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part 40 : Humari pyaar ki kahani

"PART 40

They were indulged into the kiss when thr moment was broken with the bell on the door!!
as they came out of the kiss ridhima was blushing badly...armaan smiled looking at her and then moved to open the door...

As he opened the door....two mouths were left hanging in the air and one had eyes that they will come out any second....AR were blushing badly and the lil one was confused like hell!!
Seeing thr face Armaan closed his eyes and started miving backwards!!!

one mouth closed and- Hawwwwww bhai.....tum yaha...hum toh tumhara intezaar karte karte thak gaye!!!(this is nikki)
anjali smacked him- tu meri behn kai saath tha....kyaa kar raha tha..haan??!!!
armaan - ouuch!! (rubbing his hand)
atul closed his mouth- abe tum ladna baad mai pehle armaan tu bata tu humare ko phone kar deta...kuch chala jata....
armaan- wo..woo...wo bhai yaad ni raha!!
nikki- kyon...kuch kar rahe thai kisi kaam mai vyast thai jo yaad ni raha...they she remembered something.....and shouted- haaawwwwww
anjali looked at nikki and spoke- tu vahi soch rahi hai jo mai sich rahi hoon
nikki- haan...
and both shouted- haawwwwwww kyaaa tu/aap armaan/bhai aur ridzi/bhabi kuch kar rhae yhai....
armaan eyes popped out and he said- noo..nahiii....nhaiii...kuch nahi kar raha tha,......

armaan- vaise yeh rahool aur muski ko kyaa hua kuch bol kyon ni rahe!!
atul came inside while goin to rahul and muskaan and then from the side of armaan singing
atul-Kuch toh hua hai kuch ho gaya hai...kuch toh hua hai..kuch ho gayaa...
anjali and nikki too kived inside and rahul and muskaan too came inside...
atul picked uo the guitar.....

Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai…(2)

(Armaan looked amazed bt was confused abt wht happened...he ask anjali by eyes)

Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai…(2)
Do Chaar Din Se Lagta Hai Jaise
Sab Kuch Alag Hai, Sab Kuch Naya Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

(anjali nodded at him and then moved to rahul..she ruffled his hair and then went to muskaan and pushed her from shpulder and then do ishara from eyes to armaan her yead movin from rahul to muskaan...armaan unterstood and said oo...and winked and then ridhima entered)

Cheezein Mein Rakh Ke
Bhool Jaati Hoon,
Bekhayaali Mein Gungunati Hoon
Ab Akele Mein Muskuraati Hoon
Badli Hui Si Meri Ada Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

(muskaan fed up from teasing goes to ridhima and then nudged her shoulder while singing...ridz blushed and hid her face in anjali's embrace who was standing beside her...while anjali sang the last 3 lines)

Pighla Pighla Hai Dil Mera Jab Se
Achcha Rehta Hain Mood Bhi Tab Se
Haske Milta Hoon Aaj Kal Sab Se
Khush Ho Gaya Hai Jo Bhi Mila Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

(rahul moved to armaan who was looking at  ridhima smiling...and sang...armaan listen them and then took the guitar and sang last line to rahul and muskaan....)

Rang Chamkilay Saare Lagte Hai
Raah Mein Bhikre Taare Lagte Hai
Phool Ab Zyaada Pyaare Lagte Hai
Mehki Hui Si Jaisi Hawa Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

(ridhima understood the thing between rahul and muskaan soo started singing the sonh...she goes to muskaan and nuged her from shoulders and then pushed her closer to rahul while singing ...when armaan pulled her ...she blushed and hid her face in his chest while singing)

Dhyaan Ab Apna Zyaada Rakhta Hoon
Sochta Hoon Main Kaisa Lagta Hoon
Aaina Ho To Dekh Leta Hoon
Kaise Yeh Chehra Aisa Khila Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

(atul and anjali sang with eachoer expressing to eachother......and then hugged)

Kuch Ho Gaya Hai, Kya Ho Gaya Hai....

(after this all went to thr room......while in the room rahul and muskaan smiling in thr room...ridhima and armaan remembering thr encounters of today)

Yeh Nasha Jisme Dono Rehte Hai
Yeh Laher Jisme Dono Behte Hai
Ho Na Ho Isko Pyaar Kehte Hai
Pyaar Mila To, Dil Kho Gaya Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

(atul and anjali with arav were sitting on the swing in the balcony admiring the snow which was falling...rahul and muskaan singing abt love and thinking bat thr encounters.....ridhima while holding armaan picture in hand kissed it and then layed down in bed with a contended skile and on the other hand armaan touched his lips and rememberd abt thr moment..)

Kuch Ho Gaya Hai, Kya Ho Gaya Hai…(2)

(All enjoying and remembering and thinking abt thr feelings to eachother)

Rahul was laying on the bed when rememberd thr second encounter.....


As nikki went with arav to play...Anjiand atul went ti spend quality time..rahul and muskaan walkin beside eachother and smiling slightly.....when suddenly a person threw snow on them...they looked and the person said sorry....they were moving when rahul saw muskaan face wet and then he realized tht snow which was thrown actually hit muskaan's cheeks...so he stopped her.....bt when both looked into eachother's eyes...they got drowned and he moved closer to her and took his lips closer to her cheeks....Muskaan felt hot breaths on her cheeks bt she was too drowned in the moment to do somthing....when she felt his lips on her cheeks...bt thr trance was broken but atul,anjali and nikki who were looking at them with smirk...


Muskaan was looking outside the dark sky. The snow was falling rapidly. She opened the window and the cold breeze touched her face. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Armaan was sitting on the chair near the fireplace in his room. He was caressing riddhima's shawl which he took from her room. He brought it near his face and nuzzled into it.

Riddhima hugged armaan's picture and slept.
Anjali and atul were just in eachothers arms looking at the snow.


All were sitting on the dining table, lost in their thoughts. Nikki who was sitting beside arav, was feeding him french toast. Arav saw that none were eating except him n nikki.

Arav: nikki bua?
Ni: haan?
Arav: yeh sab kaha ghum hai?
Ni: pata nahi!

Nikki coughed but nothing worked. She kicked rahul's leg and he screamed which made everybody come out of their day dreaming session.
Nikki- acha bhaiya hum kahi ghumne nahi jayenge??!!!
armaan- mai yehi batane wala tha kyonn ridhimaa??!! (he said with mischievous grin while continuing his work of caressing ridhima's leg with his toe)
ridhima- huhh!!haaan haan bataona hum kaha jaa rahe hai tumne mujhe bhi toh bataya tha....
nikki- aap log tou rehne hi tou....continue ur romance (she said to them and winked and R blushed)
nikki- raahul bhai batao naaa.....
rahul and muskaan who were in an eye lock session came out of the trance..
rahul-kkk..kky...kkkk..kkyyaaaa....kya kya kaha....
armaan laughed....
armaan- nikki tu hume keh rahi thi inhe dekh....ridhima kicked his leg ...
ridhima- mai batati hoon manali mai kaha kaha ghumna hai...
muskaan- haa..haann....chnga hai ji..mai bhi batati hoon kaha ghum sakte hai......

(All the places r personally experienced by me i.e sanju if provided information is incorrect do excuse coz i was just 5 and a half...)

anjali- great inn ladko sai kuch nahi hota.......hadd ho gayi...ab hume plan karni padegi yeh sab...chalo lets do it...
armaan- abee yaar yeh sirf baatein kar rhae hai.....rahul kuch ni hota inse...
ridhima- tum toh chup hi rhao armaan.....hum sabse pehle vaalmiki aashram chalte hai...kyon di
anjali- haan vaha hot water bath leni hogi lai lena...view bhi bohut acha hai toh pics vagehra click karwa larr waha sai chalenge....
armaan- kyaa baat cottage mai hot water nahi araha...check karwao plumber bulwake jo tum log kahi aur jake bath lene jaa rahe ho.....
ridhima- shut upp...armaan.....di suno uske baad hum sabse pehle hum log Solan jaate hai......3 ghante lagenge aur horse back par jana hota hai.....
muskaan- then its done...sab thand hoti hai tou apne coats aur jackets pehenkai chalna bt sirf ek....coz jab dhoop nikalti hai toh bohut karmi ho jaati hai....
anjali- phir uske baad hum Monastries jayenge....waha 108 bells bajenge...(she was saying when rahul cutted her)
rahul -kyaaa....108...haath tudwane hai kyaa
muskaan- chup reh khotte.....waha ka atmosphere bohut shaant hai aur pata bhinnhai lagta kab 108 bells bajali...
anjali- waha kehte hai jo mannat maango unhe bajate bajete 2o puuri hoti hai hai...
armaan looked at ridhima and the gesured them togetehr and then joined hands....conveying the message that they will pray for thr togetherness...ridhima smiled at him and blinked her eyes...
Riddhima- phir hum waha sai McLodganj jayenge....aur waha sai Dalai Lama monastery...
muskaan- yiipee finally hum waha jayenge
anjali- exactly...m soo excited to go.......
atul came inside
atul- sooo guys kyaa ho raha hai
ridhima- jeej...humloho nai jagah set karli kaha kaha jana hai...aap sab log tayiyaar ho jau....
nikki- hum adhe ghate mai niklenge.....

all went to there respective rooms....and then came back all ready...

#Sanju #Humaira"

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