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Teaser & part 1: Aur Pyar Ho Gya


Armaan- Basket .. I mean riddhima … ridhima I … I … I love u very much … mein tumse bohat bohat bohat zyada pyar karta hun … pata nahi kese par ho gaya tumse pyar na chahte hue bhi ….. ridhimaa……. Kya tum bhi ….

ridhima – Armaan …. Armaan …. I ….. I ……

Few Days Later

Ridhimaa – Mein … mein aap ko Armaan Bhaiya keh kar bula sakti hun kya bhaiya ??

Armaan was shocked and didn’t know what to do but he controlled his emotions and said … Nahi … hum to dost hain na aur dosti me koi bara chotta nahi okay ?

ridhhima – okay ….

part 1

it was a fine morning. a girl ready in her jogging suit was about to leave her house. When a woman behind her said …. 
Woman – Riddhima … aaj to ye bhag dor se rest le le …. Aaj to sanjeevani me tera pehla din hai meri bacchi ..
Riddhima- Aur nani issi liey aaj mujhe jogging krne ki sabseeee zyada zrorat hai …. Acha ab mein chalti hun late ho rha hai .. bye nani ma byee
Nani- Arre sun too …. Uff ye ladki bhi na ….

While jogging riddhima realized that her laces were open she sat on the stairs of a basketball court to tie her laces while her earphones were pouring sweet and soothing music into her ears . suddenly a basket ball hit her head and a boy called out from behind her .
Boy- Bulls eye … can we have the ball please ….
Ridhima turned her head slightly to the side from where the ball had came with a tinge of anger in her big black eyes….. she saw a boy (Armaan) probably of her age wearing only shorts… he was surrounded by several children who had been recently playing basketball with him….ridhima took the ball in her hands and moved slowly towards the basket … and soon she had scored a basket…..
Ridhima- Bachon … coach badal lo faide mein raho ge 
Armaan- thanks but ni thanks yahan pr kisi ko bhi tumhari free advices ki zaroorat nahi …. He said this with a tinge of mischievousness playing in his eyes…..
Ridhima- Apne aap ko bohat smart samjhte ho kya ?
armaan- Samjhta nahi hun ….. mein to smart hun …. 
Ridhima—tum smart nahi pure ke puree retard ho …. Get that.. Mr…
Armaan- Armaan …. Armaan Malik .. 
Ridhima turned to leave when Armaan said- Yo !! Basketball naam to btati jao ….
Ridhima- Sorry mein loosers ko apna naam nahi btati 
just then alarm beeped on both of their mobiles …. And both of them ran out of the basketball court …..

Ridhimas house

Ridhima reached her house and without wasting any more time … went up straight to her room … and found her sister Anjali sleeping . Ridhima while trying to wake her sister up – Dii ! Di uho di .. Sanjeevani nahi jana kya … utho naa
Anjali – Kya hai ridzy … bus 5 mint aur…
Ridhima – Di aap bachpan se yahi bahana bnati aarhi ho …. Utho naa nahi to sanjeevani ke liey late ho jayein ge ….
Anjali sat up straight with a jerk and said- To pehle kyun nahi btaya ….
and he ran for the bathroom …
After getting ready and having the breakfast both the sisters were ready to leave when their parents from behind said - Hum se bhi milte jao …. 
both ran to hug their parents .. Dr.Shashank Gupta, who was also the dean of Sanjeevani, and Padma Gupta.
after bidding goodbye the sisters left for the hospital.

In sanjeevani locker room Anjali was busy finding her locker when a voice came from behind her …
Voice- Hi I am Muskaan … new intern aur tum ?
Anjali – Hi I am Anjali new intern …
Muskaan- wah yaar nam to bara changa hai … aur wese bhi Dil wale Dulhania le Jayenge meri favourite movie hai na bus mein kya … Muskan was about to say something when another voice interrupted her non-stop blabbering.
Voice – Really ? Dr.Muskaan Chadda..
Muskaan- Oye Rahull … kamine .. kaankhajure .. tu … tu yahan bhi agya mera picha krte krte ….
Rahul- mein koi tera picha nahi kr rha mein yahan new intern hun …
Muskan – kyaaa … tu aur yahan ka new intern … haahaha shakal dekhi ha apni Bandar jesi he he he he…. And then she started laughing at her own joke in the most weirdest way 
Anjali who couldn’t take it anymore nor could she understand wht was going on said- Guys .. stop it .. anyways hi rahul I am Anjali ..
Rahul- Hi I am Dr. Rahul … naam to suna hi hoga 
Just then ridhima entered the locker room and said – hi guys … so u all are new interns ?
A voice from behind her answered – Yes we are …
Voice – Hi I am atul …
Ridhima – hi I am Ridhima
Muskaan – hi me muskaan
Rahul – aur mein rahul … naam …. He was about to say something when muskaan interrupted..
Muskan – han han naam to suna hi hoga .. hain na …. Sshe said this making weird faces.
Ridhima and Atul - hi rahul … hi muskaan
Anjali-Riddzy tu kahan thi itni der kyun lga di 
Ridhima – han Di wo bas thori der ke liey mandir gayi thi 
Atul – Wait tum dono bhenein ho …
Anjali – well … yes …. 
meanwhile muskaan spoke after counting all the interns present there – oye … interns to 6 hne the na .. but hum to sirf panch hai ….i hope ye intern koi late lateef na hoo…..
Anjali- well guys abhi duty mein time hai to lets go to the canteen… what say
All- Okay 
And they all were about to leave the locker room when a smart and handsome guy collided with ridhima .And the guy was none other than Armaan. Ridhima lost her balance and was about to fall when armaan held her by her waist.
To Be Continued…..

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