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Part-6 ~And she left me actually~

Hello to all. M sholly for this so much late update. I have actually dropped the idea of continuing this ff but then my bestest di....told to plz complete it. Thing is i actually dont get time to write the part in btwn my studies. Whenever m home i update but now despite not being home i wrote it by typing on my phone just for punam di's request. Love u di n sorry too. I know me bohot lazy baccha hu. Par me kya karu....tym hi ni milta. So much burden on my small shoulders of 30
Well as all must have lost the tract of this ff (me too) here z the thread of previous part (part-5)

                                                 part 1-5


White curtains waving in morning breeze were making no efforts to stop sun rays peeping in the room , disturbing armaan in his sleep.Slowly he opened his eyes still lying in same state.
Riddhima.....a word so familiar to his soul engulfed his heart making him close his eyes softly reminsing the movements spend with her. He just want to be in his shona's memories for ever.
 Something made movement near him....he looked down to see vinika curling more close to his torso. Armaan moved his hand around her to give her feeling of coziness. She slept again quietly. Armaan smiled looking her cute smale face n bent down to kiss her forehead.
He looked at the wall clock to know its his time for geting ready for hospital.
He got up from bed not letting vini's sleep get disturbed.

He got ready went downstairs to inform niki to take care of sleeping beauty upstairs. Niki nodded n went upstairs but not before asking armaan if he is fine just to get a nod from him.

He sat in his car n drove off for sanjeevani. Meanwhile driving.....his mind was recalling the event tht took place just yesterday. Vinika's sickness made him scared inertly. He cant lose his lil princess. He just cant....

Peeeeeeeeep!!!!! ........smash! Ti ti ti......

What has happened just now? Armaan was making his senses correct when...

Ohhhhhh Mister!!! Aankhein hain ya button! Get off from the car...n answer me!
A girl in her 20s was literally banging on his window glass to make him come out n see his deed.
Armaan was like stone looking at the gal.
 Still in his illusion somehow he came out from the car still staring the girl tht must b awkward for the girl.

'Ohhhh hello kaha goom ho......yaha!! Yaha dekho zara kitna mahan kaam kiya h apne' She
Pointing towards the front headlights of the two cars, opposite to each other completely destructed.
 But armaan was deaf to her voice maybe. He dint blinked his eyes for a second in fear tht she may vanish from there making the gal frustrated.
She jerked him holding his shoulder but tht made just lil effect on stucked armaan.

u mad?! She herself donno she was asking him or telling the fact!

Setting her mind tht HE IS MAD! She thought of better to leave the cuprit of the accident tht just took place with her car due his insensible driving in the middle of the road.
Stromping her foot she went in her INJURED car cursing armaan in her breaths and zoomed off.

Armaan who was till now in some halucination came out of it when he saw her going away!
The gal set her rear view mirror only to see the MAD person running behind her car tht made her confirm tht he is crack n she in fear speed up her car leaving him far behind n only to have sigh of relief. Only lil she know about the actual matter with person she has assumed as mad.

Armaan after running behind the gal's car in vain stopped to breath in some air. He set down on the road feeling his knees weak to bear his body weight. His condition was devasted not because of running but may b coz of some other reason as he was left behind by the car.....with tears in his redden eyes.

Who was she???

-Vil b revealed in upcoming part(s)....

Thts it for this part.
I know.... I know bohot chotu sa part tha.
But next part will b soon may b within one or two days,with lengthy content promise!!!
Love u
-Jyotika mallik

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