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Recap: Nihal tells Armaan Mayank I'd behind the kidnapping. Padma guilty. Mayank tells his story.

Riddhima sat there in the corner of the room. She was disgusted by Mayank. Her best friend. Never in a million years had she thought that he would turn out to be like this. Armaan or any of her friends for that matter would not even consider mayank as a kidnapper. Everyone trusted him. Even her mom. She trusted Mayank to keep Riddhima safe at all costs. Kya beetegi mama par jab unhe yeh sab pata chalega??
And Mayank..her face scrunched up in distaste. The Backstabber. Now his behavior dawned on her. Always with her like a shadow. Prying information about Armaan and indirect questions about Billy uncle's business at that time they didn't seem odd but now everything was crystal clear. He was just using her for information.   Riddhima didn't know if she could ever trust anyone else now. Whatever maybe the reason for His Parents death, he had no right to punish anyone. The door to the room opened and Mayank entered, flicked a switch and the only bulb in the room turned on lightening up the room a little. His face looked a lot more evil with the florescent light falling on it, a wicked smirk plastered on his face and he was holding a plate in his hands.

Mayank: Vaise yeh tumhe denaa toh nahi chahata tha. Par kya kare tumhe zinda rakhna meri majboori hai. Lo chup chap khaa lo.
Rid: Nahi chahiye mujhe.
Ma-khaana padega.
Ri- Nahi.

Ma- final??
She nodded
Ma: your wish. Mere liye toh acha hi hai. Jab main Armaan KO tumhari iss halat ka video bhejunga toh tadpega bechara apni kamzor Riddhima KO dekhkar. You are right tumhe nahi khaana chahiye.

The thought of Armaan suffering and his agonized face clogged up her throat she couldn't let him suffer anymore than he already was.
Mayank turned and began leaving.
Ri- Rukho
Ma- kya hua?achanak bhook lag gayi. ?

She did not reply.
Ma- lo khaa lo.
He slid the plate towards her.

Ma- thanks to my cook tumhe acha khaana mil raha hai khaane. Varna kisi kidnapper ki itni khatirdari nahi hoti hai.
Riddhima forced herself to eat while Mayank kept randomly thanking the plumbers, electricians,his driver, and even sumedh and vivek.
Ma- And also thanks to Shanaya.
At This she looked up.
Ma- oh toh tum jagi Hui ho? Of course  Shanaya ke vajah se mujhe pata chala ki tum Armaan ke liye kya maayne rakhti ho.

Ri- tumhe kisi ne Oscar award nahi diya hai Jo apni thank you speech diye jaa rage ho.
Ma- ahh!! That's my riddhi. Par iss baar bhagne ki koshish mat Karna. Main Vivek aur sumedh ki tarah ignorant nahi hu. Mujhse bachnaa mushkil hi nahi naamumkin hai.


Armaan spluttered ahead as Rahul and Atul followed him. Nihal was with him too. Shaan and Aarav made sure that the garage in front of them was surrounded by all sides! So that noone could get in. Billy Mallik was sitting along with shashank. In the police cars. Armaan and the other 4 had Cameras and Voice Sensors attached to them as they entered the place slowly and steadily. In one way the operation could be recorded and they wouldn't have to work on proving themselves right in the court. Armaan entered the garage without making any noise. Everyone sat inside holding their Breaths. Nihal had strictly told the police squad that even if they saw action that was going out of hand. They shouldn't enter. As the criminal seemed psychotic and he could kill or harm anyone. The forces were to enter only when called up upon.

Armaan walked in with a gun in his hand. All were allotted licensed guns for their own protection. He walked until he couldn't see no more. He looked at Rahul hesitantly. That's when he heard a click and the lights to that way clicked on. He turned to Atul as he gave him a thumbs up. Atul had found the switch. The garage wasn't a garage actually. It was some old plot where Honda cars were manufactured previously but now was left open as they had shifted their place of manufacturing. The place was huge and a sweat trickled down Armaan's forehead thinking how he'll find Riddhima in this huge place. Suddenly he heard a Chuckle somewhere. And some background noises from a T.V he moved forward from where the noise came. It was like an open room with entrances from all sides. It was huge and Car Carcasses lay around huge and big. He smartly found himself a hiding place behind it. He moved his vision and he saw his Enemies. Sumedh and Vivek almost lying on the floor. A pizza slice in one hand. Coke Cans on the floor next to them. They were chuckling seeing some show on the TV. Armaan's eyes traced the entire room! But there was no trace of Riddhima anywhere. His Heart was beating even more. Where is she he thought frustratingly. That's when he saw nihal signalling him something ahead. The dark passage ahead Had a room to its far end from whereit seemed as itt was lit as it's brightness glowed in the dark. Armaan signalled Rahul and Atul to stay here without creating any problem but preventing them to come out. They both nodded as they stood ready! Armaan walked ahead. With nihal slowly measuring the silence. But as he neared the room he heard a muffled laughter. As he came closer. It became clearer.
His jaw Tightened and his grip on the gun as well. As he realized whose voice was it. Nihal kept a hand on his shoulder and urged him to move ahead. He slowly sneeked ahead, hid himself and peeked in. He saw Mayank Sitting on a Chair in a Blue Dark T-shirt and blue rugged jeans. He had some beard finding its way on his chin giving him a devilish look. And a sly Smile on his face. He looked ahead to see what he was smiling at. His eyes atlast found what was his. The desperateness to pick her in his arms and protect her from the world was beginning to sting him. But he somehow controlled. He looked at her as his heart took in her gullible state. She sat there in a Rugged T-shirt which was torn at her shoulders and side waist. Her hands were tied and she sat on the floor with them on her knees. As she looked at Mayank with fear in her eyes. Armaan saw the trail of tears and his heart ached thinking about how the tears might've raced on her cheeks. His eyes spotted some redness on her cheek. And he knew she had been slapped brutally! He saw her hands having scratched and her head having injuries. His blood was boling. And he needed to get her out of this place! Right there Right Now. Mayank got a Msg on his Phone and quizzically looked at it and His Eyebrows shot together
Mayank looked back at Riddhima!

Ma-! Armaan has left for panchgani thinking that he'll find us there! Awww poor soul!

Riddhima shot him a glare and looked at the floor. Her face looked as if it had tasted a bitter grape and she was angry.

Ma- Riddhii! Actually! Socho! Agar Armaan yaha ajaye! Toh?
R- Toh? Toh kya toh! Toh pir woh Tumhe kahi ka Nahi chodega!
Ma- Itna bharosa he? Aur agar mene usse kahi ka Nahi choda toh???

Riddhima gritted her teeth.

R- Aisa kabhi Nahi hoga!!
Ma- Acha? Kyu na Hum Ye khud tumhare armaan se puch le?

Saying this he turned the gun in his hand. Exactly to the darkness in the doorway.

Ma- Cummon! Abh idhar tak agaye toh chupke se waar karoge? Not a sign of a good player!!

Riddhima's eyes got huge as she saw a silhouette walking in. Inside the room into the light. She saw him, her armaan enter the room. He stood there in front of her in a Plain white V neck T-shirt with a khakhi pant.Gun pointed towards Mayank. Mayank was quick as he moved his aim to Riddhima. Almost inches from her face. He stood with his gun pointed to her face as he muttered.

Ma- keep the gun down. And move far Away from it. Or the next minute you'll see something that you'll regret not keeping it!

Armaan slowly bent down and kept his gun on the floor. His hands flew up in the air as he kicked the gun  outside of the room. Mayank didn't know Nihal was out there. Armaan acted smart. as he knew that if he threw both the gun in his hand. It'll be even more dangerous. Mayank smirked as he thought armaan obeyed him as he saw the gun Disappear in the darkness behind. He signalled armaan to move in with his gun. Armaan moved in slowly steadily.

Riddhima's life suddenly started coming back in her as she saw him standing in front of her. Her eyes immediately stung with tears as she saw him walking closer. Armaan couldn't take the sight of her crying as it ached him and he looked sideways not seeing her. Riddhima understood his gesture and Quickly wiped off the tears by wiping them to her shoulder as her hands were tied. Mayank stood in front of her almost covering her. She couldn't see him now as armaan came closer. Her vision was blocked and she felt suffocated again! Suddenly out of nowhere something happened and she saw things happen so quick that she didn't understand.Armaan had pounced on Mayank but he got away due to him being unsturdy. His aim missed and he shot Armaan in his Left Arm. All riddhima could see was a blur of a moment and suddenly hear a bullet fired and Armaan's cry of anguish and he suddenly sputtered closer to her. She let out a screech as she saw blood oozing out of his Armaan. She somehow came closer to him. As he sat there looking angrily at Mayank. Who continued laughing. He saw her shifting closer. And how much ever it pained him. He moved his left arm and hugged her tight. Crushing her in his embrace. These  days without her was the hardest time if his life. He couldn't explain his turmoil. But it hurt him even more as he felt his Shirt getting wet. Courtesy was all of  Riddhima's tears.he slowly stroked her back with his better hand trying to calm her down.

Ma- Awwwww look at the love birds!!! So sad this won't last for tooo long!

Armaan gritted his teeth as he somehow parted away from riddhima. He made her sit properly. But still touching him as he didn't want anybody to take her away now.
He asked  almost spitting out venom!.
Ar- Kya bighada he Riddhima ne tumhara?
Ma- Riddhima ne? Aww! Riddhima is so cute woh mere kuch kyu bigaadegi?

Armaan looked at him hell shocked at his statement. If he didn't have anything against Riddhima? Why had he brought her here? What was she suffering why? Was she slapped ! The last question pained his chest as he looked back at him with the same venom this time in his eyes!

Ma- woh woh woh! She hasn't done anything to me! And hence she is in this haalat! Otherwise you would know! What I could've done to her! Don't you?
Ar- What do you mean? Then why do u have her here?
Ma- its because of you Mr. Armaan Mallik! Because of you!!!

Armaan looked back at him!
Ar- What did I ever do to you!??
Ma- You are the same blood of your dad and he has done some things to my family! That even you can't imagine!

Armaan looked at him shocked! He turned back to Riddhima who looked at him. He for the first time didn't know what her eyes meant. Where they blaming him for her state?

He looked back at Mayank as he heard. Him explaining the sad thing that turned his life upside down. He looked at him shocked at the revelation of new things! Everyone in the car also were shocked and the person it affected the most was looking at the screen! Imagining what his past had bought on to his family! He got up with same grace and pushing people a little walked out.


Ar- Tum Jhut bol rahe ho!!! Mere dad Aisa kabhi Nahi Kar sakte! !
Ma- Tum  galat ho armaan! Tumhare dad ne hi Ye sab kuch kiya he!! Aur Ye Sach he!!!

That's when a voice boomed back! In the room! Gripping everyone's attention!

"Aur agar me kahu ke Ye Jhoot he? Mene Aisa kuch nahi kiya he toh?"

Mayank turned around to look at Billy! Standing in front of him in his usual impeccable tailored suit. With no Ammunition to protect himself. Mayank smiled to him!

Ma- Aap Toh yehi karenge! Aur kahenge! Har gunhegaar yahi kehta he!!!
 Billy considered his surroundings as he entered the small room and walked towards Mayank. He saw Riddhima and Armaan sitting in a corner with Armaans arm bleeding.

Ma- Kya hua? Apne bete KO tadapte huye dekhkar dukh ho raha hai?? Aapne Jo mere mom dad ke saath kiya uske saamne yeh toh kuch nahi hai.
Bi- Maine tumhare Mom Dad KO nahi maara.
Ma- Aur kitna inkaar karoge? Sach chahe jitna bhi chupao aakhir saamne aahi jata hai. Khudki ijjat aur naam bachane ke liye aapne unhe dhoka de diya. DHOKEBAAZ HAI AAP!!
Bi- Darpok main nahi tumhre parents the. Jinhone  apne gunaho ki saza sunane se pehele hi suicide kar liya!!!!
Ma- Suicide???? Kya bakwaas hai ye? Jhoot bol rahe ho tum.
Bi- haa suicide. Tumhare dad mere office aaye the ek  Businessman ke roop mein. Mere Company ke secrets churaye the unhone. Voh ye saare secrets humari company ke rival S&G companies KO Dene jaa rahe the.  Voh toh acha hua Waqt rehete hi Hume sab pata chal gaya aur police tumhare Dad KO giraftaar kar liya. Par ek problem ho gayi. Police KO voh pen drive nahi mil payi jisme voh saari information thi. Tumhare dad jail se bhagne ki koshish kar rahe the tabhi police encounter mein voh jakhmi ho Gaye. Hospital le jaane par unhone khud apne haathose apni LVAD kaat Di taaki voh saza se Bach sake.
Ma- Nahi!! Nahi yeh sach nahi hai!! Dad aisa nahi kar sakte aap mujhe gumrah kar rahe hai taaki aap APNI saza se Bach sake.
Bi- Yahi sach hai Mayank.
Ma- Chalo ek baar maan lete hai ap sach bol rahe hai. Toh fir apne Mom KO kyu Mara? Unki kya galti?
Bi- Tumhari Mom bhi tumhare dad me saath mili huyi thi. Voh pen drive tumhare mom ke pass thi. Jiss din tumhare Dad ki maut ki khabar Hume mili ussi shaam tumhari Mom mere office aayi mujhe blackmail karne ke liye. Tum theek kehe rehe the tumhari mom itni hoshiyaar nahi thi. Usne anjaane mein mujhe sab sach bata diya Jo hamare CCTV camera me record kar liya. Jab usse yeh sab pata chala toh usne meri hi office ke khidki se kood kar jaan de Di.
Ma- Nahi!! Nahi yeh sach nahi hai!! Dad aisa nahi kar sakte aap mujhe gumrah kar rahe hai taaki aap APNI saza se Bach sake.
Bi- Yahi sach hai Mayank.
Ma- Chalo ek baar maan lete hai ap sach bol rahe hai. Toh fir apne Mom KO kyu Mara? Unki kya galti?
Bi- Tumhari Mom bhi tumhare dad me saath mili huyi thi. Voh pen drive tumhare mom ke pass thi. Jiss din tumhare Dad ki maut ki khabar Hume mili ussi shaam tumhari Mom mere office aayi mujhe blackmail karne ke liye. Tum theek kehe rehe the tumhari mom itni hoshiyaar nahi thi. Usne anjaane mein mujhe sab sach bata diya Jo hamare CCTV camera me record kar liya. Jab usse yeh sab pata chala toh usn.  e meri hi office ke khidki se kood kar jaan de di
Ma- Kya??? Nahi!! Ye sab jhoot hai!
Bi- Nahi yahi sach hai. Tumhare parents galat the aur darpok bhi. Khudko saza se bachane ke liye yeh sab kiya. Aaj bhi uss case ki report ki copy hai mere pas. Aur police ke pas bhi zaroor hogi. Tumhare bhai KO bhi saari sachayi pata hai.
Ma- Bhayyiya? Unhe yeh maaloom hai?
Bi- haan. Jab yeh sab hua tab tum dono ki custody mujhe mili thi. Jitna ho sake Maine tum dono KO Media aur court kacheheri se durr rakha taaki tumpar koi anch naa aaye. Tumhe padhne ke liye shimla se durr bhej diya kyuki tum bohot chote the. Shubhankar yahi tha mere sath.
Ma- Hahahahahah Mr. Mallik! Aapko kya lagta he? Aap kuch Bhi bakwas karenge aur me sun lunga?
Billy- Mere pe vishwas Nahi he na tumhara? Theek he khud apne bhai se pooch lo!

As soon as billy said that Shubhankar Walked in! Mayank had shock written all over his face. And armaan was shocked too this wasn't in their plan. Shubhankar walked in with tears in his eyes!

Shub- Ye kya Kar rahe ho tum Mayank? Ye kya Kar diya tune! Ek baar Bhi Ek baar Bhi Mujhe puch na jaroori Nahi samjha?
Ma- Bhai.. Bhai aap Ye kya keh rahe ho!
Shub- Jo Bhi tu aaj he aur bana he woh sab Mr. Billy Mallik ke wajah se he! Unhone hi mujhe job pe rakha aur tumhare parwarish me koi kami Nahi aane di!
Ma- Bhai.. Bhai aap jhut bol rahe ho!
Shub- mujhe Ek Karan do ke mein kyu apne khudke bhai se jhut bolunga!

Shubhankar's eyes fell on the scared Riddhima in Armaan's arms. And he shuddered seeing her state.

Shub- Ye kya Kar diya Tumne Mayank! Ye kya Kar diya? Jiss ladki ne tum pe apni Jaan chidki! Ussi ko tumne iss tarah...

Not being able to bear the pain Shubhankar walked out with tears in his eyes. Mayank stood there shocked pale as an onion!

Ma- Ye sab jhut he BILLLY MALLIK!! Ye SAB JHUT HE! Apne mere bhai ko Bhi khareed liya he? I can't believe this! Bhai aise he!!

He turned aiming the gun at AR and laughed like a mad Man.

Ma- I'm Gonna kill you both! I'm gonna kill you! So that your families know! What ...

But before he could complete his sentence! Nihal kicked the gun out of his hand. And he stood there weaponless! Armaan took the chance to get up and punch him in the Gut. He didn't mind anyone killing him but killing his Riddhima! He wouldn't let anyone harm her! And he kept hitting Mayank till the time! He was dragged away from him. Riddhima sat there motionless looking at what was happening! Soon the police entered! And Mayank and half conscious sumedh and Vivek were taken into custody. Atul and Rahul had done their work well. There was only one problem.

She wasn't letting any police officer or anyone come near her. Even the lady constables tried. But there wasn't any improvement. Armaan moved forward. And tried touching her cheek but she whisked his hand away. He sat there looking at her dejectedly! He was really hurt when Riddhima did that. But unlike others. He didn't get up and move away. He sat there. Beside her. Slowly she looked towards him. She registered that it was her armaan. And she saw the hurt in his eyes. Her eyes welled up and tears started pouring like the clouds in the monsoon. Riddhima clung to him as if clinging for her dear life. She sat there hugging him weeping and armaan was no different. He had her in his arms after what felt like ages! He had almost forgotten how she felt against his hard body. How his entire body enveloped her. How her soft fragrance always stayed by her side. He pulled her in as if trying to make themselves a single being. He hugged and seeped and she let the dam lose too. Only god knew how she had rooted for armaan to come every second of every day.

She croaked in her soft voice.

R- itna waqt kyu lagaya armaan! Itna waqt kyu lagaya!

Armaan couldn't take it anymore! He pulled her in even more!
Snuggling againt her neck. He cried his heart out. And the situation reversed. Riddhima was ruffling his hair and trying to soothe and calm him down!

Ar- sorry! Armaan late hogaya apni Riddhima ko bachane ke liye. Late hogaya!

Shh! Its okay armaan!

Slowly he stopped. And he hid herself in his chest again. He finally told her they had to leave now but the way she looked at him all scared and afraid. Something made a knot in his heart. He tried to tell her he was taking her home. But she didn't budge. Finally he picked her up like a small baby. As soon as Riddhima felt she was lifted off the ground. Her legs went around his waist. And hands around his neck. She placed her head on his shoulder and he held her entirely with his right hand supporting her butt. And his left hand went around her. As it couldn't do much. As it was injured. He moved out holding her like a baby. Everybody smiled at this scene. They all sat in the cars and gave armaan and riddhima a separate one giving them space.

The driver  began driving towards their house. Armaan and Riddhima sat at the back.  everytime Armaan looked at riddhima he found her gazing out of the window. He tried to turn towards her but his wound wouldn't let him. He tried calling out her name a few times but she was still in daze. The fear in her eyes was evident. Armaan knew that all this was difficult for her to digest. The person she had considered her best friend,brother even, had turned out to be this evil. Her trust had been shattered.
 Armaan himself could still not believe that Mayank had been behind all this. The fact felt like acid to his ears. He had himself trusted Mayank.
 He shook his head to clear off all the thoughts.
His main concern now was his Riddhima. He had to stay strong for her strong sake. He placed his hands on her  and this gained some attention from her she looked back at him. He smiled at her letting her know that everything would be alright. That they were in this together. That he had her back. Promising her that never would he leave her alone again. She placed her hand on his but that was it. She didn't even smile at him. The far away look in her eyes made Armaan think that she looked right through him.

What will happen now? Does Riddhima blame Armaan? Will things ever be back to normal. To find out keep reading and commenting
Lots of love #$hal & #shika

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