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part 25 : supermodel

Recap   fashion show n ridhima's appearance as designer

PART ~25

Later at night..

Ridhima was sitting on swing at terrace lost in her thoughts...

Armaan came holding two cups of hot coffee..

Armaan : ridhima..

No response

Armaan : ridhima...

Armaan after putting the coffee on the table..
Sat on swing n made ridhima look at him...

Armaan : kya hua ridhima..

Ridhima : kuch nahi..

Armaan : ridhima kis baat ko lekar tnsn main ho..

Ridhima : pres conference.. Kya hoga kl armaan I'm scared agar Kisi ne mujhe as designer approve nahi kia toh.. Wat if..

Armaan : don't worry jaan kuch nahi hoga don't be negative main sab handle krlungaaa relax...

Ridhima : pka na armaan..

N hugs him..

Armaan : pkaa.. Ab ye chodo n enjoy ur fav coffee...

After enjoy their coffee n spending some time together both went to their respected rooms...

Other side rahul muskan..

(on phone..)

Muskan : yaar rahul menu na vdi jda tnsn houndi payi ei.. Pta ni kl ki houga...
( yaar rahul.. I'm really tensed no idea wat will happen tomorrow)

Rahul : oye meri punjab di sherini nu tnsn.. Firkar na kr kudie sab changa hounga
( oye meri punjab ki sherni in tnsn.. Don't worry girl everything will be fine..)

Muskan : babaji plz kl kuch gadbad na houn dena.. Asi sarean ne bdi mehnat kiti ae apne spne ko sach krn lie..
( babaji plz kl koi gadbad na ho.. hm sabhi ne bahut mehnat ki hai apne spne ko sach krne ke lie)

Rahul : muskan relax sab thik hoga.. Vaise ek baat bolun jb bhi tnsn main ake aise punjabi main bolti hai bdi hi soni lgdi hai..

Muskan : rahul ke bache yahan meri halat kharab horahi hai or tujhe romance ki pdi hai.. Bye gud nite..

Rahul : are sun toh..

Muskan : mere pas tri bkwas sune ka koi mood nahi hai.. Mujhe sona hai...
(n muskan cuts the call...!)

Rahul :( to herself) ye sherni kabhi nahi bdle gi.. Babaji isko thodi toh akal doo


Next morning

Press conference..

Not only media people but also many of the famous face of fashion industry were also present there..

The entire team of arrm fashion house armaan ridhima  rahul muskan atul anajli niki were seated on stage with mikes placed in front of them..

Niki came forward n stood behind the pordium..

Niki : god morning ladies n gentlemen.. 1st of all I would like to thank u on behave of our entire team for giving our precious time to us..
Let me formally introduce to my entire team
I nikita malik - coordinator n pulic relation incharge
This is armaan malik main model of our firm
Next to him ms ridhima gupta our designer
Then we have rahul garewal-event manager
Muskan chada - manager of firm
Anjali joshi - coordinator and makeup artist
and in the end mr atul joshi our photographer
We all are the co owners of our firm...
Now u may ask your ques one by one..

reporter 1 : sir sabhi ye jna chate hai apke fasion show main sabhi models new comers the clog students..

Niki : jaise ki ap sab dekh sakte hai hmari puri firm main except atul sabhi new comers hai so models kyu nahi..

Reporter 2 : ap ko kya lgta hai kya apka fashion house success full ho payega pichle kuch salon main bahut aisi firms khuli n bnd hue..
Armaan : hmne bharosa hai apni kabiliat pr n pure dil se sabhi ne apna 100% dia hai baki sab upar wale hath main hai..

Reporter 3 : ridhima ji apne vapis designer bnene ka kb decide kia.. Puri industry ko pta hai model bnese pehle ap designer thi n flop hue the apke show..

Ridhima was unable to ans..
Armaan held her hand under the table

Armaan : common ridhima u can do it..

Ridhima : show flop hua bcoz kahin na kahin i had lost confidence in myself.. Mgr mere frnds meri puri team ne mujh pr trust kia n they encouraged me fulfill my dreams.. Life hamesha 2nd changes nahi deti.. Bt agar vo de we should never let it goo

Before the q-a round could go further.. It was intepted by dk

Dk : 2nd chances ridhima reallyy.. Bt let me guys inform u ms ridhima gupta is bound by a contract with my company..  Here is the legal notice be ready to pay the compensation darling...

Reporter : dk sir kya ap plz is contract ke bare main btayenge..

Dk : ofcource.. Ridhima ne apna modeling assignment start krne se pehle mere company ke sath ek contract sign kia tha jis ke according she cannot be part of another fashion company or firm n agar aisa kia toh company can file a legal case against her n claim compensation..

Armaan : ur are mistaken dk.. Shayad apne contract sahi tarah se nahi pdha..

Dk : wat do u mean..??

Armaan : ye apko hmara lawyer smjhayega... Abhi...
Ladies n gentlemen i would like to introduce mr abhimanyu modi our legal advisor one of the top lawyers of india..

Abhi : dk will plz read the contract again n that to more carefully.. Wait ill do that for every one here..

Abhi shows the contract to everyone present there

Abhi : As per contract ridhima cannot be a model for any other designer.. Bt nowhere in this contract its mention that she can't be designer.. N regarding ur legal notice it stands null and void..

Dk : wat the hell mr ahuja ( his lawer)

Ahuja : dont wory sir ill handle
Dekhi ye allegation wrong hosakta hai pr ms gupta  bt wat about ms chadha n mr garewal compensation toh inhe bhi dena pdega clause todne ke lie

Abhi : oh my god mr ahuja.. Apko shayad firse law schol main admission le lena chahie.. Clauses ko dhang se pdha kijie...as per job contract of ms chadha n mr garewal they cannot work for any other company pr aisa kahan likha hai they cant open their own.. Ise pehle ap koi swal uthaye here are the legal papers of arrm fasion house jahan pr ye sabhi eqaul partners hai..

Mr ahuja had stil nt accepted his defeat..
: pr job chodne ka compensation toh bharna pdega..

Abhi : job kisne choda do u have their resignation letters..?? Ms chadha n mr garewal ka contract is valid upto 7 more days mr ahujaa tb tk ye dono pehle ki tarah job pr ayenge pr agar mr dk ko problem hai toh he is welcome to terminate their job n pay 6 mnths salary as compensation...

Mr ahuja : wat about ms gupta.

Abhi was about to say bt was interupted by ridhima

Ridhima : ye mera resignation letter.. N as per contract compensation within 3 months dena hai vo tum tk pahunch jayegaa

Dk : oh really mis ridhima do even have idea about compensation amount tumhare last 2 shows ke profit ka 50% that is 50 lac.. Tumhari itni aukad bhi hai.. Smal town se ayi designer tumhe superstar maine bnaya that dont forget that.. Mera mukabla krogi in ur dreams.. Compensation chukate chukate rumahri puri team bank curupt hojayegi.. N finance toh bhul hi jao kon lgana chahie paise tumhare is fashion house main.. u all will be finished.. coz I'm the best designer..  DK kisi ko bhi uske dreams ke age nahi ane dega...

voice : main kruga arrm fasion house ko finance..!!


hope u guys enjoy reading..

plz dont complain regarding short.. mujhe suspense pr end krna tha...TongueWink

next upadate will be soon.. n soon means soon...


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