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Part 36 : My Wish Come True


Part 36

Its been a week since their first Anniversary.. Life couldn't be better for Armaan nd Ridhima.. Armaan loved the way Ridhima was now showing her love while for Ridhima she was living her best dream.. How Armaan's family loved nd respected her.. How lil Ryan would go crazy without his mamma around him, pampering him.. nd How Armaan loved her with his soul.. It was all she could ever wish for.. She was in the kitchen making Armaan nd Ryan's fav kheer when she felt herself pulled into a hug.. Armaan was encircling her waist from back while sleepy Ryan clung to her legs..

Armaan frowned when she took his arms off her waist nd picked Ryan kissing his head.. "Good morning buddy.." she settled him on the slab away from the stove nd hugged him warmly.. "Mamma aaj ghoomi.." he asked looking at her with a hopeful smile as he knew its was Sunday nd an off from his school as well as Armaan's office.. Ridhima smiled at his sweetness nd nodded cupping his face.. "haan betu aaj hum chalenge ghoomi karne.."

Armaan kept waiting to get some attention but when for 10 minutes neither of them looked at him to comfirm the program or to wish him morning he faked a cough.. Ridhima looked at him while he puffed his cheeks crossing arms on his chest looking around the kitchen.. She tried not to giggle but burst out laughing at his kiddish trick.. she set Ryan on his feet saying "aap chalo mamma abhi aati hai.." she went to Armaan who sat cross legged on the slab now playing with vegetables.. she planted kiss on his cheek mumbling "good morning.."

"Good Morning.." he replied without looking at her nd still pouting.. she pulled his cheeks nd hugged him saying "Aap mein aur Ryan mein koi farak nahi hai na.. dono baat baat pe muh bana lete ho.." He smiled at her statement nd caught her through her waist pulling her closer saying "ab toh aap phas chuki Mrs. Mallik ab bach ke janaa mushkil hai.. you have to deal with this crazy family now.."

"nd I Love My Family.. aap dono ke bina din pura nahi hota mera.. I love You Armaan.." he planted a swift kiss on her head nd they went to see Ryan who would probably be busy creating mess in his room.. AR entered their room nd found Ryan nowhere..  Ridhima went to check Ryan's room but he was not there either.. She frowned nd started looking for him all over the house while both Armaan nd Ridhima looked for him, Ryan was busy playing with lucky in the garden.. Ridhima gasped when she saw him wetting lucky nd himself with water pipe.. He stopped when he heard her strict voice..

She stood infront of him with her hands folded on her chest.. "Kya kar rahe thhe aap yeh..?" she asked when Ryan made a baby face saying "Mamma.. lyan ne ni kala.. je lucky ne kala.." she turned when she heard Armaan giggling at Ryan's excuse.. "Muh band kariye aap.. ek toh yeh roz koi nayi shaitaani karke lucky ko blame karta hai aur aap isse daantne ki jagah has rahe hain.." She looked at him with frown while Armaan made a small face nd looked at Ryan strictly..

"Mamma kya keh rahi hain Ryan.. aap itne gande bache bann gaye ho.." though he was not that strict in his voice or face but Ridhima stopped him when she saw tears swimming in Ryan's eyes.. She knelt nd pulled Ryan into a hug while he burst out crying.. She soothed him with her sweet talks nd loked at Armaan who felt as if he didn't exist for the duo..  "Armaan.. aise daanta hai koi bache ko.. Ryan toh chota hai voh shaitaani nahi karega toh aur kaun karega.. hmm.." He looked at her surprised nd opened his mouth to defend himself when she continued "Ainda aap kabhi nahi daantenge Ryan ko.. chahe voh kuch bhi kare.." Saying this she took Ryan inside kissing his temple while he calmed down when he saw his Mamma scolding his Daddy for scaring him..

Armaan stood there confused, still in his thoughts when he buzzing mobile got him out of the trance.. He saw his PA to which he frowned but then realization dawned him.. He had made an appointment with Shubhankar's Advocate for today as he'd be free and could drop Ryan at his grandparents for a while.. He rushed in nd found Ridhima running bath to Ryan..

"Ridhu Ryan ko ready kar ke khud bhi ready ho jana.. ek ghante mein humein tumhare papa ke lawyer se milne jana hai.." He told her to which she just nodded nd again concentrated at Ryan without a word.. Armaan did notice the suddeb change in her expressions.. Her smile was gone nd she looked nervous about something..


Ridhima was making Ryan have his breakfast when Armaan came in saying "Mom ne Ryan ke liye Driver bhej diya hai.. Bi aayi hain diver ke saath, voh le jayengi Ryan ko.." Ryan looked confused at Armaan nd he made a crying face when he saw Ridhima nodding.. he jumped from the chair into Ridhima's lap hugging her.. "Mamma Lyan ka ja laha hai..?"

Ridhima hugged him nd kissed his head saying "buddy.. mamma papa ko kaam hai na thoda toh aap thodi der dadi ke paas rehna.. hum abhi thodi der mein aapko vahan se leke phir ghoomi jayenge hmm.." sensing Ryan shaking his head in disapproval she got out of the hug nd cupped his face.. "Ryan mamma ka acha bacha hai na.. zid nai karte.. mamma pakka aapko thodi der mein lene aayegi.." Armaan stood mum as he knew only Ridhima can convince Ryan.. After a lot pf promises nd persuasion Ryan agreed to go..

After Ryan was gone Armaan tried to pick up a conversation but Ridhima seemed lost.. he was now fed up of the silence.. He pulled her closer by her arm nd took her into a hug not letting her move.. "Armaan chodiye.." she struggled as his grip got tighter.. "No.. pareshani mein mujhe apne paas bulaya karo Ridhu.. mujhse durr matt hua karo.. main jaanta hoon tum apne papa ke baare mein soch rahi ho.." She stopped struggling as he said that.. he soothed her hair, loosening his hold on her when he felt her tears wetting his shirt.. He let her sob for a while he lightly cupped her face nd kissed her head.. "jo bura hona tha ho gaya Ridhu.. ab kuch hoga toh voh ache ke liye hi hoga.. aur main hoon na tumhare paas.. main apni Ridhu ko kabhi akela nai chodunga.."

She smiled lightly at his adorable tone nd helped him with his tie..
Soon enough they were standing in front of the lawyers chamber.. Armaan looked at Ridhima nd found her nervous.. he took her hand as they walked in before entering he gave her hand a light squeeze assuring things will be fine.. They entered only to find Shashank nd Anjali sitting there already.. Armaan passed a sharp glare nd took his place..

"Mr. Sharma.. I'm Armaan Mallik nd this is Mr Shubhankar's daughter, my wife Mrs Ridhima Mallik.." he nodded nd took out a file.. "Mr Mallik.. Shubhankar ji ke koi legal consent na hone ki vajah se, unki beti ke guardian Mr Gupta hue.. issliye maine unhe bhi yahan bulaya hai.. Unki Death ke baare mein na sahi, par main aapko yeh zaroor bata sakta hoon ki Mr Shubhankar ne apni will banayi thhi.. lekin uski deed mein ek condition hai jo ab tak fulfil nai hui hai.. Jab tak will disclose nai hoti tab tak by default Mr Gupta owns everything.."

Ridhima looked at the lawyer in tears she wanted to but she had no words to ask her doubts when Armaan voiced it for her.. "Paison se matlab nai hai humein Mr.Sharma.. Malliks ki reputation aap jante hi honge.. humein sirf  Shubhankar uncle ki death se jude raaz ko jaan na hai.." Armaan said taking hold of Ridhima's hand who was about to breakdown now.. When nothing hopeful came out of the conversation Shashank nd Anjali decided to take a leave while Mr.Sharma asked Armaan nd Ridhima to stay..

"Mr. Mallik.. Mr. Shubhankar knew someone wanted to kill him.. unhone apni will apni death se pehle din hi sign kari thhi.. he wanted his daughter to be happy.. main majboor hoon ki main aapko bas yahi bata sakta hoon ki aaj nahi toh kal unki will ka clause pura hote hi main aapko voh sab belongings aur will de dunga.. please keep in contact with me.." The lawyer's last few words kept ringing in both Armaan nd Ridhima's ears.. the word BELONGING gave them some hope but when they were told that Shubhankar was killed that broke Ridhima's heart.. They were walking to the car when Armaan's phone rang.. he asked Ridhima to move to the car while he attends the call..

After the call as soon as he turned to the car he was stunned when he saw lost Ridhima walking on the road nd a car was approaching her.. He left his jacket nd rushed to her.. had he not saved her in time she would have been hit by the car.. he made her stand with his support nd shook her desperately by her shoulder bursting at her.. "dimaag kharaab ho gaya tha kya tumhara.. abhi accident hote hote reh gaya.. kahan dhyaan.." he stopped when he saw tears flowing from her eyes nd she whinced in pain holding her leg.. He picked her in his arms nd went to the car..

On their way home, none of them spoke.. Armaan sat with her in his lap nd her leg stretched n the sheet.. He didn't say a word while she kept sobbing on his chest.. instead of picking up Ryan first they straight away went home.. Armaan took her inside nd gently laid her on the bed.. she caught his hand when he turned to go.. "Aapki shirt pe khoon hai Armaan.."

"kuch nai hua hai mujhe.. main tumhare liye ointment laata hoon.." he took his hand away nd went to get first aid box.. Armaan turned on the radio to avoid any conversation, he was hell angry nd he never wanted to blew it all at Ridhima.. He was about to sit by her injured foot when he was pulled closer into a hug.. "Mujhe maaf kar dijiye Armaan.. papa ki death ka raaz aaj saamne aane se reh gaya yeh soch ke mujhe dard hua tha Armaan.. pata nai kaise mujhe ehsaas bhi nai hua ki main beech raaste mein khadi hoon, jaise uss waqt papa ke siva aur kuch dikhai hi nahi de raha tha.." She cried her heart out but still didn't felt contented as his arms were still not around her..

"Aap toh apni Ridhu se sabse zyada pyar karte hain na Armaan.. ek akhri baar maaf kar dijiye na.. phir kabhi aapse durr jaane ka khayaal bhi nai laungi apne mann mein.. main jaanti hoon ki ek pal ke liye sahi par aapke saath ko bhulke maine aapka dil dukhaya hai aur jo chahe sazaa dena chahe de dijiye par khud ko mujhse durr matt rakhiye.. please Armaan.. iss waqt sirf aapke saath se hi yeh dil dhadak raha hai.." she shivered with satisfaction as his one arm encircled her waist nd other traced her back with passion.. he let tears flow from his eyes nd disappear in her hair.. he planted a few kisses on her shoulder pulling her deeper into the embrace while she just sighed in contentment..

They parted from the embrace when he looked at her with sad eyes.. She cupped his face nd planted a kiss on his forehead mumbling "I'm sorry Armaan.. I Love You.." he nodded he picked up the first aid box when she took it away from him nd asked him to take off his shirt first.. "Ridhu.. I know u're my wife lekin ekdum se tumhe kya hua.. I mean I am handsome par pehle tumhara pair dekh loon phir we can continue with the romance.." he said trying to get her attention off his wound nd lighten the moment.. to which she glared nd tried folding her feet away from him.. he saw her whincing in pain so at once he obeyed her.. She was in tears when she saw a wound on his back as when he pushed her he took her in such a way that her feet twisted but she instead of hitting the ground she landed on his chest while he was hit by a sharp stone..

He groaned when she circled his wound with her fingers lightly.. She cleaned it with cotton blowing air on it so that it doesn't burn.. all the while tears flowing from her eyes she applied anticeptic nd kissed his shoulder a few times, hugging him from back.. she smiled in between her tears when the current song playing on the radio caught her attention nd the lines were heart felt for her..

Pyaar ka mausam aata hai aata hai ek baar..
Dil diya jaata hai.. ek baar ek baar..
Jawaan jawaan dil ki dhadkan mein.. koi samataa hai..
Ek baar ek baar..
Yeh mujhe kya hua main udne lagi..
O ajnabi, mere ajnabi..
Naah jaane aaye tum kahan se..
Itna pyar laaye tum kahan se..

Getting out of her embrace knowing that even her foot would be hurting he pulled her saree abit to which she held his hand in nervousness.. He smiled nd blinked at her assuringly nd pulled up a bit, till near her knees.. He took off her payal first nd felt her ankle with light fingers to see where did it hurt..while more than the pain Ridhima was getting red at his touch as he was moving his fingers on her feet.. He pressed at various points asking where it hurts but after a few minutes, not getting any response from her, he looked up at her only to find her lost in him.. she was gazing at him with all the love in her eyes nd an innocent smile on her face.. he kept looking at her nd nd gently started to rub the ointment on her ankle.. after that he kept the medicine box away nd sat by her side..

They never knew when they laid there in eachothers arms kissing eachother.. She laid on her back breathing heavily as he left her while he was just adoring her red face.. He looked at the time it was still time to pick up Ryan so he decided to go further.. he took hold of her waist caressing her side curve of the waist nd buried his face in her neck, she trembled under his hold.. She tried to get out of his hold but his love didn't let her resist for long.. She sighed his name as he traced her neckline with soft kisses.. he rested himself on his one arm nd traced her scalp nd face with his palms making her heart rush..

He smiled looking at her blushing face when her hands traced his bare back lightly not hurting his wound.. he kissed her forehead making her smile.. she opened her eyes only to find his passionate gaze fixed on her.. as his hands made animated circled on her waist she pulled him closer into a passionate embrace..


They laid there in each others arms.. His head on her shoulder nd his arm around her protectively.. they were disturbed by Ridhima's mobile buzzing.. she lightly shifted Armaan on the pillow nd turned to take the call.. looking at Tara's number she knew what might have been the reason.. she took her clothes nd went to attend the call.. With in a few minutes she came out freshly showered in her fav suit.. she sat by Armaan nd brushed his hair lightly.. bending abit she planted a kiss on his temple nd kept looking at him soothing his hair till she thought he'd wake up.. he shuffled a bit shifting towards Ridhima, while she adjusted his comforted nd left to make some lunch for them before he wakes up..

After half an hour when Ridhima was ready with some paranthas she went to wake Armaan up but to her surprise he stood there in his jeans nd half buttoned shirt.. She kept food on the table nd moved to him.. "Aapne dawa bina lagaye shirt pehen li.." she asked "Ridhima voh apne aap theek ho jayega.. dawa lagaunga toh abhi mom bekaar mein pareshaan ho jayengi.." he explained as he knew they'd now be going to pick Ryan..

"unka phone aaya tha maine bata diya unhe ki aapko thodi chot lagi hai issiliye hum Ryan ko lene lunch ke baad aayenge.." she came back with a dark color shirt from his wardrobe.. "yeh peheniye ab koi nai poochega kuch.." she slightly cleaned his wound again with the anticeptic, blowing over it nd helped him wear his shirt, buttoning his shirt while he pulled her closer only to hear her whince.. He looked at her feet nd was annoyed to see the bandage gone nd she stood wearing heels.. he made her sit nd quickly took off her sandal.. she tried to take her feet back from his hand to which he retorted "Pagal ho kya Ridhu.. dekho nerve mein swelling aagayi hai.. chup chap baitho yahan.."

She stayed quiet seeing his strict face.. He took off payal from both her feet.. "Armaan.. payal rehne dijiye.." she said pouting abit but no use he kept them away nd took the first aid box.. "Payal pehne pehne muscle bandage bandh dunga na toh theek hone ki jagah aur dard hoga.. aur khabardar jo heels pehne yeh theek hone tak.." he said rubbing the ointment while she made a face at his strict voice.. After placing a swift kiss on her feet he went to wash his hands while she sat comfortably on the bed making a plate for them..

Here they sat comfortably in eachothers embrace busy giving bites to each other.... While on the otherhand Atul nd Anjali sat in the canteen of Sanjeevni.. Atul stuck to his words.. After his last conversation with Anjali before AR's Anniversary, he never imposed his love on her.. he thought doing that he was just insulting his love for her.. while their destiny had different plans.. Since the time Atul has thought of distancing himself from anjali that was the exact time when Anjali has started to see proofs of her infatuation for Armaan nd Atul's True Love for her..

Anjali saw him engrossed in his file while for the first time she was sitting there looking at him noticing how often he runs his finger on the edge of the mug.. Atul looked at her nd for a moment he was surprised to see that lost look on her face.. although he wanted to discuss a point from the case but instead he took her hand lightly sqeezing it lightly getting her out of the trance.. She looked embarrassed nd shook her head giving a good smile when he raised his eyebrows questioningly.. Atul returned a smile nd got up to go as his pager rang when Anjali instantly spoke.. "Atul.. Duty ke baad kahin coffee peene chaloge..?"

Atul gave his best smile nodding nd went away with his file leaving the similar smile at Anjali's face..


As the driver drove to the other Mallik bunglow, AR sat close to eachother with their hands clasped together.. they knew somewhere in their hearts even though they're talking nd reacting normally but the insecurities they faced today are still at the back of their mind.. Ridhima was still anxious to know about her parents nd Armaan was still scared to lose her.. She rubbed her nose lightly on his neck whispering "Main humesha aapke paas rahungi Armaan.. Kuch bhi ho ab bas aap aur Ryan mere liye sabse zyada zaroori hain.." she put an arm around his waist nd hid herself in his neck.. he hugged her back nd kissed her head lovingly.. "Main bas darr gaya tha Ridhu.. tumse aaj mere aur Ryan ke paas itni khushiyaan hain verna mera aur uska rishta aaj aisa nahi hota.. tumne alag tarah se baton ko dekhna sikhaya hai mujhe.. main ab tumhe kisi cheez ke liye nahi kho sakta Ridhu.. tumhari khushi apne parents mein hai toh main dhundunga sara sach.. par uske liye tumhe mera saath dena hoga Ridhu.."

She nodded nd they stayed like that for some more time though Armaan knew she had many questions in her mind regarding her parents but he wanted them all to come out at the right time.. he had a plan but first the plan should get into action then only he can trap the suspects..

The car stopped outside mallik house.. Ridhima went in nd greeted Tara nd bi.. she checked on Ryan who was asleep by then.. she kissed him with love dn closed the door behind her.. they sat in the lounge when Tara asked "Armaan.. Ridhima bata rahi thhi tumha chot lagi hai.. yeh sab hua kaise.?" Ridhima hesitated abit nd started "Ma voh aaj aate hue mera dhyaan nai tha.. Armaan ne sahi waqt par bacha liya verna shayad aaj mera bohot bada accident hojata.." Armaan though didn't want to say anything in front of his mother but listening to her blaming herself all over again he just mumbled "can we avoid the topic please.. Mom main theek hoon.. Ridhu ne dawai laga di thi.."

They talked for a while not wanting to pick up sleepy Ryan nd disturb his sleep.. While on the otherhand in Sanjeevni Locker room.. Atul entered only to find Anjali standing in a changed dress looking gorgeous as ever.. for a few seconds he kept gazing at her but then averted his gaze nd walked to his locker when she started.. "Tum itni der se kaise free hue Atul.. main toh ek ghante pehle hi free ho gayi thhi.."

"Kuch nahi bas voh ek critical patient tha.. ab stable hai toh hum chal sakte hain.." he said keeping his things back.. "Main toh ready hoon.. tum fresh ho jao.." she said in a surprisingly soft tone.. While he fumbled, looking here nd there.. she noticed him awkwardness nd asked "koi problem hai atul..?

"umm.. Anjali mere paas yahan aaj koi change nahi hai.. mujhe ghar jaake aana padega.. if you don't mind tum bhi chalo.. I'll just take 10 minutes.."

She didn't find anything bad about his request so she agreed.. they took both the cars nd decided to leave Atul's car when they go out.. they stood waiting for the door to be answered, just when anjali was about to say something the door opened.. Ajanli saw an elderly woman standing there.. "Hey mom.. yeh Anjali hai meri collegue.. main abhi bahar ja raha hoon.." he said hugging his mother who seemed very sweet before going he turned to anjali.. "Anjali make urself comfortable.. main abhi aata hoon.."

As he left Atul's mother treated Anjali very well.. they chatted comfortably till he came back.. as they got up to go Atul's mother secretly told him that she liked his choice but he quickly ignored her nd took Anjali out.. They drove to a good restraunt where Anjali had already booked for them.. "Anjali tumne yahan pe already booking kari hui hai.." he asked in amazement..

She nodded nd they settled at the table.. for sometime they shared an awkward silence but then Atul started "Tumne aaj yeh coffee ka plan kaise.. I mean.."  Anjali knew what he meant he nodded understandingly "Atul.. jo kuch ab tak hua hai humare beech.. main usse bhulana chahti hoon.. see I know tumne bohot kiya hai mere liye.. par hum sirf dost nahi reh sakte..?"

She said in nervousness but Atul was left heartbroken.. he had seen that tinge of love in her eyes but here again she was planning to push him away from herself.. he nodded strictly nd looked away.. She knew he was hurt.. she quickly wiped a tear that escaped her eye.. "Main yeh sab sirf issliye kar rahi hoon Atul ki aage jaake tum na hurt ho.. itna hone ke baad bhi tum mujhse pyar karte ho.. par maine jo Ridhima aur tumhare saath kiya uske baad mujhe nai lagta main kisi ka bhi pyar deserve karti hoon.. main shayad na nibha paun.." she said honestly in a cracking voice..

Atul took her hand nd comforted her abit but then her words have no doubt hurt him.. "Tumne ab bhi apne baare mein socha na Anjali.. Tum nai nibha paogi toh yehi soch ke ek baar saath aajati ki mera pyar tumhe samhaal lega.. pyar fayeda ya bade vaade nai dekhta Anjali.. Pyar sirf feelings dekhta hai.. aur aaj bhi shayad tum mere liye voh sab feel nahi karti.. Bhabhi ne tumhe bura nahi kaha.. aur na hi mera pyar kabhi tumhe bura maanega.. aaj tak bura tumne mana hai.. pehle Ridhima ko aur ab khud ko.."

He kept his coffee back nd got up disappointingly saying "main ab bhi ek aakhri baar intzaar karunga Anjali kyunki tum mein change maine dekha hai.. par iss baar mera dil dukhaya na toh na pyar rahega na dosti.." He left saying this.. while Anjali was left wondering if she took a right decision telling him all this nd distancing him..  she couldn't deny that she has felt his love truly but still was unsure about her feelings..


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