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Part 34 : My Wish Come True


Part 34

Sapna nd Muskaan were happy to see AR back to their koochi-kooing mood.. when Armaan would tease her in front of everyone nd she would either hush him off by a sharp glare or herself move away blushing to herself.. Armaan came with Ryan nd settled on the sofa with a thump..
"pa lucky shaath khelna hai na.." Ryan said trying to hop off Armaan's lap.. Armaan giggled looking at Ryan's wrinkled nose.. he for once smiled nostalgically as Tiya would always wrinkle her nose whenever she was concentrating on something or acting like a baby herself..

He shook his head smiling nd recollected even Ridhima does the same.. "Saari ladkiyaan aise hi karti hongi shayad.." he told himself amused abit.. he came out from self talking zone when he felt his pajama being pulled abit.. he almost jumped with fright looking at Lucky near his leg.. "Ridhuuu.. dekho isse.." he shouted in fright..

Ridhima came from the kitchen with Sapna nd muskaan after her Ridhima understood what was the matter looking at lucky nd Armaan there.. she sat by Armaan nd asked him to sit properly like he was.. she took lucky in her lap nd put Armaan's hand on him.. On an impulse Armaan pulled it back.. "Armaan.. kuch nai karega voh aapko.." she explained patiently.. Armaan nodded still abit unsure.. Ridhima guided his hand upon lucky again this time lucky turned feeling a different hand caressing him.. Armaan looked at him with confidence nd stroked his head.. Ridhima smiled nd left lucky on the couch with Armaan nd Ryan.. "Seems like the bravest thing I've ever done is befriending a dog.." he said looking at the girls..

They were all sitting for the dinner when Armaan's phone rang.. he looked at the number nd took the call immideately.. "Armaan khana.." Ridhima was about to stop him when he nodded saying "bas 2 minute Ridhu.. its important.." saying so he made his way out into the garden.. Around half an hour later he came back with a radiant smile on his face nd settled for dinner.. Ridhima looked at him enquiringly when he gave her a flying kiss nd giggled at her expressions..

"Kya hua bataiye na.. khush lag rahe hain aap.. kiska phone tha..?" she asked.. to which he gave a dimpled smile disclosing the secret "Case ki problem solve ho gayi.. time hearing is been preponed for 2 hours.. ab sab settle ho gaya.. main vahin se meeting ke liye nikal jaunga.. to na deal pending rahegi, na case.."

Ridhima looked at him with tears.. This was the only man who had done so much for her happiness nd thought of her happiness more than his own comfort everytime.. she cupped his face nd kissed his forehead with all the love, mumbling "Thankyou Armaan.. mere liye aaj tak kisi ne itna nai kiya.."

Armaan looked around to see if Muskaan nd Sapna were there.. but to his they were all alone.. he got up nd hugged her.. "maine yeh sab humare liya kiya Ridhu.. tumhari family mere bhi zaroori hai na Ridhu.. aur pichli baar jo hua voh iss baar nahi hoga.. kal subah mujhe uss lawyer ka number mil jayega aur phir saare raaz saamne aayenge.." he kissed her forehead.. "Tum chinta matt karo Ridhu.. main tumhare saath hoon.."


Next morning Armaan woke up only to see Ridhima rushing around with his nd Ryan's clothes.. She got Ryan ready for school nd had packed his clothes as well as he has to go to Pune for 2 days for the deal.. Armaan went to get fresh nd was amazed when he stepped into the room again.. it was perfectly set.. His suitcase was placed at the bedside with his other belongings..

He quickly got ready nd went to the lounge where Ryan was being probed for milk by Sapna nd muskaan was still asleep.. ARmaan rushed to the kitchen with his tie.. he held Ridhima from behind nd planted kiss on her shoulder.. "kya baat hai Ridhu.. aaj bohot chup chup ho.." he asked in a husky tone.. she turned nd took his tie shaking her head.. "nahi toh.. main theek hoon.." she was knotting his tie when he took hold of her hands nd kissed them.. he pulled her closer to himself nd kissed her forehead.. "Yeh aankhein hain na tumhari.. yeh mujhse jhoot nai bol paati.." he tiped her chin with his finger, making her look into his eyes.. "main 2 din ke liye ja raha hoon issi baat se pareshaan ho na.."

She nodded tearfully nd hugged him.. "aapke bina acha nai lagta Armaan.. aap saath hote hain toh protected feel hota hai.." Armaan hugged her tightly.. "Arre toh main thodi kahin dur ja raha hoon.. aaj ja raha hoon, kal shaam ko deal announce hote hi aajaunga main.." he stroked her hair lovingly calming her down.. he knew she has a lot of insecuritites to be dealt with.. "Bas Ridhu..sirf 2 din ki toh baat hai na.. iss baar yahan case ka itna bavaal macha hai nai to tumhe aur Ryan ko bhi apne saath le jata.."

"aapko explaination dene ki zaroorat nai hai Armaan.. aapka bas chale toh humein ek pal ke liye bhi khud se dur nai karenge.. aapke pyar pe bharosa hai mujhe.." she said brushing his cheek nd then kissed his cheek lightly.. he looked at her blushing when she corrected his tie..

After breakfast Armaan left leaving a tight kiss on her lips whispering "Mujhe zyada miss matt karna.. aur apna dhyaan rakhna.." she hugges him sobering up abit "Aap bhi Armaan.. zyada stress matt lijiyega.. sab theek hi hoga.."

He reached the court before time as he doesn't want to be late at all.. he saw his lawyer talking to someone.. when he reached there his lawyer introduced them.. "Mr.Mallik this is Mr.Sharma.. Mr Shubhankar Gupta's lawyer.. nd Mr.Sharma this is Mr.Mallik, Mr. Gupta's son-in-law.." Armaan was delighted to meet him.. he saw a sudden happiness on the lawyers face.. Armaan was hopefull for a moment but then before he could say or ask something Mr.Sharma spoke himself.. "I would like you to come nd meet me at my chamber Mr.Mallik but please get your wife along.."

Armaan nodded nd exchanged their cards.. Armaan explained something to his lawyer nd looked at shashank who seemed to be shocked seeing Armaan talking to Mr.Sharma.. Armaan gave him a winning smile nd left with his lawyer..

Soon enough as Armaan had planned.. his lawyer had withdrawn the case with all the other charges against Shubhankar.. when Shashank tried to interfere he was stopped by Armaan who was ready to pay for all the damages nd deal with other formalitites himself.. Shashank gave him a scowling glare nd walked away..

Armaan moved to the airport but cursed his luck when he saw Anjali walking to him.. he was surprised when he saw Atul along with her.. Armaan ignored Anjali nd greeted Atul.. "Tu yahan kya kar raha hai..?" Armaan asked abit calculatively.. Atul gulped nd explained "yar voh Anjie akele ja rahi thhi toh Padma Aunty was not much sure of her security.. she requested me to go along.. aur mujhe isse sacha mauka nai milega Anjie ko apne pyar ka ehsaas dilane ka.."

Armaan nodded nd walked to board the flight..
To Armaan's bad luck.. just like Armaan, Atul has also planned to stay at the same cottage they used to stay when they used to visit pune with friends.. Armaan at first thought to move to a hotel but seeing Atul's face his heart melted or else Atul would have felt offended.. "I'm staying here.. par Anjali ko mujhse dur rakhna.." saying this he walked to his room..


The meeting with the clients was abit heavy.. Armaan nd Anjali both retiered to their rooms.. Anjali was happy knowing she has her chance to strike the cord in Armaan's heart as there is no one here to stop her.. she wore one of her best night clothes nd walked to Armaan's room.. she was about to enter when she heard him mumbling "I Love You.." she lightly turned the knob nd peeped in.. she saw him lying upside down with Ridhima's picture nd was on call..

"Pata hai Ridhu.. yahan na tumhari bohot yaad aarahi hai mujhe.. I'm missing my night kiss nd ur blush.." Anjali's fist tightened as she heard him say that..

"hmm.. yahin reh raha hoon.." he paused.. "nahi.. I was moving to a hotel.. par phir Atul ko bura lagta issiliye rukna pada.. I'm missing you Ridhu.. I Love You.."

On one side there was love blooming while on the otherhand Atul nd Anjali both were busy thinking about their love.. Armaan never knew when he slept talking to Ridhima.. while Ridhima was happy that the case was closed now.. but Anjali's presence around Armaan surely worried her.. she slept thinking of Armaan, with Ryan snuggling at her arm..

Next Day Armaan had been busy Shopping for Ridhima nd Ryan.. he brought some jewelry some clothes nd toys for Ryan aswell.. he came back loaded with bags in his hand.. "Yar mujhe ek extra bag bhi lena chahiye tha ab yeh sab mere bag mein kaise aayega.." he pouted thinking abit he gave up nd called Ridhima for some fun nd romancing.. knowing that Ridhima was sitting with Sapna he was continuously blowing kisses on the phone nd talking naughty.. "Di main ek second mein aati hoon.." he heard her saying that nd was about to cut the call when she spoke..

"Sharam nai aati aapko.. pata hai di kitna has rahi thhi mujhe dekh ke.. har waqt mujhe sataate rehte hain aap.." she said in a mocking anger to which he replied in a baby voice "daant lo.. ek toh maine tumhe kal se dekha nai hai.. upar se ab baat karne pe bhi daant pad rahi hai.. huh.. theek hai.. ab phone nai karunga.." he said nd disconnected before she could reply.. he grinned knowing tthat now she'd be thinking of ways to make up to him for scolding him..

By the evening he came back with an extra bag for the things he has bought for his family.. he packed it nicely nd went to the kitchen to get something to eat before leaving for he annoucement party.. on the otherhand Anjali stood in front of the mirror nd looked at her dress with attitude.. "aaj dekhti hoon Armaan.. ki kaise dur reh paoge tum mujhse.." she smirked.. she turned nd found spellbound Atul standing at the door.. she somewhere felt good looking at the love nd admiration in Atul's eyes but then she altered her gaze as soon as Armaan crossed her mind.. Atul averted his gaze away from her when he felt her getting abit uncomfortable.. "chalein.. Armaan has left already.." Atul informed her..

"What..?" she almost spat.. "he has left alone..?" she got even more determined to get hin now.. no one in her life has ever ignored her like that.. "Chalo.. I wanna be there on time when my name would be announced for the deal.." she said with an attitude.. Atul looked at her helplessly but he wanted to wait for the right moment to say something that might change her thinking..


At the Party.. Almost everybody knew.. The competition was mainly amongst Guptas nd Malliks.. most of the eyes were stuck on Anjali as she walked in with attitude.. she spotted Armaan talking to someone nd made her way there.. "Armaan.. that's not fair.. I've dressed so prettily for you nd you came alone.." she said putting her hand on his shoulder abit seductively.. he moved her hand away with a jerk.. "Well that means I'm not interested in any of the guptas accompanying me anywhere.." he spat out..

By the time the announcement was made Anjali was pretty much high at alcohol.. she was shocked out of her wits when Armaan was congratulated for getting the deal.. "That fraud.. I payed him for the deal.. he can't give away the deal to Malliks.. Anjali Gupta never loses on anything she wants.." she thought nd got up to go to the owner of the company..

"We don't deal with gamblers Ms.Gupta.. you can collect your money anyday you want from my office.." the owner walked off saying this.. she clentched her fist nd took a drink.. she grinned nd mixed something in it.. "Hey Armaan.. Congratulations.." Armaan has sensed her being drunk so he didn't retorted this time.. he accepted her greetings nd was walking off when she caught his coat.. "you've won the deal Armaan.. you can atleast have a drink with me.."

"Anjali.. I don't take alcohol.."
"I know Armaan.. tabhi toh tumhare liye juice layi hoon.." she said with a proud smile.. Armaan nodded in acknowledgement nd drank it.. with her.. when he was reaching for some water he felt his head getting heavy.. he quickly drove back to the cottage while Atul supported anjali back till there.. he made her lie down in her room nd left for his room.. as soon as he left Anjali got back to her feet nd walked to Armaan's room..

"Mrs Mallik.." Ridhima heard the caller taking her name sarcastically..

"Anjali Di..?" she recognized her voice..

"haan Ridhima.. I'm gonna get my love back tonight.. tum jo kar sakti ho kar lo.. your husband is gonna be mine now.." Anjali said nd disconnected the call leaving Ridhima fearing with tears flowing from her eyes.. she tried calling Armaan but could get through..

Anjali went in Armaan's room nd saw him sitting with Ridhima's picture nd her dupatta nd talking to himself animatedly.. "I love you Ridhu.." he mumbled but next moment he heard "I love you too Armaan.."

He looked at the girl next to him.. but seems like he was not in his senses.. he felt himself being hugged nd kissed on his face all over.. he was about to grip back nd respond when his mind replayed Ridhima's face.. her blushing face while she confesses her love for him.. her trust she had in him.. he quickly pushed Anjali away as he felt her hands on his shirt buttons..

"Get the hell out of my room.." he barked at her..

"I love you Armaan.."

"but I hate you.. you heard me.. I hate you.. I love Ridhima.. nd you should be with someone who loves you nd not with ur sister's husband.."

He practically pushed her out of his room nd latched the door.. he didn't know when he slept feeling guilty nd remembering Ridhima.. while Anjali too collapsed on the couch outside his room..


Next morning Atul lifted her off the couch nd got her back to the room.. he was about to leave when she held his hand.. "aaj kuch nahi kahoge Atul..?" he looked at her nd shook his head.. "kal kya hua mujhe nahi pata par ab mera pyar main jataunga nahi tumpe.. kyunki pyar mein agar har baar lafzon ki zaroorat pade toh usmein kahin na kahin ek vishwaas aur ehsaas kami hai.."

"Agar kahun ki kal jo maine kiya uske baad tum toh kya koi bhi mujhse pyar nai karega tab bhi uss ehsaas ka intzaar karoge..?" she asked getting teary.. Atul sat by her nd hugged her while she sobbed.. "Mera pyar itna kamzoor nahi hai anjali.. par ab bas' ab tumhe bhi samajhna hoga ki tumhara har waqt Armaan aur Ridhima ke beech aane ka khayaal mujhe dard deta hai.."

"par main apna pyar bhula bhi toh nai sakti na atul.."
"pyar..? anjali.. ARmaan tumhara pyar nahi zid hai.. pyar mein insaan ko bandha nai jaata.. tum usse uski khushi se hi dur karna chahti ho toh yeh kaisa pyar hua..?" Atul asked in distress.. "rehne do Anjali.. tum nahi samjhogi.. par aisa na ho ki jab tak tumhare dil tak mera pyar pohoche tum mujhe bhi kho chuki ho.."

The morning was not good for any of them in Pune neither for Ridhima.. Armaan packed his stuff quickly nd wanted to leave even before Anjali wakes up.. He was at the door when Atul called him.. he turned nd found Anjali along with him with their luggage packed.. "Ruk ja hum log bhi chalte hain.." Atul said..

"Tum log aao Atul.. mujhe kaam bhi hai raste mein.. main chalta hoon.." Armaan left in a hurry before Atul could say anything.. They all reached the airport around similar time.. Armaan just reached 10 min early to Atul nd Anjali.. he was trying to call home but everytime the call was not connecting.. he finally got frustrated nd dumped himself into a chair.. he saw Atul nd Anjali but didn't acknowledge their presence..

He sat in the flight checking the time every now nd then.. He couldn't wait to reach home to his love.. His Wife.. he sighed thinking what could have happened last night.. "main Ridhu se nazar bhi nai mila pata.. uska bharosa todke kaise jeeta main.. voh tut jaati.." he dropped afew tears recollecting her faith in him.. He never knew when he drifted off to a sleep..

With in sometime he woke up the announcement for landing.. he sighed relief that in just a few minutes now he'll be with Ridhima.. getting off, he again tried calling home for the car but again Ridhima's number was switched off and the other number was not available.. he moved out with his luggage nd was looking for a cab when Atul's car stopped for him.. he didn't had a choice he wanted to reach home sooner so he hopped in.. that 20 minute journey was hard for him.. he kept himself from any acknowledgement or conversation.. he kept looking out of the window while Atul nd Anjie sat behind him nd the driver beside him..


As soon as the car stopped he practically ran into the house.. he rushed to the kitchen knowing Ridhima would be there at this hour.. he saw a servant helping her there.. he looked at him saying "Bahar se mera saaman room mein rakhva do.." as soon as the servant left he took Ridhima into a rib crashing hug.. she didn't knew what happened all of a sudden.. she quickly pushed him abit nd looked at him.. She realized it was just him.. she took a step towards him nd hugged him again when she saw his bloodshot red eyes..

Afew minutes later when Armaan heard the servant coming back to the kitchen he took her by hand nd went out of the kitchen.. he picked her in his arms nd moved to their room.. it was still time for Ryan to be back from school.. he peeped into the guestroom nd found it empty, he guessed probably Sapna nd Muskaan were not home..

"Armaan yeh kya kar rahe hain aap utariye mujhe.." she struggled in his arms.. he put her to her feet nd turned to latch the door.. next moment he pinned her to the cupboard nd hugged her hiding his face in her shoulder.. she felt herself shiver by the way he has held her.. her heart was thumping nd she was sure he could feel that.. she whispered his name as soon as she felt his wet lips on her neck.. "Armaan.. aap.." she was silenced with a kiss on her lips.. she tried to stop but he wasn't letting go off her.. he left her hands when he felt her giving into the kiss.. it was love nd passion but something else too.. something that was still unspoken.. she let him hold her nd kiss her.. seeing him calming down abit she gave him a light push nd hugged him..

"Kya baat hai Armaan..?"

He cupped her face nd looked at her with loving yet guilty eyes.. he laid her on the bed nd covered her body with his.. Ridhima gulped anticipating something else but was surprised when he rested his face on the pillow near her neck nd sobbed abit, holding her saree.. she paniced feeling his tears sliding down the side of her neck.. she soothed his back nd hair lovingly till his sobs subsided.. she moved abit from under him to be able to look at his face but he wasn't letting her do that.. she finally cupped his face nd made him come face to face with her..

"aap ro kyun rahe hain..? kya hua Armaan..?" she asked in a worried tone..

"Main.. voh kal raat ko Pune mein.." he told her how he was made to drink something nd how Anjie tried to seduce him nd he locked himself in the room coz he wasn't sure of himself.. "voh mere bohot kareeb thhi Ridhu.. tumhara mujhpar se vishwaas tutt jata na.. main kho deta tumhe.." he said all that in a horrified tone.. although she herself was shocked knowing what trick had Anjali played but she was even more overwhelmed with Armaan's reaction on it.. she has never thought she can ever be in someone's mind to this extent.. she caressed his cheeks nd brought his face down to nd kissed his forehead nd eyes..

"aapne jo kiya uske baad bhi itna guilty feel kar rahe hain.. aapne mera vishwaas toda nai balki aur pakka kar diya hai Armaan.. m proud ki aap sirf mere hain.." she said with pride nd some blush.. he traced her cheek with the back of his hands nd bent to claim her lips.. they kissed with all the love they had for eachother as for the first time Armaan was insecure nd Ridhima was full of love for him..

They kept on lying in eachother's arms till they heard Ryan-Sapna nd Muskaan.. Ridhima quickly got out of the bed nd corrected her clothes nd hair while Armaan snuggled onto her pillow with a dreamy smile, still gazing at her.. "sab aagaye hain.. aap bhi aajaiye tab tak main lunch lagva deti hoon.." she said softly.. to which he nodded nd blew a kiss at her with a wink making her shy..


The whole evening was joyous.. Ryan was happy having some new toys nd chocolates.. Ridhima was shocked that even without her being with him the suits that he got fitted her perfectly.. but she didn't dare ask him how he got them of her exact fit.. Sapna nd Muskaan were happy aswell as even they got gifts as a treat for him bagging the deal..

They even went out for sometime with Ryan.. they strolled on the beach.. Armaan had asleep Ryan in his one arm nd the other one around Ridhima.. he played with her hair, tickled her nd teased her by his kisses.. they came home after dinner.. "Ahem.. kaisi thhi date..?" Muskaan asked.. Ridhima took Ryan inside to change his clothes while Armaan was left to answer the questions..

Ridhima changed sleepy Ryan nd patted him back to sleep as he rolled himself into a ball in her lap.. she lightly patted his shoulder nd kissed his head when Armaan entered.. he sat by them nd kissed Ryan lightly.. "Sapna wants to keep Ryan for the night.." he whispered.. Ridhima looked at him thinking abit but then nodded as not Ryan hardy wakes up at night.. just sometimes when he has a bad dream.. she handed him to Armaan nd took her clothes to change while thinking of something..

He came back nd found her combing her hair.. he took her wrist nd pulled her closer making her bump into his chest.. she looked at him surprised to which he gave a sly smile nd nuzzed into her neck.. she hugged him closer without any protests nd her hands reached his hair.. she never knew when had he discarded her robe.. she stood there in her nighty which he found the other day in her closet.. it was a short silky nighty , perfectly following her slim body.. she shied away when she felt his gaze tracing her body.. she turned to move bach when he held her by her waist nd pulled her into a kiss.. she shivered feeling his palms making animated circles all along her waist.. she groaned feeling him pulling her closer, crushing her body into his..

He let go off her from the kiss when he felt her sighing heavily nd struggling under his hold.. "You look beautiful Ridhu.. par tum toh yeh sab nahi pehenti na.." he said picking her up nd settling on the bed.. she snuggled closer into his chest whispering "aapke liye.. aap chahte thhe na ki main yeh pehenu.. aur aaj se zyada mujhe apne pyar par kabhi pura vishwaas nai thha.. hamesha lagta tha ki aap dur ho jayenge mujhse.. par ab yakeen hai mujhe ki aap par sirf mera hak hai.." she said wiping her tears before he could see them..

He tipped her chin nd kissed her again while pushing her down on the bed.. . he rested his face near her heart, letting his hands play with hers.. "Ridhhima.. tumhara dhadkane itni tez kyun chal rahi hain.. kis baat se darr raha hai tumhara dil..?" he asked while coming out of the soulful embrace nd pecking her lips lightly.. "usse darr hai ki kahin yeh pal mujhse ruth na jayein.. jaise aaj tak sab mujhse dur jaate rahe hain kahin aap bhi mujhe chodkar na chale jayein.. mera dil chahta hai ki yeh pal bas yahin tham jayein.. hum aise hi rahein ek dusre ke saath.. itne kareeb.." she whispered her true feelings with all her heart.. "Aaj mujhe iss tarah apna bana lijiye Armaan.. ki chah kar bhi aapka ehsaas mujhse dur na ho paye.. hum iss pal mein humesha ke liye ek saath bandh jayein.."
.. she gulped feeling his passionate kisses.. "I Love You Armaan.." she mumbled when she felt herself being loved with such passion..

It was along time that they had been loving eachother.. Ridhima tilted her neck looking at the clock.. she saw it was almost 2am.. she sighed of happiness nd nuzzled into Armaan's ear.. biting it lightly she mumbled dropping a kiss there.. "Happy Anniversary Armaan.."

He looked at her for a moment nd then glanced at the watch.. he smiled lovingly nd traced her lips with his finger making them quiver.. he kissed her mumbling "I Love You Ridhu.. Happy Anniversary.." the kiss was sweet nd gentle yet very loving.. he broke the kiss nd looked at her with surprise.. "tumhe yaad tha..?" looking at her nodding with smile, he continued "issiliye tumne voh nighty pehni..?" she shook her head in NO nd pulled him into a hug coz she had no words to explain why she wore something like that.. it was just her heart that got her to wear that nd come infront of him.. make him feel loved nd most of all tell him how much she trusted him with her life..



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