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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

part 3 : pyari ma mumma

As soon armaan speaks on the phone he heard his mom's panicked voice as she says that
A:''hello ma''
N:''maani beta kahan the aap? ap theek tou ho na bacha? aap aapna cell kyun nahiin ootha rahe the bacha. Aapko pata hain na bacha jab aap phone nahiin oothate mumma kitni pareshan ho jaati hain. Manni beta aap bol kyun nahiin rahein ho?''
She fired lots of questions as she is so much tensed for him and armaan has his eyes tears filled with tears hearing his mumma's concern how anyone can say that She is not his Mumma, and then he again heard his mumma's panicked voice as
N:''maani beta main abhie office aa rahi hun mujhe mera bacha bilkul theek nahiin lag raha hain''
She said and she is on the verge of cutting the call when armaan finally speaks up as
N:''han bacha''
A:''mumma main bilkul theek hun aap chinta mat kijiye I am fine mumma aur please tension mat lijiye mumma aapka b.p. badh jaayega na mumma''

He said as he knows how much his mumma gets panicked in such circumstances and nandini mallik is not at all convinced as she can feels armaan's voice is little bit shaky too so she just
N:''tou maani aap jawab kyun nahiin de rahein the bacha boliye?''
She asked and armaan sighed his mumma and his riddhima knows him much better than he knows himself and he looked at riddhima and riddhima knows he needs her she comes closer to him and then she rubbed his back giving him all her strength she has and armaan then finally speaks up in smiling itself
A:''oh ho mumma aap bhi kuch bhi sochte ho aur aap mujhe bolne kahan de rahein the jaise hi maine phone oothaya aap shuru ho gayye trust me mumma I am fine''
He said thinking his mumma believe him and then nandini mallik is his mom how she can gets convinced her heart knows something is there so she again probed him as
N:''maani mujhe teri aawaz bahut hi ajeeb si lag rahi hain beta sab theek hain na karan ne tou kuch nahiin kaha tujhe kisii baat ya koi project ko lekar tell me I will see him myself''
She asked him maybe karan mallik scolded armaan and this brings a genuine smile on armaan's face how his mumma always sides him in everything and anything even she scolds his dad for scolding armaan and from the time he joined office even if armaan says dad makes him work more she then too scolded his dad saying he is making her son overworked and his dad always says from the time he comes in their lives his place becomes second in his mom's life as First place taken by Mr. Armaan Mallik and he always loved the fact but now and then again feeling armaan quiet nandini speaks up as
N:''matlab karan ne hi danta hain maani ane den zara oonko ghar batati hun oonko main kaise mere bache ko pareshan karte rehte hain''
She said and armaan then speaks up as
A:''nahiin mumma dad ne mujhe kuch bhi nahiin kaha aap oonhein kuch mat kehna please''
N:''maani tou baat kya hain beta mujhe tu thek nahiin lag raha main bas abhi tujhe dekhe aa rahi hun bacha nahiin tou mujhe sukoon nahiin milega beta''
She said and armaan looked at riddhima horrified noways he can face his mumma in such a disaster situation no matter whatever happened his love can never changed for his mumma but right now he needs time to recollect himself, he knows if he faces his mumma he will broke down in her embrace and riddhima knows this too so she entwined her fingers with his and as she head everything as the phone is on speaker she speaks up as
R:''oh ho aunty aap bhi na kiski tension le rahi hain yeh aapka armaan tension leta nahiin dossron ko tension deta hain aunty''
She said and hearing riddhima's voice nandini firstly is surprised but then smiled he knows how much riddhima loved her son and the vice versa too but both her children never confessed their love for each other
N:''acha riddhima beta aap office meiin hain tabhie main sochun ki yeh maani mera call kyun nahiin ootha raha hain''
She teased her and in spite of all the situation riddhima feels her cheeks heated up and
R:''kya aunty aap bhi''
N:''acha ji par aab aagar aap maani ke saath ho tou I am relieved aagar kuch baat hain bhi tou riddhima hain na armaan ke saath''
She said making riddhima smiled and she holds his hand more tighter and
R:''humesha aunty please koi tension mat lijiye yahan sab theek hain''
N:''ok bacha acha maani come soon beta aur riddhima aap bhi aaj mere saath dinner karengi ok''
She said and riddhima looked at armaan as armaan nodded to her she said
R:''ji aunty''
A:''mumma aap aapni sham ki medicine le lijiyega yad se aur khabardar jo sham ko black coffee li aapnein tou''
N:''as you say sir bye bacha love you alots''
A:''bye mumma I love you too''
As the cut the call nandini smiled but then she
N:''kuch tou hain jo maani ko pareshan kar raha tha main jaanti hun mere bache ko I hope sab theek ho''


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