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PART 3: AJANNE DEWAANE (last part)

 part 1 & 2

M: *angryly* u know what rahul? Ur a jerk! A total jerk! And who gave u the right to interfere in my life.. As long as i knw, everything is finish between us.. And I am happy with this.. Stay out of my life.. And never show me ur face..
R: muski plz listen to me.. I cant see ur life ruining.. U knw that..
M: tum pehle hi barbaad kar chuke ho aab baki reh hi kya gaya hai jo yeh sab bol rahe ho.. Get lost..
R: par muskaan..
M: go away Rahul!
R:  par muskan tum aisa kaise kar skti ho
M:  kiyu nhi yeh meri zindagi hai tum hote kon ho bolne wale

After some days rahul gets to know that muski is getting engaged to sid so he came back in her life to show her true colurs of sid. However he was unknown to the fact that he might be wrong.
Coming back to AR
Ridzi’s mum heard their convo and was willing to help them out. After ridzi ran away armaan and padam (ridz’s mum talked)
Arman did’nt know about padma being there and know abt them

P:  so arman kya chal rha hai tumhare man main
A:  bas kuch nhi pyar ho gya hai
P: acha kisse??
A:  ridhz se
Arman bit his tongue and as he realized wat he said that to front of ridz mom
P:  pta hai mujhe maine tum logo ki batain sun li thi
KAB karu tumahre mom dad se bat
A: jab apko theek lage
P: kal hi acha sa mahurat dekh kar bat karti hon

Back  to rm
R :  mujhe muski ke samne sid ki sachai lani hogi kaise bhi karke

 Next day enangement

Muski was getting ready with her frnds and sid was waiting for her and rahul enters and start talking to her parents about sid
As he as seen sid with other girl
Muski’s dad: rahul yeh kya bol rhe ho tum
R: uncle main sach bol rha hoon
Muski’s dad: tum yeh sab kaise janto ho aur main kaise man loon yeh sach hai
R: mere pass proof hai
Muski and her frnd  comes down from  stairs
Just tghen he sees the same girl with muskaan coming down, and he gets shocked.
R: dekha uncle she is the one. Girl next to muski. I have seen her with sid!
Muski’s dad: rahul tumhara dimag khrab ho gaya hai! Tumhe pata bhi hai tum kya bol rahe ho! Jiske sath sid ki sagai ho rahi hai wo hi ladki tumne sid k sath dekhi! She is tammna! Meri choti beti! Tume koi galat femmy hui hai yeh sab sochna band karo ab
Ab mujhe sach batao ki tumare dil main chal kya rha hai muski ki itni fikar kiyu hsi tumhe yeh sirf dosti to nhi ho skti  sach batao ki bat kya hai
R: in his mind ajj mujhe sach bana dena chahiye , uncle main muski se pyar karta hoon i really want to spend my rest of lyf with her
Muski’s dad: yeh tum kya bol rhe ho agar yeh sab sach hai to tumne phle  kiyu nhi kha
R:  phle mujhe samjh nhi a rha tha ki mujhe kya karna chahiye but phir dil ne kha ki yhi sahi time hai sach bolne ka isley ajj himat karke maine apko bta diya
Sir, i really want to marry your your daughter
Muski’s dad: rahul is waqt i think tumhe thode time ki zaroorat hai chaho to sagai k baad muski se me baat karta hu uske baad hi tumhe kuch bata sakuga.. par abhi k liye yaha se chale jao.
R: thik hai uncle. Namste!
Here muski was unknown to to all this happenings. As she was busy with tammy and sid. Yet she knew rahul was there. And suddenly disapeered..
After the engagement,
Muskan’s dad  talk to  muski about rahul and told her wat he feels for her muski got shocked to know that rahul wants to get marry to her and she told her dad wat ever you think is right you can do it i would have no objection

Back to AR

In morning ridhima’s parents goes to arman’s parents to talk about AR’’s relationship and arman’s parents agree for this marriage
Finally the wedding WAS FIXED HOWEVER AR DIDNT know about this and they were asked to meet other boy and girl from their parents and both decided to say no to the person whoever their parents has chosen.
AR meeting as unknowns:
Riddhima was sitting in her room against the door she didn’t know about when armaan comes in
R: see, mr.whoever you are i cant marry you as i love somebody else so u better back off if u wan to stay alive!
A: hey miss. Attitude! U know what m not even interested in you! I also love somebody else.. so u better back off and think that the amaan malik will fall for your charms!
Ridzi gets angry to hear this and turns around only to find armaan standing there..
R: tum!
A: tum!
They both say it together
Now they got shocked they were actually talking to eachother
A: tum kisi or se aur se payar karti ho! How could ridzi!
R: tum, bhi konse dudh k dhule hue ho? Tum bhi to kisi or se payar karte ho! Aur wo sab kyat ha jo itne din se bol rahe the i love u i love u ridzi! Huh? Lier!
A: haan i do love somebody! And that is you riddhima gupta! I love you!
: R: to bhi sab bakwas kar rahe the
She was short cut by armaan
A: muze laga mom dad kisi aur k leke aaye hai isiliye
R: sacchi?
A: mucchi
After cleaing their missundertsaning they both goes down and says yes to this relationship and there roka was done there.
Sometime later ridzi gets call from rahul telling her the current situation abt RM
So ridzi and armaan decides  to help him out


R: muski! Guess what? Mera roka armaan se ho gaya! Shitt!! I don’t belive this!!
M: congo babe! So where is jiju>
A: here i am Sali sahiba! How r u>
M: (she consider armaan as her online brother always) kuch nahi bas thodi confuse hu
R: kyu kya hua>
M: aree yaar ( the she tells her the whole sitiutaioN)
A: do u love him muski?
M: i don’t knw.. usne jo kiya uske baad its hard to trust him again
R: hmm i know,, think abt this whole night u might get some signs.. (in her mind, koi nahi agar signs nahi mile to me de dugi sote pehle)
A : she is right muski.. so ja..
At night:
Ridzi kept on talking abt rahul and how gud he is and unknown to muskaan she was falling for him one more time..
Next day morning:
M: dad! M ready to marry rahul
Muski’s dad: are you sure beta? Koi jaldi nahi hai..
M: yes i am sure papa.. i love him...
Her dad gets super happy and goes to muski’s mum and asked her to prepare shagun as they were oing to rahul;s house.

Rahul’s house:
R: muski tu sure hai na> i hope its nothing under pressure or
M: dekh rahul! I have realised that i do love you and i really wan to give you another chance..
R: (gets happy and hugs her)  love you too musk i love you too!! :*

After few days:

Both AR and RM as couple were going to get marry on the same day...
And were going to honeymoon on the different place as riddhima wanted to go to paris but to her surprise armaan planed to go to kasuali first and then to leave for paris after 1 week .. and muski rahul went to paris first as muski always had a fantasy that her husband should scream from the top of effile tower “ I LOVE YOU” so to complete her fantasy rahul took her to paris and then to shimla as he always was in love with the quite and nature place...
And they always lived happily ever after...
Kuch rishte anjane mein ho jate hai,
pehle dil phir zindagi se jud jate hain,
kehte hai uss daur ko dosti,
jisme dil se dil na jaane kab mil jate hai…
 Ajanne dewanne

hey guys whats up?
i knw i knw too late to update.. bt we had been preety busy with studies.. and honestly didnt have time.. all jutte and rotten tamart accepted for being late.. ;) :P
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