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part 9 & 10 : lovers or rivals

Part 9...

Armaan : friends..
Aman ria : yess..
N shake hnds..

Aman : umm... ur name arman malik i dont like it can i cal u buddy

Armaan: sure champ..

Muskan : (thinking) thak god ridzi just left.. If she would have seen arman with kids.. God knows wat wpuld have happened..

( muskan chadha urf muski.. Ridzi bst friend after she left arman. She knows every secret of ridhima... Kids are very close to her and often come to her olace to play..)

Muskan : hey are u arman malik ??
Aman : yes di he is the one aunty was talking about to mumma
Muskan : move inside u two.. Who keeps their quest standing on door..
Ria : chill di he is our buddy...
Muskan : hello im muskan... Plz come inside
Armaan : hi..

Arman was talking to muskan' s mom (mrs shail chaddha)
aman n ria were continously disturbing them.. Arman had a grt time with aman n ria
Armaan : aunty if dont mind can i talk to muskan alone

Shail : sure.

Muskan n arman went to terrace

Armaan : im sorry

Muskan : sorry for what

Armaan : u are a realy nice girl bt i cant marry u..

Muskan : really...

Armaan : y are u so happy.. I just rejected the proposl

Muskan : actually arman i love someone else bt he is abroad for a year n i cant tel mum n dad about him... So dont be sorry.. friends..
Armaan : sure.. Can i ask u something..

Muskan : sure
Armaan : who are these kids...

Muskan : my bst frnds kids..
Armaan : ohh.. They are really cute..

Muskan : can i requeat u something

Armaan : sure

Muskan : plz dont say no now.. Ask then u need tm plz.. Till then ill try n find some way to tell mum n dad about rahul..

Armaan : sure... Infact if u need any help ask me..

Muskan : thanku..

Aman n ria reaches terrace

Aman : muski Di anuty caling u down
Muskan  : ill leave
Aman : buddy plz dont marry di she loves rahul bhai..
Armaan : im nt marring her.. I already said no champ n now im also in her team..

Ria.. : really.. Thanks buddy..

Aman : come lets go aunty has got my fav  pani puri..

(Pani puri reminds arman about ridhima.. How crazy she was abbut pani puri..)

Ria : nt only urs aunty has made my fav

Armaam : hey paner paratha are mine fav too.. Come lets go n grab them...

Arman aman ria n msuskan had a grt time...

mrs Ananya malik  was here after a while she was really happy tiosee his old arman back today after 5 yrs..

Muskan : kids aunty called she is sending driver to pick u up..
Ria : i dont wanna go..
Aman : me to wnna play more with buddy..
  Muskan : its late n u have schol tom..
Armasn : here take my no.. When ever u wanna meet me give u a cal..

Aman n ria hugged arman n bid bye to others...

Arman n his mom also left..

Nxt day in school

Ria : dont cry amu..
Aman : al other boys tease me i dont know how to play foot bal
Ria : idea..
Aman : wat..??
Ria .: lets go home ill tell u... Bt promise u will nt tell mumma about u cried.
Aman : gave a hug to to his sister n they both went home..

Aman ria rum
Ria on phone
Lady other side : yes maam how can i help
Ria : give phone to buddy Lady : budddy..??
Ria : whoz phone is this n who are u..??
Lady : maam its mr malik phone n im her pa
Ria : god buddy dont u think twise before giving job.. No comman scene.. If its mr maliks phone that means he is my buddy.. Im nt mad ill dial a wrong no
Lady : sorry mam sir is busy he asked nt to disturb him
Ria : go n tell its his angle.. If u did not give phone to him ill ask him to fire u...

Lady : sure maam ill go n give phone to sir...

Arman 's office
His pa anters arman cabin..
Armasn :(angrily) : i told u not to disturb me
Lady : sorry sir bt maam was nt ready to listen
A : whoz that..??
Lady : some angle wants to talk to his buddy.. A : give the phone to me.. N nxt tm when ever she.cals give it to me. Lady : ok sir.. N leaves..

A : hi angle.. Ria : hey buddy.. A : wat happen angle y u sound like this.. Is every thing ok.. N where is champ Ria explains him tge whole story.. A : champ u r boy.. Boys dont cry.. Ill teach u football.. Aman : promise A : promise.. Tom its sunday.. Come to my place ill send my driver.. Ria n aman excitedly..: Done..

A: calls his pa n ask her to cancle all her meeting for tom..

Aman n ria...

Ran towards padma n hugged her.. Padma : my kids are really happy.. Share with me also Ria : tom v are going to buddy place.. Ge will teach footbal to aman Padma : who is ur buddy Aman : ofo mumma that boy who came to meet muski di.. Padma : ok.. Bt 1st ill tqlk to muskan n then u will be allowed Aman : bt mumma..:-( Padma : strictly go to rum Ria n aman : okk...

Padma calls muskan n enquires about there new buddy.. N after talking to her she was satisfied n allowed then to go.. Aman n ria were super excited...

Next morning.. Ria and aman : gud morning mumma ( n hugged padma.) Gud morning mom ( n hugged ridhima)

R : (surprised) today its sunday n both of u r up so early . Aman : we are going at buddy's place he will teach me football R : whoz dis budy.. Ria : new frnd..

Ria aman left with arman driver

R : mumma whoz their new frnd Padma : relax ridhu.. The boy who came to meet muski that day.. He is their new frnd.. N dont worry.. He is a nice guy n belongs to gud family.. I enquired b4 allowing them.. R : ok mom.. Im going for a meeting...

In car ridhima was lost in her thoughts.. Football reminded her of armaan.. He qas daamm crazy about it.. N was a gud player...

Part 10

Aman n ria at armans place

Hey buddy.. N both hugs arman..

A: hey chap.. Hello my angel Com om lets go n practice...

Armans tries to teach aman bt he was nt able to kick ball correclty.. A ( a bit irritated ) champ its so easy... U are doing exactly like her.. ( stops suddenly) Ria: her who her buddy... A : nothing.. I said him.. My scul friend.. Ria: ohhh .. (In a teasying way) After playing for a while.. Aman : break tm buddy im tired n hungry... Kids jumped over to the snaks that arman had brought for them..

Arman was obsering the kids.. N lost in his own memories..

** flash back..

Ridhima is in 12 th standard n arman in his 1st yr of clg..

R : amu plz teach this kick to me... A : no ways ridhu.. again today i dont wanna waste tm in teaching.. How many times b4 i tought u bt u dont understabd..

R: for the last time plz.. A: no means no ridhu.. I have to go for practice.. Y dont u understand footbal is nt ur cup of tea...

Arman was in hurry in practice n leaves..

Ridhima's anger reaches peaks.. arman malik u are so dead now.. U said no to me.. Ridhima gupta ur ridhu ..

N she leaves in anger..

Next day

Footbal match All of the grp members very present to chear arman... Except ridhima his lucky cham.. armaan was nt able concentrate on game bcoz of ridhima ' absence... N his team lost..

After match Armaam searched ridhina every where bt no use.. Anji : searching ridzi.. A: yes anji.. Anji : she is dam upset.. I went to cal her bt she refused.. A: shitt... Anji : any problem ammy..

A : nothing anji i have to go.. N he ran from their..

Ridhima s house R : wat are u doing here go n practice.. A : sorry ridhu.. U know match was realy imp for me.. Bt i lost coz u ver nt there with me... :-(:-(

R : i dont care armaan just leave.. Armaan holds his ears Sooorrryyy...

Ridhima without giving a lok to armaan went from their..

After soom tm.. Armaan enters ridhima's room R : just leave armaan... A gives her a bounch of orchids ( ridhima fav flowers) Choolllyyy holding his ears n sirting on his knees..( making a pout like a small kid )

Ridhima started crying.. A : ridhu wat happen.. Y are u crying.. Plz stop crying u know i cant see u like this.. Sorry ridhu i promise tom i will teach u football ... R : sorry amu mistake was mine.. This match was really imp for u n u lost it bcoz of me.. Im nt a gud frnd amu...

N started crying again..

A tired to stop her bt no use.. A took her in a friendly hug.. N rubed her back.. : plz ridhu stop cryng.. If u kept on crying like a donkey.. :-P Icecream will melt..

Hearing the word donkey.. Ridhima lifted her head to hit armman... Ridhima ran after armaan in the whole rum to hit her.. After running for about 5-6 mins both got tired n sat in bed... And enjoyed ridhima's fav icecream... Armaan was about to leave ridhima held his hand.. : plz stay for some time.. We have nt talked scine yesterday properly..

Arman n ridhima talked for hr n then armaan left..

Next day armaan tried to teach ridhima foot ball bt it resulted same as before ridhima was nt able to kick it properly jst like aman did rite know..

Armaan came out of his thoughts when aman's names struk his mind...

A: (to himself ) i dont know y i fel diff when im with these kids.. I fel like v have some spl bond betwen us..

2 months passed n every wkend kids used to play wiht arman the whole day... N there bond was growing stronger... Even muski joined them for a couplr of hrs...!!!

In builders association club..

One of the member : mr malik n miss gupta this is really a grt opportunity.. For the first time v are invited for international level seminar.. N v all want u both to represent us.. It is bcoz of ur efforts our association has been recognised... A : im realy greatful that u choose me bt i cant really go with miss gupta.. R : same here sir.. Member : u both have the bst knowlegde and exprence among us ... For our association plz keep ur personal stuf aside.. U guys are nt getting it.. Its really a grt opprtunity..

All the members forced them to go together for the semenar to Cailifornia...!!! N both having no other option agred.. !!!

Nxt morning both left for california ..!!!


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