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part-8:~And she actually left me~

Armaan's cabin

He was pondering on something eyes closed.
How can she b there. No its gud she is there but what....what was tht happened 3 yrs back...
After that how can a person come again.
Aaah.....kuch b h.....riddhima mere pas wapis h bas aur kuch ni chahiye....shayad mujhe bhul gayi h coz of amnesia. But MAIN usse yaad karaunga...
He looked up thanking his stars.
He smiled in tears brimming in his eyes.

He took out his wallet n caressed the small pic of riddhima in it...
Pata h kitna miss kiya h mene tumhe shona......m very lucky ki tumhe ek baar khone ke baad fir paya h. Me adhura hu tumhare bina jaan.Bas abh jaldi se waapis aa jao mere pass.love u sweetheart.
He smiled n hugged her pic as if hugging riddhima.

There was knock on the door making armaan come back from his happy world he kept back the wallet in his pocket and replied.Dr.yuvi appeared n came near desk. Armaan permit him to sit.
Ar: yes dr. Yuvraaj
Yu: sir wo mujhe patient ka case discuss karna h...
Ar: yea sure...

And they both got engrossed with patient's case.

Ufff ye jail!!!!! Mujhe nahi rehna h yaha...
Shilpa cursed the hospital's mundane life.
She is really frustrated with continuous lying on bed , having those yucky 3 time meals, without enjoyement. She looked at her one side where a handsome hunk of her age was reading some books and then other side an old man of 60s in age  was lying eyes close. She looked up ......" bhagwan aisi lyf dikhane se pehle hi mujhe temparary blind kyu ni kiya?? Kya kasoor h mujh jessi Abla bachelor ka...jo aise sade hue hospital me admit kara diya....3-4  takila ki bottle hi to pi  thi....itne me hi liver ki band baja di......unko kyu ni uthate jo bewado ki tarah bar me pade rehte h huh"....she complained to god and dumped herself annoyingly on bed dugged her face in pillow to scream aloud.
The "handsome hunk" on her side bed giggled looking her state.
She was crying like baby when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked up making wierd face to see dr. Yuvi at her bedside.
Yu: hey shilpa....hows u?
Sh: ohh.....m gud enjoying days in this wonderful hospital with lovely neighbours.......
Sarcasm was dripping from her words tht dint got missed by Dr.yuvi  who was lil more soft hearted towards THIS particular patient of his.He likes her. Shilpa has actually created an image of bubbly girl in the ward as she use to make weird faces or postures that are amusement source for other patients. Although she has not yet chit chatted with others but all kinda like her chirpiness or say annoyance towards 'wonderful' hospital!
Yu: oh thts gud....so i think then u vil not have any problem staying here few more days as  evaluation of ur case is still in process.
That statement made riddhima HALF DEAD.

She got fake blackout after listening him.
Ri: hey bhagu!! ......dr. Yuvraaj apke pass kisi ache se psychatrist ka no. H....hain to plzz text me. Coz yaha se jane ke baad meko psychatric sittings to pakka chahiye.
All laughed listening her cute truth!!
Like this many days passed....and now "Ms. Tikhi mirchi"(name given to her by yuvi)has become laughing therapist for all the patients,their attendants,sanjeevani staff.
Also she has got many secret admirers......in which dr.yuvi is in top who is now best buddy of shilpa...whereas armaan was not her secret admirer but her attending SR(senior resident) always polite to her and talks weird sometimes according to shilpa's opinion. She still think him lil crack as he sometimes go out of tract and starts talking of some memories which she might know blurdly despite of her answers tht she know about her previous life completely. But what makes her feel like pulling her hairs when armaan calls her 'riddhima'....but corrects it then only but never care to answer her tht why he calls her Riddhima by mistake "every time"!!
One day

Ri: yaar yuvi....ye jo dr.armaan h......inka scene kya h! Ye mujhe galti se riddhima kyu bulate h most of the times? U know something about mystery behind this word RIDDHIMA?
Yu: nah...
Ri: chal oye! Tu kisi kaam ka ni h bas daant nikalwalo tumse kitne bhi...
She said tht playfully to him on which yuvi showed his'daant'.

Ri: (thinking) hmmm kuch to h kaahani boss...pata lagana padega. But pehle iss jail se bahar nikalna h mujhe itne hafte ho gaye h yaha sadte hue.
Ri: oye hero kya reports h meri aur abhi tak meri file ni mili tumhe
Yu: tikhi mirchi actually tumhari file misplace hogayi h as i told u earlier to thoda delay ho raha h tumhara case....but as per ur reports ur fine. I checked u for necrotic liver tissues .....n in that only some part of liver is effected n tht also is not necrotic means damaged so m preparing for medications right now. N after getting file vil investigate further .....
Ri:hmmmmm....wese samjh to zyada ni aya meko par thik h as u feel right. Do tht n plz throw me out of this ward and hospital ASAP.
Yuvi chuckled seing her expressions.
Ri: kyaa!! Fir daant nikaal rahe ho....problem kya h tumhari...thik to ho naw tum....itna bada joke nahi mara mene jo khikhi kar rahe ho....
N yuvi chuckled more....
Yu:ohh chilli...ur so cute
N he pulled her cheek making her give him look of  'R U Mad!'
Ri: yaha ke to doctor b satke hue lagte h mujhe!
And they keep on talk nonsense.....making people to look them n smile or laugh.
But far near the door someone was feeling not so gud watching them like this...n who else can b tht other than Armaan.
He walk away silently.

In evening armaan driving back to home was thinking about the scene of yuvi n shilpa laughing together. .
Armaan's mind: he is her attending JR....n patient doctor usually have professional relationship so its not a thing to worry if they both are laughing or talking to each other frankly.
Armaan's heart: but itna b frank ni hota koi doctor patient ke saath. Kya jarurat h aise hasne ki. Normal way me history li ja sakti h patient ki. Whats the use of laughing n all in vain. 
He banged his palm on steering in irritation. That actually made him hurt or JEALOUS!
God knows but something he has to do to make riddhima retrieve her past before it gets too late.
N dr. yuvraaj ka kuch to karna padega!
He made his mind n then getting lil cool he reached home only to b welcomed by vinika who ran to him with her full speed of 5 meters per min.Armaan sat on his knees n opened his arms to take her in his embrace. She hugged him tightly all huffing puffing. He smilingly rubbed her back to calm her heartbeats n got up to sit in the hall where niki n abhi were waiting for him.
Niki looked the glowing face of armaan n smiled. Now she can see a glimpse of old armaan who use to b all time happy guy. She dint asked him about his change as she thought to let b happy with the flow not flaws.
And top of all Vinika nowadays seems to b happiest of all. She loves to play with her daada...irritate him to get his attention whenever he seems to b busy.
Armaan sat on sofa with vinika in his laps. She was searching for something facing arms chest....pulling his shirt's chestpocket n peeping in it for something. Armaan looked at her n smirked very well knowing what she is searching for in it.
Ar: baby kya dekh raha h meri pocket me?
But she seems to b less interested in answering. N kept on peeping in pocket with one eye close. She hit her small fists on his chest in annoyance when dint got anything. N looked up showing the cutest pout to armaan.
Vi: daa....daada choco ni
Ar: sholly baby daada aaj chocolate lana bhul gaye h.
He hold his ears n vinika quickly moves down his hands from his ears but makes a sad face. She dont want him to apologize but want choco.
She silently making movements came down from his lap n went to sit on sofa tht is lil far with small arms folded on her tiby chest.....showing tht she is angry.
Trio looked at each other n giggled seing the lil drama queen.
Ni: vinika baby waha kyu gaye mere paas aao...
But she simply shook her head in no.
Armaan looked her cute face thts having a pout.he melted seing that n took out choco from his coats pocket tht lying on his side n waved in air...
Ar: ye badi wali yummy choco kisko chahiye....
Seing the chocolate in his hand vinika ran as quicly as possible to grap it.....her face is site to see at tht time. She was jumping to grap it. N finally after climbing on armaan recklessly she got her chocolate making her the happiest of all making all laugh seing her cute antics.

Uff ho gaya complete....
Bear with spelling mistakes ok....i dint got through the part once....just wrote in flow.
Plzz give me the feed back...tht boosts up to write or it seems to b worthless.
Love u all
-Jyotika Mallik

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