Friday, 29 May 2015

part 4 : pyari ma mumma

As armaan puts the receiver down two fat tears fell from his eyes and he slumped on the chair beside him and riddhima looked at him she feels so bad seeing him so she holds his head as armaan puts his head on her stomach
A:''riddhima dekha tumne meri ma mujhe kitne ache se jaanti hain koi kaise keh sakta hain meri ma meri mumma nahiin hain. Meri ma tou meri halki se awaz se hi pechna leti hain ki main khush hun ya nahin kahin main pareshan tou nahiin, tou yeh kaise ho sakta hain ki meri ma nahiin hain riddhima sirf ma hi aapnein bachon ko aise pechan sakti hain na''
He looked at riddhima and then riddhima nodded her head in assent she knows he is saying the truth and
A:''tou fir kaise riddhima mujhe kuch samajh nahiin aa raha yeh sab mujhe pagal kar dega riddhima''
He said putting his hand frustratingly in his hairs and he is about to pull his hair in frustration when riddhima stopped him doing him so and then shakes her head as

R:''armaan tum kyun khud ko itna pareshan kar rahein ho, abhie tumne hi kaha na nandu ma se zayda koi tumhe nahiin jaanta aur hum kyun is stupid si baat par pareshan ho rahein hain. Kisi ne kuch likh kar bhej diyya tou kya hum maan lenge ki nandu ma tumhari maa nahiin hain. Nahiin armaan kisi ke kehne se kya hota hain aapnein dill se pooch ke dekho tumhe lagta hain ki nandu ma tumhari ma nahiin hain tumhe aapnein dill se poochne ki bhi zarurat nahiin hain armaan. Maa tou tum meiin hain aur tum socho aagar ma ko aise pata chala ki tum kisi ki bakwas se tum aapnein aur ma ke rishte par shaq kar rahein ho tou kya beetegi oon par tut jayengi armaan ma''

She said and armaan looked at her and then hearing her
A:''riddhima kya kahe ja rahi ho kuch pata bhi hain main aapnein aur ma ke rishte par shaq yeh karne ki dur ki bat sochne se pehle main marna pasand karunga?''
He shouted on her how she can think that he doubted on his and his mumma's relation and
R:''tou aur kya kahun armaan tum behave hi aise kar rahein ho kisi ne tumhe yeh documents bheje aur tum in par vishwas karke baith gayye aur sochne lage kya yeh sahi hain armaan?''
A:''tou main kya karun riddhima in documents ne meri puri zindagi hila di hain riddhima''
He said devastatingly and riddhima looked at him she knows how much he feels bad but she knows she has to pull him out his reverie otherwise he will break down badly
R:''armaan main samajhti hun par armaan tumhe nahiin lagata ki kisii bhi anjan se document par believe karne pehle jis insan tak ko hum nahiin jaante tumhe aapnein bas rishton par yakeen rakhna hain and it'll be alright armaan bhul jao in kagzon ko kisi ne kuch kaha humein humare rishto ko todne ke liyye tou hum tut nahiin jaayenge na''
She said as she threw that papers away and then rubbed his shoulders and armaan looked at her then he knows she is saying right and thinking about few minutes he speaks up as
A:''riddhima tum sahi keh rahi ho main kuch kagzon ke tukdon par aapni puri zindagi stake par nahiin launga MERI MAA MERI MUMMA HAIN aur yeh sach koi bhi nahiin badal sakta hain''
He said with a smile on his face finally riddhima has smile too finally armaan has some relief in his heart and she can do anything to see that smile on his face
R:''yeh hui na mere armaan vali baat armaan koi kuch bhi kahe humara dill tou sach jaanta hain na''
She said as she comes face to face him and armaan smiled and nodded and then he hugged her taking her in his arms and riddhima hugged him back giving him the same warmth and the warmth of his love and then he
A:''thank you riddhima pata hain aagar aaj tum na hoti tou jaane main khud ko kaise smabhalta''
He said and riddhima breaks the hug then she just
R:''acha ji aab tum mujhe thank you bologo aapni riddhima ko jab bachpan se tumhare liyye sab karti ayi hun tab tou tumne mujhe thank you nahiin bola aur aaj bol rahe ho''
And that makes armaan smile this is so much his basket-ish and then he just holds her ears and
A:''I am sorry basket''
She smiled as she put away his hands from her ears this is their way to say sorry everytime while saying sorry they pulls each other's ears not their owns and then riddhima
R:''armaan aab yeh sab chodo jao tum fresh ho jao kisii ne tumhe aise dekh liyya tou bahut sawal karenge''
She said as he had traces of dry tears on his face and armaan nodded and riddhima turned when he she feels sudden pull on her wrist and she turned to find armaan holds her hands in his grip and
R:''kya hua armaan''
A:''aagar kuch bhi hua mere saath rahogi na''
He asked and riddhima nodded and then tip toeing on her toes she kissed his forhead letting her lips lingered there for quite sometime to let him feel her presence and
R:''humesha aab bhi kisii sawal ki zarurat hain''
She said and armaan shakes his head and then he smiled and moved towards washroom to get freshen up and
A:''I so love you riddhima kash main tumhe yeh bat keh paun riddhima''
And here riddhima settled her couch that's mess and
R:''mujhe sachai ka pata lagana hoga is se pehle ki kuch galat ho main tumhe tutne nahiin dungi armaan''
She said to herself she can't let him break after all he is his life the reason of her breathing.


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