Thursday, 21 May 2015

Part 51: You actually love me or ...

Riddhima is startled feeling the touch on her soft skin and she knows the person who is belonged to this touch and who has the soul right to cause this much shiverness in her body just with his mere touch but
nevertheless she feels his hand around her neck over her hand she just for gets everything else and armaan who is already out of his senses seeing the love of his life he looked at her face and riddhima at the same moment looked at his face as their eyes met with each other they saw immense pool of love in each other's eyes for each other and there is passion and desire craving for each other in those blue oceanic orbs and green almond eyes and seeing that love for himself armaan feeling himself loosening in the power of riddhima's love her smell driving him to crazy and seeing her like that in his arms he don't even know for how much time he'll hold himself he knows just like standing in his arms riddhima has the power to make him forget his all senses and he knows if he lose control it'll be tough for him to help himself he has the strange urge to love her like all his might to shower her with his love and to mark her his and before he goes on that track he wants to stop this so he just holding her in his arms slowly mumbled
A:"riddhima jaan please change your clothes other wise I won't able to stop myself please jaan"

He said sincerely over her lips that his hot breathing upon her face and she shivered and she looks towards him and seeing his blue eyes just single look in his eyes he knows how hard this is for him and how hard he is trying to stop himself knowing he'll just losen himself and riddhima just nodded and then as she tried  to turn from his grip holding her knot and conscious about her appearance she is surprised when armaan holds her hand taken her in surprise and riddhima looked at him in pure confusion and answering her confusion armaan take his shirt from him and covered her and riddhima looked at him as his shirt covered her around her shoulders and soon he buttoned it and this gesture of his makes her fall in love with him all over again and then giving him a million dollar shy smile  she ran to washroom to get changed herself and here armaan just slumped on her bed as his  hand moved near his heart and
A:"I love you jaan"
And here riddhima in the bathroom riddhima looked at herself and shied remember his love how he is looking at her with so much passion in his eyes for her and she don't know how she is going to survive under his so much passion and how long she'll able to control his and her desires and then just feeling him close to her she just
R:"I love you"
She speaks and then get to change herself as she surely knows he is waiting for her outside in her room.
After few minutes armaan opened his eyes  hearing the foot steps and as he saw her emerging from bathroom he is again flabbergasted seeing her she comes wearing a long blue nighty covering her every part of body but the nighty hugged her perfect body so beautifully that it enhances her every curve and her hair tied in ponytail and some of her hair strands were falling on her for head and without makeup she is looking so beautiful in her original self and seeing her looking so much beautiful that captivated armaan's heart he just wants to holds her in his arms and give her so much love shower her with his love  after all she is his riddhima deserves his love and then feels his unbreakable gaze that is so passionate riddhima  feels she is going to burn under his gaze and she feels her cheeks heated up and she don't knows even when her feet stopped and she just stopped in her in her mid tracks and armaan looked at her and he is so much intoxicated in her love looking at her angelic face that he even did not knows himself that when he gets up from the bed and his feet takes him to her they both gets this only when they are just inches away from each other they comes so close to each other that they can feel each other's breaths on their faces and riddhima feels so much nervous near him it's not the moment that first time she is so close to him they comes far from that especially after their visit to Banglore but for her this is the very first time when she is with him that close when she is all set to be his for forever with everybody's approval and that makes her shivered as well nervous and she gasped as she feels armaan's palm on her cheek as he caressed her face with his knuckles making her go weak against her knees and then armaan slowly leaned near her ear enjoying her scent letting her feel him so close to her and then he whispered in her ear
A:''you are looking so beautiful jaan i feels i am falling in love with you all over again i so love you''
He said as he placed a soft lingering kiss on her nape making her shuddered in pleasure and she just closed her eyes feeling the moment feeling his lips as he kissed her and then armaan moved away and then seeing her eyes closed and her face all flushed he smiled and then pecking her eye lids he smiled and
A:''riddhima aagar aise hii rahogi tou main khud ko sambhal nahii paunga jaan aur tum bhi yeh jaanti ho main is samay kuch bhi galat nahiin karna chahta so please jaan open your eyes just let me drown in your beautiful eyes sirff tumhari aankhon meiin aapnein liyye pyaar dekh kar oos ehsaas ko mehsoos karke hii aaj main aapne is toofan par kaboo paa sakta hun jaan''
He said earnestly and riddhima opened her eyes only to finds him looking at her with that desire for her and then as soon green orbs lets him feel the love blue eyes feels his soul relaxed feeling that green orbs is all his and then not wasting any second armaan hugged her as riddhima seeing his state hugged him try to let the feel of their togetherness and she feels him close to her she did not knows but what comes to her that she caressed his back and then she just mumbled in his ear
R:''i am your armaan''
And then entangling him away from herself she placed her lips on his start kissing him and armaan is taken back with her sudden reaction but nevertheless as riddhima's lips moved on his lower lips  he responds back to her kiss and they kissed each other passionately and finally when the need of oxygen breaks them apart they joined their for heads they had beautiful smiles playing on their lips. And after few minutes they opened their eyes and whispered just above each other's lips
R:''i love you''
A:''i love you''
They confessed simultaneously and that makes them smile more and then armaan settled her night gown as its falling from her shoulders because of their make out and then as they settled on riddhima's bed riddhima's head on armaan's chest she then speak up while drawing imaginary patterns on his chest and
He replied as he caressed her spine and then she speaks up
R:''aab so jao armaan you have to leave early in the morning''
A:''mera bilkul man nahiin kar raha hain sonein ka jaan aur jab tum mere saamne hoti ho na tou i don't think of doing anything''
R:''kya armaan tum bhi naa''
She blushed as armaan pulled her more closer making her cheek brushed against him and armaan moved and pecked her for head and
A:''sachi mein''
R:''ok baba but aab please so jao armaan your body needs rest aur fir tumhe subh jaldi bhi nikalna hain na so please hum kal tumhare ane ke baad bahut saari batein karenge ok''
She said try to makes him agree and he smiled and then he
A:''sirf batein nahiin romance bhi theek hain naa jaan''
She blushed but nodded and armaan smiled as he feels her nodding her head hiding in his chest and then he
A:''riddhima hum kal hi shopping par chalein tumhare liyye engagement dress laane''
He suddenly said making riddhima looked at him and seeing that shine in his eyes she smiled how much he is excited for the alliance just the news of their engagement gives him so much happiness she determined never will she let fade this happiness then smilingly she pecked his for head
R:''jaise tum kahoge vaise hii karenge armaan aab please let's sleep i am tired yeh sab discussion kal karenge when you come back ok baby''
A:''off course jaan i am so happy love you good night jaan''
He said as he pecked on her lips a small peck which riddhima responded and riddhima too wished him back as
R:''good night baby love you too so very much''
And soon armaan is in his dream world where he and his riddhima is one and no one is there to separate them and seeing him go immediately to sleep riddhima smiled seeing that peaceful smile on his face that makes him more adorable
R(in her heart):''armaan ke liyye humara yeh rishta humara yeh saath kitne maayne rakhta hain naa. Aaj se pehle maine armaan ke chehre par itni zayda khushi bahut kam dekhi hain. Aaj kitna khush hain mera armaan kii main humesha ke liyye ooski ho jaungi main bhi tou khush hun par shayad armaan kii khushi ka koi par hi nahin hain kitna excited hain vo har cheej ke liyye. Main promise karti hun armaan kii humesha yeh hansi aab tumhare honthon par banaye rakhungi tumne mujh mein aapne saare rishta jod kar sab kuch maan kar mujhe is duniya kii sabse khush kismat ladki bana diyya hain main promise karti hun kabhie tumhari riddhima han tumhari riddhima aab sirf tumhari hii tou hun main tou khud ki bhi nahiin rahi main kabhie tumhari riddhima ko tuse aalag nahiin karungi i love you armaan tu merii jaan hain tu mera armaan hain aur i will never let anything comes in between your happiness main har gam aapnein oopar le longi armaan aaj tumse vaada hain yeh tumhari riddhima ka beinteha pyaar karti hun tumse aab yeh pyaar kabhie kam nahin hoga mujhse love you jaan humesha''
She said and then pecking his lips softly try not to disturb his sleep and her peck making him smile in his sleep and soon she drifted to sleep in his arms.
Next Morning
Riddhima gets up early in the morning to saw herself enveloped in her armaan's arms her head is placed under his chin and his one arms wrapped around her waist and he is sleeping peacefully with smile on his face and riddhima smiled and then slowly pecked his for head and she gets up from the bed only after wishing that she will awake in her armaan's arms rest of the life and then she moved in the restroom to take bath.
After an hour or so riddhima gets free from her work and then she glanced at the clock it shows past 6 that means she needs to wake up armaan now as other wise he is going to be late and as soon she entered in her room and she saw the most cutest sight in front of her eyes as armaan is sleeping on his stomach now with his one head under the head and other is on pillow all the comforter is on floor she shakes her head seeing that he is actually going to make her awake all the nights of their lives just to check on him that he has comforter or not chucking at her own thoughts she moved towards the bed and sits beside him on the bed then she slowly called him
Ri:''armaan jaan''
But he did not budged as he is in deep sleep and riddhima sighed and she did not wants to breaks his sleep as he is sleeping so peacefully but she knows he has to gets up he has to go to his ancestral temple with his family so she again tried this time putting her hand on his shoulder and
Ri:''armaan jaan ootho jaan''
She said slowly near his ear and this time armaan moved in his sleep so riddhima slowly rubbed his shoulder to wake him up and soon armaan slowly opened his eyes feeling that soft touch and slow voice near his ear and as soon he opened his eyes he saw his angel in front of his eyes and seeing her beautiful face he thinks he must be dreaming so he brings his hand closer to touch her as riddhima feels his warm hand on her cheek she smiled seeing him smiling innocently and then she just
Ri:''good morning baby get up''
She said him giving him smile and that makes armaan to reality that he is not seeing in the dream she is indeed in front of him and then smilingly he replied
Ar:'' good morning jaan''
He replied back and then riddhima moved from the bed smilingly saying to him as she picked the comforter from floor and puts on the bed as
Ri:''chalo armaan ooth jao jaldi se ready ho jao tumhe ghar bhi pahunchna hain na sab tumhara intezar kar rahein honge na aaj tumhe Kuldevi Temple jaana hain remember''
She said as she looked at him and noticed armaan is gazing at her off course he remembered that he has to go to Temple with his family but the thing is she is in front of him doing all the duties of his life partner and this is something he always desired for and that's the thing making him just gaze at her and seeing him looking at herself like that riddhima feels conscious then try to tear his gaze she called him as
Ri:''armaan ootho naa please deri ho jaayegi naitika bhayiya ne rat meiin bola tha der nahiin karni hain ooth jao naa jaan please''
She said and armaan smiled and then he gets up from the bed and moved towards her and then holds her from her waist he smiled and then kissed her on her for head then he just speaks up slowly looking deep in her eyes
Ar:''i love you jaan tumhe pata hain mera yeh sapna hain kii main har subh tumhe dekhun aur main humesha jabse tumse pyaar hua yehii sapna dekha karta tha kii tum kab merii jeevan saathi ban kar aise mere saamne rahogi thank you jaan for fulfilling my dream thank you i love you''
He confessed making her smile and blush and then she just
Ri:''i love you armaan aur tumhare sapne nahiin armaan humara sapna''
She said and armaan smiled and then they hugged each other tightly.
Suddenly riddhima's thoughts breaks as heard the soft cry and she comes back to present and she saw the most beautiful sight in front of her eyes the sight she thought never going to come, but god has surely other plans as she finds armaan's hand holding the finger of THEIR LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY and seeing that riddhima has tears in her eyes and she smiled in between her tears seeing that scene and she saw THEIR PRINCESS AND HER DADA has the most beautiful and satisfying smiles on their faces as they found each other the daughter father. And riddhima smiled this is the very first smile of their one month old princess and she never thanks god enough to make it happen she bends and kissed their princess's for head as she mumbled looking at her in between her tears as
Ri:''armaan humara yeh sapna bhi poora ho gayya thank you bhagwan ji for making this happen merii galati ke bad bhi aapnein yeh khsuhi dii''


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