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Part 35 : My Wish Come True


Part 35

His eyes wandered at the curtains that were preventing the sunrays from entering their room.. If he was asked about the most satisfying moment of his life, he would undoubtedly take yesterday's event into record.. him being so scared as if he'd lose her if he tells her how Anjali tried to be close to him.. then her Love nd Trust she showed in him.. Things have been the other way round since the time he has returned home.. Firstly Ridhima was being supportive while he was in panic.. then He was insecure while Ridhima showed her complete devotion towards him..

Nd Now.. for the first time she was asleep in his arms after their loving night while he was wide awake nd all the while kept stroking her hair, gazing at her.. he looked at the watch it was 9am nd they were still in bed.. He smiled recollecting last night.. he looked at her when she stirred nd held him.. he adjusted her head properly on his chest while her arms around his waist gripped him themselves.. he thought of first letting her sleep but then knowing that she would not like anyone to knock the door to wake them up he kissed her head with love mumbling "Ridhu.." she moaned nd turned her back to him..

He smiled looking at her kidish tantrums.. a naughty smile graced his lips as he was thinking of some trick to wake her up.. he bent closer nd dug his face on the side of her waist.. he nuzzled tightly, tickling her.. she groaned sleepily but he moved to her bare shoulder nd bit her leaving a red mark there he moved to her neck planting wet kisses all way long.. "Armaaann.. kya hai.. kyun pareshaan kar rahe hain.." she asked pushing him off abit..

He was enjoying those expressions of blush nd irritation on her face.. he traced her lips with his finger making her shiver at his approach.. she gulped nd looked into his eyes while he moved abit letting her settle on her back, facing him.. without a word he bent nd kissed her lightly nd pulled back before she could respond.. "Not fair.. meri neend uda ke khud aaj itne chain se so rahi thhi tum.. toh main kaise nai jagata tumhe.." he said abit pouting..

She caressed his cheek with love nd kissed his eyes.. "Aap soye nahi..?" she asked with love while he shook his head like a baby.. "Kyun..?" she asked while he strocked her hair.. "pata nahi.. bas tumhe dekhne ka mann kiye ja raha tha.. par aaj meri Ridhu itni pyari neend kaise so rahi thhi hmm..?" he asked with interest.. while she blushed as she knew the reason still she didn't knew how to put it into words.. she has even guessed the reason he woke up all night long..

She kept looking at him for a while as she knew Armaan couldn't sleept all night coz his insecurtities of losing Ridhima were much more than the contentment of having her there.. The same fear she used to carry in her heart till yesterday.. While she slept contented coz for the first time ever she didn't have any fear of losing him.. she knows that Armaan loves her way too much to desert her ever.. she came out of trance when he again asked "Aaj meri Ridhu ko neend kaise aagayi..? har baar toh aap puri puri raat bas mujhe hi dekhti rehti hain.."

"bas  aise hi.. neend kab aayi pata hi nai chala.. isse achi neend mujhe aaj tak kabhi nai aayi Armaan.." she smiled at him nd rolled her tounge asking "par aap kyun jag rahe thhe..?" he was caught off guard.. He fumbled nd lightly blushed, astonishing himself nd her.. she stiffled her giggle looking at his pink face which was a sight while he spoke "Voh kal na.. uhhmm.. kal pehli baar na.. mujhe tumhe khone ka darr tha.. phir jab tum itne kareeb thhi toh bas tumhe dekhne ka mann kar raha tha.." he giggled himself nd continued "jab sone ki koshish ki toh.. toh maine sapne mein dekha ki tumne mujhse gussa hoke, mujhe ghar se hi nikaal diya.." she giggled along with him at his cuteness..

"Aap ekdum Ryan jaisi baatein kar rahe hain Armaan.." she said cupping his face nd kissed his cheek.. "main aapke bina reh sakti hoon kya.. aur aap aaj ke din bhi aisi baat kar rahe hain.." she looked into his eyes which had nothing but love for him.. the smile on his lips got wider nd he shook his head saying "Nai.. aaj no rona dhona.. aaj hum sirf romance karenge.. pura din sirf tum aur main.."

She burst his love bubble "haan.. aap, main, Sapna Di, Muskaan aur Ryan.." he made a face saying "Ryan toh school jayega aur unn dono kabaab mein haddi ko main bahar bhej dunga.. tum bas dekhti jao.. Armaan Mallik kuch bhi kar sakta hai.." he then holds her from her waist nd turns such that she was lying on him.. their faces were hidden under the veil of her thick hair.. he gently pulled her down into a kiss while she responded equally.. He rumbled when her hands wandered on his  chest.. his hold at her waist got tighter as the kiss got intense.. he rolled over again nd buried his head into her shoulder kissing her neck nd shoulder.. she shivered yet her hands reached his hair, ruffling them.. he looked up when she hissed as he gave her a love bite at her nape..

He was about to say something when they heard some impatient knocks at the door.. They knew it was Ryan.. Armaan rolled off her without any explaination while she gave a shy smile nd rushed to get a wash picking her clothes along.. He quickly got dressed nd answered the door.. he smiled when Ryan barged into the room looking for ridhima.. he pouted when he heard water running inside the bathroom.. "Mamma nahai kal lahi hai.. Lyan ko kaun nahai kalayega.." he crossed his hands on his chest..

Armaan smiled nd picked him up kissing him.. "Aao baby.. aaj Papa aapko ready karte hain.. aajao.. hum mamma ke aane se pehle hi ready ho jaate hain.."


Ryan was ready with his bag nd was playing in the lounge when Ridhima came out of her room.. she first went to Ryan nd picked him up kissing him.. "Good morning buddy.. aaj toh aap mamma se bhi pehle ready ho gaye.." Ryan smiled nd kissed her back saying "Pa ne kiya.." she smiled wider when as usual he dug his palms into her hair making afew falling on her face.. Ridhima saw Armaan approaching with Sapna nd Muskaan.. Sapna nd Muskaan teased AR nd wished them.. while before anything else Ridhima took Ryan nd asked Armaan to come for the pooja..

Although they used to pray together everyday.. but today was different.. AR were both not asking for something they were just thanking God for such wonderful partner.. As they proceeded  for the breakfast, Ryan was still hanging in Ridhima arms.. Everyone focused on Ryan when out of the blue Ridhima hissed nd Ryan made a shocked sound.. "eh ka ua mamma..?" he said with his hand still around her neck.. Ridhima tried avoiding the situation but it got out of  her control when instead of helping her, Armaan too looked at her with concern..

Muskaan took Ryan from her while Sapna pushed her hair away to see what it was.. Sapna smirked knowingly looking from Ridhima to Armaan, while Armaan looked at Ridhima with puppy dog eyes mumbling a small sorry.. Somehow Armaan diverted the attention.. while Muskaan giggled at their flushed faces.. She looked at Sapna meaningfully nd winked at her while Sapna nodded nd let go off them after whispering "Iss love bite ki detail baad mein lungi.." nd smiled at Ridhima who rushed to the kitchen avoiding any of their knowing eyes..

Ridhima came out with the breakfast while till then Armaan had almost begged nd made a plan with Sapna nd Muskaan to leave them alone.. after some pleading nd bribing finally Armaan was able to convince them..


Armaan sighed relief when he had finally planned a romantic day with Sapna's help.. She has promised to take care of picking Ryan from his school nd keeping Muskaan away from embarrassing them.. He waved Ryan off to school, bribing him with chocolates to make him agree that he'll go to school with Maasi for the day..

"Dekha.. kaha tha na maine ki hum aaj sirf romance karenge.. aur koi nai aayega disturb karne.." he blurted with attitude but turned to find himself alone in the lounge.. he sighed nd moved to his wife's favourite place.. he walked in to see her working on some vegetables with two servants.. Armaan went to the servants nd gave them some money asking them to take an off for the day..

Afew minutes later Ridhima turned nd found an apron wrapped around Armaan nd he was wearing the chef's hat nd was looking at the vegetables in confusion.. "Aap kya kar rahe hain.. aur yahan kaka kaam kar rahe thhe voh kahan gaye..?" she asked taking an onion away from him.. he perfect flashed his dimples saying "unhe maine aaj ke liye off de diya.. khana hum milke banayenge.."

Ridhima slapped her head nd calculated how much time it would take for her to cook with him around her, doing all his mischiefs.. "Armaan.. aap rehne dijiye.. main khud khana bana lungi.. vaise bhi Ryan ke aane se pehle tak mujhe lunch bana lena hai.." she said she turned only to be pulled back into his arms.. "Ryan ghar nahi aayega.. voh Sapna ke saath uske ghar jayega.. ab bas hum hi hain.." he spoke huskily while she couldn't say anything sensing the intensity in his voice nd those loving eyes that were staring at her..

She broke the trance as she knew she might got carried away with those loving eyes if she kept looking at them for long.. They decided on making something easy nd quick to which she thought of making spicy pulao which they can have with curd or other flavourings.. she took some chopped veggies nd started working when Armaan came nd settled on the slab, besides the stove gazing at her.. on an impulse she pulled him down from the slab.. "Stove se durr baithiye.." she pointed to the slab on her right.. to which he pouted "Main thodi na bacha hoon jo lag  jayegi.. aur vahan baithunga toh tumhe dekhunga kaise..?"

"aap meri help karne aaye thhe ya mujhe dekhne..?" she asked him but next moment she realized that the question was wrong nd the answer was obvious.. she again turned to stove when she felt him tugging at her saree.. he pulled her back nd locked his legs around her waist nd his arms around her shoulder.. "Armaan.." she made an attempt to get out of his grip.. While he pulled her more into his hold..

She smiled nd gave in when he whined feeling her struggle in his hold.. "Kahan jaana hai tumhe.. ab toh na koi aur hai yahan aur na koi kaam.. toh mere paas raho na thodi der.." he said pouting just like Ryan.. she nodded nd hugged him lovingly saying "ab koi kaam nahi hai.. mera saara waqt bas aapka hai.." he grinned nd twirled her picking her in his arms while she giggled nd held him hiding his face in her neck..

He stopped nd looked at her confused.. Something about her behaviour confused him but still no words were spoken as the difference was pleasant for the duo.. She looked at him when she felt him standing still with her still in his arms, he let his grip loosen abit as she slid down to the ground from his arms.. unknowingly her hands travelled from his shoulders to his nape, cupping his face.. His eyes moved from her eyes to her lips nd again her eyes as if trying to read her consent..

She gulped nd nodded very lightly nd looked down in nervousness making him smile.. he pulled her closer nd traced her waist with his fingers, he let his one hand wander at her back while the one was in her hair soothing her scalp nd making her go crazy with the proximity.. They never knew when his lips came down to claim hers.. her hands in his hair nd his pulling her closer into his embrace.. They broke apart when they were sure they cannot breathe.. She blushed badly nd walked out of the kitchen unable to face him anymore..


He heard the whistle of the cooker nd came out of the trance.. he has never felt her so passionate.. He touched his lips where he could still feel her touch nd pinched himself to know if he was dreaming.. he hissed rubbing his hand.. quickly turned off the stove nd went to look for her.. her checked the lounge nd the rooms but she was nowhere.. he was about to go to the garden when he saw it was raining.. He smile knowing exactly where would she be.. he reached the terrace nd found her with her facing towards the sky nd her arms wide spread..

He stood there for a minute to drink in the sight of his greek goddess.. her saree clung to her body making his desire roar.. that innocent smile on her lips making him forget if anything more precious than that smile existed for him.. he gulped looking at drops rolling down her neck nd disappearing by her neckline.. He walked to her nd stood right behind her, hiding his face in her hair.. she felt his nose touching her nape nd his hands creeping around her waist.. a shiver ran through her spine when she felt him shifting her hair to her right shoulder.. she shied as he kissed nd sucked at all the lovebites he has given her last night.. he still held her firmly from her waist with his one arms around her while the other hand was tracing her neck nd back..

She recoiled at his approach nd slowly her wide stretched arms bent nd were about to hold the palmet in front of her when he entwined his fingers with hers again stretching her arms with his.. he clasped her palms tightly nd kissed her neck from its base to her ear.. she sighed heavily when he traced her wet neck with his tounge.. she quickly turned nd hugged him, hiding herself in his chest.. they both were shivering, not due to cold but coz of the proximity they were sharing.. he picked her up nd settled on the swing with her in his lap..

He kept pushing the swing lightly with his feet enjoying the rain with her in his arms.. he looked down at her nd found her fiddling with his shirt, biting her lips to stop them from quivering.. he looked at her lips with seem to be swollen by now yet they seemed so full to him.. he unknowingly traced her lips nd was surprised when she closed her eyes in submittion.. "ek baat poochun..?" he asked kissing her forehead.. while she nodded, he continued "pehle jab bhi main kareeb aata tha toh tum ghabra jaati thhi.. par jab se main pune se aaya hoon.. tumne mujhe ek baar bhi apne kareeb aane se nahi roka.. ghabrane ki jagah tum sharmake mujhmein hi kho jaati ho.. kyun Ridhu..?"

She knew this would come up.. now there was no way she could stop her feelings from getting into words.. she didn't look into his eyes even once but she knew his eyes were fixed on her.. "Armaan.. humari shaadi hui tab hum ajnabiyon jaise thhe.. mujhe kab aapse pyar hone laga yeh main jaanti hoon.. aap dheere dheere mere dil mein jagah banane lage aur humari voh dosti pyar mein badalne lagi.. tab mujhe toh yeh pata hi nahi tha ki aap mujhse itna pyar karte hain ki duniya bhar se lad jayenge mere liye.. par aapka apnapan mujhe aapki taraf kheenchne laga.. uss waqt se ab tak pyar tha Armaan.. lekin uske saath aapko khone ka darr tha.. iss baat ka darr tha ki kahin aapko mujhse durr na hona pade.. uss waqt khud pe aapko itna hak dene se darti thhi.."

She for first time looked into his eyes nd continued caressing his cheek "par ab mujhe bharosa hai Armaan.. ab main jaanti hoon ki aap sirf mere hain.. koi aur meri jagah kabhi nahi le sakta.. aaj aapke liye mera pyar mohabbat bann chukka hai.. aapne hi kaha tha na.. Pyar toh hum sabse karte hain.. par mohabbat ek se hi hoti hai.. jo hak aapko shaadi ke baad milne chahiye thhe voh aaj ek saal baad de rahi hoon aapko.. Aapko har hak hai mujhe Armaan.. job hi aap.." she stopped when he placed his finger on her lips..

"bas.. mil gaya mujhe mera jawaab.. itna pyar karne lagi ho mujhse Ridhu.." he said cupping her face nd bending to claim her lips while she gave a small nod.. "har hak hai mujhe tumpar..?" he asked bending abit more closer.. she nodded again nd her hands reached his shoulder taking hold of his collar.. "pakka..? kabhi gussa nahi karogi kisi baat pe..?" he asked almost whispering at her lips to which she just sighed nd waited for him to kiss her.. he obliged nd kissed her very softly for sometime nd then suddenly got up twirling her in his arms while she giggled nd his herself in his neck.. "Armaaaaaaann.. bas kariye.." she said to which his chuckled nd kept twirling till he again collapsed on the swing giggling nd breathing heavily..


Armaan was settled on the couch with a pillow under him to prevent couch from his wet clothes.. Ridhima quickly came with a towel nd rubbed his hair nd sighed nd leaned onto her.. she sweetly brushed her fingers into his damp hair when his sneeze got her out of the trance.. she was alarmed with that sneeze.. "Armaan.. aap jaldi se change kariye.. main aapke peene ke liye kuch garam laati hoon.." she rushed to his woredrobe nd went to the kitchen keeping his fresh clothes on the bed.. he shook his head nd sneezed again..

She got some hot chocolate for him when she realized their lunch was still untouched.. she glanced at the watch nd it was around 7 in the evening.. she was shocked they didn't realize for how long they had been sitting on the terrace enjoying the rain.. she gave a look at he pulao which now needed to be re-heated to be eaten.. she heated the bowl of pulao nd took things to the room.. while he laid on the bed on her side smelling her pillow.. she smiled at him nd signaled him toh join her at the couch as she kept the tray on tha table..

He came nd sat with a thump. Pulling her into his lap along with him.. she squeaked nd glared at him while he grinned nd tickled her.. she giggled nd hit him lightly by her elbow.. "Ouch'." He whinned nd held her tighter "Abhi batata hoon tumhe.." he dug his face in her hair nd bit her ear while she finally stood up from his lap.. "Armaan.. mujhe bohot bhuk lagi hai toh ab aap koi badmaashi nahi karenge.." she warned him pointing  a fork at him while he pouted nd nodded rumbling to himself "thodi der pehle toh kaha tha ki daantegi nahi aur ab phir se daantne lagi hai.. huh.."

She shook her head nd smiled at his kiddish complains.. nd served for them in the same plate..  she mixed it with curd nd gave him first bite which he took happily.. his eyes widened as soon as he took that bite he immideately stopped her from having her bite nd rushed to the washroom to clean his mouth.. "Ridhu.. kachhe hain chawal.. aur mirchi itni tez.." he said taking a spoonful of curd.. she look at his red eyes nd got up to go to him..

She cupped his face saying "Sorry.. mujhe laane ke pehle check kar lena chahiye tha.. bohot mirchi lag rahi hai..?" she asked with concern to which he nodded nd held her closer saying "tum do na meethi vali dose.. phir na dard mehsoos hota hai, na mirchi.." she looked into his eyes nd bent his head to her level she kissed his eyes with love while he chuckled whispering "aankhein nahi ridhu.. mirchi yahan lagi hai.." he said pointing to his lips..

She blushed nd shook her head in NO.. "main khud hi le leta hoon.." he whispered kissing her forehead nd moved to her lips rubbing his nose to hers.. he took her into a passionate kiss.. she moaned feeling his hands tracing her body while his tounge traced her mouth.. on an impulse her hands reached his chest nd traced his hard built body too..

They were shaken off the moment when they heard Ryan's whinning.. as per Muskaan's plan all the Malliks along with Shashank, Padma, Anjali, Muskaan-Rahul, Atul nd Sapna- Amit.. they all decided to give the couple a surprise treat on their First Wedding Anniversary.. Armaan had already asked Sapna to keep everyone away for the day so they all reached by dinner time.. while everyone settled in the lounge with food nd cake, Sapna, Muskaan, Atul, Anjali nd Rahul went to look for AR.. they stopped at the door when they saw them involved in a kiss but Ryan whinned as he wanted to go to his parents but his maasi was taking him away..


AR were badly embarrassed they didn't dare to look at anyone while the others were equally embarrassed for destroying their moment.. AR were looking everywhere except eachother nd the one standing at the door.. Ridhima sighed when Ryan rushed to her she sat on her knees nd greeted him warmly taking him into a hug nd caressing his face lovingly.. "Lyan michh lidhu.." he said hiding himself in her embrace.. "mamma missed you too buddy.. aapne maasi ko pareshaan toh nahi kiya na..?"

Ryan grinned nd shook his head.. "Lyan, mamma ka good boy.." she nodded lovingly nd kissed his forehead "Ryan, mamma ka bohot pyara beta hai.." The duo was busy in their talks while everyone waited for some attention.. finally they all moved out signaling Armaan to come soon.. As they all went away Anjali still kept standing by the door.. though they were all happy but somewhere Anjali was surprised at herself.. she saw the love Armaan had in his eyes when he saw Ridhima nd Ryan together.. nd she knew she could have never loved Ryan like that.. "Main iss Ridhima ki jagah lena chahti thhi.. usne sahi kaha tha.. Armaan apne bete ki maa se pyar karta hai mujhse kabhi nai karta tha.. aur ab toh bilkul nahi karega.. Atul ne sahi kaha tha, maine apni zid mein kitne rishtey kho diye.."

She wiped alone tear that escaped her eyes nd turned to go.. She tried but Atul's eyes noticed the change in her body language as she settled with everyone else.. While back in the room Armaan went nd settled with Ryan nd Ridhima on the bed.. he bent over her nd kissed Ryan who grinned at him.. Ridhima smiled at Armaan.. "iske bina din kitna adhura sa lagta hai.." to which he grinned naughtily saying "Abhi toh yeh akela hai.. jab aur aayenge tab kya hoga.." she blushed at his words nd got up to get Ryan's clothes to change him..

"Armaan aap chaliye main bas abhi Ryan ko ready karke laati hoon.." she said while Armaan nodded nd went away.. as everyone was busy greeting Armaan, Anjali slipped away nd went to the room.. she was about to enter but stopped when she saw Ryan standing while taking support from her shoulders while she was making him wear his lower.. she saw Ridhima kissing nd caressing Ryan as she was getting him ready.. nd next moment she scolded him when he was being mischievious.. instead of wearing his t-shirt Ryan poked his hand in his older lower's pocket.. "Ryan.. betu pehle t-shirt pehno phir masti karna.." Ridhima tried reasoning but he was adamant..

"Mamma.. maashi ne chokate di.." he took them out of his old lowers nd stuffed them into his fresh ones.. Ridhima kissed his temple "mamma ka superman toh hai hi itna pyara.. Mamma loves Ryan.." he grinned nd wore his t-shirt with lots of trouble but still Ridhima was calm nd trying.. Ryan was busy in his chocolate while Ridhima took away a new chocolate that he was unwrapping.. "gudoooo.." he whinned.. "Nahi betu.. aapne pehle hi bohot chocolates khaayi hain na.. mere baby ki tabiyat kharaab ho jayegi toh voh phir kal ice cream kaise khayega.."

He nodded nd kissed her sloppily, giggling to himself.. "Ryaaan.. gandu.." she exclaimed but adored him when he pouted.. "mela pyara bacha.." she said nd was about to bump into something but stopped in time.. Ridhim gulped when she saw Anjali standing by the door nd her eyes traveling from her to Ryan nd then back to her.. Ridhima gave a small smile mumbling "Aapko kuch kaam tha di..?"

Ridhima walked to the lounge when Anjali shook her head in NO.. while Anjali was left in guilt.."She still called me DI.. Armaan ne usse sab bataya hoga phir bhi usse mujhse nafrat nahi hai.. aur Armaan ke bete se kitna pyar karti hai voh.. mere jaisi ladki Armaan ke layak hi nahi hai.. mujhe uski caring nature hi toh sabse zyada pasand hai.. par main uske concern ke layak hi nahi hoon.."

While in the lounge the celebration was in full swing.. the food was laid by Naina nd Sapna nd Muskaan was busy lighting a sweet heart shaped candle on the cake.. Armaan saw Ridhima coming nd went to her.. they took blessings from elders, together nd greetings from their friends.. They blew the candle together wishing for their relationship to keep blossoming like this.. Armaan took out one piece nd gave a bite to Ridhima.. Ridhima did the same from the same piece nd after Armaan, she gave a bite to Ryan who was ready to attack his fav chocolate cake.. Ridhima gave him first nd settled him the couch so that she can serve others aswell..

During Dinner Armaan, Ridhima nd Ryan were eating in one plate.. They all settled in the dinning area.. Ridhima soothed Ryan while Armaan made a plate for them.. as they were compelled by Muskaan to eat in one plate nd give bites to eachother.. while Armaan gave a bite to Ridhima, Ryan looked at them munching his own bite.. but as soon as he saw Ridhima also giving a bite to Armaan, even he made a tiny bite nd took to Ridhima's mouth before Armaan..


Everyone witnessed the unspoken love that the lil family shared with just small gestures of them for eachother.. as everyone bid them goodbye.. Ridhima expected a cold bye from Guptas, nd as expected Shashank nd Padma just nodded nd went away.. while to her surprise when Ridhima said was at the door Anjali gave a small nod nd caressed Ridhima's head lightly before leaving.. A lone tear escaped her eyes as whenever Ridhima was happy nd used to share it with Anjali, she would just give a small nod nd sooth Ridhima, giving her a feeling of someone present around her..

Ridhima wanted to talk to Armaan about it, but she kept quiet as this time she wanted to be sure before she gives Anjali another chance openly.. Even though, still Anjali held the same place in her heart yet Ridhima has locked that part of her heart to avoid anymore painful encounters..

That night after putting Ryan to sleep Armaan came to his room when he found Ridhima standing by the window nd playing with water drops as it rained heavily outside.. sensing him behind her she left her weight on him as he collected her into his embrace.. he kissed her temple asking "Kya soch rahi ho Ridhu..?"

He saw her lips curving into a small smile as mumbled "yeh baarish bhi kitni ajeeb hoti hai na Armaan.. koi khush ho toh uske saath khelti hai.. usko har khushi ka pal yaad karvati hai.. aur koi dukhi ho toh uske aansoon chhupa leti hai.. usse itna apnapan dikhati hai ki voh roke apna mann halka kar leta hai iss baarish ki boondon ke saath.." she turned a bit nd found him looking at her with adoration.. he knew there was some more to this logic but found it better to keep quiet rather than compelling her to say it.. He knows now she trusts him way too much to hide her feelings from him.. her eyes closed as she felt his lips on her forehead.. he pulled her into an embrace nd took her to bed..


Luv Rucha

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