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part-7 : ~And she actually left me~

Vini plzzz baby have something of it naw...niki was pleading to  vinika for food who was busy with her teddy JERIN rolling its arms. But she was not even looking at the plate of food in niki's hand. Whenever niki try to put a bite in her lil mouth she either lock her lips in mouth or put jerin in front of her face making niki irritated.

Vini aapne kal se kuch ni khaya h baby....plz thoda kha lo naw ....

Naaaaaa.......jerin.....aaaaah.....vini tried to open the teddy's mouth to make it eat...making niki frown.
Niki was busy pleading in her front when the main door flung open showing armaan in peculiar state.
Nikita kept the plate on site sensing something wrong with him. She took vinika in her arms n went towards him but he was already near the stairs to reach his room when....

Ni:armaan ruko....kya hua ? Everything ok.....itni jaldi hospital se waapis aa gaye...
But he seem to b less care giving to answer her....n walk upstairs.
Vi: daaa.....Daada...
Vinika playing with her fingers having her lips curved in pout looking at he dint smiled at her or even looked her. How can vinika tolerate tht behaviour of him!

Armaan stopped and turned to look at vinika who was jumping in nikita's arms to release her.
Armaan came down to her took her in his arms n went to his room quietly not saying anything to nikita that made her sure of something thts not normal.

Armaan closed the door behind him n went to the couch near window n made vinika sit in his laps. Vinika was waiting for his kissi on her cheek or forehead but today maybe she'll not get it or have to earn it. Armaan was seemed to b lost in deep thoughts as he dint noticed when vinika turned in his laps n stood up holding his shirt on chest.

Armaan saw her face when vinika pat him lil hard in middle on his face making him jerk back to reality. He quickly hold her petite body in his big hands when he saw her standing just on edge of the couch nearly to fall.
But vinika was having frown on her face.
Ar: alle baby(took her in a baby hug) kya hua....
Vi: daada ...  Kishi nahi....n she curved her lips downward trying to tell him tht he dint gave her kiss :(
Armaan just stared the cute doll in his front. He moved her body close to his heart ....his brain has made him cut from his real movement ,his vinika. But now his mind has stopped working.....just heart beating.
The turmoil tht was there in him since the morning has now sinking in him somewhere.
But the vinika's warmth making him remind all the happening n the tears brimmed up his eyes.....rolling down on his sulken face.
Daada......vinika who was in his hug made movement as armaan's cry hit the silence of the room like a storm. Vinika got scared n just gawk his wet face. vinika was on verge of crying seing armaan in tht state. She kept her tiny palm on his jaw to get his eyes on her but instead armaan pull her body into his strong arms bowing his head n crying like a baby. N vinika was like adult consoling him mentally.
The thoughts torturing him since morning came out as like flood....' vini mene aaj.....aaj RIDDHIMA ko dekha.....aur usse rok ni paya........n fresh tears roll down his cheeks.
Armaan was telling vinika as if she is understanding him.
Wo .....riddhima hi thi....mera dil keh raha h ......par(he looked at vinika who was staring her daada silently)par.....wo riddhima kesse ho sakti h......nahi ho sakti naw vini.....wo to mujhe akele chod kar chali gayi.....dur....hum dono se dur....fir ......kesse....ya wo riddhima thi...wo riddhima thi kya vini?....hmm....wo waapis aa gayi h? Ya mujhe galat lag raha h...

Vinika shrugged her shoulders as she dint got a single word of him but she know her daada is not well.
She dint wasted a second n hugged him sobbing softly....n armaan too sobbed. They dont know for how long they kept hugging. Vinika being a baby slept in his arms hugging him after draining all her strength in crying but rest ,peace were things tht are not for armaan now. His mind was now again in power......n his mind worked on how can be THE GAL he got encountered with in morning  proves to be HIS RIDDHIMA.

She is completely a copy of  Riddhima Armaan Mallik.
He has to find out about tht.....tht gal.....but he donno a bit about her. Where she is...
But armaan somewhere in his heart getting a feeling of peace...HOPE....maybe he.....he will get his jaan back!


Next day

Kissing vinika's cheek who was rocking on her babychair, Armaan went out from the main hall to reach his car. Nikita was sitting on dining table finishing her breakfast watching the CHANGED up to reach abhimanyu who was digging in newspaper. Nikita tore the paper from centre to get shocked abhimanyu.
Ab: what was that niki?? He try to attach the torn newspaper only to b snapped back by niki...
Ni: apne iss sade hue newspaper ko chodo....aur aaj ki morning ka change dekho...
Ab: kyu anything spl? Now abhi was in terror of getting her anger.....if today was there propose day, first kiss day, first cooking day...blah blah
Haan....she screaked happily...making him more fearful.

Aaj tumne dekha....armaan was smiling!!!
Abhi sighed in relief n smiled at her as she was right. After like years he is smiling genuinely.

Ni: kya reason ho sakta h?
Ab: hmm....maybe he is recovering...or..
Ni: nah nah....ek din me thode itna change hoga....therez something else.....sounds like 'gal' reason....
N she went in some deeeep thoughts figuring out the reason whereas abhi secretly tried to get back his newspaper from her hold.
Vinika got up from the babychair n went to them niki was thinking something. Abhi was trying to take newspaper from her quietly. Vini tried to help him....snatched the newspaper tht it came in two pieces in her tiny hands .....n then! 4-6-8.....n finallly tiny pieces making abhi just look the dead newspaper in his front.
Many days passed.Although nothing changed much in malliks.vini is same with her mischieves, niki caring for all, abhi busy with office work and armaan being lonely soul with still lil hope! Maybe god too have melt for him that...

Armaan was on rounds with junior doctors (JR) in Adult gastroentrology ward, visiting each bed , discussing the case of the patient expaining n clearing the doubts of the JRs when he was almost forget to breath when he saw the so similar face again!
Riddhima......word escaped from his throat....getting  attention of the people in the ward. But the gal dint looked up at him. She was sitting quietly looking lil dull.
"Sir her name is Shilpa Malhotra" the JR incharge(Dr.yuvraaj)spoke. Listening her name the gal turned her face towards the doctors.But armaan dint reacted, just staring the face of her. Seing armaan's face......
Sh: Tum.....!!!!! Tum yaha kesse........ohhh tht means ur definitely mad....psychatric ward me admit hue ho? She chuckled.
Dr.yuvi tried to shush her.
Yu: he is dr. Armaan mallik, senior consultant miss shilpa.
Tht made her mum.
Sh:oops! Sorry...she looked up at armaan who was lost in her.
Armaan was not believing his eyes. But his head was spinning with words SHILPA.....MISS SHILPA MALHOTRA.
All moved to next patient so armaan too move forward silently but his heart was in frenzy.
She is RIDDHIMA....his riddhima same face ......pair of green orbs,cant b of someone else. But y she is not recognising him. Amnesia!....possibility is there! Armaan tried to figure out the possible cause. But one thing his heart know tht now he is contented...he has got back his riddhima.
With the thoughts he moved forward having a smile of satisfaction.....

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