Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Part 36 : Tu zindagi

shilpa was lying on the bed but sleep was far away from her beautiful eyes .she was still lost in the dreams which she lived today evening. she remembered how arman was amazed to see her,how he hugged her tightly as they will not be  separated anyhow,how his tears wet her he became adamant to not to leave her..

a shy smile crept on her lips remembering when she fed arman bd cake and how arman kissed her finger hiding it from everyone's eyes. she took out the pic of arman which she kept under her pillow and uttered looking at him: "maine toh socha tha bade sharif ho tum....abhi se saitani suru ho gayi tumhari ?"

she kissed the pic and blushed .again she lost in the moment when their friends  requested them for a dance and they did the most romantic dance "tango".shilpa was astonished to see arman's clean  foot movements, his romantic look which matching with his  dance style. their perfect coordination in their dance, Sharp turns, quick lifts and falls made them the  best dancer in this world.after their dance when all were clapping ,arman threw a flying kiss to her which made her beet root red.but after the party when shilpa was coming home with her mumma,arman became sad. he said nothing but his eyes were saying everything.he was looking like that going to lose  her again .shilpa assured him through her eyes and said in a low tone.."bye arman,kal milenge,at evening."

arman uttered with a worried face : "shona ,mat jao na."

but before shilpa could reply,they heard anjali's voice from back : "arman,shilpa aaj jayegi tab toh dulhan bankar wapas tumhare ghar aayegi."

shilpa blushed but arman looked at her helplessly,it was  clearly seeming that anjali's words didn't convince him. then padma uttered : "arman beta,ek kaam karo,kal se duty ke baad tum dono thoda time spend karo ek dusre ke sath..kahin ghumne jao."

arman asked hesitantly  : "toh kya mai aapke ghar aa jaun?"

padma replied smilingly : "sure beta,wo aapka hi ghar hai.shilpa duty ke baad ghar aaker ready ho jaya karegi,aur mai aapki fav dishes banaya karungi."

arman nodded with a satisfied smile but didn't leave shilpa's hand .

shilpa whispered : "arman,hath chodo mera."

tam : "bhai jab tak aap shilpa ka hath nehi chodge wo jayegi kaise? don't worry,ab wo aapko chodkar kahin nehi jayegi aur jayegi bhi toh mai hun na,usey pakadkar le aaungi aur bandhkar rakhungi."

shilpa smiled remembering those moments..she caressed arman's pic while uttered : "love u jaan.."
her mobile flushed with a message : "love you shona."

shilpa blushed seeing the message but wondered how it came just after her confession with arman's pic. she picked the mobile and messaged : "abhi tak soye nehi?"

arman's message : "need nehi aa rahi .par tum bhi toh nehi soyi..mere barey me soch rahi ho?"

shilpa uttered blushing  : "nehi toh,mai toh sone ki hi taiyari kar rahi hun..par tum kyon  jag rahe ho arman?"

arman : "dar lagta hai,agar need khuley aur yeh sab sapna ho toh?"

shilpa sighed while wrote : "yeh sapna nehi hai arman,i love you..mai tumse bahot bahot pyar karti hun..hum sath rahenge jindagi janam me ..sou janmon tak...ab toh tumhi meri jaan ho ,mere dill ke arman ho.."

but before sending the message she blushed reading it and deleted and again wrote : "promise arman,yeh sapna nehi hai.yehi aaj ka sach hai aur kal ka bhi."

arman messaged : "thanks shona par pahle wala message delete kyon kiya? kuch special likha tha kya mere liye? message likhte hue itna blush kyon kar rahi thi?"

shilpa surprised how arman got to know it,she looked here and there ..kya arman yahan aaya hai?burna usey kaise pata chala ki pahle wala message delete kiya hai usne?"

she saw that someone was trying to hide behind the curtain. she moved down the bed and came there and while removed the curtain ,amazed getting arman was there with his million doller smile.
shilpa : "arman!tum yahan kaise!kab aaye kaise aaye?

arman answered showing his 32 teeth : "wo udhar se aaya.jab tum aunty ko good night keh rahi thi tab."

shilpa saw that he was pointing to the window.she shievered and asked worriedly : 'khidki se? arman ..r u mad? kahin chot lag jati toh?"

arman made a puppy face .

shilpa uttered with a bit anger : "tum..tum bachche ho kya arman?

arman nodded in na then nodded in yes and replied bending head : "dill toh bachcha hai ji."

shilpa giggled seeing his antics but uttered with a fake anger : "koi dekh leta toh kya sochta ?agar mumma dekh leti toh?

arman looked at her once and again uttered looking at the floor : "dekh liya?

shilpa asked surprisingly : "kisne?

arman : "wo ,mumma ne..means aunty ne..

shilpa uttered holding her head in palm : "uff!ab mumma kya sochegi?tumhara kya karun arman?

arman was about to say something but shilpa's mobile buzzed .it was tam..."shilpa,arman bhai tumhare paas hai kya?"

shilpa answered blushing : "haan tam..sorry."

tam : "its ok shilpa.actually i am happy my naughty bhai is back..bachpan me jab bhi wo saitani
 karta ,means school me fight and all,toh mumma ki dant se bachne ke liye isi tarah raat ko apne room me window se jata.jarur wo tumhare room me jane ke liye window use kiya hai."

shilpa nodded while uttered : "tam,i love you."

arman ,who was playing with shilpa's dupatta,uttered in a pouting tone  : "mujhe nehi kaha."

 tam heard his words and laughed while uttered : "shilpa,u should use these words for my kid bro..dekho kaise naraj ho raha hai.chalo gdn."

shilpa hung the phone and moved to arman but all of a sudden arman dragged her in such way,she jammed in his chest.arman nuzzled on her neck while uttered : "If I had to choose whether to breathe or to love you, I would use my last breath to tell you that... I love you."

shilpa shievered feeling arman's warm touch and closed her eyes.arman mesmerized seeing this beautiful creation of god!he lifted her chin with his finger and whispered like a breathe : "tujhse mai kya kahun..tu hi mera shukun..sung tere rahun tu zindagi.."

love you all

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