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part 61 : maybe Someday

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 Recap- Names of the Killers spilled. Riddhima tried to escape but couldn't. All are going to rescue Riddhima.
N ab aage..

How long will it take us to reach there?
N- Just 15Mins!

Armaan patted his Hand Unusually. He was impatient they had been driving for about 2Hours now. He couldn't Take Any more Days Away From Riddhima. He was going to Kill Them Two.
As if Hearing his Minds Wish Nihal Muttered Correcting him

N- There are 3 Kidnappers. Vivek And Sumedh Are Just Helping! Their Boss is Different.
At- What ? who is he?
N- I'll Only Tell When I'm Sure. No arrows in the Air.
Ra- Please! Tell us we don't entertain secrets!


Riddhima sat there with her Throat almost eroded due to lack of water. To her Horror. She Came to know who her Kidnappers were. Vivek and Sumedh. Yeah they hated her only they could do such a thing. But what confused her was they hadn't touched her but now after she had tried to run away. She wasn't spared. Her hands had Scratches and Cuts All over Them. There was a Big Red Mark on her face. She shuddered remembering how she was slapped without sparing even a min. Her top was a bit torn  near her shoulder. She shuddered remembering their hungry Eyes! Only one thing was on her lips and her mind.

Armaan" Kaha Ho armaan! please come and save me!

She cried and sobbed. Armaan" Please ! Armaan!!! Where are You!!!!!!!


As if Hearing Riddhima's pleas. Armaan's eyes filled up. His jaw tightened and his fingers rolled in a tight fist. Tears falling on his Pale cheeks.

Ar- It's okay Rahul!

Nihal looked at armaan's State. How could anyone love anyone so much? Yes he knew people could die without love! But that was just fictional! This was the first time he had witnessed! Such deep love! Understanding his state he placed his hand on armaan's shoulder. Armaan looked at him tears not stopping.

N- I will tell you! But you need to trust me in this!.. But before that I want to know what Sumedh and Vivek's motive?

Armaan hesitated! A bit but then he knew he had to let him know everything !armaan narrated the incident of Sumedh ragging Riddhima and him beating him up.
N- Okay and what about Vivek?
Rah- Yah wahi! I though you'll were good friends!

Armaan glared at Rahul and this shut him up!

Ar- Woh during... The prom.. He asked Riddhima for dance. And tried to misbehave with her. Even Riddhima doesn't know about this. She just thinks I pulled him apart and took his Place. But I couldn't bear anyone touching her that way when she was uncomfortable! I though pulled him apart but as there was only darkness around she couldn't see us. But I punched him many a times. The crowd around who were on the dance floor where it wasn't dark saw this and he took it as a big insult!


'They know where Riddhima is??' There was hope in Padma's. Hope that She could soon be able to meet her daughter. Hope that she was alright. Hope that this was all going to end soon.
Abhi had received a call from Armaan. They had asked him to follow them and even alert the police about the update. Abhi Atul Aarav and Shaan had left right away while Muskaan Anjie and Nikki stayed behind with Padma. Yes they had wanted to go with the boys but they knew Padma couldn't be left alone. She had been wrecked by the whole kidnapping incident and somehow blamed herself for everything that happened.
Padma knew that she should have kept an eye on the Videocon guys. Only if she had been careful enough with them and had been there at the time of their exit she could have stopped all that was happening.
Why didn't she think of it.?? Why was she so careless.
Fresh tears stung her EYES and before she could stop them they began flowing freely.
Nikki saw them and went near Padma. She put her arms around her and held on letting her cry.
Nikki: It's okay aunty Armaan ka phone aya tha na.. Riddhima ab jald hi ghar aa jaayegi. Don't worry.
Muskaan too went to them and joined the hug.
Muskaan,: Haa.. Aur jab voh ghar aayegi toh kya aap usse apna rota hua chehera dekhaoge nahi na?? Chalo ab apne aansu poch lo.
The words were somehow reassuring. But the guilt still gnawed her. Suppressing the guilt and the tears she wiped her face,hugging both of them.
Anjie on the other hand had been in deep thought and even though she wouldn't admit was a little scared.
Vivek and sumedh had been their college buddies and never had they shown any signs of a sociopath. They were just as normal as any other student or person. She had never imagined them to flip out to the extent of attacking or kidnapping someone. This was so not possible.
And she was a little scared OK very much scared for Atul. That guy had a very soft would he react to them?? Hope he'd be alright. The only thing she could think about was praying that this all would get over quickly and Riddhima be home with them safely.

Riddhima's eyes splashed open as she felt her wrists loose and her legs untied. That was weird. Since the time she had been bought her! She was never left in attended or free! She looked here and there! And found herself to be free with the two not in sight! She quickly! Got up ready to run! She slowly moved ahead towards the door with the chair in her hands ready to strike and attack if someone came!
Walking slowly she reached the door and opened it as quietly as possible. Even then it made a slight screeching sound and Riddhima winced. She hid beside the wall before could see her. But to her surprise after waiting for a full minute no one even made a slightest attempt to come near the room. That was odd. She thought. Both the guys were constantly around waiting for her to make even a smallest sound so that they could slap her or tatter her clothes. What was happening? Why weren't they around. But then the other part of her mentally slapped her telling her to stop wasting time and move away quickly before anyone had any idea where she was. She came out side and began running as fast as she could. The chair in her hand was slowing her down so she just left it behind and went ahead following her instinct. After covering up some distance she began hearing the roars of the cars. Even If they sounded far away she was relieved that she was on the right path. The voices grew louder with each step she took.
All the incidents and lack of food were draining her energy and she had a sudden urge to sit down. But every time she thought about it, Arman's face popped up in her mind and the will to see him gave her the energy she needed and she kept moving forward. She turned right on the next crossway and had to close her eyes as against the sudden burst of light. She then tried opening her eyes slowly letting her pupils adjust to the light. When she could see clearly again she began walking forward. But then against the wall beside her she saw a figure standing outside.
The kidnappers she thought. But there was only one of them outside and with her luck it maybe Sumedh who had a broken leg. Haa!! It would be heaven to watch him struggle. The thought scared her. She couldn't believe she had begun thinking like a that. She just mentally shook herself.
"You can worry about it later" she said to herself and again looked around for some kind of a weapon. She smacked herself for leaving the chair behind.
She found a Jack behind a car she went to pick it up but the thing weighed a ton. Not finding anything else she took it and again started walking towards the door.
If nothing helped she could just drop it down on his leg.. Haa good plan She thought.
Coming outside she saw that the person was standing straight and he was surely not the kidnapper. The person turned and the jack in her hands dropped down beside her missing her legs by nearly an inch.
But Riddhima didn't care. Tears strung her eyes. But these tears were the tears of happiness.
He smiled and She ran to him and hugged him.
 He was here. Now she was safe. No one could hurt her. Her body sagged as he held her close. The tears not stopping at all she felt tired. Everything was going to be fine now. He kept saying something but Riddhima couldn't was too lost in her freedom and joy to understand it.
Riddhima clung to him. As she urged herself to croak his name....



What? Are you in your right Mind what do you mean Mayank is the main Guy behind Riddhima's kidnapping?

Nihal- As I said. I need you to trust me! Please!

Armaan without saying anything tightened his jaw. As tears stung his eyes. He clamped his fingers together in a tight fist controlling his anger. He prayed to god. That Nihal was wrong and this was someone else.



Riddhima croaked as her eyes stung due to constant crying. Mayank smiled at her and caressed her hair. She clung to him tighter. But suddenly she felt him his hand tightening on her hair. He suddenly held her hair and jerked her off his body. Catching her with her hair he pulled her inside shouting.

Sumedh!!! Vivek!!! Can't do one work properly? I told you one thing! Hold her Captive! But no every thing has to be spoon fed!!

Riddhima looked and heard what he said and was astonished! She screeched as she felt her head almost would be pulled off her neck! But hearing her shout so loudly. He hit her right on her face! And that shut her up. She looked at him scared as he threw her near a dark corner in the room!

Why? Was all that she could whisper in between her sobs!

Mayank- What? What did you say!?

Riddhima looked at the floor and asked why! Tears streaming down her face purely because of the betrayal from a friend.

Mayank- Hahahaha why? Why? Because! Because my Dear Riddhima you are the only way! To hurt Armaan. I'll keep you for Years! Till Armaan Doesn't wither away in his own sorrows!

Riddhima looked at Mayank angrily as she heard him making a reference to Armaan dying. Mayank looked at her and joining his brows.

Mayank- Ohhoohooo! Gussa Araha hr Boyfriend ke baare me Aisa kaha?

Riddhima looked sideways not making any eye contact with him.

Riddhima- Why are you doing this Mayank? Armaan ne kya bigada he tumhara?
Mayank- kya Bigada he! Armaan Mallik ne meri puri Life Barbaad ki he!
Riddhima- What? Jo Bhi Kehna he Saaf Saaf Kaho!
Mayank- Toh Suno! Mere dad tv reporter the unhone Kuch saalo pehele, kuch khaas logon ka ek illegal export business record kar liya tha. Par issase pehele ki voh vaha se nikal paate Mr.Verma Jo ke Billy Mallik ke PA the par khud uss export ke bohot important karekarta the unhone unhe dekh liya. Dad jitni jaldi ho sake vaha se bhaag aaye aur voh video tape Maa ko saup ke vaha se chale Gaye . Bohot Dino tak dad ki koi khabar nahi thi. Aur achanak ek din Hospital se phone aaya ke Dad ki maut  ho gayi hai. *sniff* Maa KO yakeen tha ki dad ki maut ka karan voh video tape tha. Voh seedhe Mr.Malik ke paas gayi. Kyuki unhe yakeen tha ki voh Maa ki madat zaroor karenge. Billy ne bhi Unse vada kiya ke voh unhe insaaf jaroor dilayega chahe uski vjah se unki company kyu na band ho jaaye. Par meri Maa bohot bholi thi. Usne Malik par vishwaas kar diya. Usae kya pata tha, ki yeh sab ek dhong tha. Agle din jab lawyer ne case ke silsile mein usee bulaya toh voh chali gayi par isase pehele ki voh vaha jaati Mr. billy Mallik ne use bhi maar daala aur voh ek saboot jisase unhe dhoka tha humesha ke liye mita diyaa
R- par billy uncle Aisa kabhi nahi karenge!
M- Par unhone Aisa kiya! Woh Khud Corrupt the mom dad ne jo video nikala tha woh unke dost ka tha! Jo  billy ke company ko nuksaan pohcha raha tha. Par ye toh adha sach tha! Mom dad ko laga woh mallik ki help kar rahe he par unhe kya pata! Ke billy khud usme shaamil tha! Jab billy ko pata chala ke mom dad ne unke illegal exports ka video nikala he. Toh unhone jhuta natak karke mom dad ko apne vishwass me liya! Mere Mom dad ko Game se nikalwane ke liye unhone Ye sab kiya!
R- Maana agar billy Uncle ne Ye kiya Bhi Ho! Par Usase Armaan ka kya relation?
N- Kya Relation? Armaan is the one and Only child of Billy Mallik! And unka iss world me koi nahi! Jab Unka Beta Tadap Tadap Kar marega! Tabh unka muh Dekhna Chahunga me!!

Sorry! Part jaldi end hogaya! Next part Promise karti hu! Bohot Acha Aur better hoga!
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