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Part 38 : Tu zindagi

thanks a lot to those readers who gave like tabs (excellent) to this ff. this ARSH romantic part is for them.hope you will like it. if possible please give a comment too.

in a second, something  happened which was  beyond their thought..neither shilpa could imagine about it nor arman. arman smacked his lips on her soft pink  as he couldn't control on his desire but within a second he detached himself quickly as he understood it was wrong...wrong to touch her or kiss her without her permission.

shilpa was froze what happened in last 30 sec. now they were sitting in the car like unknown person. arman kept quiet as he was ashamed of his idiotgiri and shilpa was feeling discomfort.

after some time arman uttered in a pleading voice : "sorry shona,don't know mujhe kya hua tha,i am really sorry.i didn't want to hurt you.."'
shilpa replied slowly : "its ok."'
arman uttered in an apolozise voice : "mai aisa nehi karna chahta tha..mai hun hi idiot.''
shilpa didn't reply.

arman opened the door of the car and said : "tum ja sakti ho shilpa,tumhe late ho raha hai.
shilpa uttered looking at him : "aur tum?tum toh mujhe kahin le jane wale they na?
arman uttered with a hesiatant voice : "haan par ab tum shayad mujhpar trust hi na karo. mai hun hi idiot.''
shilpa closed the door and dialed anjali's number .
anjali : "haan ,kya hai shilpa?
shilpa : "di,mai kya kuch time ke liye arman ke sath ja sakti hun? i mean office chodkar?
anjali : "'of course shilpa.ek kaam karo aaj tum arman ke sath time spend karo,hum kal baki shopping kar lenge...beechara mar raha hoga ..haha..
shilpa thanked her with a broad smile and hung the phone.
arman,who was watching all these silently,uttered with joy: "tum jaogi mere sath? tumne mujhe maaf kar diya na shona? promise aisi galti dubara nehi hoga."'
shilpa uttered staring him : "haan ,tumhare sath jaungi but maine tumhe maaf nehi kiya.''
arman nodded sighly and started the car.


they reached arman's old house where arman's parents lived before. shilpa was surprised to see that it had been renovated fully.

she asked : "yeh sab kab kiya arman? kya tum yahan rahne wale ho?

arman nodded happily while uttered : "mai nehi,mai tum..hum dono aur tamanna. hum teeno ab yehin rahenge..mumma papa ke paas."'

they entered in the hall ,it was dark as windows are closed .shilpa hesitated a bit to step in but  arman ran to the hall like a kid and uttered : "ander aao na shilpa,dekho maine kitna khubsurat decoration kiya hai. maine khud designing ki hai..kaisa hai?

shilpa uttered smilingly : "bahut khubsurat..yeh mumma papa ki tashbiren tumne lagayi hai?

arman nodded : "haan ,yahan hall me sab taraf mumma aur papa ,humey dekhkar khush taraf tamanna ka room..wo bhi maine decorate kiya hai,tam se uski pasand puchkar aur wo upar humara room..hum dono rahenge wahan..

shilpa blushed hearing humara room but arman was in a big mood.he held shilpa's hand and ran to upstairs. as shilpa entered the room,she was stunned! it was a big room like a hall which was divided into  2 parts,one side was bedroom and other side like a drawing room which was full with paintings....the walls of the room was decorated with shilpa's painting...she was there in her each and every different different dresses. shilpa was amazed to see that some painting were of her college time...a few are of her heer dress..a few are of her dance which she performed with arman on his bd,some are new...

shilpa was seeing them surprisingly and arman was mesmerising on her enchanting beauty. after some time arman asked in a whispered tone : "kaisa laga?pasand aaya?

shilpa  uttered in an overwhelming voice: "yeh...yeh sab tumne kiya arman?tumne meri itni sari paintings banayi?

arman gave a big nod and asked excitedly : "'tumhe pasand nehi aaya shilpa?

shïlpa uttered in a lost voice : 'bahut ...bahut pasand aaya arman..its amazing!par iski kya jarurat thi?

arman uttered with a lot love in his eyes: "jarurat thi shilpa..tumne mujhe accept kiya,meri zindagi me wapasa ayi..muhje itni khushi di..toh kya mai itna bhi nehi kar sakta tumhare liye? mai chahta hun tum hi tum ho meri life me..tum hi tum ho mere charon taraf..mere sapno me,haqikat me...

shilpa  came to him and uttered with a choked voice : 'maine tumpar koi ehsaan nehi kiya arman,tumne kiya,mujhe apnake.maine tumhe itna hurt kiya par tumne sirf mujhe hi pyar kiya.I love u arman.

arman caressed her cheek while uttered in a sorry voice : ''tumne abhi tak mujhe maaf nehi kiya shona?

shilpa : ''kisliye?

arman replied with a guilty voice : "wo ..maine me...sorry shilpa ,mai bhatak gaya tha.ab aisi galti kabhi nehi hoga."

shilpa looked at his innocent face and uttered wrapping her arms around her neck :"aisi bata nehi arman,but u know na mai aisi ladki nehi hun. mai,humare pyar bhare rishte ko aur pyar se bandhna chahti hun....ek dusre ki sehmati se..

arman nodded .

shilpa continued : " humara pehla pyar bhara sparsh bahut pyara hona chahiye tha this.

saying it she went so close to arman,he intoxicated  with her fragnance ...shilpa held his face into her palm and slowly moved to his lips...arman forgot to take breathe..he uttered like a whisper : "shona...

shilpa whispered : "its our first kiss..with both's concent....our love kiss..

arman moaned in pleasure while dragged her into him and sank himself in this  blissful moment.

it was  time to sunset..the love birds were sitting on a rock at the beach which was just behind arman's house. they were sitting there   silently but hugging eachother  and immersing in the moment which happened  some times ago..they took a big  step in their relationship ..they shared their first kiss..the kiss of love and trust. shilpa blushed thinking about it and looked at the waves to divert her mind. she saw the constant ebb of the waves and thought about her past . her life was too like those waves,a lot rise and fall occured in her life but now it  was stable,it was safe in arman's arm. she felt arman's fingers in her cheek,who was busy to tuck her fringes behind her ears as it was scattered because of cold winds which was coming  from the sea.shilpa looked at arman and smiled.arman took her dupatta and covered her head while uttered : "shona chalein?tumhe thand lag jayegi."'

shilpa uttered snuggling him  :'bas aur thodi der arman.''

arman agreed and dragged her more close to him as cold winds could n't make her seek.

after a while shilpa uttered softly : "u know arman,last 3 saal me mai bas yehi sochti rahi..kya yeh pyar hai ya kuch aur?mai aankhen band karti toh tumhara chehra dikhta,tumhare sapne aate par isey pyar kahte hain mujhe pata hi nehi tha."'

arman didn't reply but kissed her hand lovingly.

shilpa looked at him while asked : ''äur tumhe arman?tum kaisa lagta tha?kya tumhe bhi aisa lagta tha?

arman uttered shrugging his shoulders : "nehi toh..

shilpa asked with a frown : "toh? tum mujhe miss nehi karte they?mujhse pyar nehi karte they?

arman answered ruffling his hairs.."pyar..nehi toh...

now shilpa got angry,she got up and wanted to go from there giving him an annoyed look but arman dragged her as if she fell on arman's lap..arman whispered nuzzling on her hairs.." mai toh apni shona se ishq karta tha...beintehaan ishq..."ishq me jeun,ishq me marun..ishq hi  mera bhagwan."

shilpa's eyes flushed hearing it..she kissed his dimple while uttered :'' árman,mai tumse kuch kehna chahti hun...

arman uttered inhaling  her fragrance..."kaho na shilpa..

shilpa thought a while then uttered : ïts not about us..its about tam..

hearing tam's name,arman back in real world and asked in a concerned tone : "kya hua tam ko?

love you all

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