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part 7: Love binds our destiny

They keeps on looking in each other's eyes their trance breaks as nandini speaks as she is the one breaks the silence as she speaks up
Na:"maani beta chalo thalli ko side par karo aur riddhima ke liyye rasta banao"
That brings riddhima and armaan to the reality and he nodded to his mom and then  sided the thall in right side and riddhima bends to pick up the thall and slowly and gradually she is about to pick the thall as she has abherviation thinking what is the future of their relationship will they have smooth journey and with all these thoughts and a high heart beat she picked up the thall without creating any noise and that brings smile on everyone's faces as she did that and then one of the ladies speaks up as she

L:"chalo bhai nayi bahu ne tou bazi maar li yeh tou humare armaan ke dill par raz karegi"
She said and everyone smiled and agreed and nandini caressed her head then prerna
Pr:"nandini rhea ko aandar le jao baki sab rasmein aandar hi hongi"
As everyone now reached inside the big Temple of Mallik Royal Palace riddhima and armaan takes blessings of almighty and prayed for this relationship
R:"mujhe nahiin pata kya sahi kya galat main yeh sahi galat aap par chodti hun main bas aapse yehi chahti hun kii jo rishta aaj maine joda hain mujhe ose poore dill se nibhane ki himmat dijiyega bhagwan ji bas aur kuch nahiin maangna hain mujhe aapse"
Whereas armaan

A:"shikayat nahiin karunga kii mere sath aapne yeh kyun kiyya kyunki ma kehti hain aap jo karte hain ache ke liyye karte hain par itna kehna chahta hun ki naraz hun aapni taqdeer se riddhima se nahiin osne tou aaj mere liyye aapni sari zindagi daav par laga di yehi mangta hun ki itni himmat dijiye oske hisse ke haq aur khushi den pauun ose"
As they opened their eyes nandini tells them to sit there and after some Pooja they stands up and then
Pr:"armaan aap aapna gath joda(the duppatta that tied for sat pheras) riddhima ko de dijiye aur aap aapne room meiin jakar rest kar sakte hain riddhima tab tak aapke saath room share nahiin kar sakti jab tak hum subh Kul Devi Mandir jakar Bhog arpan nahiin karte thek hain na"
Armaan nodded to his grandmom and then handling her his sherwani duppatta he left from there with rahul to his room. Here riddhima is taken to nandini's room and reaching there she
Na:"rhea bacha aap change kar lo maine aapke liyye yeh suit rakh diyya hain fir aap aaram kar lo thoda aap tired ho gayye hoge na"
She said as she turns to go at the same time samriti walked in and seeing them riddhima holding both of them one hands she makes them startled as they looked at her and then they
Sa:"kya hua rhea kuch chahiye aapko?"
R:"maine kuch galat tou nahiin kiyya na maa choti ma aap mujhse gussa tou nahiin na"

As riddhima said this both nandini and samriti turned towards her shocked out of their wits as they looked at riddhima's eager eyes their heart clenched and samriti immediately holds her daughter in her arms and caressed her head and then she
Sa:''rhea bacha aap aise kyun bol rahein ho?''
She asked and then nandini too holds her hands in her own and
Na:''rhea princess aap is shaadi se khush nahiin ho kya?''
She asked as riddhima's happiness is equally important for her as much as armaan's and riddhima immediately speaks up as
R:''nahiin choti ma aisa nahiin hain main aapki bahu ban kar khush hun choti ma''
She said as nandini's daughter in law but never said armaan's wife but somehow involved in riddhima both samriti and nandii did not noticed this
Sa:''tou fir rhea aap pareshan kyun hain beta bata na meri bachi''
She asked as she is so much tensed for her daughter she knows how much her daughter is of soft heart and she can't see her in pain she is her jaan the soul of everybody's life her dadi ma dadu her papa her bhai everyone
R:''mumma choti ma maine aap logon ko force kiyya na yeh shadi karvane ko aap log mujhse gussa tou nahiin ho na? Aur maine koi galati tou nahiin kari. Aapko jabardasti se manaya na shaadi ke liyye mumma''
She could not able to complete her words as tears comes in her eyes and smariti hugged her and nandini wiped her tears as
Sa:''nahiin mera bach aisa kuch nahiin hain humari princess kabhie humein hurt nahiin kar sakti hain baby''
She said as she tried to sooth her and true this is though she makes her agree to get her married to armaan but they are proud of their daughter how she saved the entire Mallik Family's reputation on time, this is not an easy decision to get married to a man who is already in love with someone else and is all set to married that girl and you have to become his bride on his wedding day but she did this and for this she actually put her whole life on stake she is proud of her daughter and then nandini speaks up as
Na:''rhea beta yeh kya keh rahii hain humein tou aapka shukurguzar hona chahiye jo aapnein aaj humare liyye kiyya hain vo koi kisi ke liyye nahiin kar paata. Aapnein aaj jo bhi kiyya ooska matlab bhi pata hain aapko papa (anurag) ka sar aapnein sabke saamne jhukne se bachya hain rhea, tou aapse naraz honein ka sawal hi nahiin oothta aur yahi nahiin aapnein hum sab ka sapna poora kiyya hain humne kabhie kisii aur ko armaan ki patni ke rup meiin Mallik Khandan ki badi bahu ke rup meiin kisii ko socha hi nahiin tha it is always you riddhima rhea par jab armaan told us about his choice hum ooski khushi ke liyye ready ho gayye par vo ladki kabhie humare parivar ke laayak thi hi nahiin tou bhagwan ne bhi humein humari riddhima hi di humari badi bahu ke rup meiin tou aap is baat ko aapnein dill se nikal dijiye ki hum aapse naraz hain, hum tou bahut bahut khush hain''
She said as she kissed riddhima's forhead and then samriti speaks up as
Sa:''aur mujhe nahiin hum sabko aapni princess par naz (proud) hain jo bhi aaj aapnein kiyya oos se aaapnein humara sar ooncha kar diyya hain bahut mushkil hota hain aise faisle lena par meri riddhima ne yeh karke sabit kar diyya ki humari bachi kitni strong hain aur aapnein humein manaya beta tou kisii galat baat ke liyye nahiin manaya na sahi baat ke liyye manaya na tou narazgi kaise. Aur rhea armaan se acha ladka hum kabhie bhi aapke liyye nahiin dhundh sakte the vo har tarah se merii riddhima ke layak hain tou mujhe koi bhi shikayat nahiin hain. Han aagar yeh shaadi aise nahiin hoti tou baat kuch aur thi par iska matlab yeh nahiin hain hum khush nahiin hum bahut khush hain armaan ko aapnein iklaute damad (son-in-law) ke rup meiin paakar tou merii pyaari si princess aapnein man se yeh nikal de ki kuch galat kiyya jo kiyya sahi kiyya aab aage bhi aise hi sahi karna theen hain na beta''
She said and she kissed her forhead too and riddhima has big smile on her lips hearing both her moms finally a big burden lifted from her heart thinking she might do something wrong and then she hugged both of them and
R:'' I love you mom Love you choti ma aap donow is duniya ki sabse achi ma ho''
She said and both samriti and nandini too smiled and hugged her back saying
S:''love you too''
N:''love you too'
N:''acha rhea aab aap rest kar lo bacha fir subh Kul Devi ke Mandir darshan ko bhi jaana hain na''
Riddhima nodded and then as samriti and nandini walked suddenly nandini turned and
N:''rhea aap abhie change kar lo subh aapko''
But riddhima cuts her in between as
R:''ji choti ma subh mujhe aapnein Shaadi Ke Jode meiin hi Kul Devi Mandir jaana hain''
She said and nandini nodded giving her big smile and she knows god gives her the best for his son and then they go away from there. And here riddhima moved inside the changing area to get herself changed soon she gets changed into a red saree though its heavy one but lighter than her 70 kg lehenga and as soon she sits infront of the mirror to removed her heavy jewelry to feel lighter as she is not the jewelry person she feels suffocated as soon she removed all her neck pieces and nose pin, her maang tikka, her baju bandhs, her kamar bandhas she feels lighter as then she takes her hand back at her neck to the hook of her neck piece to remove it she stopped as she saw its not the normal neck piece its her MANGALSUTRA and she then first time looked at her reflection in mirror, her parted hairs now covered with SINDOOR showing her that she is married now, she is no more girl now, she is woman to her man now, she is tied in sacred bond of marriage. As she puts her hand on Sindoor she feels his fingers there filling her Maang and she immediately pulled away her hand, she did not even feels relaxed when she saw her neck having that black beeded pendant no Mangalsutra, she could not help herself but to praise the Mangalsutra from her heart its beautiful studded in black and gold beeds a diamond penadnt and then it rested on her long slender neck, she can feel that someone has picked it personally and that thought makes her sad but then she sighed and then not taking out her Mangalsutra she removed that thousands of pins from her hairs and then set them free and as she finally gets up from there looking at her reflection last time makes her feel that she is married to ARMAAN MALLIK the person she once HATED the most.


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