3 years for strugle n be succes ful.. With a promise If his son is sucesful he will welcome his son whole heartedly else his son wil do wat ever that man ask him to.."

Toh btaie kaisi lgi apko ye story..

Chalo rukie let me introduce to that man n his son.. That man is no other than the narrator him self thats me owner of malik enterprices balwinder urf bily malik...
And meet my son ladies and gentlemen mr armaan malik..

Mr malil moves towards armaan n hugs him...

Mr mailk : im proud of u son.. Today u proved if me if one has determination he can achive anything... Its nt that i didnt trusted u.. Main nahi chata tha tum vo strugle kro jo maine ki.. Maine toh fir bhi apne apne pitaji ki busnes ko age bhdaya.. i started my carer from a smal company that was initially established by ur grandfather or use india's no one bnaya.. Still i had contacts.. Magar tumhare lie ye sab nya tha.. Maime apni puri zindagi bs tum teno ke lie biatyi hai ki tum logon ko koi dikat na aye.. Kabhi bhi kisi chiz ki kami na ho... Bt now im proud of u.. Maime tumhari baat mni or tumhe ye moka dia...Aj tumne or tumhare doston ne milke jo kia hai im speachless... And my dear son.. Maime apna promise nahi toda Hmari deal has finaly reached its deadend.. Look at the watch..

A : thanks dad i love u..

Mr malik : i love u too beta

Niki : bt no body loves me maine toh ap dono ki help ki.. ( with a pout..)

Mr malik : how can i forget my princes.. Thank u beta.. Agar tum na hoti i would have never comw to know ki armaan kr kya raha hai..

Niki (huging her dad) : love u dad..
Mrs malik : ab ap sab ka hogya ho toh main bhi apne bete se milun.. Teen sal hogye iski shakal dekhe..

Mrs malik comes forward n hugs armaan..
N then the four share a family hug..

Mr makil : ladies n gentlemen its an honour for me anouse that from now on ARRM fasion house will oficialy a part of malik entreprices n soon leagally too..
Abhi... I mean mr modi..??
abhi : don't worry mr malik ur work will be dome at the earliest..

armaan introduce anji ridhima rahul n muskan to his parents n vise versa

Press confernces ended with a family time..!! (lol)

Nespaper n magazine head lines..

"malik entetprices divesified to fasion world"
"ms supermodel ne shuru kia apna kudh ka fasion house as designer"
"ms ridhima along with maliks threw compensation money on dk's face"
"armaan the upcuming model is none other that legal heir of maliks" Etc etc


I know it was dam short.. bt it is a part B.. n next part main jo bhinlikha hai I want to give it a new start...!!!!

dont bhadofi on extreamly very very short...
next part pkka on tuesday..
thodi si editing baki hai bs..!!!

- dik

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