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Part 5 B : Teri Meri yeh Love Story


"There is something beautiful about the past,

And about the way it haunts us.

The way we pass through moments like walking through doors.

The way we shut some out, and the way we welcome some to stay.

Our memories are ghosts, and they will remind us of all the things,

We no longer have.

-       R.M. Drake

 It was late in the evening. He was standing near the window when his eyes travelled to the petite figure in the rain. Though it was all dark everywhere still he could recognize that figure dancing and playing in the rain just like a small child do. He couldn't help but smile at his angel. Steadily he made his way out and passing through the garden he reached near her. He knew that she had probably felt his presence as she stood still.

Her back was facing him. He looked at her intensely and found her in same dress that she had wore the same night when for the first time they had share their close moment in the rain. He felt the same desire for her as he felt that day. Not able to hold his desire and passion more he took a step forward and holding her from waist he drew her closer to him. She shivered as she felt her bare back touch his chest.

She smiled shyly as she felt his hands drawing patterns near her ear robe. Not able to hold more she tried to move away but he held her firmly not letting her move an inch away from him. He turned her in his hold and hid his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her scent. Couldn't able to hold his desire he dropped few wet kisses on her neck line.

As she felt him kissing her a moan escaped her mouth "Armaan.." leaving him in daze. He couldn't help but smile as he knew she was all lost in their proximity. He step back and looked into her eyes to see pure love and desire for him. He took her into his arms and as he took a step forward and he felt his leg slipped on the mud before he could have hold her, his eyes were flung open and he woke up with a start.

He was sweating badly. He touched his forehead and realizes that it was just a dream. He held his head and smiled at his dreams. It was nothing new for him. The time he met her, he had fallen in love with her. And now all he does is to dream about hold her in his kiss her. That night had surely turned his self-control on stake. From that day, he tried to maintain as much distance as he can but he knew one look from her can break all the barriers of self-control inside him.

He smiled at his stupidity and the reactions he gave her all the way to not let her knew what he actually think of her. He still remembers her confused face and questioning eyes asking rather pleading him to answer them. He very well knew what her eyes spoke to him but he couldn't help it. He has to let her understand her feelings alone...

Suddenly a voice broke his trance. He turned his face to look at the person and smiled as he saw Rahul. He greeted him warmly and said "Morning Rahul...Tum itni subha yaha kya kar rahe ho.."

[What are you doing here so early?]

"Early...Do you really think it's early...? By the way Good Afternoon Armaan.." Rahul said while smirking at Armaan to which he gave confused looks and as he turned his face towards the wall clock, he sighed in annoyance and held his head while muttering "Good Afternoon..huhh.."

Rahul smiled at his situation and said "Don't worry..I can understand...tell me...what did you see in your dreams today...Or I should ask who did you met in your dreams..?" He completed his sentence and winked at Armaan and got an instant smack on his hand.

" hurts..." He said dramatically while Armaan rolled his eyes at his small brother's nautanki and said "Please...tu Muskaan se thoda dhur raha kar...pura uske jaisa hota jar raha hai.."

[ at a safe distance when with Muskaan ...because you are becoming like one.."

"Oh come on too know... how difficult it is, to be away from these Gupta sisters...Right..?" Rahul again said pulling his leg.

Armaan completely annoyed with Rahul's tactics muttered in fake anger "Tu ja raha hai yaha se..ya dhakke de kar nikalu...kyu dimaag khane aa gaya hai..."

[Are you moving out of this room on your own or I should do the honors...why are you hell bent on eating my brain..]

"Achha..Okay sorry...I was just fooling around..Actually I am here to tell you that Gupta family will be here in an hour or get ready to meet my Future Bhabhi..." Rahul said now smiling ear-to-ear.

Armaan while hiding his smile hearing Future Bhabhi' from Rahul said bhabhi toh wo tab banegi..,jab usko thodi akkal aayegi...Pagal jungly billi.."

[She will become your Bhabhi...but only when she will use her brain soon.,.Mad wild cat..]

"Armaan... Armaan you never told us..That why can't you just go and simply confess your feelings to her...I mean when you know the feelings are mutual..She too feels for you something...then what are you waiting for..." Rahul asked him for the umpteenth time hoping he will get his answer this time.

Armaan sighed and decided to spill the truth out.


It was when I returned from the trip where I met her...My Riddhima...for the first time...( While smiling) I was happy and contented thinking that she too has feelings for me. Numerous times her eyes had spoken to mine that how much she had fallen in love with me. Though I just couldn't muster up the strength to confess my feelings right away because I know she has to take that step by herself.

" remember when I have told you about a girl whom I have seen in the Students Exchange Program where some Indian students have become a part of our college festival in London. That time I have seen her there...Riddhima...And the time I met the time I had fallen for her..." I said smiling ear-to-ear and living the moment again.


It was the cultural festival in the University of London where few students from India's University were invited to attend the same. Well it was the day when all the students of college were gathered to welcome the students who came all the way from India to participate in the cultural fest.

It was a big ground in the university where everyone was seated on the stairs covering the stage. It was when the Dean of the college gave a warm welcome to students. Armaan's eyes started wandering, not interested in the speech anymore. While looking here and there carefree his eyes stopped suddenly at a figure sitting other side of the stage and just opposite to him.

He couldn't help but stare at her. He was not able to tear his gaze away from her. It was just like some magical spell had been chanted on him...something enchanted happening around him. He tried to closely watch her. Her eyes, her lips, her smile...everything about her was making him crazier. He didn't know what was happening to him but all he knew was he had surely fallen for this angel.

His friends always said about love at first sight and shared their feelings with him too but he never got a chance to feel those emotions inside him. But today he can say numerous of emotions flooding inside him. He couldn't help but smile at her cute expressions she was passing. Suddenly he felt a smack on his shoulder and turned his face to see his friend calling him for the umpteenth time. He shrugged away his talks and turned his face to concentrate on his angel but to his disappointment she had already left with her friends.

Not caring for anyone he stood up and ran away in the direction from where she must have left but he couldn't find anyone. Suddenly he heard a mingling sweet sound of bangles as if no other sound existed around him. He closed his eyes for a moment and a big smiled formed on his lips as if he knew to whom this sound belongs to. He turned around and saw her laughing and acting like a kid.

He chuckled seeing her and was about to go when his friends again caught him and she walked away from his sight. He again sighed as he missed her cute naughty expressions and while giving tough looks to his friends he made his way to his hostel room.

Sitting near his window he recalled the moments when he first saw her. He couldn't help but think about her, about how someone can be this innocent, how her eyes reflect her beautiful heart, how her cute naughty antics can make anyone smile. He really felt as if someone has spelled something around him because all he could think about was her, all he could imagine was her face and her being in his arms forever.

He didn't know what had happened to him but something was there...something which was disturbing him but he couldn't actually pin point it. He smiled to himself and opened his Diary. He didn't know but today he felt like sharing his feelings with someone and having no one around this was the only person rather thing to whom he can speak his heart out.

10th may 2015, Sunday

"Hey diary..I had never thought that someday I am going to write you and will share my feelings with you but some events of my life forced me to do or I should say I felt like sharing with you. I know you are the best secret keeper. Well You want to know my little secret...I am here to tell you that only...I guess I am in Love...Love at First sight with my Angel...As I laid my eyes on her I couldn't help but just stare at her..Her angelic face, sharp features and most importantly her eyes which show how pure her heart is...and her smile Oh My God...She had driven me crazy... From the time I have seen her..She is the only one I am thinking about...Though she hadn't noticed me..Thanks to my idiotic friends...But I will find her again...I don't know why..But I simply feel like it was meant to be happening this way...I never get to know the feeling of being in love...but maybe...the day is not so far..."

My Angel's Armaan...J

Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and moved near the big window in his room. All he could imagine was her. He smiled at his behavior and calling it a night went back to his bed to sleep with a hope of meeting her again but Little did he knew that sleep was miles away from his eyes now.


" you are telling me...the one you have met in London is none other than Riddhima..." Rahul asked with shock visible on his face to which Armaan just nodded with a smirk on his face.

"So when you liked her from way before even she knew and now even she had fallen for you what's the problem with you both then..." Rahul asked getting annoyed by his smirk.

"My Baby Rahul...agar itna he easy hota na..toh abhi meri aur uski shaadi ki arrangements kar raha hota tu.." He said while rolling his eyes at him.

[My Baby Rahul...If it would have been so easy..Then probably you would have been doing arrangements for my marriage]

"Okay..Yeah I know..But still..Tell me...something is more to this story right.." Rahul asked as if confirming to which he nodded and said "Actually When I came back from London I saw you engagement photographs and I came to know that Riddhima is actually Muskaan's cousin sister. I couldn't hold back myself. I was really eager to meet know her more I..." He was cut in between by Rahul who said "You asked me to arrange that Manali trip and call Muskaan and especially Riddhima too..."

"Yeah..." He confirmed and continued "And well..After returning from that trip I decided to tell the truth to Mom and dad...But then I came to know about my and Shanaya's marriage. I was just so shocked to react and then the news which bowled my head when I hear Riddhima and Siddhant's name together." He told Rahul with hurt appear on his face.

"What...are you kidding me...I knew about you and Shanaya...but Riddhima and Siddhant...when did this happen...and why no one told me about this..." Rahul said getting annoyed by this side of story.

"Well because this piece of information was meant to be hidden..I would have also not known about it if I hadn't listened to their conversation with your parents. And so without thinking I entered the room and told the truth to them. But they were not convinced and so they put a condition in front of me.." Armaan said sighing.

While Rahul who was listening with rapt attention he said "what condition..."

"Condition was...I have told them about Riddhima's feelings too. So they just simply said if my and Shanaya's marriage was not fixed then it would have been easy but now the situations are a bit difficult...So if Riddhima rejects the proposal of Siddhant then they will think about if that stupid girl didn't uttered a word then I guess it's all over.." He finally concluded his side of story to Rahul.

" if Riddhima will not tell her parents that she too have feelings for you...Then probably you will be forced into the marriage with Shanaya...Oh this Shanaya at least.." Rahul said making faces to which Armaan laughed and said "Same feeling..."

He smirked and said "'s not that easy to get away from Armaan Mallik so easily...Riddhima is only mine...She is my Angel...And I am not letting her go away at any cost...She is mine..all mine.."

"Well all the best have your time...They will be here any minute...and to your luck...Siddhant will be here in 2 days...and to your bad luck Shanaya is waiting for you downstairs...So now everything is in your hand..." Rahul said while patting his shoulder and left the room smiling ear-to-ear at his small victory.

While Armaan deep drowned in his thoughts smirked and said "Miss Riddhima ready...You'll be having a tough time in handling me... your Oh-so-hot-Mr.-Supercool.."


Flashback where Armaan had fallen for Riddhima...

Armaan's tricks to let Riddhima speak out the truth...!

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