Friday, 29 May 2015

Part 48:I will bring my basket back

Coming out fresh from shower she placed the towel on the rack neatly and looked up into the mirror. That cringe on her long sleeves disturbed her; she her other hand instantly moved up to do the needful. She sat down on the stool and grabbing the tiny stud she placed it against her ear when her eyes met his through the mirror.
She turned around instantly with her eyes wide open as she was surprised to see him standing behind her admiring her beauty for God knows how long! Maybe all the while.......
Armaan? Tum kab uthe.....aur kyu?
He picked other earring from the dresser and tucking her hair stand behind placed it in her earlobe hole.
Good morning to you too Basket....... he placed a small kiss on her cheek and sat down in front of her.
She bit her tongue and looked down at him;
Good morning Armaan; par tum uthe kyu itni jaldi; so jao na main jaate waqt utha dungi tumhe.
Tum mujhe jabardasti sulaogi kya ab? Had hai matlab; shaadi kya ho gayi; main apni marzi se uthu bhi nahi?
She rolled her eyes at his early morning melodrama.
Fine mat so; tumhari jagah main hoti toh apni beauty sleep enjoy kar rahi hoti; but anyways.....
Vaise acha hua tum uth gaye!
Grabbing her mobile she started walking towards the door; when she heard him comment;
Chalo shukar hai; late hi sahi kam se kam she feels it?s good that I?m up!

She turned around quickly and shot him a look;
I heard that!
A: Ohh.........Good for you baby!
R: Armaaan......stop teasing me; acha suno; actually can you please lend me some cash; actually tumne ekdum raat ko bataya na that I can join from today toh I really did not get time to withdraw money aur mera card mere ghar as in Papa ke yaha pe hi reh gaya  hai.........abhi auto ke liye paise lagenge na! So.......main naashta banana ja rahi hu neeche tab tak tum please paise nikal do na mere liye.
She rushed down as she was getting late but to her surprise found the breakfast all ready and set on the table; while Parshu kaka was busy wiping the dish.
Par.KA: Arey bitiya aap uth gayi; aaiye; main abhi aapko bulane hi aane wala tha. Naashta tayyar hai; lagva du?
R: Jee? Par aap itni subah......
Par.Ka: Haan vo Armaan baba ne bataya tha aaj aapki duty hai na jaldi. Isi liye sab tayyar kar diya hai beta; aap baitho; main abhi parosta hu.
She couldn?t have started the day better than this. How and when did he inform Parshu kaka?
As if on a cue Armaan walked downstairs looking all fresh. He hadn?t taken a shower but had changed into track pants and his red sweat jacket. As he walked towards her she almost felt her heart skip a beat. He looked so ravishing even when he had maybe just washed his face and was still in jogging clothes of his!
Gosh! No wonder girls drooled over him; she thought to herself; but as she saw him smirking at her she realised she was caught red handed staring at him. She thought of better keeping her thoughts to herself otherwise he would get another good reason to tease her forever!
A: Hmm.....someone?s checking me out?
R: Dream on Dr.Mallik; main toh bas soch rahi thi tum itni subha subah uth gaye ho; Parshu kaka ko bhi bula liya; aura b fresh hokar yaha breakfast table par bhi beith gaye ho. What?s cooking up?
He smiled mentally praising her for the change of topic;
Basket..... nice try to cover up; anyways ye raha kuch cash that you might require and here?s my card if you need more!
As he handed her the money she frowned hard;
Armaan 5000 rupees? I am not taking a MERU; and still it won?t cost this much if I take 2 rides back home! Sanjeevan?s just 15 minutes away Armaan. Aur card ka..........
He cut her and placed the cash back into her hands that she was trying to return;
Shh.......... Firstly tum naahi MERU ya auto se jaa rahi ho since I am dropping you and; I don?t need to clarify for the amount of cash I give you; just shut up and keep it yaar. And what?s about this lending......tumhe nahi lagta tum bhul rahi ho that I am your husband naaki koi dost jo tumpe koi ehsaan kar raha ho.
R: Armaan you are mad; sab chodo mujhe batao ab tum mujhe drop karne kyu aa rahe ho? Tumhari duty 10 baje ki hai.........
A: Thanks for the reminder; ab chup chap apna nashta karo varna fir mujhse kahogi maine bato main laga diya is liye you got late!
She was about to retort but he thusofied the buttered bread into her mouth instantly dissolving her words.
They walked out of the house and as they reached the car she found the driver standing right in front waiting for them. She frowned as she found him there and looked sideways at ARmaan;
Armaan ab yeh kya hai?
A: Kya nahi Basket kaun! Tum ise bhul gayi kya; he?s Bhola; humara driver!!
R: Par agar ye humare saath aa raha hai toh fir tumhe aane ki kya jarurat hai? It?s okay na; main chali kaungi! Ya fir toh tum chala lo gadi!
A: Umm......nahi; I....I can?t......tum chalo na yaar; let?s get going!
This guy was weird; he wanted to exert himself out in early morning traffic it seemed. Coming all the way with her to Sanjeevani; going back home and then riding back again after sometime! Who other than a crazy husband could do such meaningless act!
Rolling her eyes at him she sat in the car and the driver drove them to Sanjeevani.
As they reached the gate Riddhima unlocked the door when ARmaan grabbed her wrist and stopped her;
Kya hua ARmaan? Jaldi bolo na; I am getting late.
A: Relax Basket; there?s still time for your duty. Itna tension mat lo.
Here; he handed her the pager that she was conveniently going to forget in the backseat.
Don?t worry your day is going to be great. Apna khayal rakhna; if you don?t feel good toh Dr.Kirti se kehkar rest kar lena thodi der. I?ll be here in an hour anyways; tab tak take care. Agar kuch bhi jaroorat lage toh mujhe call karna ok?
She stared at him lovingly as he instructed her with utmost care and authority at the same time. She found the driver standing outside the car; so quickly grabbing the opportunity she kissed his cheek;
I?ll take care Armaan. Don?t worry; main theek hu. Agar kuch bhi problem hui toh I?ll call you pakka! Now go; love you.....bye!
He kissed her forehead lightly and left her hand at once;
Love you too baby; bye!!
As soon as she entered Sanjeevani she felt a different aura surround her. This was her dream; Armaan was correct! This place could never make her feel low.
As she walked to the nurse station all the ward boys and nurses on the way gave her a pleasant welcoming smile. And the moment she came near the nurse station her crazy friends attacked her into a tight hug; for a moment forgetting that Dr.Kirtei was still standing right in front.
But somewhere they knew; this wouldn?t bug her. Afterall even Dr.Kirti took Riddhima as her younger sister and cared as much as they did for her.
Dr.K: Good morning Dr.Riddhima! Welcome back. I hope you will be able to cope up with the work?
R: Good morning ma?am. And yes sure; I?ll try my best.
Dr.K: Good so; today you will be assisting Dr.Atul. Aapke agle hafte tests honge; tab tak aap as an intern sare cases handle karenge. Till then Aapki duties aapko main assign karti rahungi.
Also agar aapko thodi bhi weakness feel ho ya fir you don?t feel good toh aap immediately hum main se kisiko inform kar dengi; kyunki along with your work I won?t tolerate any carelessness with your health as well! Is that clear?
R: Yes Dr.Kirti.
Dr.K: Good now everyone disperse.
Riddhima felt good to be back to her routine. Also she just realized how fun it was to work under Atul; his innocence and cuteness kept hers smiling throughout her busy day. It surely wasn?t possible for Atul to order her; so every work that he wanted her to do would come out rather as a request which she happily obliged.
After half an hour or so there was announcement for her and she instantly knew Armaan had already reached.
She entered his cabin and found him sitting on the chair engrossed in some file.
R: May I come in Mr.Mallik?
His head shot up as her sweet voice boomed in his ears and a wide smile spread across his lips;
A: Yes please!
Have a seat Dr.Riddhima!
However he wished to go and hug her; meet her as her husband; it did not seem right at the moment; as the BOD members were present in the room. Both of them just had a small pleasantry through their eyes itself and got back to being their professional self.
The BOD members just read her files; medical records and her recent medical history. One of the BOD members spoke;
So Dr.Riddhima.....we have spoken to Dr.Gupta as well aur hume lagta hai ki aapka medical record kaafi acha raha hai. But owing to your accident and the memory loss hum aapko directly as a senior doctor continue nahi karne de sakte!
Is liye aapko 1 hafte tak internship follow karni hogi. Jiske baad aapki test li jaayegi; ofcourse your VIVA as well. Uske results pe depend karega ki aap as a senior doctor continue karengi or as an intern.
R: Jee sir.
Mr. Ranawat(BOD member): Dekhiye usually we atleast give 1month internship to the concerned in such cases; par kyunki aapka record itna acha hai aur Dr.Gupta and Dr.Mallik ke requests pe hum aapki sirf 1 week observation karenge. After that everything depends on the test results. So I hope you understand the seriousness of the situation aur usi hisaab se kaam karengi!
R: Bilkul sir; I assure you I won?t give any chance to complaint!
Mr.Shukla(BOD Member): Good! You may continue your duties now; aapki Viva aur tests ki dates hum Dr.Gupta ke vapas aane ke baad decide karke aapko inform kar denge.
Mr.Mallik; I hope it?s all fine with you?
A: Absolutely sir! I am pretty sure Dr.Riddhima knows her work well; I am sure you won?t regret your decision! And thanks a lot for allowing her for the tests on such a short span.
Mr. Shukla: That?s absolutely fine Mr.Mallik. Ok then we will take your leave. Vaise Dr.Gupta kab vapas aa rahe hai?
A: Vo parso aa jayenge. He will definitely talk to you as soon as he returns.
Mr.Desai: That would be good. Ok then; we will take your leave!
The moment the BOD?s were out; Armaan latched the door and took her in a rib crushing hug.
A: I missed you how was your day?
She giggled at his cute face;
Armaan it?s just been half hour I left! It?s all too good Armaan. Dr.Kirti ne mujhe Atul ko assist karne ki duty di hai; aur vo bechara bohot awkward feel kar raha hai mujhe order karne main!
A: Champ! Fir toh tumhara din acha hi hoga I am sure.
Acha tumhe kahi pain vegera toh nahi hai na? You are alright?
R: I am absolutely ok Armaan. Par Papa kaha hai? Parso kaha se laut rahe hai?
A: Haan vo unhe Pune jaana pada kuch urgent case ke silsiley main. Abhi kuch der pehle hi call kiya tha unhone mujhe; he was supposed to be at the meeting par vo nahi the isi liye main jaldi aa gaya!
R: Hmm theek hai; main ab chalti hu.
A: Arey 1 minute ruko.
R: Kya hua?
He came ahead and softly placed a peck on her lips catching her offguard.
A: Now you can leave!
She walked back to her ward blusing deep red. This was her life; her Armaan; her friends, Sanjeevani, duties, her patients. Everything was NOW back in its place.
Her duty got over and she felt as though she just completed her first day of school; as she had assisted a very lenient and sweet Atul; pampered by Armaan and had been treated as a doll by all her friends. She was taken too much care of today; and she knew somewhere or the other the only person responsible was ARMAAN!
Smiling to herself she walked inside the canteen when she found the entire gang busy with some discussion. Just as she started walking towards them; ARmaan looked up at her on a cue. But the next moment she startled hearing his shout;
A: Guysss.....macchar!
Mu: Abey hero, macchar hi toh hai aise kyun chilla raha hai jaise koi bhoot dekh liya ho!
A: Arey muski samjha kar......
Riddhima aao na baitho! Bohot bada macchar toh know na we need to be very careful these days!
Riddhima came and settled down on a chair next to Armaan but she could instantly notice the change in their body language. Also they all went completely quiet turning the cafeteria from a fish market to a exam hall ambience!
R: Kya hua guys.....tum sab achanak chup kyu ho gaye? Aur Armaan tum theek toh ho? Chillaye kyu is tarah?
At: Hi Ridz.....tu kaisi hai? Aaj ka din kaisa tha?
R: Atul main tumhare saath hi toh thi din bhar and 5 minute main mujhe kya ho jayega?
AT: Ohh haan......
R: Kya ho raha hai guys; sab theek hai na?
A: Arey Basket.....isi liye toh pooch raha hoga na; how was your day working under him; haina Champ? Aur kya baat hogi!!
He said through his gritted teeth looking at Atul.....
At: Haan bilkul bilkul. Armaan; mera bhai toh humesha sahi hi hota hai!
She knew something was cooking but before she could enquire everyone called it a day; leaving her all alone with Amaan. And Armaan was hopeless; he would never ever confess what was happening; as something told her he was the main cook; hehe; I mean the leader of the gang in the mission as usual!


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