Monday, 25 May 2015

part 47 & 48:passionate love arsh(last part)

Part 47
shilpa requested aryan plz armaan ko chod do aryan u want me na y u took him here??

plz gun hatao

she did a gesture to remove gun point

aryan: aa aa u knw what ek br trigger dba nd boom

armaan and shilpa both saw each other

shilpa: chodo armaan ko

armaan: shilpa relax he signalled her with eyes that m here now nothing to worry

shilpa: aryan this is the limit u moreon how dare u hurt armaan

armaan said m fine shilpa

aryan said bhut pyar h yar let s see kitna pyar hai

abhi me tumhre pyar ko tumse dur le jaunga and tumhre armaan ko tumhe dhundna hai or agr ni

dhund paya toh shilpa hamesha k lie meri

shilpa: plzzz nooo cry emoticon

armaan plz mat jao

armaan: me wapis aaunga shilpa tumhre lie nd hum hamesha sath rhenge

aryan opened armaan s legs and armaan s hands are still handcuffed

aryan: dnt try to b smart i have still gun in my hand


Part 48:

Ye is ff ka last part hai aaj sham se naya ff post hoga ohk guys??

Aryan took armaan in a room and said tujhe pta h kya mujhse panga ni lena chahiye tha acha

khasa hero h toh

Koi or ladki dhund le

M half won armaan: hath khol phir btata hun kaun jeeta kaun hara Or tu is gun ke dum pe kya fir

rha hai me marne se darta ni hun shilpa ko khone se darta hun me islie chup hun wrna ab tak teri

haddiyan tod deta armaan jerked himself trying to stand from chair

But he was tied with rope

Aryan: tujhe marne se dar ni lagta na?? But teri love life ko lagta h u ke marne ka dar

Agr tumne use ek ghante k ander ni dhunda toh is jgah k sath sath tum dono b boom ho jaoge i

dnt want both of u alive u knw y? Aryan hold collar of armaan

Armaan: teri prob h kya akhir aryan: mujhe shilpa chahiye

Armaan: wo toh tujhe wese b ni milegi wo meri jaan h

Aryan: or tum uski dekhte hai aaj kaun kiski jaan bachata hai

Aryan walked out of the room and went to shilpa s room he opened the door and shilpa said aryan

plz armaan ko kuch mat krna Aryan: are abhi tk toh mene kuch b ni kia game abhi start hua hai

actually jhan mene tumhre armaan ko band kia hai na there i will spread a poisnous gas and yha

tum khtm wha wo

Shilpa: hath mat lagao mujhe

Aryan: itna attitude mt dikhao ek goli marne me mujhe waqt ni lagega

Shilpa: r u mad?? Tumhra dimag khrb ho gya hai kya leave me on the other side Armaan

coughed due to that gas and he was having problem in breathing and he saw for some light nd his

cell phone was also broken but from a windowpane and armaan s eyes fell on

A knife and armaan slided his chair with legs to the knife which was placed on the table he started

to rub the rope against knife and he made him freed coughing a bit he got out of the room aryan

ab tu khtm I will nt leave u now

Shilpa was pleading him to leave her Nd armaan came there by breaking the glass door.Armaan:

bahut dekh lia tera drama ab tera khel khtm

Aryan: khel tera khtm ab he pointed gun at armaan s head Shilpa shouted in a big nooooo aryan

no plz Armaan: abe tu sirf dikha skta hai kuch kr ni skta armaan moved the pointer at the aryan s

side thru his hands and armaan got hold of aryan and started to beat aryan

Shilpa: armaan pleaseee dhyan se lag jayegi Armaan: how dare u touch my love bol he kicked

aryan and he shouted with pain

In btw armaan was opening shilpa s rope aryan came from behind shilpa shouted but it was late

to react aryan hit on armaan s shoulder armaan grimices with pain nd armaan turnrd back rage in

eyes said tujhe bhut shauk h na piche se war krne ka ??? But u dnt know pyar krne wale marne

se ni darte shilpa feel proud after hearing this that love of armaan was so strong and genuine

armaan was watching shilpa and getting oppurtunity aryan punched armaan on his face some

blood came shilpa frightened and came between armaan and aryan she said aryan stop it i love

armaan ohk i wont bear agr armaan ko kuch b hua toh. Armaan sided shilpa saying shilpa i ll

handle him.

Aryan took out a knife and was about to hit armaan just before armaan moulded his hand and

knife landed in aryan s hand aryan still tried to grab the gun from the side. But armaan did nt

leave aryan. Armaan signalled shilpa to pick up that gun and she took that gun from there

armaan had already called the police in the car and police came in a bit. And armaan said that

this person is a criminal sir he had kidnapped shilpa she will give u statement and aryan tried to

hold armaan but police caught aryan and said thank u dr. Armaan malik u have helped us. Aage

hum smbhal lenge.

Armaan hugged shilpa tightly m so sorry shona i came a bit late and he took u here . cry emoticon

i was so worried and shilpa touched armaan s lips where he got hurt when aryan punched him

armaan lagi tumhe hai mujhe ni me thk hun m sorry meri wjah se tumhe ye sab

Armaan: tum pagal ho kya?? Tum jaan ho meri me tumhre bina kese rehta or ab rehna b ni

chahta i love u alot plzzz he joined his and shilpa s forehead together shilpa i love u he knelt down

on his knees and said me tumhe apna bnana chahta hun i promise tumhe khush rkhunga nakhre

sahunga tumne meri life badal di hai n ab me tumhre bina ek pal b ni jina chahta jab tum mujhe

wha parking lot me ni dikhi meri jaan atak gyi pta ni pehle se kuch thk ni lag rha tha frown


Plz b mine marry me shilpa he took out a ring from his pocket and forwarded in front of shilpa s

She was so happy that armaan was proposing her for marriage shilpa hugged armaan more


Armaan: me tumhe apni jaan se jyada pyar karta hun shilpa

Shilpa: yes armaan i will marry u i love u more much more :')

Both were having tears of happiness and after that they live happily ever after




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