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Part 52: You actually love me or ...

And as riddhima said this looking at armaan and then the little bundle of joy in her arms tears fell from her eyes as she heard the cry of their princess got high she quickly placed her hand on her chest to calm her as she try to sooth her

Ri:''kya hua mere bache ko bas baby aise thode na rote hain ka hua baby''
And then she checked her she is wet that's why she is crying and riddhima looked at her and then wiped her tears as she just
Ri:''bas baby aise thode na rote hain mumma abhie aapko clean karti hain baby aap tou papa ki princess ho na''
She said to her try to soothe her and as if the baby try to understand she stopped crying for second and opened her little eyes for a minute but then again she start crying riddhima start to gets up so that she can change her but the moment she tried to gets up she pulled back and for a moment feeling her heart beat raised as feels him always tugging her duppatta whenever she tried to go away from him that thought brings smile on her lips and tears in her eyes  but nevertheless she turned only to be get shocked the sight in front of her eyes armaan's han
d holding his duppatta as usual but this time with his another hand he is holding their princess's quilt too in his fists and that brings tears in her eyes seeing this though he is not conscious about the facts yet his heart knows everything the way how possessively he is holding the quilt of their princess like he used to hold riddhima's duppatta in his sleep peacefully. And more tears fell from her eyes as she remembered their days together and then she finds her baby whining because of wetness she have to change her but she does not have the heart to let his princess away from him though he is unconscious and did not knows what it is happening she can easily untangled his hands from her quilt but she did not wants to do this so she quickly placed their princess on the bed near armaan and puts pillows around another side so she did not fells then she bends to their princess level and
Ri:''baby mumma abhi aa rahi hain aap pa ko pareshan mat karna peeche se ok pa ko chot lagi hain love you meri jaan''
She said and kissed her little fingers covering her properly she goes to get her clothes change into clean nappy. And riddhima goes towards her little princess's little nursery to get the new nappy for her as soon she comes back she saw an adorable sight in front of her eyes as their princess is now closely snuggled in her pa's chest and armaan's hand protectively holding her from her tiny waist as if protecting her from everything a smile formed on her lips seeing it she immediately clicked the photo in her cell phone as she don't knows when she will be able to see this again in future
Ri:''chahe maine kitni bhi bada gunah kyun na kiyya ho armaan ko dukh dekar ooska dill tod kar ose khud se dur karke par thank you bhagwanji aapnein humari princess ko iski saza nahiin di ose ooske papa ka saath aur blessings tou mill hi gayya chahe kuch der ke liyye kyun na''
And then clearing her tears she moved towards her baby to change her as soon she settled on the bed as she tried to pick her little baby in her arms she whined and snuggled more to armaan and this brings tears and smile on her face how she knows that she is close to her father as if she recognizing his essence smilingly she just
Ri:''nahiin baby atleast mumma abhie aapko aapke pa se dur nahiin karegi aagar bhagwan ne mauka diyya hain aap donow ko kuch samay saath rehne ka tou mumma aapko pa se dur nahiin karegi mumma tou hain hi gandi par aap tou mumma ki jaan ho mumma ka para sa baby tou chalo aao na ek bar change kar lo then i promise mumma aapko aapke pa ke pas hi sulayegi''
She said as she caressed her little angel's head and then she slowly opened her nappy and then cleaning her with cotton and applying the powder on her she makes her wear new nappy and then she makes her settled on the bed next to armaan and as soon she puts her on the bed the very next second armaan turned in his deep sleep and puts his hand over their princess and if that's not enough his hand is on riddhima's waist too as she is in little bending position as she is making princess laying down. And his simple touch makes her shivered, she still shivered just with the single finger of his, she looked at his hand which is protectively covering her and their princess and his face have that innocent smile that she always lose her heart on. Seeing his smile she again went to memory lane the day when she makes him gets up in the morning after their engagement fixed to go to Kul Devi Temple with his family as And finally riddhima breaks the hug and then she 
Ri:''acha armaan chalo aab jaldi se ready honein jao main tab tak tumhare kapde nikalti hun ok''
She said and armaan looked at her holding her from her waist
Ar:''riddhima sweetheart shayad aap bhull rahi hain aap abhie tak Mrs. Armaan Mallik nahiin bani hain officially'' 
Riddhima looked at him as he stats this and then she 
Ri:''oh acha par mujhe tou laga tha ki humein proper rasmon ki zarurat nahiin hain hum tou do dill pyar meiin bandh kar ek ho hi chuke hain par aagar tum aise keh rahein ho tou''
She said and armaan looked at her fallen face then he pulled her more closer and then
Ar:''arey merii jaan ko bura laga''
He said as he looked in her green almond eyes but riddhima broke the eye lock and armaan put his finger under her chin and makes her look at himself and riddhima again tried to break the eye lock
Ar:''pehle merii baat soono mujhe koi rasamon ki zarurat nahiin hain mere liyye tum merii thi aur merii ho aur merii hi rahogi I love you for me tum tou tabse merii ardhangini ho jabse tumne mujhe apnaya bhi nahiin tha jaan''
He said and riddhima looked at him feeling the depth of his words as he said this that he always accepts her as his before even she responds his love that's the depth of the belief of his love and that makes riddhima feeling so blessed to have him in her life then
Ri:'' i love you armaan i am blessed to have you in my life jaan''
She said hugging him tight enveloping him in her arms and armaan smiled feeling her arms tightly wrapped around his back and he too tighten his hold and kissed in her hairs 
Ar:'' i too love you baby but i don't agree main bahut khushnaseeb hun tumhe aapni zindagi meiin paakar so thank you for coming in my life''
He said closer to her ear and riddhima just smiled in between her tears and then untangling herself from his grip still in his arms
Ri:''armaan main''
Ar:''aab mujhe is baat par koi argument nahiin karna hain baby''
He said as he wiped away the lone tear from riddhima's eyes making her smile then 
Ri:''acha ok jao fresh ho jao main breakfast lagati hun ok''
She said as she tried to move away from his grip but armaan pulled her back as
Ar:''arey baby iske liyye hi tou keh raha tha ki aap abhie Mrs. Mallik officially nahiin hui hain you see you i don't have my clothes here''
He said and riddhima smiled then put his arms around his neck making a lock making behind his neck and 
Ri:''oh janab ko is baat ka dar the par lagata hain vo aapni riddhima ko jaante nahiin''
She said and armaan looked at her quite surprised then he just said
Ar:''kya matlab''
And riddhima smiled at him then she instead of replying him holds his hand and then pulls him into her dressing area and then she left his hand and opens one of the door of the cupboard and armaan is surprised seeing the cupboard and riddhima then holding him from his back puts her head on his back she then just
Ri:''kaisa hain''
She said and armaan comes back from his thoughts and then armaan pulled her from her hands that's on his chest and as she comes in front of him, her face is facing him and her back is leaning on the shelf of cupboard and then he
Ar:''yeh kya kar diyya tumne riddhima''
He said and riddhima locks her hands around his neck then
Ri:''kuch nahiin bas aapnein armaan ke liyye kuch riddhima ki pasand ka liyya jab tum Singapore gayye the na tumhare liyye shopping karti thi jis se mujhe tum aapnein paas mehsus hote the''
She said and armaan looked in her eyes he can see that depth of her love in her green eyes he did not knows what to do so he just kissed her forhead conveying her his deep love and
Ar:''i love you jaan more than anything else in this world''
Ri:''i love you too armaan tu mera jahan mera armaan hai''
She said as she hugged him both have that serene smile on their faces and then riddhima untangled herself from his grip and then she
Ri:''acha armaan aab jao chalo jaldi se ready ho jao nahiin tou der ho jayegi tumhe''
Armaan nodded and then he moved in the washroom to get ready and riddhima smiled and moved downstairs to make quick breakfast for him. After 15-20 minutes riddhima comes back in the room to check if armaan needed something as soon she comes in the room she finds armaan standing in front of the mirror combing his hairs as she entered holding breakfast tray in her hands and as armaan heard the sound of door opened he looked at her and saw the love of his life walking in and he gives her his million dollar smile and riddhima returned his smile and then putting the tray on the table she moved towards him and
Ri:''so ready''
And armaan nodded as he turned to her then riddhima settled his collar and
Ri:''good aao armaan breakfast kar lo''
She said as she moved to the table to get breakfast for him armaan smiled and then he hugged her from behind and puts his head on her shoulder
Ar:''tumhe pata hain mujhe is duniya ki sabsi best biwi milne vaali hai jaan''
He said as he kissed her on her cheek making her blush and she did not say anything just keeps on doing her work and
Ar:''aur pata hain meri biwi jab sharmati hain na tou mera bechara dill oska hal tou kya bataun''
He said as he kissed her on her shoulder making her blush more and then he just
Ar:''oye hoye''
He said and riddhima lowered her eye lids and then she turned towards him still in his hold and then she
Ri:''aur janab jab aapki yeh biwi aapko dantegi tou kaisi lagegi''
She asked looking at him and armaan smiled as he locked his hands at the back of her waist 
Ar:''tab bhi humein yeh humari jaan aisi hi pyari si lagegi na''
He said as he moved closer to her face and riddhima blushed but she pushed him saying
Ri:''bas armaan no more masti jaldi se breakfast karo aur niklo tumhe der ho rahi hain''
She said and armaan makes a face and then he
Ar:''biwi you are such an unromantic''
He said and riddhima smiled at his complaint then she makes him sit on the couch and handled him his breakfast plate saying
Ri:''ok janab unromantic tou hun par jaisi bhi hun aapki hun na''
She said making him smile and armaan pulled her closer with his one free hand such that she landed beside him and he whispered huskily near her ear as
Ar:''han sirf sur sirff meri jaan''
He said and riddhima smiled seeing his possessiveness for herself she did not mind his possessiveness as she knows this is the form of his true love for her and she then picked one slice and makes him eat saying that
Ri:''han sirf tumhari aur riddhima tou vaise bhi armaan ke bina kuch nahiin hain tum meri sanson meiin is qadar ooljh gayye ho armaan ki tumhare bina meri sansein bhi aab mera saath nahiin deti hai''
She said and armaan looked at her as she said this and feeds him lovingly he can never guess the depth of her love especially after the moment she runs barefoot hearing his accident news when he returned from Singapore, the madness of his love and the pain of losing him in her eyes stats him that she loved him beyond limits so he just pecked her forhead saying
Ar:''is armaan ki tou ruh ooski riddhima ke aandar bas gayyi hain aagar ooski riddhima sahi hain tou ooski ruh ko chain hain aur aagar ooski riddhima ko thodi si bhi takleef hain tou yeh ruh bhi mere aandar nahiin tik paati hain jaan love you so much riddhima''
He confessed as he kissed her fingers as she makes him eat another morsel and riddhima smiled and then she
Ri:''love you too''
And like this she feeds him all his breakfast and now armaan is ready for leaving and they are moving outside all are still sleeping as its quite early and everyone is dead tired and then riddhima stopped armaan and she
Ri:''armaan 1 minute tum chalo main abhie ayi ok''
Armaan nodded and then he made his way out of the gupta house as he reached near his car and leaned on his car waited for riddhima to come and soon he saw she comes holding some bag and then she moved near him and seeing the bag in her hands 
Ar:''yeh kya hain jaan''
Ri:''yeh parsad hain armaan aab kya hua main Kul Devi Ji ke Darshan karne nahiin jaa sakti par Parsad tou bhej hi sakti hun oonhein thanks kehne ke liyye tumhe merii life meiin laane ke liyye''
She said and armaan looked at her in disbelief 
Ar:''riddhima tumne kab yeh sab kiyya mujhe kyun nahiin jagaya han''
He asked and riddhima looked at him then she just
Ri:''par armaan tumhe kyun jagana tha maine''
She asked totally surprised 
Ar:''arey jaan hum donow sab saath meiin karte na tumne akele kyun kiya jaan''
He said and riddhima looked at him not expected this and she
Ri:''armaan yeh''
But before she can even complete they heard the ring of armaan's phone and he saw it is from naitik and he answered the call as
Ar:''jii bhaii''
Na:''armaan tu kab tak aayega''
Ar:''ji bhai main bas nikal raha hun yahan se bhai''
He replied as he knows they are getting late and then naitik
Na:''acha theek hain chal bye''
He said and armaan is about to cut the call when he saw riddhima is settled on driving seat and he is shocked
Ar:''riddhima kya kar rahi ho''
Ri:''kuch nahiin armaan aapko drop karne jaa rahi hun chaliye aayiye der ho rahi hain naa aapko''
She said casually and
Ar:''han riddhima mujhe der ho rahi hain par tum kyun jaogi mujhe drop karne i mean i'll go by myself''
He is still confused with her attitude and riddhima looked at him as
Ri:''armaan yeh sochne ki mistake bilkul mat kijiyega ki main aapko is halat meiin drive karne ki permission dungi you are still recovering and having all this Bengluru trip is taking toll on you so no arguments come sit else we will be late''
She said and armaan looked at her as she ordered him he knows he can't argue with her and she is right too but he not at any cost let her drive at this odd time of morning it's just 4:30 in the morning people are still sleeping so no way she is coming back alone after dropping him
Ar:''no jaan jitni fikar aapko merii hain ootni hi mujhe bhi aapki hain aap is time mujhe drop karke akele nahiin aayengi its not safe at all''
He argued and riddhima looked at him as she heard his serious tone so
Ri:''armaan it's nothing like that main pehle bhi aise aati jaati rehti thi Hospital meiin emergency ke kaaran na''
She puts her point and armaan straightly refused it saying that
Ar:''tab ki baat aur hain riddhima tab main tumhare saath nahiin tha tum nahin aa rahi ho end of story''
He said and then
But before she can complete they heard riddhima's cell phone and she looked at the screen its naitik calling her so she answered her phone
Ri:''good morning bhayia''
Na:''good morning riddhima aur sun tum log jhagra karna band karo hum log armaan ko tumhare yahan se pick kar lenge ok''
He said and riddhima is shocked how they comes to know about their argument but nevertheless she just speaks up
Ri:''ji bhayiya''
Na:''chal bye hum ate hain''
And she cuts the call and as soon she finished her conversation armaan looked at her confusingly. And seeing her not speaking armaan called her and
Ar:''riddhima kya hua kya keh rahein the bhai tum itni shock kyun ho riddhima?''
As he puts his hand on her shoulder while asking her all these things riddhima looked at him then
Ri:''armaan bhayiya bol rahein the ki vo log tumhe yahin se pick kar lenge''
She replied and then armaan
Ar:''han tou that's good na ismein shock honein vaali kaunsi baat hain riddhima''
He asked as he did not get why she is so shocked just for his family is picking him up 
Ri:''armaan bhayiya ne yeh bhi bola ki hum log jhagra na karen armaan bhayiya ko kaise pata chala ki hum jhagra kar rahein hain''
She asked and now armaan is shocked too then he looked at her and
Ar:''what the''
And seeing riddhima glaring at him with the choose of words he
Ar:''umm sorry lekin oon logon ko kaise pata that we are fighting meri family meiin censors tou nahiin lage hain jahan tak mujhe pata hain yar riddhima''
He said and riddhima looked at him and then
Ri:''mujhe kaise pata armaan''
Then suddenly armaan's gaze fell on his phone and then he mumbled
Ar:''damn it''
And riddhima looked at him and
Ri:''kya hua armaan''
Ar:''riddhima jab bhai ka call aya tha main jaldi jaldi meiin phone cut karna bhul gayya i guess bhaii ne tabhie sab sun liyya riddhima''
He said as the matter of fact and riddhima is shocked and
Ri:''gosh armaan bhayiya ne sab sun liyya kya soch rahein honge sab mere baare meiin''
She suddenly start feeling conscious as her would be in laws heard him kind of having argument with him and what they will thought about her and seeing her tensed face armaan holds her from her shoulder
Ar:''aur kya sochenge yahiin sochenge ki tum mujhe kitna dantati ho riddhima''
He chided her and riddhima looked at him giving him the look she
Ri:''armaan this is so not funny''
She said in irritated voice and armaan looked at her seeing her serious he smiled she is such one of her kind then he pulled her closer to himself and riddhima tried to pull away from him she
Ri:''armaan kya hai yahan main itni pareshan hun aur aapko mazak soojh raha hain''
She said making face and armaan smiled then he just
Ar:''par meri jaan pareshan hain kyun''
He asked and riddhima looked at him in disbelief 
Ri:''armaan abhie aapke saamne hi tou sab hua na bhayiya auron ne sab sun liyye sab mere bare meiin kya soch rahein honge''
And armaan smiled and then he
Ar:''koi kuch nahiin sochega jaan sab bas yahi sochenge ki oonke bte ko koi itna pyaar karta hain''
He replied and riddhima looked at him then
But armaan cut her in between as he puts his finger on her lips preventing her to speak
Ar:''han riddhima tumse zayda mujhse pyaar na koi kar paaya hain na koi kar sakta hain aur vaise bhi tumhari daant meiin bhi mere liyye sirff beinteha pyaar jhalkta hain aur mera jitna khayal tumhe mujhe khud ko nahiin hain tou koi kuch nahiin sochega infact sab khush honge jaan so smile please''
He said as he joined his forhead with hers and riddhima looked at him his eyes speaks volumes and she then slowly asked him as
Ri:''sachi na armaan koi mujhe galat tou nahiin samjhenga na''
She asked innocently and armaan smiled she is his angel
Ar:''off course jaan meri itni pyaari si jaan se bhi koi gussa ho sakta hain kya aur madam tum ne tou meri family ko pehle se hi aapna fan bana rakha hain mujhe tou doubt hain ki shadi ke baad dad, bhai aur bhabhi aur angel kahin meri hi har baat par class na lagaya karen siding you''
He said making her smile and then she added
Ri:''aur mom tumhari side lenge hai na armaan''
She said and armaan looked at her as his smile faded hearing about his mom and seeing his smile changing into frown riddhima cupped his one cheek in her palm
Ri:''armaan kab tak aap''
But he is cut short in between as armaan speaks up as
Ar:''riddhima jaan please tum jaanti ho mere liyye sab bhulna bahut hi mushkil hain so please mujhe is bare mein koi baat nahin karni hai''
He said and riddhima sighed seeing his changed behave she knows it'll takes time for him to forgive his mom but she wanted to makes him accept his mom whole heartedly before their engagement that's why she tried to evade his mom in their talks but at this moment she let this topic gone then
Ri:''acha armaan sham ko kab taka a jaoge vapis''
As she asked him armaan looked at her and then he just replied 
Ar:''around 5''
And hearing his small reply she
Ri:''main tab tak akele kya karungi armaan aapke bina mai''
She said and armaan looked at her as she is looking so cute in that cute pout and armaan finally smiled seeing her face then
Ar:''oh ho jaan main bas kuch hi der meiin aa jaunga aur aap tab tak aapni duty finish kijiyega aapki palal jhapkne se pehle aap aapnein armaan ko aapnein paas payengi''
He said looking in his eyes and riddhima smiled seeing him back to himself and smiling
Ar:''off course jaan''
And they hugged each other and then they heard the car's honk and riddhima immediately parted away from him and as soon one car coming in Gupta Premises and stopped she saw it is armaan's car as Mallik Family is there to pick armaan as soon the car stopped all of them comes down from the car and seeing billy and ananya riddhima goes towards them to touch their feet as she touched ananya's feet she blessed her and hugged her and as she tried to touch billy's feet he did not let her and
Bi:''nahiin riddhima tum meri beti ho pehle fir kuch aur aur betiyan pair nahiin chua karti hain''
He said engulfing her in hug and riddhima smiled then she met with akshara and naitik and akshara teased her as
Ak:''chalo riddhima jaldi se tayar ho jao bas humara yeh aakhiri trip akele ka hoga fir next trip se tum bhi humare saath hogi mallik family ki bahu ke rup mein kyun devar ji''
She said looking at armaan who is gazing at riddhima and then hearing his bhabhi as
Ar:''well bhabhi vo aap janiye abhie tou mujhe aapni angel se milna hai''
He said as he took angel from naitk's arms and start playing it and riddhima looked at his face the content smile on his face seeing angel he so loved kids and then her trace breaks with naitik's voice
Na:''dad hum log nikle der ho jayegi nahiin tou na''
He said as billy nodded all the Mallik Family bidding bye to riddhima settled in car and armaan still holding angel in his hands and then giving her his million dollar smile he too settled and she gives him smile and waved her hand till the car is out of her sight and as soon armaan crossed Gupta House boundry he heard message beep from his phone and as he checked his phone its her message saying
Ri:''Maine Karun Intezar Tera Tu Dill Tu Hi Jaan Merii''
And he smiled and kissing her photo on his cell phone's wall paper he mumbled softly
Ar:''angel i love your chachi so very much''

                                                            Suddenly she heard the soft cry of their princess bringing her back to reality and she saw their baby is crying and she is surprised to see armaan's hands patting their baby's front as if trying to calm her as if his heart is hearing his litltle baby's cries and then she slowly picked her up and puts her in her lap as she knows this is the time of her feed and then looking at his calm face she slowly speaks up as
Ri:''armaan main aaj bhi aapka hi intajar kar rahi hun jaise kal kar rahi thi ''Main Karun Intejar Tera Tu Dill Tu Hi Ho Jaan Merii''

Precap_Ar:''aap jo pas aye mere''
Ar:''han vedic tune bilkul sahi suna hain main aur teri bhabhi sagai kar rahein hai''

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