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Part 47:I will bring my basket back

Hey beautiful how are you? Kya chal raha hai.....
It had been two days now; Riddhima was sitting back at home getting bored while Armaan used to be in Sanjeevani the entire day.
It were strict instructions by him that till the time her wounds aren?t healed completely she won?t enter Sanjeevani and for the first time ever Shashank Gupta had given his complete approval for his decision!
Padma had come over to stay with her for a few days as she had missed her daughter terribly and after the horrible days that had made her daughter suffer to no ends; she wished to pamper her a little and provide her with proper care.
Pa: Kuch nahi Armaan; bas teri Riddhima ko ye dudh peene ke liye keh rahi thi par ye hai ki maanti hi nahi!
He smiled at the way she addressed her as his; such a small thing but had so much to it!
Pa: Par beta tujhe aaj kuch jyada hi der nahi ho gayi!
A: Jee vo thoda paper work pending reh gaya tha vo pura karne ke chakkar main time ka hosh hi nahi raha.
R: Arey rehne do na Maa; Khud ka hosh reh jaye vohi badi baat hai aap kaha isse waqt ka pooch rahi ho?
Padma glared at Riddhima as she found her giving deadly glares to him.
Kyun use aise bol rahi hai Riddhima; dekhti nahi bechara kitna thak gaya hai fir bhi sab chodke pehle tujhse milne aaya hai.
A: Arey kaha beautiful; main toh aapkse milne aaya tha; is hitler ke muh lagne thodi!
He smirked as she rolled her eyes at his comment but gasped the very next moment as Padma held his ear;
Tum na bade badmash ho. Kitna chedte ho meri bachi ko?

A: Ab kya karu; aap hi dekh rahe ho na kitne nakhre dikhati hai ye. Is madam ko kuch khilana matlab toh bas taubba!
Riddhima who was till now had her face turned the other side turned back furiously giving him another deadly glare as he complained about her eating habits.
R: Main koi nakhre nahi dikhati samjhe na tum!
A: Haan haan tumhe dikhane ki kya jarurat hai;.............
vo toh inborne talent hai tumhara nai?
As expected she opened her mouth wide in an O shape highly disappointed by his comments; and right then grabbing the opportunity he held the back of her head and taking the glass from Padma?s hands; he took it to her lips shutting her mouth muffling her words then and there.
Riddhima was surprised at the sudden turn of events but had to gulp down the milk as she had no other option left!
The glass was empty in a minute and he winked at her while all she could do was; wipe the moustache that had appeared due to the milk. She felt fooled and pouted as Padma too joined in with Armaan in his laughter session since she looked just like a 4 year old cribbing kid.
Later Padma retired to her room while Armaan went away for a long refreshing shower. Riddhima sat watching tv to kill time till he was back. After all she was all geared up to have a long fight session with him.
R: Pehle toh yaha mujhe ghar se bahar nahi nikalne de raha; aur khud itni late aata hai . What does he think of himself; jo vo kahega main maan jaungi!
As she was busy cursing him; his cell rang and she picked it to find Anjali on the line. She started talking to her happily forget ting her anger against him for time being;
Heyy di; kaise ho aap?........
As he walked out of the  washroom he found her talking on the phone giggling about something. He smiled as the moment she looked up at him her smile faded and he saw that tinge of anger sitting on her nose as usual.
She handed the phone to him in same anger while he kissed her nose tip and continued with his phone conversation.
An hour later.........
R: What the hell is wrong with you Mallik? Kab se keh rahi hu come and have the syrup will you just listen to me once?
Armaan had been busy on the phone or on the pc for almost an hour now. When he disconnected one call the other just popped up keeping him busy.
He kept giving her a pleading look as he knew she wanted to atleast have this little time with him once that he comes back home; but unfortunately today God was in a mood to spoil his day badly!
On the other hand Riddhima kept on calling him as he was supposed to take the syrup since he had bad cold and cough. Even he was annoyed being busy with all this work; while keeping her awaited. Even he wanted to go and be with her but was unable to do so; and to add to his anger these people just wouldn?t stop calling him today for some or the other reason!
Finally when he simply did not budge and continued his phone conversation; she snatched the phone from his hand and disconnected it!
R: Kabse bula ra.........
A: What the f***! God damn it woman have you lost it? Dimag kharab hai kya tumhara; I can?t believe you just did that!
Ek toh ye log kabse pareshaan kiye ja rahe hai and you just; why don?t you just go and sleep. He was just about to give me the last details and I would have got done with things par tumne phone kaat diya.
Kya farak pad jayega if I don?t have the cough syrup; kaunsa pahad tut padega? Bina mat............
He was just blabbering continuously without looking at her; but the moment he saw up he found her glaring even harder at him at the same time he could see a layer of tears forming at the corner of her eyes.
He instantly shut his mouth realising he was just simply getting angry at her with no fault of hers at all. He rubbed his palms against his face to calm his nerves;
Riddhima I am.........
But as expected she turned away and turning the lights off she covered herself with the blanket and slept on her side of bed.
After a few minutes of silence she felt a tug at the blanket and she turned around still with her blanket on but now her back facing him. He rubbed his forehead cursing himself for his stupidity.
Basket........ baby meri baat toh suno. I am really really sorry baby! I did not mean to upset you baby........
Meri baat toh suno Basket.
He tried his luck once more but she had no intentions of coming out of her blanket.
Acha suno toh; mujhse baat mat karo par meri taraf dekho toh sahi.......
Meanwhile she was busy cursing him with all her might as he had upset her badly today.
Humesha aisa hi karta hai. Khud ko samajhta kya hai ye; junior hulk kahi ka. Main yaha itne pyaar se isi ke bhale ke liye syrup pilane ki koshish kar rahi hu aur ye............
Ab bolte raho sorry raat bhar; mujhe koi baat nahi sunni tumhari!
As she did not budge to move an inch pretending to sleep he very carefully pulled the blanket off her head and leaned down to face her. She struggled to get the blanket out of his hold but obviously couldn?t beat his strength to do so.
Armaaaan Mallik; mera blanket chodo!
But instead of doing what she said; he pulled it a little which automatically turned her around;
Nahi chodunga; pehle meri baat suno Basket.
R: Mujhe kuch nahi sunna Armaan. Tum aur tumhara syrup dono bhaad main jao.
A: Par baby........
R: Shut up and leave my blanket. Main koi tumhari baby nahi hu samjhe.
A: I am sorry na Jaan; it wasn?t intentional!
R: Oh woow; ?it wasn?t intentional?; that?s all you?ve got for your explanation? Try harder Mister! Because this excuse really isn?t helping! And now just let me sleep.
Blanket chodooo Armaan!
But when he simply nodded that further infuriated her;
Fine...... to hell with your blanket!
Pushing the blanket away she got down the bed and started walking towards the window but just in a minute shrieked in pain;
She sat down; rather stumbled and was down on the floor moaning in pain.
Armaan rushed down to her instantly and held her through her shoulders providing her some support.
Kya hua Riddhima; are you alright?
But instead of answering she just kept rubbing her ankle while a prominent frown appeared on her forehead stating her state of pain.
Trying to have a closer look he held her hand to remove it in order to see her ankle; but she just glared at him and held her ankle even tighter giving a clear indication that he wasn?t allowed to see her wound.
Basket yaar ye kya bachpana hai. Baby let me see na kya hua.
He somehow made her sit on the window ledge and kneeled down on the floor; but again as he held her toe she placed her other foot in front of it to block his view.
He knew she was doing it as she was angry; and whenever she was upset he wasn?t allowed to be close but this wasn?t the time to be angry when she was groaning in pain!
He just shot her a warn-full glare and that was enough for her to let her feet loose to let him have a look. He placed her toe on his palm and just as he touched her ankle she gasped.
Ouch Armaan.....don?t......
He instantly brought his hand back and looked up at her.
Hua kya hai Riddhima? Chot lagi kya tumhe?
She had planned not to answer any of his questions but the concern in his eyes made her speak up.
Nahi........ vo sham ko moch aa gayi thi chalte waqt......
He instantly interrupted her; kuch lagaya dawai vegera?
R: Hmm.....maa ne tel laga diya tha.
A: Hmm.........
Observing her ankle a little more to see if there was any swelling but not finding any such signs he sighed and stood up to have a conversation but she instantly looked away in no mood of having any talks!
He smiled as he remembered she was yet to be manofied and sat down besides her.
I am really really really sorry Basket. Kuch jyada hi bol gaya na main. But you know na I am stupid; aisi ulti seedhi harkatein karta rehta hu main.
Please forgive me na baby. Dekho maine kaan bhi pakad liye hai! Riddhima.......??
She did not reply to any of his words so getting up he moved to her other side where she was facing. But as he came in front she instantly turned to the other side again facing away from him.
Seeing her been adamant he moved closer and hugged her from behind snaking his arms around her waist.
Basket please say something na. I know mera baby aaj bohot ache mood main tha; maine sara mood kharab kar diya na aapka. Par Jana sachi maine jaan bujhke kuch nai kiya; vo actually I was trying to finish it off na aur tum achanak se aa gayi toh.........
R: Toh??
A: Toh........umm.......toh; it was unexpected na. Toh.....umm.......
His cell started ringing for the second time but he did not make any attempt to pick it up; and instead turning to her continued;
 I was trying to finish it off so that main free ho jau toh tumhe time de pau na baby. You know how these committee people are; they will keep bugging me till I don?t answer aur baar baar disturb karte rahenge fir which I don?t want!
Bas 2 minutes Basket; give me 2 minutes; main sara kuch khatam karega aata hu; promise!
Without waiting for her response he quickly ran to his pc and as promised finished his work quickly and came back to her.
He sighed as she still sat at the window since her leg was paining she couldn?t walk back to the bed but he could still see the anger in her eyes. But somewhere even she was well aware that he did not intentionally burst out on her; it wasn?t so like him.
He was very much busy in the phone call trying to finish his work when the call was cut catching him offguard leaving him stunned and frustrated leading him to blurt out things without thinking.
But still; she did that only so he could pay a little attention to his own health. After all the guy was suffering from bad cold from past 2 days but he simply remained careless about the fact.
A: Ab mere sare kaam khatam ho gaye; now......
R: Good! Go to sleep. Goodnight!
She turned away utterly upset with his behaviour and folded her hands clearly indicating that it was the end of conversation from her side.
A: Baby suno na meri baat; tum...........
R: It?s quite late; we should go to bed Armaan!
She tried to get down from the widow when an idea struck his mind and he grinned knowing he was going to win it;
A: Theek hai main toh achi khasi news dena wala tha tumhe; par agar tumhe itni hi neend aa rahi hai toh khair......
R: Kaisi news?
A: Rehne do na ab; tum thak gayi hogi. Dekho your leg is also hurt toh baad main we will talk na.
R: Just shut up and tell me what is it?
A: Ab dekho ya toh shut up ho sakta hu main ya fir bol sakta hu; dono ek saath kaise karu!
R: Ugghh......Armaan Mallik just spill the beans before I kick you out of the room.
He chuckled as he knew this teer would never go khali ;)
Patience was something she never had!
A: Kuch nahi main toh bas yahi batane wala tha ki meri Dr.Kirti se baat hui thi aaj; toh unhone bola ki tumhari jakhme kafi had tak bhar chuki hai and you recovering too; toh main soch raha tha ki...........
He left the sentence hanging purposely adding to her curiosity;
R: Kya soch rahe the?
A: Yahi ki.......
R: Ki.....?
She finally whined as she realized he was deliberately teasing her;
Speak up na Armaan kyun ched rahe ho!
He giggled finding her all the more curious about the news now as he kept dragging;
A: Basket tum kal se Sanjeevani aa sakti ho; I think you are quiet in a good state now.
R: Sachiii?
A: Muchii!
She hugged him tight out of her excitement forgetting about the argument they were having just a minute back. But as he hugged her back and placed a tiny kiss on her head; he cleared his throat a little maybe because of itchiness which reminded her of their fight.
She instantly drew back from the hug and pouted at him;
But that absolutely does not mean ki maine tumhe maaf kar diya. Ye koi tareeka hota hai apni biwi se baat karne ka?
Ek toh pehle hi mujhe yaha ghar kaid karke rakha hai tumne; ?jab tak sare jakhm bhar nahi jate tum Sanjeevani nahi aaogi!? She mimicked him making him sigh.
Aur upar se khud bhi itna late aaye ho. And to make it worse  koi fikar hi nahi hai; ki itni sardi hui hai toh thoda bohat khud ka bhi khayal rakh liya jaye lekin nahi!
A: Riddhima tum kitna bol rahi ho....
R: Haan aur fir main kuch samjhane jau toh main jyaada chappad chappad karti hu! Khud toh kabhi dawai nahi lete; lekin mujhe din bha...umm.............
Her words disappeared in thin air as he smacked his lips against hers.
Her eyes widened in horror at his sudden move.
Leaving her lips for a minute still holding her neck he whispered right against her lips;
Tum kitna chapad chapad karti ho Basket; Last time I had just warned ki agli kiss gaal pe nai hogi; but now that I have all the rights; why waste time in warnings; isn?t it?
His words made her blush deep red while she rewinded those memories in her mind.
But not giving her any chance of thinking anymore he pulled her closer snaking his other hand round her waist he caressed her cheek and kissed her hard.
As his manly lips moved against her soft petals; she kept drowning into his love while her hands moved up into his hair ruffling them. Surprisingly; he noticed her take over and started kissing him passionately; which made him smile through between the kiss.
Pulling her up onto his lap; he kept her closer and let her explore his lips as she wished. As the kiss grew hot he tilted his head a little giving her better access to himself.
Continuing the trail of kisses he moved her hair out of his way .. His lips that worked on her skin made her feel pure bliss. Caressing her entire arm length he took her palm in his hold and looked into her eyes with pure love.
A: So Mrs. Mallik; now is the time we should go to bed. Tumhe bhi toh subah jaldi uthna padega!
Picking her up in his arms he placed her on the bed and was about to get away from her when she gripped his collar;
Aren?t you forgetting something?
He frowned as he couldn?t pinpoint what she meant so he simply shrugged his shoulders to receive a smack in return.
R: God...... Armaan syrup!!
A: I really have to....
R: Yes! Just go and have it NOW!
Cringing his nose he went away sulking and had that dose of syrup as good as poison for him as he hated the taste of that disgusting thing. As he returned back Riddhima smiled at his face showing utter displeasing look.
Kya hua....aisa muh kyu bana rakha hai?
He narrowed his eyes at her knowing well she purposely teased him;
Vo kya hai na mujhe ye cough syrups peene ka bohot shauk hai na; you toh know how I love it?s taste!
She giggled hard as she could no more resist as he turned red out of annoyance.
Enough ok Basket; varna I swear tumhe bhi koi battar se battar cough syrup pilaunga jab you have cold and you toh know ki tumhe kitni easily thand ki mausam main sardi lag jaati hai so better stop it!.
But that did no good; infact increased her giggles annoying him all the more.
Fine.....haso! Tum bas hasti hi raho. Main so raha hu; Good night!
Turning the lights off he pulled up the blanket and slept with her back towards her indicating how upset he was with her. He expected her to say something; maybe convince him or tease him further; but no response was seen from her side.
So to find out as he turned around; she was lying still staring blankly at the ceiling. She looked busy thinking something and instantly knew what she must be thinking about.
A: Umm.....vaise Riddhima ek aur baat hai; actually Dr.Kirti ne ye bhi kaha tha kit um senior doctor ki tarah nahi join kar sakti...........I mean.......thoda break pad gaya na beech main aur .........
R: Armaan....
she sighed and continued;
I know it; actually mujhe usi din Dr.kirti ne idea de di thi jab vo dressing karne aayi thi; that whenever I join back mujhe tests vegera dene honge. Don?t worry; it?s absolutely fine. After all humara profession main logon ki jaan ka sawal hota hai; so I have to be back with proper preparations!
A: Hmm......
She did not say anything after that; instead just smiled at him and turned around. Now that was something which told him she wasn?t sleeping or even feeling any sleepy!
Moving ahead he hugged her from behind and said jokingly;
Basket don?t think too much, main sach main itna nirdayi nahi hu tumhari tarah ki tumhe itni kadvi davai pilau khushi khushi; I will try something less bitter! She frowned and smacked his hand that gripped her.
Shut up Armaan!
He smiled as he knew she was frowning by now looking cute as ever.
Kya hua so kyu nahi rahi fir; so jao na baby; neend puri nahi hui toh subah fir tired feel karogi.
She remained silent for a minute but then spoke in a low voice;
Mujhe neend nahi aa rahi Armaan.
He caught the nervousness in her voice and leaned down to have a look at her face;
Kyu kya hua?
She just stared up at him as if finding something in his eyes. That worried him a little as he knew that look;
Heyy kya hua Basket? What?s wrong.
Turning around in his hold she hugged him closer and whispered ;
Main...Armaan.....pata nahi vo mujhe......I am feeling really nervous.
He rubbed her back bringing her closer probing her to continue.
Pata nahi itne waqt baad Sanjeevani vapas join ho rahi hu toh....I mean........
He cut her in between as he was taken aback by her words;
A: Basket......what are you nervous about? You just went through a bad phase of life and that?s okay. Uska tumhari professional life se koi matlab nahi hai Jana!
Aur vaise bhi mere hote hue tumhe kis baat ka dar hai!
R: I know......sab jaanti hu par.........
He sighed as he knew she was just feeling helpless; after all she had not face anyone for so many days after the incident except for her friends and family.
A: I?s okay Basket; relax. I am sure sab theek hi hoga; aur trust me tumhara din bohot acha jayega kal dekhna. Afterall tum itne din nahi thi toh pata hai sab tumhe kitna miss kar rahe hai! Sister lovely toh baar baar mujhse puchti rehti hai tumhare barein main. You have earned a good amount of fan following don?t you know that!
She just looked up at him knowing well that he was trying to lighten up her mood. Staring at him for two minute she said;
Tum bas please kal mere aas paas hi rehna......please.
He gave her a smile and blinked his eyes in assurance;
Main jitni bhi baar possible ho sakta hai  tumhe milta rahunga.Ok? Now smile!
R: I love you!
A: I love you too Basket.
Placing a kiss on his cheek she hid her face in his neck hugging him closer drifting off to sleep.


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