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Part 7 : Love Gets Its Destiny


Armaan And Riddhima to retrieve to Riddhima's room as Armaan
Armaan Riddhima were now married in front of all the guests. Armaan was stAnding with Riddhima
looking at Riddhima from the corner of his eyes. Shashank Padma decided that they will do Riddhima's
for all rituals sake And after taking a round around the city they will come back as Armaan too live there
in Gupta house as their son. So as decided Shashank did bidai of Riddhima for time being And each every
guest too left from there after bidai. Armaan Riddhima sat in the car And the car moved away from
gupta house. Armaan looked towards Riddhima who was sitting there without any word without any
emotions on her face. Armaan sigh looking at her And then looked forward he too didn't have any thing
to say to her.


Their Journey came to end as they were back to gupta house after a round around the city. Now Padma
welcomed them with arti And put kalash in front of Riddhima too push it with her feet And a sindoor
filled water thali in her way to leave her foot prints behind while walking in. Padma did all rituals as
being Armaan's maa welcoming her daughter cum bahu back.
Riddhima was then leaded to her room then by girls.
after making her sit there girls make her comfortable there And left without any teasing or other word
as they all were not in any mood to crack jokes knowing all the situations. Armaan got up And started to
move towards his room when Padma stopped him.
Padma -kahan ja rahe ho Armaan.
Armaan -vo maa aapne room mein...
Shashank -tum yahan nahi jaa sakte aab.
Armaan -kyun papa maa kya hua..
Shashank -tum kuch bhul rahe ho Armaan.
Armaan -kya papa
Padma -shayad tum bhul rahe ho Armaan tumhari Riddhima se shaadi ho gai hai....
Armaan -hain mujhe yaad hain maa par isse mera room mein na jaane se kya lena..
Padma -Armaan ek pati ka room apni patni ke sath hota hain alag nahi ....
Armaan -maa aAbhi Riddhima taiyaar nahi hain, mein nahi chahata koi bhi baat force ki jaye.
Shashank -Armaan aab tum dono ne agar itna bada faisla liya hain ek dusre se shaadi karne ka toh aab
tum dono ko usko nibhana hoga.
Armaan -mein ne mana nahi kiya papa. par mein aAbhi Riddhima ko samay dena chahata hun.
Padma -samay toh tum dono ko aapne relation ko dena hain Armaan aab.
Armaan -par maa..
Padma -kuch nahi Armaan. aab tum us room mein jao.
Padma said Armaan pointing towards Riddhima's room.
Armaan tried to resort but it didn't worked on Padma Shashank And they pushed Armaan towards
Riddhima's room. Armaan know that know he have to do it he have no other option left with him.
Armaan enter the room And saw Riddhima sitting on the bed with head hang low. Armaan was
memorised seeing Riddhima but controlling himself Armaan goes And sat beSide Riddhima And then

looking at Riddhima not looking at him. Armaan shake Riddhima a little bringing her out of thoughts.
Riddhima looked at Armaan with tears in her eyes. Armaan lifted his hAnd up And wiped out the tears
off her eyes.
Riddhima looked at Armaan And hugged him And sobbed on his chest. after supporting Riddhima And
letting her cry her heart out. Armaan made Riddhima calm down soon after few minutes of letting her
taking her pain out. And wiped her face clearing the trace of tears from her cheeks And made her drink
Armaan stood up from the bed And forwarded his hAnd towards Riddhima. Riddhima saw his hAnd And
then at his face. Armaan nodded towards her seeing her looking at him asking her to accept his hAnd.
Riddhima slowly put her hAnd in his hAnd. Armaan gently pulled Riddhima with him on her feet.
Armaan -Riddhima raat bahut ho gai hain tum jaa kar wash room mein change kar lo. hmm
Riddhima nodded again And then moved to wash room with her cloths to change her cloths. After few
min Armaan saw Riddhima coming out in her nighty which was of full length from shoulder to feet And a
robe was pulled over it to cover her hAnd. Riddhima moved towards Armaan And asked him to change
too as his cloths are also there in the wash room kept by Padma maa.
Armaan to goes in wash room to changed his cloths. Armaan came out of the wash room And saw
Riddhima sitting lost in her thoughts in front of the mirror taking of the jewellery slowly slowly while lost
somewhere else.
Armaan sigh moving towards Riddhima And sat there in front of her on his knees on the floor. And then
taking Riddhima's hAnd in his Armaan said.
Armaan -Riddhima mein tumse ye toh nahi kahunga ki tum Sid ko bhul jao aur mera sath jindagi shuru
karo. Riddhima mein janta hun ki aapne pehle pyaar ko bhulana kitna mushkil hain. kya guzarti hain
pyaar kho kar.. par mein bus itna kahunga Riddhima ki tum jo bhi kadam aage bhadaogi jis bhi disha
mein bhadaogi. mujhe hamesha aapne sath khada paogi. Aur kAbhi aisa hua ki mein tumhare sath nahi
hun toh bus ek baar palat kar dekhna pich mujhe aapne pich khada hi paogi. bus kAbhi ye aansun maat
aane dena aapni aankho mein. kyun ki ye bahut kimti hain. aur mein nahi chahata tum kisi aur ke liya itni
kimti cheej gawao. hmmm
Riddhima nodded looking at Armaan with all the pride to have such a friend like him which is now her
HusbAnd by fate.
Armaan then helped Riddhima to tucking her in the bed.
Riddhima fallen asleep with in a moment as she was too drained out from all emotional aspect that
sleep took over her as soon as she hit the pillow. Armaan sat there caressing her hairs with his hAnds
Jab duaaen maine rab se maangi
Tab jaake tu mila
Armaan cleared the dried tears from her face And cares her cheeks lightly with back of his palm And
then cares her hairs gently
Baat lenge milke dono saathi
Shikwa ho gila
then Armaan got up from bed as he was sitting bedise her And bend down after stAnding And kissed
Riddhima on her forehead with all pure And selfless love.
Wada raha wada raha wada raha
Pyaar ka
then arman cover Riddhima was the quilt properly And closed the winow to stop cool breeze to come in
the room to protect Riddhima from cold.
Wada raha wada raha wada raha
Pyaar ka
Then Armaan picked up the pillow And a quilt from the other Side of the bed And moved towards couch

And placing the pillow over one end on couch Armaan lay down with quilt over him And kept looking at
Riddhima's face in the darkness of the room with moon light coming in bringing little light to room..
When Armaan felt asleep he never came to know. Armaan was sleeping very uncomfortably On the
couch as it was of not a proper size to let a person fit on it...
Next morning
Riddhima's sleep broke up And she sat on the bed with hAnd on her leg supporting her head resting over
her hAnd. Riddhima sat on the bed with holding her forehead in her hAnd holding it as her head was
after few minute of relaxing herself Riddhima removed her hAnd form her head And looked around And
saw Armaan sleeping very uncomfortably on the couch with quilt which was covering him last night was
fallen on the ground. Riddhima got up form the bed And pulled the quilt from the floor And put it on
Armaan covering him.
Riddhima looked at Armaan with little smile And respect for him increase in her heart by number of
folds know it was their wedding night still Armaan didn't do anything. Thought she know Armaan from
childhood And know that he will never cross his lines until she is comfortable whether its of any kind but
still Riddhima felt proud of her having such a great friend with her...
Riddhima bend down towards Armaan. Then softly Riddhima shake Armaan but that didn't effect him.
Getting no respone Riddhima put her hAnd in his hairs And cares it there softly And lightly And that did
wonders to Armaan. he smiled in his sleep And moved closer to the source forgetting in his sleep that he
was on small couch from last night. As a result Armaan was about to fall due to his shift towards
affection source in his sleep forgetting everything when Riddhima tried to hold onto Armaan preventing
him from falling. But Riddhima was to delicate And light in front of Armaan that instead of prevent his
fall from couch Riddhima herself fall on the floor with Armaan over her. Riddhima for the first time felt
Armaan soo close to herself. Riddhima tried to move Armaan away from her as Armaan still was
Riddhima was trying to make Armaan move away so she can get up And then can help Armaan to get up
but all her attempts were failing miserably. Due to all moment Armaan sleep broke up finally And what
he saw first in the morning bring smile on his face And he rested his head down in Riddhima's neck
thinking its his imagination. But soon recovered when he felt a fragrance touching his nose.
Armaan was shocked to his wits And instantly got up from Riddhima And then helped Riddhima to got
up from the floor to.
Armaan -hmmm.. i am sorry Riddhima pata nahi kaise... vo mein... mein voo...
Riddhima -its okay Armaan vo mein tumhe uthane aai thi.. tumne karwat li aur hum dono gir gaye....
Armaan -ohh...
Armaan looked down on floor having no words to speak up his mind And his state And same goes with
Riddhima. they both were sitting there on the couch only with Riddhima's hAnd in Armaan's hAnd still as
he hold Riddhima's hAnd earlier to make her stAnd from the floor but after that Armaan didn't left her
hAnd but keep holding it.
Riddhima -mein vo... bath le kar aai..
Armaan nodded his head looking at her as she spoke up but didn't left her hAnd. And looked down then.
Riddhima -Armaan...
Armaan -hain....
Riddhima -Armaan mera haath toh chodo...
Armaan -ohh sorry ...
Riddhima -Armaan ek baat bolun...
Armaan nodded indicating Riddhima to go on with her talk.
Riddhima -Armaan raat tumne mujhse kaha tha ki mein tum hamesha mera saath rahoge mera saath
doge hamesha..

Armaan -hain Riddhima hamesha tumhara saath dunga.

Riddhima -toh Armaan kya hun vo hi bachpaan wale dost phir se nahi ban sakte. i mean Armaan mein
jaanti hun tum kisi se pyaar karte ho par uski shaadi ho gai hain .. aur mein bhi..... Armaan kya hain dost
baan sakte hain phir se vo hi purane dost.
Armaan nodded at Riddhima And they both smiled at each other. Riddhima moved towards wash room
to take bath And Armaan moved out of the room to his old room so he can have his cloths. Armaan took
bath there in his old room(obvious in wash room of old room) only.. then getting ready Armaan moved
towards Riddhima room And saw Riddhima getting ready in a simple saree given by Padma.
Armaan smiled at Riddhima.


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