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part 31 & 32 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 31

Armaan hold shilpa s hand and stopped her going to play holi.

Armaan caressed her hair lovingly and huskily said shilpa

Shilpa: armaan she also said slowly

Shilpa made her freed herself from armaan s grip

And she was about to have one more glass of bhang

But armaan quickly came and took

Glass from her

Bus ab or bhang ni

Shilpa: please armaan she pouted

Armaan: no means no

Apni halat dekho tum thik se khadi b ni ho pa rhi ho

Shilpa: armaan ek glass se kuch ni hoga shonu

Armaan: ni he put glaass on table

Bhaiya ab inko bhang mat dena or

Shilpa murmured sadu

Armaan: kya kaha tumne??

Shilpa: mene bola sadu

Stop.behaving like a teacher

Armaan: i will firstly u stop behaving like a kid shilpa

He made her lie on his shoulders.

And he made her stand on road

And some people throw colored water buckets on both

And armaan was angry and shilpa was in glee of happiness

Wowww happi holi

Happy holi

She said with rejoice tone

Armaan: plz guys no more coloring

And took her to in his car.

And locked the car


Shilpa: armaan car kholo

Armaan: nope ni matlab ni

Shilpa armaan shouted

Shilpa: u mujhe dant rhe ho??

U dnt love me she pouted like a kid

Armaan: no baby aisa ni hai

I love u so much

Armaan came close to shilpa and cupped her face in his hands

Shilpa: toh mujhe dantte kyun rehte ho

Armaan: awhhh baby mene kab danta??

M sorry jaan mera wo matlab ni tha acha tumhe or holi khelni hai

Chalo hum ghr jake kh


Shilpa: wowwww

Armaan: yes come on now smile baby

Shilpa smiled sweetly

And armaan stopped the car

And saw his clother in mirror it was all wet and shilpa s clothes were wet too

Due to coloured water

Armaan opened door of car

And hold shilpa s hand and said her to come inside his house

Shilpa: hum kaha agye

Armaan: mere ghar pe

Shilpa: u ka ghr toh bahut acha hai

Me yha askti hun roj??

Armaan: haan wese bhi tumhe isi ghr toh ana hai jaan

Shilpa smiled in daze

And as she was about to loose her balance

Armaan hold her

And they both fell in swimming pool


Armaan s eyes were on shilpa s and shilpa s eyes were fixed on armaan

Auchhh aucch armaan

Armaan: kya hua??

Shilpa: me dub jaungi

Armaan: ni dubogi

Me hun na mene pakda hai tumhe

Shilpa hugged armaan tightly

I feel safe in ur arms armaan only in ur arms

Armaan smiled listening these lines from her

Shilpa s lips lightly brushed armaan s shoulder and

Armaan gasped feeling gush of shilpa s breath

And armaan was feeling like heaven so secure so heavnely

Armaan: thank u shilpa for changing my life for coming in my life for making me undrstand

meaning of life

I love u so much

Shilpa: i love u armaan

They both hugged in swimming pool

And armaan tucked shilpa s hair back to her ears u looking beautiful with colors more

Shilpa shyed and lowered her face

Armaan touched her chin and kissed in her neck s lighlty and brushed his cheeks with shilpa s


Shilpa was feeling sensuous and both were in mo


Shilpa was in daze and totally engrossed in moment

Armaan hold her waist and touched her shoulders.

Shilpa gasped hard at the touch of armaan and breathed heavily

In rejoice shilpa splashed water on armaan s face and armaan too splashed water on shilpa

Shilpa hugged armaan

Nd both were looking each other

Armaan: u look an angel

Infact u r an angel my angel

Armaan came near shilpa s ear and said huskily

Change kar lo warna thand lag jayegi

Shilpa was touched by armaan s gesture

Armaan hold shilpaa in his hands and took her out of swimming pool

Armaan took shilpa to his bedroom

And made her lie on bed

Armaan was on top of shilpa.

Part 32

Armaan switched on the heater so that shilpa s clothes get dry soon

Water was dripping on shilpa from armaan s head.

And armaan was adoring

Shilpa s angelic face

As he was about to

Seperate from her

Her s named locked got stuck in armaan s button and he came more closer

As armaan came close

Shilpa hold his hand and hugged him like a teddy bear

She said in sleep i love you armaan.

Armaan was in awee

He was feeling blissful.

Armaan answered i love u shilpa so much

He hugged her but

Nt taking in way of taking advantage he was just assuring her that she is safe in his arms in his

protection and he will never leave her.

Armaan kissed shilpa s forehead

U have made me again the armaan malik jo khud hasta tha or dusro ko b hasata tha wrna toh me

hasna hi bhul gya tha

He took her one hand in his hand and kissed her hand

I ll wait till marriage and after that we will b one

Jab tum hosh me hogi tab.

Armaan made her lie on bed and put a pillow under shilpa s head

He tried to freed his hand but shilpa was in no mood of leaving him.

Armaan smiled

On her antics that she is fearful of loosing him

He came near her face and nd touched her nose and said me tumhe kabhi ni chodunga lekin ab

ruka toh ruk ni paunga tumhe pyar krne se

He covered her with blanket and went outside.

And called atul

Atul me or shilpa ghr agye hai usne bahut bhang pi li thi.

Atul: oh tbhi me sochu ki tum dono kaha gayab hogye

Kaha ha shilpa??

Armaan: `so rhi hai


tul: what???

Tu or shilpa??

Armaan: pagal hai kya??

Wo bed me hai or me rum ke bahar

Atul: oh acha wese tu shilpa ka itna dhyan rkhta hai or wo bhi

M sure kuch chakar hai tumhra

Armaan: champ apna dimag chalana band kar ab time se free hogye hai toh shilpa abhi kafi time

sone wali hai wo nashe me hai

Tb tk patients dekh ate hai thik hai??

Atul: haan ok chal.sanjeevani me milte hai

Armaan: chal bye

Armaan in sanjeevani

His hairs were some wet

And he came to check patients

In checking process of armaan came in front of maya he was writing file and maya saw him and

stand on her own feet.

And said armaan malik

The armaan malik she started to take rounds of him

Armaan took pen out of his mouth

And he was shocked maya tum??

Maya: haan me kyun dar gye??

Bhul gye??

Tumne mujhe chod dia tha??

Armaan: tum usi layak thi ohk??

Jise dosti ki kadar ni jo sirf un chizo me interest rkhti ho

That can not b my friend

Maya hold his collar and said

Oh come on armaan

Every boy wants a sexy girl n so u do too

Sharma kyu rhe ho??

Armaan becmae very angry and said behave urself

And stay away

Armaan pushed her back

And she gave a angry glare.

Armaan warned her not to come near him again

Armaan went from ward.

Maya called a guy and said in next call i ll tell u where to target dr. Armaan malik.

Other person: but mere pese

Maya: kam hone k bad pehle kuch ni smjhe

Armaan s mood was totally off

And he sat in firescape.


Started to think me kese shilpa ko btaunga ye sab

But btana toh

Padega but mera or uska kuch tha b ni

Wo toh maya made rumours like she is dating me coz i m rich but me ye baat shilpa ko kese

samjhaunga yar.

He hid his face in his both palms.

Kya musibat hai kal tak sab thik tha ab me kya karu??

Pta ni kese face karunga

God please help me. To get rid of this maya.


I love shilpa nd i can not loose her.



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