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Part 3 : Betrayal Ar/Arsh

Chapter 3 : Memories

It's been a week since Shilpa's funeral....Riddhima refused to go in that old house where she lost her that one weekshe caged herself in a room of harry's rented house....she never felt as vulnerable as she was that day

Clutching her picture with Shilpa she cried bitterly thinking about the day they were talking about their wedding


"Shilpa riddhima you both need to stop relying on each other this way" Harry said while munching on her chocolate muffin and looked at Riddhima combing Shilpa's hairs

"Why so you idiot?? Me and Riddhima di are always staying together ..right di" Shilpa bent her head asking to riddhima with a pout on her lips

"Well never leaving you and i won't even let you leave me" she hugged her

"SO You are taking this little brat as dowry ridzi after getting married ? harry said making riddhima laugh and shilpa grow a hawww

"You stupid harry" shilpa yelled throwing pillows on harry

"Shonuu!!You will kill him" Riddhima interfered as shilpa's pillow attack grew hard

"Di...Will you leave me after getting married????" Shilpa asked

"no...never...we'll do like this...we will search a guy who has a twin brother...ek tumare liye and dusra mere this we will always stay together" Riddhima said as harry rolled his eyes and shilpa shouted happily

"you're the best diiiii Ever" she said pulling her sister in a hug

"but there's something can't control" She said grabbing the attention towards her.."What if i die??...Even if i don't want i'll have to leave you then" Riddhima said cupping shilpa's cheeks

"Di!!!! you know then too i'll not let you leave me ...our faces are alike na...i'll tell yamraj...that am riddhima when he will come to get you" she said getting both tearful

"Oh my God girls...they can twist anything in a sentimental scene" as he ended he felt pillows coming on him from both sisters end

Flashback end

She laughed as the memories...and started crying realizing that those memories aint coming back again

"i am sorry"  She apologized crying harder

"Did you plan for many more days are you continuing the tears???" she heard someone

She turned and recognized the face to be Armaan malik
She quickly wiped her tears..."Who gave you the permision to be here??" She said surprising armaan...his shocked expression made her aware of her words..."i mean where's harry??"

"I dunno exactly i found the door opened and i entered am sorry" he said keeping a serious tone

"It's okay riddhima said turning her back to him.."why are you here??"

"I know me being here is quite surprising for you...but due to your absence...our business is suffering a lot..i came here to talk to you about know caging yourself in a room isn't solving things" he said...Wishing for her to turn her back and look at him...he so wanted to look in her eyes
"Mr malik...losing my sister been very tough to me...i need time to get back" she said and felt someone pulling her to the mirror

He grabbed her arms and lifted her chin infront of the mirror...."Look Riddhima..your sister isn't gone...shes still there...In your reflection...I know you don't remember anything about me....but you shared alot with me"

She felt an electric current through her body as his words hit her..."I shared with you??" she questioned keeping her eyes fixed on her reflection in the mirror

"We got pretty close in the last 6 months but alas you don't remember"

As she turned to face him ...she noticed the same tattoo on his mark...a tattoo which she recognized very well ...and  took her steps back

He was about to say something when harry ...and the rest of armaan's friend group entered

"Ridz i gotta talk to you" harry said pulling riddhima on his side

"any problem guys"  muskaan asked looking at harry's puzzling expression

"whats the matter harry??" Riddhima tried to read his thought

"actually i gotta go back ridz..i want you to come along...i don't want to leave you here knowing your life is in danger" harry said all intuitions something is happening between the two

"Riddhima can't leave" armaan yelled and stop on realizing he got too loud

"actually yes...that's why we are all here...Riddhima our project is left hanging you can't leave" nikki added and covered armaan's over reaction

"But Riddhima can't stay here alone...Riddhima  leave this project country...we lost our shilpa here...i don't wanna loose you" he held her hands..Riddhima and shilpa was always like his sister....he always protected them...and now felt a lot guilty ...neither he would have had gave in shilpa's wish to come to india without informing riddhima

"Harry i know you care for me...but you know i never run from my responsibility....i will not come back before i finish up this project" she said thinking" and find about the death of my sister....i will not leave the culprit"

"but riddhima how will u stay alone" he said dragging her out of her thoughts
"If you guys have no problem...riddhima can stay with me  muskaan and nikki" anjali proposed

"But....!!" before harry said something
"yes...i am ready too stay with you girls" Riddhima agreed and harry found it fishy...normally Riddhima would be very hesistant to stay with strangers but here she was agreeing
"Riddhima are you sure??? harry confirmed

"yes" and she left in her room
As she left armaan excused himself on hearing his ring tone

"she decided to stay in india" he said to the person on the phone

"thats good...atleast the hope of you saving your business is still alive" he heard from the next end

Thank you all for ur comments...i know this is confusing but bear it with us

Megha & anjali

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