Thursday, 21 May 2015

part 45 & 46:passionate love arsh

Part 45

Aryan: toh ab smjh agya hoga na so miss sorry mrs shilpa armaan malik if u love ur hubby toh

use kuch btana mat

Ohkay ??

Shilpa: how dare u ??

Tum mujhe blackmail kr rhe ho???

Aryan: yes ofcourse koi shak??

Shilpa: mind u me tumse darti ni hun

Aryan: but darna chahiye u know kyuki actually i know ur weakness that s y nd i know u love ur

armaan so much so dhyan rkhna bubye

Muskaan came and shaked shilpa from shoulders oye tu thik hai???

Shilpa: aa han me thk hun

Muskaan: chal na aaj toh party me jana hai

Shilpa was in thoughts ab kya kru party me jau na jau wha ye aryan armaan ko kuch kr na de shit

ye kya nayi musibat hai nd how can anybody think of harming armaan

Muskaan:oye chal na

Shilpa: mera man ni hai tu ja

Muskaan: are kya yar dnt b a spoil spot cum na

Armaan came kya hua??


Muskaan: dekho na ye party me ni arhi hai

Shilpa: armaan me thak gyi hun mera jara b man ni hai

Armaan: kya hua armaan asked with concern in his voice tbiyat toh thk hai na??

Shilpa: haan bus tired hun

Armaan: muskaan tu ja me baat krta hun

Shilpa u sure,? U ohkay??

If u want m bb ni jata party pe but office ke log ayenge i have to b dre

That thing rang in her mind she shivered

Armaan noticed this y r u so scared lo pani pio

Shilpa: me me party me aayungi

Thinking in heart (armaan k lie jana hi hoga mujhe)

Armaan: but tum thk ni ho how u will go

Shilpa: i ll manage for u jaan smile emoticon

Armaan: thik hai baby hum jyada time ni lagayenge thk hai hum jaldi ghr ajayenge

Acha aryan ne kya bola??

Shilpa s face became white hearing his name nd fear of loosing armaan hold shilpa

Shilpa hold armaan tightly as she was feeling dizzy

She was scared

Armaan plz me tumhre bina ni ji skti plzzz

Armaan: me kahi ni ja rha shilpa relaxx chodo us cheap bande ko nd jb tk me hun u dnt need to

fear kiss emoticon kiss emoticon plz

Shilpa: i love u armaan

Armaan: i love u more jaan kiss emoticon kiss emoticon

He kissed shilpa on forehead nd made her sit in the car and they drove to home for changing



Part 46

Sorry to all story thodi filmy hogyi actually i did nt thought ye aryan wala scene it just mould like

this way ab filmi hogyi hai toh me kal tak ff puri kr dungi two last part de ke and next ff me aisa

ghatiya villian ni hoga

I m extremely sorry who r nt happy with aryan s track

Plz cooperate with these three last parts then a new ff for sure

Armaan said shilpa r u fine now??

Shilpa: haan baba u have changed??

Armaan: yeah me car nikalta hun tum bahar ajao ohk??

Shilpa: haan thk hai me ati hun

An unknown num flashed on armaan s mobile

Armaan picked up he thought that there is less network he went in backyard

Hello hello who is it??

In the mean time a car stopped by a screeching sound and shilpa sat on the car.

Nd said armaan ye kya hai??

Itni kya jaldi hai aram se rokte itni b jaldi b kya hai??

Nd shilpa becum shocked after seeing the man on driver seat

Aryan slided his cap a little bit downward

Driver is on duty. Mam

He locked the car s doors

And said now u r in my hands girl dnt worry i will handle with care

Armaan said hello koi bolo

Let it be. Pta ni kaun pagal hai??

Uff bevkuf he kept the cell phone in pocket and he took out the car outside and saw no sign of

shilpa and he became hell worried where did she go??

Mene use bahar ane ko kaha tha

He hurriedly went to upstairs unlocked the knob of door and saw lights were off and he became

more worried.

Armaan ruffled his hair roughly damn kahan gyi shilpa??

Hope u r ohkay?

Armaan started the car and run in full speed.

He got a call from unknown num again

Tch tch dr. Armaan bahut pareshan hoge na?

Let me help u apki jaan mere paas hai

Armaan: u just shut up okay??

How dare u??

Agr use kuch b hua na i wont spare u

Aryan: chill bro me bus use pana chahta hun marna ni chahta but agr wo jid kregi toh u never


Armaan: dare u say a word more

Nd i will break your bones to the wits. Dnt u dare to touch her.

Aryan: chill chill abhi tak bus muh bandha hai kuch ni kia jaldi se tumhre ghar se 20 km dur ek

sunsan ji road pe ek factory hai cum there.

Got it and aryan cut the call.

Armaan: what the hell he speeded the car

And thought agr shilpa ko kuch hogya toh??

Oh god plz save her mere pahuchne tk usko plz safe rkho

Shilpa and aryan reached the factory nd he closed the door .shilpa tried to shout and aryan said

chillana chahogi toh chilla ni skti i know sorry but dnt worry tumhra pyar armaan ata hi hoga na

itna pyar jo krta hai .


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