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Part 46:I will bring my basket back

The teddy was targeted and so began the story. Cuddling it; she sat holding it tightly expressing her sad story to him.
?Dekha yaha pe toh kisi ko meri parvah hi nahi hai. Koi mujhse pyaar hi nahi karta. Sab mujhse ghussa hai. ?
All of this was heard and observed from the corner of that blued eyed person whom it was intended for but still he never responded back.
So she continued with her story.
?Hmm?? pehle toh baat baat par mere liye badi badi baatein hoti thi; surprises hote the par ab ye sab kyuu hoga. Ab ye sab koi kyu karne laga?
Agar main thodi der ke liye bhi baat nahi karti thi toh puri duniya idhar se udhar ghuma di jaati thi; meri ek smile ke liye; lekin ab aisa kuch bhi hone se raha.
Ab meri importance jo kam ho gayi hai na!
Ab toh sirf tum hi mera sahara ho teddy. Tum kabhi mujhse aise naaraz nahi hooge na; mujhe pata hai; tum kabhi mujhe akela nahi chodoge! Tum hi mujhe samajh sakte ho; aur koi nahi samjhta mujhe yaha!
VOICE: Haan haan kal agar kuch ho gaya toh ye teddy hi tumhari dekh bhaal karega na! Dard hoga toh isi ke gale lagke rona fir; haalat kharab hogi toh isse hi kehna fir! Ye jaroor tumhe khush karega; smile karvayega.Haina Mr.Teddy?
He poked the teddy and with one push he fell flat on the bed.

R: Dekho Armaan mere teddy ko haath mat lagao!
A: I am not even interested Riddhima; keep him to yourself. Vaise bhi ye tumhe hi suit karta hai . Tum vaise hi behave bhi karne lagi ho na; Just like those school going stubborn spoilt girls; jo din bhar apne teddies ke saath ghumti hai; jinhe chahiye jitna samjha lo koi fark nahi padta! Vaise hi jiddi toh ho tum bhi!
R: Hawww?.tumne muje jiddi kaha? Aur spoilt bhi?
A: Is main kehna kya hai; tum ho!
R: Ab kuch jyada ho raha hai Armaan.
A: Jyaada already ho chuka tha Basket!
R: Tum kyu haath dhoke mere peeche pade ho kabse? Bas thoda sa hi toh bheegi th??.
A: Thoda sa? You call that ?THODA SA? ! Tum poore 20 min tak baarish main khel rahi thi when you very well know the status of your wounds.
R: Par mera bohot man kar raha tha thodi der????
He gave her a hard glare and she instantly changed her words;

Haan matlab shayad itni der nahi bheegna chahiye tha mujhe. Par??Par ab main theek hu na. Mujhe kuch hua toh nahi na!

A: Ahah??..Right so agli baar I?ll wait till you go down with high fever and cold haina. Tab tak ruk hi jaunga. Ok? That would be fine with you Ma?am?
R: Armaaan!! Main toh bas??..
A: Rehne do Basket; agar yahi cheej maine ki hoti na toh tum meri shakal tak nahi dekhti agle ek hafte tak! Ghusse se phul ke baithi hoti aur mujhe kos rahi hoti!

R: Toh tum badla le rahe ho kya mujhse?
A: Riddhima tum??..rehne do; you just do whatever you wish. Mujhe kya. Vaise bhi ye hai na tumhara Mr.Teddy to look after you. Toh kya fark padta hai!
As soon as they were home last night; it started raining and Riddhima had this strong urge to play in the rain. As Armaan tried to stop her she ignored him completely and while he was away busy taking shower she quietly went out for some fun in the rain thinking she will go in even before he is back; but once that she was out in the rain she completely lost the track of time and everything around her.
And So???the next day began with their bickerings; just like the old days.
A: Pata nahi kyu humesha apne liye alag aur mere liye alag rules rakhti hai humesha. Mujhe kuch ho jaaye tab toh pura ghar sir pe utha legi; lekin khud ka jara sa bhi khayal nahi rakhna aata. Aur is bare main mera kuch bolna bhi mana hai! Varna toh madam bura maan jaati hai.
Par bas is baar toh main bhi bilkul usi ki tarah react karunga! Jab main galti karta hu tab jaise ghussa hokar baith jaati hai; main bhi vohi karunga! Tab pata chalega mujh pe kya beet ti hai!
The entire day Mr and Mrs Mallik continued the cold war; but our bechara Armaan was too much in love with his dearly wife to stay quiet and not speak to her for a good 24 hours when she was there; right in front looking angelically beautiful as ever and trying her innocent ways to make him talk to him.
As the day came towards its end he himself couldn?t take his fake anger any more. But still it was necessary for his pride to show her that even he can be angry! Hehe?..
So ultimately after a long wait; by 7 pm he decided to finally put an end to the cold war. Somewhere though he was happy though; as this fight and stupid banters were keeping her busy not letting her brain think about all the unwanted dreadful past incidents! And that is what made him keep his angry young man form going on.
But now that the mission was accomplished and the culprit also seemed to have realised the mistake; the fight was supposed to end on a good note. I mean come on; have some pity yaar; this poor hubby is missing his wife way too much to let her sleep with that sulking face; instead when he could end it with a sweet good night kiss and that warm bright smile which had recently arrived back! ;p
Riddhima freshened up; as the evening seemed pleasant so the idea of spending some time feeling the wet grass of lawn in the misty weather was very much inviting. Ofcourse though; care would be taken this time that as soon as the rain pours in she steps in as she did not want her already upset husband to go on a complete non talking term with her!
But as she stepped out of the washroom she found the room empty and also change in the lights of the room. All the lights were shut except for the pale yellow lamp creating a soothing ambience. She wondered for a while as she walked towards the balcony when she found something placed neatly on the bed.
A beautiful turquoise and golden knee length dress with a small note which read;
The letter brought a genuine deep smile on her face.

Ab smile karna band karo aur jaldi lawn main aao Basket I am waiting!! Aur haan yahi dress pehenkar aana; I am sure you will look no less than a fairy in it!
R: Thodi der pehle tak toh itna naraz tha; ab achanak kya hua ise?
But as she questioned herself her heart answered;
Ofcourse Riddhima vo Armaan hai; aisa ho sakta hai ki vo itni der tumse naraaz; aur bina baat kiye reh jaaye!
R: Hehe?..bilkul nahi!
Put an end to her thinking session she stepped inside the washroom to change into that amazing dress gifted by her hubby to see the awaited surprise.
The candles were lit; table was set; aroma filled the air and the fresh blooming flowers set in the vase enhancing the look of the table. All things were perfectly set while our handsome prince charming awaited the beautiful princess.
Last candle was lit and he stood up to have  a look at the overall arrangement when he sensed her presence behind him.And??There she was walking with slow and steady steps; winds playing with her hair getting lost in them; her eyes casted down which would look up hesistatingly once or twice to look at him but would again shy away. Her cheeks rosy pink which perfectly complimented her lips. Her nervous fingers playing with the ring in her hands to keep herself stable. The turquoise dress making her milky skin glow more in the moon light. And the small angelic smile that just approached her lips, blew his mind and heart away.
Things were not far behind on her part as well. As she walked towards him she could only see his back; but the moment he turned around she could no more risk looking in his direction as he appeared ready to kill in his ravishing black suit. It was rare that he wore his?Suits and boots? but now that he was; she thanked God that he preferred it very occasionally. Or it would be a hard time for her to keep the girls away from him.
His silky hair were messed up due to winds as if were only waiting for their mistress to come and comb them with her fingers like she usually did. His top two buttons open giving a sneak peak of his perfectly toned chest. The killer smile which always made it difficult for her to keep her emotions in check. The way his eyes were glued on her; made her heart do some flip flops.
His feet marched in her direction as a reflex; and he held out a hand for her. Gladly accepting it she placed her hand in his which he obliged by bowing in royal style and kissed her palm.
Escorting her towards the gazebo tent; the chair was pulled out for her.
R: Armaan??.ye sab; tumne kab kiya? Aur tum toh naaraz???
A: Tha??.Naarz jaroor tha; par phir maine socha ki vaise hi bohot kam mauke milte hai jab sirf tum aur main saath ho aur koi disturbance na ho! Agar ye pal bhi maine gawa diye toh meri Romeo wali image toh pani main jaayegi na!
She shook her head at him unbelievably. The guy who sat with a red face few minutes ago all angry and upset; was FLIRTING with her! He seemed crazy; but then maybe it wasn?t all his fault; cause LOVE tends to make you crazy; AND he was crazily in love with his wife!
A: Kya hua; kya soch rahi ho?
She nodded her head coming out of her thoughts and smiled at him.
A: Tum is dress main bohot khubsoorat lag rahi ho Riddhima; just like a princess.
R: Thanks Armaan.
A: Par tumne ye scarf kyu pehna hai?
R: Vo??.umm??yaha thand hai na thodi toh??.
A: Uh huh??.ok!
Anyways; chalo I?ll serve the dinner.
As they were having dinner an unwanted akward silence and nervousness lingered between them. He could see her trying to behave all normal but somewhere he had an idea of her fast beating heat rate; as he too was experiencing the same.
A: Pata hai Riddhima; mujhe aaj bilkul us din ki yaad aa rahi hai jab hum tumhare Papa se aur baki sab se chup chupakar humari first date pe gaye the us club main. Tum pehli baar jhut bolkar aayi thi; thodi nervous si dari hui baithi thi; us white dress main jo Anjie ki thi!
Tum aaj bhi bilkul vaisi hi lag rahi ho; bas tumhari khubsoorti thodi aur badh gayi hai!
Haan par ek fark jaroor hai!
She stopped eating and looked up at him to know the answer. He smiled at her and held her hand that was resting on the table.
A: Us din bhi tum itni nervous nahi thi jitni aaj ho!
R: Ai?si baat nahi hai Armaan??vo bas??..
It?s been so long; I mean??tum?? sab??.mujhe?.
He caressed her hand and held it firmly to stop her from further explanation.
A: Shh??.I am not demanding for an answer Riddhima! I am just trying to say that Relax; it?s just the same ME! You can be yourself with me right?
I know you inside out Basket; so just calm down. Things have changed I know; par there?s no hurry to go back to the routine. And all that I am doing is just to cheer you up Riddhima.
I do not expect anything out of it but your smile. Tumhari khushi; aur tumhare chehre par ek pyaari si smile aur sukoon. We can take things slow; and I can wait for you.
You know that; don?t you?
Riddhima gave a bright smile and nodded her head.
Riddhima couldn?t thank her stars as however bad her destiny turned towards her; she always had him by her side. So what was the fear when she was carrying the solution to her every problem!
R: Thanks a lot Armaan. Ma???.
A: Arey arey rukiye begum sahiba. Abhi surprise khatam nahi hua; ek baar surprise poora ho jaye fir jee bhar ke thank you kar lena.
Saying so he disappeared somewhere promising her to be back in a minute.
The moment he was out of her vision; the lights were out and that made her stand from her chair all startled with the darkness of the place.
As the voice of footsteps approached her she turned around and found him walking towards her. Though he wasn?t seen clearly due to the darkness of the place but his eyes shined even in the dark as they held the same passion as always. His steps were slow and eyes glued on her with that smile which was a sign that he was up to something! Before she could have a thought about it; a snap of his finger and the pale lights turned on. The next instant she was showered with rose petals; stunned would be an understatement for her state for the moment. Absentmindedly; her hands moved up trying to take in the essence of those beautiful petals.
The smile did not budge to leave her lips and the sight; Riddhima standing in the centre with the shower of flowers of her; her twirling around as if enjoying the rains of those petals; was a treat to watch!!
He quickly captured a snap and smiling to his heart?s content watching her smile; he approached her. Her eyes moved towards him as he stood just a feet away now with one hand behind him. As she tried to peek behind; he slowly brought his hand out and offered her a bouquet. But as she held it she could see no flowers in it; but the moment she had a closer look she found some solid wrapped spheres which took her no time to guess were chocolates. Yes!! He had gifted her; a huge bouquet full of chocolates.
She looked up at him baffled with the amount and the kind of surprises that he had given her in a matter of few moments. This evening was undoubtedly one of the best ones in her life.
A: Hmm??now I am done with my surprises. Ab tum jitna chahe mujhe thank kar sakti ho!
She stared at him for a minute and was about to thank him but stopped midway.
R: Umm?..agar thanks ke bajai main kuch maangu toh?
A: Kya?
R: Ek dance!!
A: Huh??

She giggled as he looked at her baffled on her demand.
R: Kyu; humesha tum hi bahane bana sakte ho mere paas aane ke?
A: Toh iska matlab??ye dance tumhara bahana hai mere kareeb rehne ka?
R: Umm?..nahi??.main toh bas??..aise hi pooch rahi thi.
Her red tinge cheeks answered him well so without pulling the topic further he held her arm and dragged her closer in a swift move.
Tum main aur mujh main yahi ek farak hai Riddhima; ki mere paas aane ke liye tumhe kabhi kisi vajah ki jarurat nahi padegi; kyunki I loooove to be close to you; unlike you!
The shine of his eyes that depicted mischief were enough for her to close her eyes tightly as she could no more take his piercing gaze. While his happiness wasn?t expressible in words as he saw her blushing; cherry red cheeks and that glow on her face.
He snaked his arm around her waist pulling her up and she instantly lost herself in his eyes as always. After a long long wait and a way full of hurdles had come this soothing night with his princess in his arms; having that beautiful glow on her face and that amazing blush face that always made her look out of the world beautiful.
Twirling her around he intertwined their hands and as her back rested against his chest she closed her eyes getting lost in the moment. She dropped her head back on his chest as she couldn?t find such solace better than in his arms. But just when she was drowning in the moment she felt his grip turning loose on her hands. And the next minute she could feel cold air kissing her now bare shoulders.
Her eyes flung open as she realized that he was slowly sliding the scarf down her shoulders; and tried to come out of his hold but he remained adamant.
R: Armaan ple??.
A: Shh??
As he successfully removed the scarf off; he bent down and kissed the marks that were now visible due her deep back dress.
A: Tumhe kya lagta hai Riddhima; itne waqt main main tumhe itna bhi nahi jaanta! Tumhari khubsoorti ne is dress ki ronak badha di hogi; par iski ya is duniya main kisi bhi cheej ki itni majaal hi nahi ho sakti ki vo tumhari khubsoorti pe daag laga sake.
Holding her chin he made her look up and kissed her forehead. The tiny droplet of tear was wiped away by his thumb and caressed her cheeks.
He picked her up in his arms while keeping her gaze locked with his.
A: So that?s it for today. I guess ab tumhe so jaana cha??..
R: Thanks Armaan. Meri sham??.; meri zindagi ko itna khubsoorat banana ke liye.
A wide smile spread across his face on hearing her words and he placed a small peck on her lips.
Entering the room he placed her down;
Tum jaakar change kar lo tab tak main bhi fresh ho jaata hu.
She changed into her night dress thinking about the beautiful evening that Armaan gifted her. As she came out of the walk in wardrobe;  she found the teddy lying flat on its stomach near her pillow. Picking it up she caressed it?s fur;
Hmm??shayad tum galat the. Mera Armaan toh ab bhi mujhse utna hi pyaar karta hai! See usne mujhe kitnaaaa acha surprise diya. SO Mr.Teddy you lose!
A: I don?t think so!!
She was startled as he spoke from right behind her. Smiling at her cute fight with the teddy; he bent down near her earlobe and whispered;
Surprise toh acha tha; par main aaj bhi tumse utna hi pyaar nahi karta!
She turned around and looked up at him frowning at his words.
A: Haan; because???ab main tumse aur bhi jyada pyaar karne laga hu!
The smile returned to her face instantly and infected him too.
A: Arey sach??.
taking the  teddy in his hands he continued as if talking to him;
Pata hai the more time I spend with her; the more I fall in love with her. Ab tum batao koi solution hai is problem ka tumhare paas?
R: Kyaa? Mera pyaar tumhare liye problem hai Armaan!!
A: Aur nahi toh kya; jaanti bhi ho din bhar ek hi insaan ke baarein main sochne ki vajah se life becomes so monotonous! Life main kuch toh versalitality honi chahiye; haina buddy?
As he questioned the teddy; she gave him a deadly glare.
R: Theek hai toh jao na; lao apni zindagi main versatility. Roka kisne hai tumhe!
He giggled as the mission was accomplished and her face was red again; but this time with fury!
 She turned around to go away?? but maybe God was on his side these days; as the moment she turned away there was a loud thunder making her crash back into his chest out of fear. That is when she realized that he was shirtless. He had the masculine fresh scent fresh from the shower. A shiver ran down their spines as her hands touched his bare back.
On the other hand her lips that were now touching his chest made him tighten his fist in order to keep his desires in check. They stayed like that for a minute but soon he detangled her so as to not make things harder on his part.
A: Umm?..bohot raat ho chuki hai. Hu?.hume so jaana chahiye.
Quickly walking towards his side of bed he got into the quilt placing the teddy on her side. All throughout care was taken that his eyes never hers or even looked up at her. He knew the way she was looking tonight; and after all these days away from her; one more look at her and he would lose his senses which he wasn?t sure would end where!
She very well knew what just happened and why he had backed away so abruptly. So taking the first step she settled on her side and held his hand as he was about to shut the lights.
R: Tumhe nahi lagta tum kuch bhul rahe ho?
A: Umm???.Kya Riddhima?
R: Meri Goodnight kiss?
A: Haan vo ma??..kyaaaa?
He was baffled as she said that. This girl surely had the ability to blow him away. Here he was trying his best to keep his hands off her and here she was inviting him into a battle which was supposed to be lost in either ways.
A: Riddhima tum???..
R: Didn?t I already tell you ki tumse dur jana kabhi meri kisi problem ka solution nahi ho sakta?
A: Haan par???..
She softly placed her lips against his dissolving his words in his throat. As she looked up she found his eyes closed and he seemed lost.
R: Ise mera thank you samajh lo; for the beautiful evening.
A: Am I allowed to return the thanks?
She blushed and looked away hiding her gaze and that just made his heart skip another beat.
Switching the lamps shut; he bent over her and kissed her soft but passionately. Caressing her cheeks he held the back of her head slowly landing her head against the pillow .

She had a hard time keeping a check on her heartbeats as his warm lips moved against her delicate ones. Not that it was their first kiss; but still it seemed so. The way he was kissing her today felt so different. He was been passionate yet gentle; warm yet careful enough not to hurt her in anyway.
Moving up he kissed her eyelids and nose softly. Her entire neckline was showered with a trail of wet kisses while his hand caressed her waist. As he kissed her earlobe; her long deep breath made him aware that though she was into him it was too much for her to handle for now.

It had been a long time that they had been so close and that was exactly what made her shiver like never before. He wasn?t sure if she was ready to handle that intimacy so he thought of better putting an end to the session.
Kissing her forehead he nuzzled her cheeks as he caressed the other cheek with his palm to calm her.
She opened her eyes as he stopped all of a sudden and found him staring down at her with dark eyes.
A: Didn?t I tell you Riddhima ki mujhe koi jaldi nahi hai! Jis tarah pehle tumhara intezaar kar liya tha; is baar bhi kar lunga. Aur phir ye toh chota sa waqt hai; it will go away soon; can you imagine teen saal wait karna; kya hua hoga mera haal!
He said animatedly widening his eyes in horror. She smiled at his cute complaint and kissed his forehead lightly.
A: Good night Basket; sleep tight!
Saying so he placed a small peck on her lips.
Moving him to his side she placed her head on his chest and wrapped her hands around him tightly.
R: Good night Armaan. Love you!
He smiled at her gesture and kissing her forehead embraced her in a hug and both of them fell asleep in each other?s arms with a huge smile on their faces finally feeling home.


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