Sunday, 31 May 2015


That girl!!... yes the one with hazel eyes; smooth silky hair; flawless skin; those rosy pink lips had his world upside down! Being working under him since past 2 years now; they had started with fights and never come out of their silly bickering. Joined as an intern she had somehow tolerated him for a year; but the day she was supposed to leave as she finished her internship he had offered her a permanent post. And believe it or not she had agreed to stay back and work under HIM!!
Entire office was very well aware of their cold fights; silly bickering; huge arguments and tiffs but they all were amazed when every single time that they had worked on a project they had bagged it every damn time! HE was MR.MALLIK... yes you guess it right THE ARMAAN MALLIK and this girl of his was none other than RIDDHIMA GUPTA!! No doubts Mallik empire was where it was today only because of Armaan but he couldn't deny the fact; that it only kept growing since the day Riddhima had stepped in!
Now the problem weren't these fights... as trust me everyone enjoyed them and sat with a bowl of popcorn everytime they fought. Let me tell you Mr. Balvinder Mallik (Armaan's father) and Mr. Shashank Gupta that is (Riddhima's father) too were included in the audience list. Both Billy-Shashank were school time buddies and Shashank was more than happy if Riddhima continued this job under Mallik empire. He was running a hospital and he knew Riddhima had no interest in medical studies so the day she had finished her graduation he had himself suggested joining Mallik empire and Billy was also very much happy to have her in the company!

Things were going great on professional level and okay-okay on personal level but the only real problem here was this tingling sensation and stupid feelings that had started erupting within Armaan-Riddhima these days which had kept both of them too perturbed! He would almost forget what they were talking/ fighting about if by any chance his eyes would meet hers. All of a sudden things would turn too odd. Things were no different on her part. A strong churn would arise deep in her stomach these days; every time his hand had accidently brush hers. But one thing that remained constant through everything were; those fights! Those stupid, senseless, point-less; BUT entertaining fights!!
He had started falling for her but any act of hers did not give him the same signal from her side. Still he knew that she had feelings for him; he was no fool! Her shivering hands whenever she handed over things to him; her hard breath every time he was close... he had observed it all but had kept mum.
She stood right in front looking ethereal in that royal blue one piece. Her skin was glowing... she looked mesmerizing. A foreign delegate had invited the team for a party and Armman had his eyes stuck at her right from the moment she had steeped in. Travelling all over the place through hundreds of faces; her eyes too had stopped right upon him after a long search.
Pheww... hot! That was the only word they could come up with as they saw each other. The party was about to end and neither of the two had approached each other. After a long wait and thousands of interruptions from different delegates as his feet moved to finally go and have a word with her; another delegate approached her. She hadn't seen Armaan approaching her and she froze as she saw the man in front of her. That guy she had always disliked. His gaze was something she hated. The way he always looked at her made her feel exposed and cheap every time. On reflex her eyes moved around to look out for Armaan and escape this guy; but unfortunately she found Armaan nowhere near by! Her heart dropped on not finding him. They guy as usual made a casual handshake and she couldn't refuse since there were many other delegates around so it would look rude. But she couldn't stand his constant gaze on her and her eyes once again lifted in search of Armaan. She did not know the reason but the moment her eyes finally caught a glimpse of Armaan she suddenly felt too secure and she walked up to him. Passing over a bunch of her friends and collegues she reached out to Armaan and stood by his side waving a hello to him.
As the guy followed her still under the pretext of discussing some future project she did return a small smile but surprised Armaan as she held his arm. The fire that his eyes held a minute back seeing that good for nothing jerk following and eyeing Riddhima; suddenly calmed as she held him with so much authority.
Mr. Vadhwa; why don't you ask Mr.Mallik! I am sure he had be better to discuss things with as he himself is handling the entire project.
She felt so much at peace as she was finally besides him and all of a sudden Mr.Vadhwa's gaze didnot matter to her as she already felt secure! Armaan turned towards him and approved Riddhima's words;
Yes Mr.Vadhwa any special recommendations? I am all ears. Please let me know!
The guy just smiled at him awkwardly and chucked the topic;
Nothing Mr.Mallik we will talk later when  we meet in your office; for now let's enjoy the party! Umm... enjoy; I will take your leave for now...
He forwarded his hand towards Riddhima for another handshake but Armaan was quick enough to hold it himself and replied with an authorative look;
Sure... we will thank you!
Riddhima sighed a breath of relief as he finally left her alone! Armaan just looked to her side as his heart did a small somersault as she still had her arm intertwined with his. The fact that she had come all the way directly up to him passing all her friends which also included Rohit who he knew was a very close friend of hers; just so as to find some secureness; made his heart swell with pride. Her small act did tell him that if not anything else she had always look up to him every time that she wanted a shield. It was elating to know that she could depend on him for her security!
His smile was wiped off as she suddenly pulled off her hand off his arm feeling him stare down at her. He cleared his throat composing himself;
Umm... you alright?
Yes... thanks.
It was quite late and he knew she just wanted to run out of that place as she hated parties but still had to stay back as a part of her profession. Strange that given a chance they could kill each other with bare hands but still they knew each other inside out!
Chalo... it's quite late I'll drop you home!
No thanks... main khud chali jaungi.
He gave a killing look as all of a sudden all his love for her flew out of the window just by her reply; "Ohh Miss-Always-full-of attitude; mujhe koi shauk nahi hai tumhe drop karne ka! Vo toh Shashank uncle ka call aaya tha and he has requested me to get you home safe so... "
She scoffed at him seeing him speak so disintrestedly but now the less followed him as she knew of Shashanks call!
This was no secret for either of them that they had started falling for the other but did not know if the other one held the same feelings. Also the fights were more than enough to cover up their feelings. Armaan had been quiet as he did not want to go through a heart break if she had not thought of him the way he did! While she was not sure about them; thanks to his Casanova character. She had a record of every other girl that had come to him every other weekend. Yes he had never really turned any girl down but that was just some healthy flirting that he did; nothing serious; but he had not realized that this one stupid habit of his had stopped her from approaching him!
They reached her house stealing glances at each other. He had had a hard time keeping his hands to himself as she looked absolutely stunning in that gown and to make it worst that Versace perfume which had mingled with her natural fragrance was driving him to the edge as she sat right across him at just a distance of one hand!!
Both of them stepped out of the car and she made her way towards the gate when her bracelet stuck in his hand cufflink.
Uff... ab ise bhi abhi atakna tha; ek toh already itna late ho chuki hu!
She passed a deadly glare his way as if he was the culprit!
Ohh hello... maine tumhari bracelet se nahi kaha tha ki mere shirt mein aa kar phas jaaye... aise ghurna band karo mujhe!
He tried detangling the bracelet but it was being stubborn just like her. Frustrated at the unsuccessful attempts he pulled it a little too harshly forgetting the fact that she still had it on her. She in a pull banged into him gasping as she came in direct contact with him and he just froze as all of it happened too suddenly giving him no time to understand anything. World surrounding them disappeared as their eyes met and the lost the track of everything. His arm circled her waist as she lost balance and either of them forgot the entangled bracelet completely. His finger tenderly erased her strand off her cheek caressing it lost in her beautiful orbs. Whatever she thought of him she was sure of one thing that he wasn't a guy who would cross his lines! She had always noticed him stare back at her; his eyes had descended from her eyes to her nose and landed on her lips but that was the end. The guy for sure knew his limits. Maybe he might be a casanova but he had never eyed her the wrong way and she could bet her life about that fact! And every time that his eyes stuck at her lips she felt something stir inside her. There was something strong in his gaze that he always held. No wonder when and how but unknown to them the bracelet had already freed itself from his cufflink. Maybe it was just a plan; by someone up above there; high in the clouds. SO once they were lost in each other the bracelet was set free but these two cared less anymore!
Their hot breath struck with each other as he took a step ahead with just a gap of few centimetres left between their lips. His index finger raised her chin up and she gulped hard due to their proximity. Her hand rested elegantly against his chest while the other went around his nape as he bent in. Their hearts were beating hard against their chest. She closed her eyes in anticipation as his hand caressed her waist and his lips moved down to capture hers. But just then a loud shrill of her ringing cell phone harshly brought them out of revive and she pushed him away. They looked at each other stumped by whatever transpired a minute back. She took another step away from equally dazed Armaan and quickly ran towards the gate. He stood staring at her retreating back; but suddenly he felt a gush of relief pass him as she turned around reaching the gate of her house and her cheeks clearly showed off the blood rushing!
That very well cleared the fact that he wasn't the only one who had those feelings. That blush rising up on her cheeks was proof enough for him that even she was equally affected by him! Having a satisfied smile plastered on his face he returned back home promising himself of making her speak out her feelings soon!
A few days passed away and he noticed her every tiny move. There was no doubt left that she too had fallen for him. Just as soon that they had finished the meeting he called her in his cabin to discuss some points about the next conference. But right after that night he had observed the nervousness in her grow whenever he was around. He had made it a point to stare deep down in her eyes while he spoke and he smiled as she purposely avoided his gaze all throughout! He had made a few attempts but realized that a headstrong girl that she was; it wasn't going to be easy to make her come out with her feelings!
 After all his points were noted down she quickly made her way out as he got a call and he started talking to some girl named Siya. He sounded a little too excited than usual! After a few minutes she returned back to his cabin as she had left her mobile there but as she opened the door she stood rooted to her spot. He had a girl in his arms who he was busy hugging tightly with a huge smile on his face.
I am so happy that you are back babe. I missed you so much!
Acha isi liye ek baar bhi call nahi kiya peechle 2 mahine se.
Sorry sweetheart; but you see these meetings and all this workload... couldn't help it. Just as he finished; his gaze caught Riddhima who stood by the door with a face completely out of colour. He followed her gaze which he realized was stuck at his arm which still rested against Siya's waist! Something all of a sudden lit up in her eyes as she looked up at him. He could read jealousy dripping out of her every nerve. He was just about to move his hand back but as he saw that fire in her eyes he changed his mind.
Hey Riddhima... meet Siya; meri sabse close girlfriend! And Siya meet Riddhima... Riddhima Gupta; my collegue!
The flames within Riddhima ignited further and turned into horrendous fire as he pulled that Siya closer by her waist in a side hug.
Riddhima returned a formal smile as Siya waved a "hi" and grabbing her cell she stormed out of his cabin.
"Collegue"... that was all he could say about her! Of course such a fool that she was. Didn't she know him well? How did she even think that he could actually fall for someone; and especially a girl like her who was completely opposite of him! Something inside her burnt as she saw him holding a girl so close! Yes she had seen him before with numerous girls; but never had he allowed any girl that much closeness. She had seen him hugging girls but not the way he was hugging that Siya's! And she almost turned into ash as she remembered the spark that his eyes held all the while that he spoke to her on the phone and as he had her in his arms. She splashed cold water on her face and tried hard but somehow could not get the image of him hugging her so close; out of her mind!
On the other hand Siya eyed Armaan suspiciously as he smirked seeing Riddhima walk out. She was no fool to miss that fire in Riddhima's eyes and that stupid grin on Armaan's face! She was just a dear friend of Armaan who was very much committed to a guy whom she was getting married to the very next month. And just for the same reason she had landed in his cabin to give him the invite! But poor Riddhima had missed the fact as big as that; because Armaan had wanted to keep it that way. Siya did not take a minute to guess what was cooking up and she had no problem playing along. Afterall it was the very first time she had seen that look in Armaan's eyes for a girl!
He deliberately called over Siya to his office itself and both of them used to sit for hours discussing God knows what! Riddhima never really tried to know who the girl was; why was she here or anything about her. But one thing that she was sure of was she was really close to him. The way he treated her was definitely unlike he treated all his other "so called girlfriends". And everytime that she would be in his cabin; Riddhima had somewhere had this feeling Armaan deliberately called Riddhima in; under the pretext of noting down something or the other! Little did he know that along with jealousy he was inducing so much pain inside her. He had just wanted her to come out with her feelings but he had forgotten that whatever he was doing might as well leave her broken.
It was just another painful day for her when he stepped out of his cabin along with Siya and since it was a Saturday; entire staff had already left! Riddhima had fallen so hard for him; that the way he was spending time with Siya ignoring Riddhima completely; was breaking her little by little every day. She had not even realized when she started like him so much; but her feelings were now crystal clear as she saw him busy with Siya almost every alternate day when he would behave as if Riddhima didn't even exist. Maybe he really liked that girl. She had never seen him get so involved with anybody else but her. And this fact that she was now replaced by someone else was not so good to digest. That hurt... that sting real bad! She remembered the days when he was always behind her; arguing; annoying; fighting and irritating her to no ends. But whatever that he did; she had all his undivided attention to herself! But suddenly things had changed. She was in love with him... she knew; but the realization was of no use anymore!
She cleared that lone tear quickly as she heard his laughter fill the corridor. "Oh God Armaan you are so evil... jaakar baat kyu nahi karte usse? Dekho agar usne kuch jyaada hi seriously le liya na tumhari in harkaton ko toh problem ho jaayegi."
"Hmm... I think you are right. But don't you agree it's fun to..." he stopped all of a sudden as Riddhima was standing right in front. He gulped hard and cleared his throat while Siya bit her tongue thanking her stars that they did not take her name or Armaan would have been screwed by now!
"Umm... Riddhima; tum ab tak gayi nahi ghar? Bohot der ho chuki hai..."
"Haan... bas... nikal hi rahi thi" her shaky voice and those red puffy eyes wiped every ounce of smile off his face. And he suddenly realized that Siya was absolutely right! Riddhima had really taken everything seriously and was hurt bad. Something pierced deep through his heart as she bit her lower lip trying to hold back her tears as she saw his hand resting on Siya's shoulder. He wasn't even doing it deliberately right now; he had simply held her not even having slightest of idea that Riddhima would see them. But he instantly moved his hand away as he read the hurt on her face. He almost died thinking over the fact that he was responsible for this state of hers.
He quickly took a step towards her and held her arm "Riddhima are you alright?"
She simply stepped back pushing his hand away and nodded her head. That one step that she took away from him hurt him deep. She immediately left as he could see she felt suffocated. He cursed himself as she ran away but he very well noticed that thin line of tear that was all set to drop out of her eyes.
Siya placed a hand on his shoulder as she too realized Riddhima's condition. "Dude you are so dead. Becahri vakai bohot jyaada hurt ho gayi hai!"
"I am just an idiot... f****** moron. I made her cry yaar! Peeche do saalon mein maine use kabhi aise nahi dekha maine. She is always so full of life; ready to fight with me and now..."
"Khud ko khub saari galiyaan dene aur kosne ke layak toh tu hai... par vo sab baad mein kar. Abhi ke liye ye soch ki use kaise manayega!"
"Hmm manana toh padega... aur kaise shayad ye bhi mujhe pata hai!" It was time for some damage control and he had to fix things right away. There was no way he could let her be in that devastated and broken state any longer!
The very next day; they had another party which was a success party for their recent deal that they had sacked. Riddhima was in no mood to be there for the party but Armaan made sure she had come. He had informed Billy about her not wanting to be there for the party and he knew his dad would handle the rest. Riddhima had never been able to say no to him. She was much dear to his parents than hers and so was the case with him! He smiled thinking that this was going to work well in their case once that he would convince his lady love. Their parents were undoubtedly going to be on cloud 9 when they would reveal their love in front of them. But he had a grip on his emotions as he realized it was all a long way to go as sabse pehle he had to manofy his princess and then could he think about all these future plannings and happiness!
Armaan was eagerly waiting for Riddhima and was least interested in the party. Siya had promised that she would help him get his love and so she was right next to him. After a wait of entire hour Riddhima arrived. Everybody was awestruck as she entered wearing a black flowy gown. His heart beats already fluctuated in her wait but he skipped a beat or two as he got a glimpse of her.  If he hadn't fallen for her yet; he was sure he would fall for her today. But he noticed what everybody missed. Her fake smile; which masked the pain in her eyes! He once again cursed himself for doing this to her. But it was okay; he would now set everything alright. He could see her stealing glances at him; so much buried in those round orbs of hers but she had locked it all inside. He was about to approach her for a dance but as usual there had to be a kabab mein haddi. Rohit asked her out and though she kept denying saying she wasn't in any mood to dance Rohit somehow pulled her on the dance floor. Armaan too joined in soon enough with Siya in his arms and grabbed all her attention to himself.
Just for a minute or two she swayed in Rohit's arms having that plastic smile still on her lips; but soon moved away from the dance floor. All the while her eyes were stuck at Armaan and it was no surprise that he too had his gaze locked with hers. But after a while his constant gaze suffocated her. His eyes spoke so much; adored her; made her feel so beautiful. They held something so pure; but as her gaze moved towards Siya all her thoughts came crashing down in a minute. Unable to handle it any longer she made her mind to move out of the party but suddenly she felt a grip against her wrist.
Riddhima... kaha ja rahi ho. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai; aur tum itni jaldi nikalne ki soch rahi ho!
"Armaan please mera haath chodo; I am not feeling good. Mujhe jane do..."
With a swift twirl he turned her around and brought her closer in his arms; "Tum aise nahi jaa sakti Riddhima. Abhi tumne mere saath ek dance bhi nahi kiya. Come... let's have a dance maybe that would make you feel better."
He spoke huskily making her weak. "Mu... mujhe koi dance nahi karna. Please just..."
But ignoring her words completely he twirled her twice and spun her back into his arms now reaching the centre of the dance floor. She turned a little conscious as he pulled her dangerously close and tried to move away but he held her hands and pulled her back making her back collide into his chest. She gasped as he slowly traced her arms and intertwined their hands against her belly. He bent in and whispered over her earlobe making her shiver "Tum bohot khubsoorat lag rahi ho Riddhima!" She held his hands tightly as he nuzzled her earlobe and went all the way down to her shoulder blade making her gasp. She threw her head back giving him better access to her neckline.
That slow romantic "Every time we touch" song playing in the background made the ambience just perfect. She kept staring at him with all the love in her eyes as he walked in front of her and held her palm delicately. Resting the other against his shoulder he let his other hand slide against her waist pulling her closer. She forgot all her pain and every other fact as he adjusted her tresses adored her beauty through his eyes. His finger moved up and picked that tiny drop of tear off her cheek.
"Tears don't suit you Riddhima... you should just keep smiling. Kyunki jab tum hasti ho... mujhe saari duniya bhula deti ho!" He kissed her nose tip and automatically her lips curved into a beautiful smile.
"See that is what I am talking about!" His mesmerizing eyes kept her glued and she did not realize that she was actually swaying in his arms forgetting everything around. His eyes held a passion which did not let her move away. They made a silent conversation with her heart not letting her part from his hold! She could feel her emotional pain subsiding as his arms circled around her and she placed her head against his shoulder. She had just gripped a small piece of happiness but everything shattered once again as her eyes landed on Siya who was now dancing with Rohit. All of a sudden; she snapped out and drew apart. He frowned deep as she suddenly stiffened and giving him a look full of hurt and pain as her eyes shed tears she ran out in search of fresh air.
He turned around and saw an equally frowning Siya. Realization struck and he ran behind Riddhima as it was about time to confront and apologize for his stupidity. Also was it time for her much awaited confession!!
"Riddhima... Riddhima ruko; meri baat suno! Riddhima... Riddhima please stop!" He finally held her arm and turned her around but he regretted it as he saw her face completely red and tear stained!
"Ohh.. what have I done...  please stop crying Riddhima I..."
She shrugged his hand away harshly; "Just leave me alone Armaan please!"
"No I can't; not now atleast... meri baat suno..."
"Just go to hell Mr.Mallik; I just don't want to talk to you. Jao na jakar apni us Siya ke saath dance karo; mujhse dur raho Armaan; I can't handle it anymore."
"You can't bear what Riddhima? Main bas ek dance hi toh kar raha tha tumhare saath..." He tried to wipe her tears but she pushed his hands not letting him touch!
"Haan par main... tum... tch... tum nahi samjhoge Armaan; tum kabhi samajh hi nahi sakte!"
He cupped her face and requested in a soft and most gentle voice that he could mange pouring all his love "Toh tum samjha do na Riddhima but... Riddhima please mat ro... it's killing me."
"Jhut mat bolo; tumhe koi farak nahi padta main hasu; rou jo bhi karu. Aaj kal toh Siya ke alava aur kuch dikhta bhi nahi tumhe. Jhagadne ke liye tak yaad nahi karte ab tum mujhe! Abhi abhi usi ke saath itna chipke dance bhi toh kar rahe the... jao vo tumhara intezar kar rahi hogi. Tumhe kya agar main hasu ya rou! Jo karu meri marzi."
"Aisa nahi hai Riddhima; first of all please stop crying for God sake. I can explain and Siya is just a friend."
"Phir se ek aur jhut... agar dost hoti toh tum aise humesha hug nahi karte use; is tarah se dance nahi karte uske saath!"
"What do you mean by "is tarah se dance nahi karte!" Tum bhi toh bilkul usi tarah se Rohit ke saath dance kar rahi thi na but I am not blaming you for anything because it was just a dance!"
"Nahi bilkul nahi... vo baat alag hai!"
"Acha... vo baat alag kaise hui?"
"Bas maine kaha na; vo baat alag hai. Aur tum mujhse dur raho; tum aise mere paas nahi aa sakte; na mujhe chu sakte ho aur naahi mujhe aise dekh sakte ho jaise kuch der pehle dekh rahe the!"
"And why is that so? Tumhe farak padta hai?"
"Nahi but still you just can't!"
"Riddhima I was quite normally just dancing with you; aur ye baat tumne tab toh nahi kahi jab Rohit ke saath dance kar rahi thi. He too held you didn't he!"
"Ugggh... but he can hold onto me that wouldn't even matter... he held me just as a friend. Uske chune main aur tumhara mere kareeb aane mein fark hai!"
"Kyun?... Uske chune se farak nahi padega toh mere chune se bada farak padta hai tumhe!"
"Haan bohot jyada farak padega kyunki main Rohit se pyaar nahi karti!"
"Toh mujhse karti ho?"
 "Of course you idiot! Varna aisa pagalon ki tarah kyun ro rahi hoti tumhare liye! Even if he is holding me close for a dance it doesn't matter par tumhare chune se farak padta hai kyunki I love you God damn it but I know that you don't aur tumhare liye ye kaafi normal hoga aise kisi ladki ko baahon mein lekar uske saath ye close dance karna; is tarah se use chuna par mere liye tumhara har ehsaas har touch sabse alag hai kyunki main tumse..."
She stopped all of a sudden as she realized what she was blurting. He just stood watching and listening her non-stop talks smirking at her with a raised brow. Silly girl; had yet not realized that she had just confessed her feelings! And he waited for realization to dawn upon her.
As she saw him smiling she felt as though he was smiling on how stupid she could be. It felt as if he was making fun of her; that out of all the people in the world she had fallen for him. The guy whom she fought with 24*7 and who according to her hated her to no ends! Embarrassed out of her wits as she made a fool out of herself she stepped back and thought of running away when she got the biggest shock of her life!
He pulled her swiftly in his arms and the next moment she felt everything around her black out as he placed his lips on hers. Not only in words but she in literal sense felt waves of shock passing through her body as his perfectly shaped hot lips moved against hers. She was too stumped to even believe that he was actually kissing her so responding back was out of question.
He parted and looked down at a dazed Riddhima in his arms trying to register what was happening. Wiping away those priceless tears he cupped her face once again; "I am sorry that I hurt you; made you go through this pain...  Sorry ki tumhe mujhe aur Siya ko saath dekhkar itna bura laga; use khudke itne kareeb rakha ki tumhe takleef hui...  but what if I say I wanted you to feel so?"
A prominent frown appeared on her forehead which he instantly kissed away. "Riddhima main ye chahta tha ki tum mujhe Siya ke saath dekho aur tumhe ehsaas ho ki tum mujhe apne siva aur kisi ladki ke saath nahi dekh sakti. Main chahta tha ki tumhe bhi apni feelings ka ehsaas ho aur tum mujhe aur Siya ko dekhkar jealousy ke mare saari feelings mere saamne rakh do. Siya is just a good friend Riddhima; I don't love her... and just so you know she is getting married next month. Usi ka invitation dene vo yaha aayi thi us din when you saw me hugging her. I am sorry ki maine tumhe itna rulaya... but trust me main nahi jaanta tha ki tumhe jaane anjaane itni chot pohochunga. Main toh sirf tumse ye confess karvana chahta tha that you love me isi liye ye naatak... "
He gasped as the next minute she pushed him away with all her might and he stumbled. He could see the pain in her eyes now replaced by fire. And that was it... he was sure he was nothing more than a dead meat to her now!
She took slow steps towards him with her eyes full of anger making him back away."Toh ye sab tumhara plan tha! Itne din se ye sab natak... aur main samajhi ki... You ... you idiot, moron, jerk... tum..." She started smacking him hard on his chest; shoulders, arms and all that she got access to making him shriek in pain.  She looked so delicate but her hands hit hard!
"Riddhima... ouch... kya kar rahi ho lag rahi hai hai!"
"Soo? Lagni chahiye bhi... mujhe itne waqt se itna sataya itna rulaya; what do you expect ki main tumhe aise hi chod dungi! Main jaanti hu tumne ye sab jaan bujhke kiya hai na... socha hoga ab tak humesha tumse ladti rehti thi isi baat ka badla lena chahte the na tum. Peechle hafte jaante bhi ho kitna royi hu main... sirf tumhare is behuda natak ki vajah se..."
"I know baby... I am sorry."He once again cleared all her tear stains to get another smack in return.
"Don't you baby me samjhe! Main tumhe is sab ke liye kabhi maaf nahi karungi... I ... I...I hate you; main tumse kabhi baat nahi karungi Armaan. I hate you; I hate you... I just hate you!!"
She turned around and started walking away but stopped as he declared loudly "But I love you Riddhima! I love you more than anything... anybody! Even more than you love yourself." But still as she did not turn he used his last weapon which he knew would absolutely make her turn; "And even more than you love me!"
Just as expected she turned on her heels with her hands on her hips "Who the hell are you to judge that? That is so not true!"
He smiled at his victory and replied proudly "Yes of course it is true! Isi liye toh see; I am the one who is still standing with my arms wide open for you aur tum ho ki mujhse dur bhaag rahi ho. Agar aisa nahi hai toh... come here and prove me wrong!"
He stood with his arms open inviting her but she folded her hands against her chest turning her face away; "Mujhe kisiko kuch prove nahi karna!"
"Are you sure... soch lo!"
"Soch liya!" she replied back confidently!
He sighed hard and dropped his hands; "Acha theek hai; ab aisa hi hai toh tum toh jaanti ho ki mujhe itni asani se haar maanne ki aadat toh hai nahi! Toh agar high court nahi maan raha toh Supreme court se appeal kar lunga!"
She looked at him quizzical at his words "Supreme court?? Matlab?"
He nodded his head shrugging his shoulders "Haan maine toh socha tha ek pe ek free post offer karne ki tumhe; par tumne pehli hi reject kar di toh dusri ki baat karke kya faayda na! Par supreme court... as in Uncle-Aunty kaam aa sakte hai yaha pe!"
She still raised her brow not getting his point so he continued "Arey... ab bhi nahi samjhi! Tch... tumhare MOM-DAD Riddhima! I think ki agar tum nahi maan rahi ho toh kyun na jo dusri post thi which I was about to offer you; us baarein main tumhare mom-dad se hi baat kar lu! "Mrs. Armaan Mallik" ki post!! I am sure vo mana nahi karenge. Vaha pe meri baat jarur ban jaayegi... don't you think so!"
He said ever so casually but had started a mental count down as he saw the change of expressions on her face. Her eyes opened wide enough in shock and another set of tears made it's way down her eyes. She couldn't pretend to be angry anymore as he had uttered a declaration as big as that!
"Tumhe kya lagta hai vo maan ja..." his words lost their way as she looked at him blankly for a minute and then ran into his arms like a thundering bolt! He smiled deeply as she ran into him and lifted her off her feet and swirled along with her in his arms! As she cried hard hiding her face in his neck he patted her head "Sorry, sorry, sorry baby, I am sorry. I am sooo sorry Riddhima!!"
She held him tightly and smacked his back still in his arms as she spoke in a broken voice "Khabar daar jo dubara aise mujhe sataya..."
He hugged her tighter and caressed her back "Never ever again! Ab jo finally tumne confess kar diya hai tab toh bilkul bhi nahi! And... sabse jaruri baat..." He detangled her and cleared her face once again which was full of tears. Raising her chin up he whispered softly against hers lips "I love you too Riddhima; I LOVE YOU!!"
"So... first step completed; toh ab "Mrs.Mallik" ki post ke baarein main kya khayal hai tumhara?"
She dropped her gaze and uttered in a slow soft voice "Only if you promise ki dubara kabhi mujhe aise nahi rulaoge!"
"Indeed... I promise!"
"Aur bubara kabhi aisa ghatiya drama nahi karoge... "
"Aur kisi ladki ke saath vaise dance nahi karoge jaise abhi mere saath kar rahe the..."
"Possible hi nahi hai!"
"Good... aur mere saath baat baat pe pehle jaise ladoge nahi!"
"Umm... I'll try!"
"Aur... mmm" as she still continued with her list he sealed her lips and cut her never ending list with his deep kiss. She frowned as he moved back for a minute and brushed her nose "Love you... would be Mrs. Mallik!" That was more than enough to get the colour back to her cheeks and he captured her lips once again. Finally her hands circled around his neck and he held her head deepening the kiss as she responded back. Her hands ruffled his hair enjoying the first touch of true love and the star studded sky smiled at the love birds as they shared their first kiss of love!

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