Friday, 12 June 2015

part 13 - 14 : lovers or rivals

Part 13

Ridhima 's ward
Ridhima  was trying to eat her breakfast
Armaan: dont use ur rite hand u just got stitches..
Ridhima tried to eat with her left hand bt she messed up the whole food..
Armaan without saying a word took her plate n started to feed her...
After a few bites nurse entered..
Nurse : reports will be ready after an hr plz do.collect..
Armaan : ok..!! Could u plz fed her i got some work..
Nurse : sure sir
N armaan left..
Ridhima was shocked to see this reaction of armaan...!!!
2 hrs later
Doc : miss ridhima u r perfectly fine... U can take dischage any time u fell...
Ridhima : thank u doc..
Doc : u need complete bed rest for a wk.. N sply ur hand... Dont skip ur medi..
Ridhima : sure doc..

Doc leaves..
Armaan : ill go in book tickets..
Armaan was about to leave
Ridhima : do eat something..
Armaan without saying a word left from there..
After some time..
Armaan : lets go ridhima taxi is waiting for us.. Our flight Is in 2 hrs.. V need to reach the airport asap..
Ridhima was nt able
To walk properly.. Armaan helped ridhima.. Bt did no say a word..
In flight
Ridhima tried to talk bt armaan ignored her in all possible ways...
Ridhima pov
Amu plz talk to me.. I know ut was my fault i left u 5 yrs back... I cant stay away from u any longer.. I have been dying to meet u to talk to u from lst 1&1/2 yrs..  I deserve this only... Ur anger for me...
Ridhima kissed armaans 4 head n drifted to sleep...
Back in india..
Armaan left to bring taxis for both of them.. As it was late nite n their arival was nt known to anyone..
2 kids came running towards ridhima..
Mom mom mom..
N hugged her tightly..
Muski : ridhima u alrite...
Ridhima : u all here ..??
Muski : kids wanted to talk to u.. So v called ur hotle.. N they inforned us about ur accident n diparture... How could u do this ridhima u were admited in hospital n did not even bother to inform anyone us... Do u think i r a SUPERwomen..
By the way U are fine..??
Ridhima : relax Muski im fine.. It was not any major axident.. coz of sudden darknes my bp rose n i faited thats it... Chill..!!Mumma knows.??
Muski : no.. Actualy aunty had some work so kids came to my place this morning...
Kids shouted : buddy.. Buddy.. N ran towards armaan
Armaan hugged both of them.. : u both here..
AMAN : v came to pick up mom..
RIA : come with us..
N both dragged armaan towards their mom.. (ridhima  :-P )
Ridhima : wheres aman n ria
muski : they were just here only..
Both started looking for kids.. Ridhima got the biggest shock of her life..

Part 14...!!

Ria. : buddy she is our mom..
Aman : n mom he is our new buddy..
Armaan : mom.. ( shocked)
Ridhima :
Armaan : y are they calling u mom..??
Ria : coz she is our mom..
Armaan : u got married..?? No thats nt possible ria n aman dont know whoz their dad..
Ridhima : no responce tears flowing down her cheeks
Muski : arman let me expain..
Armaan :(angrily ) ridhima ans my ques damid...
Ridhima (unable to speek..) still crying..:'(:'(:'( armaan let us go...
Armaan held ridhima from her shoulder n shouted : ridhima ans me...??? Dont run away like always...
Ridhima jst nodded her head in -ve unable to control her tears...
Ria : buddy leave my mom.. ( n pushed armaan)
Aman : how could u do this to my mom.. She cried coz of u..
Aman was about to hit armaan ridhima held him..
: no amu stop..
Aman : y mom.. He hurted u..
Ridhima : muski plz take them...
Aman : mom u also come with us..
Ridhima : amu ria i said goo...
Ria : no mom how dare arman y he held u like this...
Armaan : rishima plz tel me ur tears are killing me..
Ridhima : armaan plz...
Armaan : whoz kids..?? Ridima ans me..
Ridhima : sat down on knees : im sorry armaan..
Armaan : (more confuswd ) ridhima y are sorry.. Wat happen..
Aman : aramaan.. thats it.. (Go from here..n started to push n punch him..)
Ridhima : aman.. Stop..wat are u doing...
Aman :started crying..
Armaan : y are u scolding him ... He did not did anything wrong..( picks aman in his arms..)
Ridhima : coz he is yr son damid... He was hitting his father...
Armaan : my kids..!!!
All three Arman aman n ria were shocked..
Ria n aman : dada...
Ridhima nodded her head..
N both kids hugged armaan..
Armaan : miss gupta.. How dare u .. U kept my kids away for 5 yrs.. N did not even bother to inform me...
Ridhima : plz listen to once let me explain..
Armaan : no ridhima.. Give all ur explaination in court...
Ridhima.. was sharted hearing this..


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